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Nine Bound Beauties

Nine Bound Beauties

Studio: Harmony Concepts
Category:  Bondage , Fetish
Starring: , , , , ,
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Domina (SGPC)'s ratings for Nine Bound Beauties:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Nine Bound Beauties overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Nine Bound Beauties Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Nine Bound Beauties Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Nine Bound Beauties Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Nine Bound Beauties Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Nine Bound Beauties DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Nine Bound Beauties A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Domina (SGPC)  on  1/22/2005
Nine Bound Beauties (2003) USA
Review by Domina
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Format: DVD, 1 Disk
Studio: Harmony Concept Inc.
Running Time: 105 mins.
Scenes: 4 vignettes with 18 different bondage postures
Language: English

Directed by Jack Banner

Cast: Tanya Danielle, Amber Michaels, Sadie Belle, Autumn Woods, Alicia Silver, Stacy Burke, Molly Mathews, Darby Daniels, Jack Banner, Julie Simone, David Kapture and Mystery Woman.

Intended Audience: Bondage enthusiasts who enjoy Damsel-in-Distress scenarios, people who like busty babes.

Content: 100% Bondage, lingerie and clothing, some bare breasts, no sex, no BDSM.

Bound, Gagged and Helpless


This is a superb film geared towards men and women who enjoy traditional damsel-in-distress type bondage fantasy vignettes that are depicted in a romantic fairytale manner which have happy endings. There is no sex, no nudity and no rough BDSM type material here.


Harmony Concepts is a production company who specializes in fantasy bondage, tickling and spanking films "designed for men and women to whom bondage is an important mutual diversion, a recreational and benevolent experience, a fantasy with a happy ending, a good-natured game in which everybody wins." Their tone is playful and whimsical.

"Nine Bound Beauties" is also in this vein. I have never watched a bondage film without a BDSM element, sex or nudity, so this film is something new to me. Personally, I prefer films with a bit of sex, flesh and punishment, but I can see the allure of this style of film, which at times is quite arousing and hot. My personal tastes aside, this film is well done in many ways.

First, the bondagettes are gorgeous and have sexy figures, most of whom are busty as well (always an important consideration when binding the chest area!) They are also extremely flexible and placed in many awkward, even painful looking positions. Second, the bondage is skilfully and artistically demonstrated, especially by extreme roper Ms. Julie Simone who weaves rope like Black Widow spinning a tapestry. In fact, in many cases because of the way it is filmed and edited, a beginning bondage enthusiast could learn the ropes watching this film. They appear to use the Shibari (Japanese-style) of strict bondage using real hemp rope. The video quality is excellent, the scenes well lit, the mis-en-scene sets sparse yet effective. The camerawork is professional, featuring smooth pans and tilts, lots of great angles (the girl's are viewed from every side and angle when possible) and various shot selections from full body shots to clear close-ups. The editing is so smooth it is barely noticeable and the only music is during scene transitions. My only criticisms are the audio quality is poor, at times echo or too low, the acting is average (luckily they don't have to talk much as the main characters are often gagged), there is no list of credits, the special features include only a slideshow of images from the film, there are no trailers of their other films, or even their web address (which I did hunt down: Other than these minor problems, however, the film itself rates very high.

Vignette 1: The Perfect Present with Autumn Woods

The storyline here sets up a couple who have come to gain the skills of a bondage Mistress, Ms. Simone, in order to act out their bondage fantasy on Autumn, a very attractive busty blonde dressed in a mini skirt and translucent blouse. As mentioned, Ms. Simone is very proficient and quickly has Autumn-who half-heartedly begins to protest-hog-tied over a desk. Autumn struggles for a bit and moans against her gag. The scene then fades to Autumn being bound kneeling to a bondage apparatus called a T-bar. Most of these positions look painful, as her arms are bound tightly at the elbows behind her back, and the ropes are quite firm. This is real bondage and not just for show, cause no-one is getting out of these restraints. The scene then cuts to a strange insert of another women (the Mystery Woman, I presume?) who is bound in another room, then back to Autumn, never to return to this enigmatic character. Next Autumn is bound with her blouse opened and her buxom breasts busting over her bra. The final scene featuring Autumn is one of her bound standing, her arms behind her and attached to a rope that hangs from the ceiling which forces her to bend forward as she balances on her high heels. Her tits-although still encased (just barely) in her bra-naturally hang forward and jiggle a bit with her struggles.

Vignette 2: Bondage Buddies with Sadie, Amber, Stacy, Molly and Darby

This vignette begins with a guy and gal talking on the phone about recent nation-wide abductions of Senator's daughters in the News. Sadie, whose cable is on the fritz again, gets very hot while she listens to her boyfriend describe these abductions. Cut to a News Flash of the first Senator's daughter which I will guess is Amber (they are not identified on the DVD, but I assume they are named in order of appearance), another busty blonde who is hog-tied to a bed, her tits bared above a black bra, as she struggles against her binds and moans into her gag. Cut to Stacy Burke-known for her performances in bondage and catfight films-an extremely attractive blonde who wears her hair in a top ponytail who is once again hog-tied. Next, the film cuts to Molly, a dark-haired girl who is bound to the T-bar and moans wantonly as if she enjoys it, even though her expression is one of distress. Then, on to the last abductee, Darby, who has very long ginger coloured hair and who is bound to a chair. This vignette ends with Sadie's beau surprising her by coming over to tie her up as well. Sadie really enjoys being bound and even tells him to gag her, then playfully struggles on the bed.

Vignette 3: Real Estate Rope Job with Alicia Silver

Alicia is a petite dark haired youthful gal, with a small bust and slim figure. She is a real estate agent who goes to check on one of her apartments. She is surprised by an intruder, faints and when she awakes she is bound on the floor face down. Alicia acts more genuinely distressed at being bound than any of the previous "victims", and tries to wiggle her way out of the ropes, muffling "Help!" into her various gags. She is bound in numerous positions, and various states of undress, until finally she is topless and wearing only her panties and hose.

Vignette 4: The Dreamworld of Tanya with Tanya Danielles

Tanya Danielles is a hot, blonde, adult model who starrs in many busty videos for several different production companies. This is by far the hottest scene in the film, as Tanya plays up her struggles for the camera. The vignette begins with Tanya lying on her bed in a bra and mini-skirt reading (or more accurately looking at the pictures in) a bondage magazine. She quickly nods off and begins dreaming of her secret fantasy to be bound. The focus on the bondage with Tanya is definitely her breasts, as she is bound above and beneath her buxom chest, making them protrude even more, and wears see-through lacy bra that unsuccessfully try to contain her. The camera also focuses often with CU breast shots, as Tanya struggles against the ropes, bouncing, wiggling and jiggling her ample tits. Tanya is bound in several positions and costumes, each of which maximize her lovely assets. I found this scene extremely erotic and arousing.


My only quip with the bondage in this film is that they seemed to enjoy the hog-tie position a lot-the pose I like least which seems to be a preference of Jack Banner-and, although there were several other types of bondage, there could have been even more variations. Otherwise, an excellent film which has left me wanting to see more of Harmony Concept's films.

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