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No Cum Dodging Allowed 11

No Cum Dodging Allowed 11

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for No Cum Dodging Allowed 11:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality No Cum Dodging Allowed 11 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/27/2010
Ok fans here we have a storied series bringing us a new chapter. I'm talking about Mike John and his No Cum Dodging Allowed Series-- Mercedes still to this day has one of the best scenes captured. Will any of these girls today rise up, who knows but with the likes of Andy San Dimas, Sara Stone and Cassandra Calogera sucking cock I feel optimistic at least!

Andy San Dimas:

We open with Andy who is chilling out by the pool as Mike shoots her. A bra top and for bottoms we have blue jean shorts that look as if piranha fish have been at them-- meaning not much material which for porn fans is a very good thing. Mike's good with the up close shots as always and Andy's pretty chill talking and giving us glimpses of the goods! Ahh you also see at a short distance the mopes waiting to offer up their schlongs for Andy's enjoyment. With a giggle she makes her way over, rubbing her ass against the railing as the guys try to get a touch. A few cocks are slipped through too with Andy jerking them every so gently. The top goes and then Andy starts making her way down the line of dicks giving each a little hello suck.Everyone then heads inside for a much clearer shot, some ass/ pussy licking while Andy keeps up the head up front. The traditional cock circle develops and Miss San Dimas works it with very nice energy. The head given definitely tilted towards the more aggressive end of the spectrum. Just a blowbang for now and Andy starts receiving the loads which she lets build up, one after the other! She also gets a nice cum covered chin too as some spills out. Andy's not done, shows off that body some before two more dicks join her and we get still more fine head from the young lady but this time that pussy gets a little action too with Andy riding dick and then letting the guys get behind to bang her. After a few solid minutes of torpedoing that cookie the two guys unload more jizz for Andy to swallow. A very good start for this one.

Carolyn Reese:

We open the next scene and it's Carolyn seated on a couch, bags packed with Swine shooting. Wait did we miss it, lol. Hmm guess the scene was moved to another day so why is Swine there with a camera, lol. Ok let's work with the scenario here!! Swine does enjoy talking to the ladies so we get some banter here but then Carolyn has to go and get naked allowing Swine to get a finger or two inside her. The titties then come out and finally the piglet! Swine offers up a very good POV shot here, down the beer belly to Carolyn working his pipe. Swine also gets to dip inside the juicy pussy for a few hard strokes until he's ready to offer up a load for Carolyn to gargle/ swallow. Ok so she gets to play here but now for the main event and for that Mike steps back behind and we get more fine tease shots of Miss Reese's bod. Ok it's just one cock again here as she sucks and fucks Steven French until he gives her the seed but we still haven't seen the biggest yet for Carolyn who stays naked as she goes in search of the mopes! Finding them she walks around letting them get a feel for her before offering up their cocks which she greedily accepts. Pretty standard blowbang action here with some titty fucking too. Once more that mouth is used as a sperm deposit and the bank took in a nice bit of change here before Carolyn makes it disappear.

Cassandra Calogera:

One final scene on this first disc and hello busty and beautiful Cassandra! We are back out by the pool as Mike makes his way over to her, the tits housed for the time being within a blue top. Cassandra's hair is redder here than I've seen but still looking very good. Mike of course gives the upclose and personal shot- mostly on those twins who do come out to play with Cassandra offering up a little self nipple play, hell yeah! You see she's got an audience not to far off and our girl slowly makes her way over but not before sitting to rest a bit, squeeze the tits and spread the legs! Ok the mopes come over to here, at least one who dives in to eat her cookie, then lets our girl sit up to engulf him. Another makes his way over and finally we just head inside for a much nicer shot and the head keeps getting more intense too, deep throating bigtime. A little titty fucking too and then the guys unload- we are so not done with this busty babe. Cassandra then goes in search of cock, finding one we're treated to a fine POV bj-- muthafucker, it's Swine again!! Our guy even gets to lay some pipe too with Cassandra offering up P2M a few times here. Ok the shot of her riding him tits facing us was totally rad, boobage galore here! Swine's on target with a great pig blast which a smiling Cassandra takes care of. But wait as they say on tv there's more! The mopes get another crack at her and there's more sucking which again was fairly intense, spit coating their shafts as she takes them deep. Three more loads and we're done! Very good scene to close out the first side, now disc two please!

