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Nick Capra Dirty Talk

Nick Capra Dirty Talk

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
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Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Nick Capra Dirty Talk overall rating 4.5 stars
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Male Looks Nick Capra Dirty Talk Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Nick Capra Dirty Talk Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Nick Capra Dirty Talk Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Nick Capra Dirty Talk DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nick Capra Dirty Talk A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  5/18/2006
As Jett Blakk did for Jason Ridge in THE BEST OF JASON RIDGE, he now does for Nick Capra, another star who has blossomed under Blakk’s astute direction. The result is NICK CAPRA DIRTY TALK.

Bret Wolfe, a good friend, interviews Nick. Wolfe makes it easy for Capra to speak freely about his life, loves, and art. There are times when they forget they are doing this for others and go off onto tangents that make us feel neglected but on the whole we’re seldom bored with their conversation. Bret comes across as a warm friendly sort of laid-back guy. Nick in contrast appears to be a tad hyper, the type of guy it’s exhausting to be around for any length of time. He comes across as frightfully intelligent and so open and honest that he must have and made many enemies as well as friends. Another surprise is that he is much lighter than the macho stud he appears to be in films.
We begin with a solo. Nick lies on a sofa and pounds his pud. It doesn’t take him long to shoot a load.
Then, with more or less introductory comments, we are treated to three of Nick’s scenes for Red Devil. The first of these is from CANVAS and is the least successful. This is what I wrote when I reviewed that film:
“it is left to the boss, Nick Capra, to persuade the client [Tony Scalia]…. The persuasion consists of offering himself to the client. Scalia is more than willing and the two slam into a kiss with the force of two mountain goats butting heads. As Nick’s dick comes out of his trousers, Scalia falls to his knees in worship. If you are into sex in business suits, this scene’s for you. But thankfully, they soon come out of their clothes. Nick does a sensual strip while being sucked. This guy [Nick] is a wet dream come true with a very handsome face and swimmer’s build. When Scalia finally sheds his clothes, we are surprised at what a great body this mature performer had hidden. He just cant’ get enough of Nick’s dick, and ends up taking it end up. In their respective—and traditional—jackoffs at the scene’s conclusion, Nick’s load is particularly luscious.”
I said it was the least successful scene as, taken out of context, it doesn’t have the same effect as in the film proper. Despite the good body, Scalia is not your typical porn performer. He doesn’t seem to inspire Nick either. He does even less for me.

The second scene is a hot threesome from DIRTY LITTLE SINS:
“Jonah [Brad Benton] opens the door and is transfixed by what he sees. The dean [Dillon Press] is sucking not only the cock of Cox [Chet White], but that of the hunky janitor (Nick Capra) as well…. Chet White who plays Jason Cox is a fine discovery. Jett Blakk seems to have luck in his finds. (Jason Ridge is the perfect example.) Nick Capra is a sexy and attractive performer who has grown considerably under Blakk’s direction. (His performance in FRENCH KISS is a must-see.) I felt the dean’s sucking cock went on too long with too little variety, but things heated up when Chet and Nick went into a nice 69. I wanted this to go on longer, but soon Nick was fucking Dillon whose other end was filled with Chet’s cock. When Nick has finished, Dillon sits down on Chet’s rampant rod. (Jonah is getting it all on film.) After everyone has cum, the dean has a paroxysm of guilt and flagellates himself with his belt as the janitor and Jason look on in terror.
Nick tells us beforehand that he likes pushing gay-for pay guys like Chet White to their limit and indeed as I observed in the review and concur in the reviewing the best moment in the scene is his 69 with Chet. If that didn't turn Chet gay, nothing would. Nick’s memory played tricks on him though. He told us that Dillon flagellated himself with a cat-o’-nine-tails, such was the impression the moment made on him I guess.

Nick did something new in FRENCH KISS bottoming for the first time. He also fell in love with co-star Pascal Bruno:
“The scene where Nick Capra bottoms. After 18 films this handsome Italian hunk expands his repertoire. The lucky topper is Pascal Bruno who American audiences can see in Cazzo’s OPEN HOUSE and also in ALPINE PASSION for Ikarus and DREAMBOY USA for Eurocreme. He is slender and tall (6’3” we are told in the commentary) and sexy as Hell. Was it as Pascal who put the letters in Nick’s backpack? Now he is ready to put something in Nick. The scene is remarkable for the passionate intensity between these two performers. Even before hearing Nick’s recollections in the commentary, it was obvious that these two were very much into one another in more ways than one. They too flip-flop. Pascal begins by bravely taking Nick’s thick piece of meat. Then with Nick in the doggy position, Pascal slowly inserts his cock into Nick’s video-virgin ass. Nick gasps and then wiggles his butt to take it all. Later when they move into the missionary position, Pascal really throws it to him. The scene is a scorcher!”
Although taken out of context it is still a romantic and lovely scene that I was more than happy to watch again. Nick seemed overly impressed by the fact that Pascal spoke three languages as though that was what attracted him to him. (I speak four, Nick. Call me.)

Even if you have the three films mentioned above (and if you don’t have them, why not?) you will want to see the scene filmed especially for this DVD. Although Nick stated he would never bottom again after FRENCH KISS, he decided to give it a go where the guy was bigger and more masculine and would be the aggressor. What better candidate than Arpad Miklos?
The scene begins with them on a bed clad only in their shorts. They are kissing.
As Arpad begins to make moves indicating an interest in Nick’s ass, Nick proclaims, “I don’t get fucked’.”
“Liar!” Arpad exclaims pounding a copy of FRENCH KISS on Nick’s chest. He then proceeds to dominate him.
Nick sucks Arpad; Arpad sucks Nick. And I must say Arpad does a super job on Nick’s prick. Let me tell you, this guy can suck dick! Some hot rimming follows this. The fucking begins with Nick sitting down on Arpad’s cock. As he bounces on the stiff pylon, he calls out Arpad’s name. The missionary position seems to really convert him to bottoming. He calls on the deity and cums. (He tells us in the interview that Arpad located his prostate.)
Arpad just keeps fucking and no one is more surprised than Nick when he announces that he’s going to cum again. This time Arpad joins him.

Now that someone has shown Nick that there’s a button there (one that can bring forth two loads of cum) I hope Nick won’t say “never again” again.
The conversation between Bret and Nick that follows and closes the film doesn’t really sum things up. Instead it turns into a personal conversation between these two that leaves the viewer odd man out. Ironically the extra interview in the bonus section would have been far better here. And having mentioned the bonus section, it is chock full of extras. We have a photo gallery, a replay of the cumshots, Nick’s message to his fans (that should have been scripted to avoid repetition), ring tones you can download for your cell phone with either Nick or Bret, trailers, and the aforementioned bonus interview. Mention must also be made of the marvelous chapter entry points for the scenes that enable viewers to get to that part of the scenes they want.

Since his earliest venture into porn which he did only because he was jealous of his then lover doing it with someone else, Nick Capra has appeared in many films. Undoubtedly the best are those he has done with director Jett Blakk. Here they are for our enjoyment with a scorching new scene that’s the hottest yet. Of course one really should see the scenes in the context of the feature films themselves, so if you don’t have them this should whet your appetite. NICK CAPRA DIRTY TALK gives a revealing (perhaps too revealing) look at this interesting star. Let us hope that the Blakk-Capra combination continues.

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