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No Angel

No Angel

Studio: Cyber Bears
Category:  Gay
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Overall Rating 0 stars
No Angel overall rating 1/2 star
Female Looks No Angel Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks No Angel Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex No Angel Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting No Angel Plot/Acting rating 1/2 star
Extras No Angel DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality No Angel A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Netguy  on  2/14/2006

I don’t generally say anything much about the box cover but when I saw “No Angel” it got me to thinking, that’s just one more aspect of our adult viewing pleasure, in a way, and this cover struck me as nice and artistic. It had me intrigued which is more then I can say for most covers. The menus are well done too with a guy wearing some angel wings and sporting a hard on and the menu transitions are a blue cloth. Let’s see what “No Angle” has in store for us.

The film opens with Chris Fox, a long-haired stud, fairly well built performing a solo against the backdrop of what appears to be a castle motif. He plays with his cock for a bit, takes a candle from a shelf and drips hot wax down on himself, and basically struts around for the camera. The scene doesn’t last long and he doesn’t get off before it switches to an angel who is seductively eyeing the camera before it fades out and switches to the next segment.

Next up is a stud wearing a motorcycle jacket, Ulysses, blowing a military man, Mickey. There in a strange room with ropes dangling down and the walls are covered in some kind of netting and a mattress on the floor. I have the feeling the director Mike Zillion is trying to make this more artistic then your average fuck film. Not sure if he’s pulling it off or not, time will tell. Ulysses is a bit pale, and a tad over weight while Mickey is dark skinned and well built with a big, black cock. Ulysses sucks on his friends big cock and then Mickey sits on top of him and plays with himself before lying on top and two kiss and caress one another. And then the scene ends and goes back to the angel? So far no one has cum, no fucking, and average sucking set against a semi-rock soundtrack. I’m not getting it. A brief shot of our angel friend again before were on to the next coupling.

The next two guys are the hottest of the bunch, both are well built and sporting some nice sized cocks and this time it’s a semi master and slave routine with master Joseph Fillipe, a tall, bald, hunk putting his slave, Peter Lewis, a strawberry blond, through the ropes. Peter gets down on his knees and gives some decent head while Joseph drapes him in chains. It doesn’t get much harder then this. As Peter continues sucking away Joseph takes a rubber whip and ever so gently hits him. Its almost comical. Camera movement is a bit jerky and at one point you even see someone’s shadowy figure go by in the foreground. Ugh, this is getting worse. Joseph keeps Peter on his knees then ties his hands together and holds his arms upright while he continues to get blown. Peter is at least keeping an erection while Joseph seems to lose it here and there. It seemed to be going nowhere so I grabbed the remote and fast forwarded a bit. Joseph wraps Peters cock in a heavy chain and then puts him up against the wall while he covers various parts of his body with clothespins. It’s all rather gentle and staged and no where near anything to hardcore. It ends with Peter lying down getting his mouth fed a flaccid cock while he jerks off onto his stomach. Peter is quite hot just seeing him lie there but the money shot wasn’t filmed that good and Joseph never gets off.

More angle with a limp dick.

Set in an all black room with only an ornate mirror on the wall and a chair we find two older guys, Trip Harden and Walter Thompson, trying to be sensual and erotic as they lie on one another, and gently kiss and caress each other. Throwing in some more artsy fartsy stuff the film switches to an antique looking hue, then back again. A jazz type score fills this scene as they move slowly, take turns going down on one antoher, and just strike various poses. I am just so not getting this whole production. It ends with them in a 69 position before fading out.

Yup, you guessed it, another shot of our angel friend.

The final scene continues to take place in our dark room this time with a slender black man with a nice ass and a white guy. James and Damian Knight respectively I guess. Damian sits back in the chair, wearing only a pair of jeans while James kisses him before removing them and going down on Damian’s cock. He sucks on him briefly and doesn’t seem to get him aroused, so James stands and lets Damian work him over. James has a nice looking cock and manages to get semi-erect. The sucking continues in various positions with Damien doing all the work and then just ends.

Oh my god! Tell me what just happened? I recently watched another film that I thought was pretty bad, but in all honesty, this is absolutely the worst film I have ever seen! What was suppose to be erotic and artistic comes across as boring, mediocre, and listless. Like the old adage goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, it certainly holds true for this! And its funny how that’s how I started out my review as I was really intrigued and thought this looked good. I don't believe this was any kind of soft core edit or anything. I really just don't get it! And what they are charging?! They should be ashamed! A cast of obviously amateurs that can't get it up, only one guy shoots his load, and its not even shot well, and not one fuck scene! This film is lacking any kind of heat or passion and reaches an all time low in my book! DVD extras include 6 trailers of all bear type films, photo gallery and chapters.

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