Sara Stone:

We end the first disc with Cassandra and open the second with another huge set of knockers in Sara Stone-- so good to have her back making flicks! So the scene begins with Sara all chill on the couch checking her texts. Seems Mike booked the scene for later but had Sara show up early-- hmmm wonder why he'd do that!! So we get to enjoy some fine quality time with Sara as she reveals those mouth watering melons- Mike can't resist cupping those beauties. So we get her down to bra'n'panties with Mike then hovering over with his hard cock ready. Sara's mouth is very soon wrapped firmly around him, using her hands she works him good. Mike then provides some great POV fucking shots-- the mish shot in particular had those tits dancing in perfect sizmic circles! Some great POV head then and I mean she sensually works this cock to near pop but we get a little more fucking- riding in a shot which from behind would be cowgirl but since we're looking directly to her front it's reverse. P2M then Mike gets in one last round of banging that pussy before he unloads to Sara's mouth. Thankfully we aren't done yet as she gets more dick as she leaves Mike behind, spent! The mopes are up next and they get a little pussy fingering in too along with letting Sara tackle their cocks. Sara attacks the guys and with fury works around the circle, spit coating her tits she sucks so hard. The boys don't miss giving her their loads but we still aren't done as Swine comes in to mop up! Sara is in perfect POV position to take on the Swinemeister, POV never looked so good. Very good eye contact as she gives Swine all he can take standing and lying back until he too gives in and unloads.

Dia Zerva:

On we go to the finale which begins with Dia sitting in a wooden chair, white top on and tits peeking through nicely. Mike gives us the fine close in shot from the front, even a little ground view worked in too. Dia takes those titties out but then decides it's a nice day so why not go out for a stroll by the pool, letting the shorts go down a little too letting her pussy show, some bush above for those interested. Dia doesn't stay to long, don't want those harmful UV rays hurting so it's back indoors for a little more personal pussy play, fingers gently stroking those lips. It's taken a few minutes but finally some dick in the picture and our guy offers up a few fingers to her pussy too before his tongue gets in on the fun, licking Dia from the front and doggiestyle. Dia then turns back over to take on his cock, liked that she took her time here. Sex wise you hear Dia's enjoyment several times as her screams ring out, I do think his cock was hitting her just right. Dia also gets in some anal here too, nice. Mish and doggie anal worked in before she receives the load. Smile and wink lets us know Dia's far from done. The mopes then come in and it's blowbang time. Dia's mouth gets a solid workout here taking on the multiple dicks and the heads so hard her makeup finally gets a little runny. Dia's good too letting the boys fill her up to nearly overflowing status before she swallows the cumcocktion! A very good closing, so much she's cum burping.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well Mike and Swine have brought another stellar installment here- both men get theirs too along with the mopes. Andy San Dimas just kicked bigtime ass to get us going, Cassandra with the self nipple play was great to close the first disc and then on the second side you had Sara and Dia, Carolyn Reese brought her A game so lots to like which is no shock when Mike and Swine are behind the camera. The extras feature those many pops repeated so that's a scene in itself with all the guys busting their nut in this one. You also get a cast list, trailers, photos and yes some BTS too. If you've enjoyed the series up to this point we have another volume to add to the collection. For those curious about the whole cum swallowing deal and that haven't checked it out before this is a fine introduction to what you can expect-- lots of dick sucking, some fine pussy pounding and maybe a little anal too before the guys blast off.

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