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Nice Rack 15

Nice Rack 15

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  All Sex , Busty
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Nice Rack 15:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Nice Rack 15 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Nice Rack 15 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Nice Rack 15 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Nice Rack 15 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Nice Rack 15 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Nice Rack 15 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nice Rack 15 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/13/2007
Well fans time to put in a dvd I'd been very keen on seeing ever since I learned of Ivan shooting it and that's Nice Rack 15. Just listen to the girls you have to look forward too-- The Steven's sisters in the same scene, that's Britney & Whitney and then you have the other really hot busty newbie this year in Natasha Nice who does a bj scene plus a full on romp on a wooden floor with Tony T. I don't think I need to butter your bread any more for this title, let's just sit back and take a big bite as there's plenty of boobs to go around!!

Britney & Whitney Stevens-- The Steven's Sisters!!:

Ivan doesn't waste any time and to use a hockey term he's on the power play right from the get go with this power duo. I was watching with amazement the tease footage for this scene, just awesome as he has the girls on opposite sides of various glass devices-- windows both inside and outside the house, a great musical track accompanying the tease and the girls were great too using their sexy young bodies to reel us in, not that seeing them on screen wasn't already bait enough their energy builds nicely as the tease progresses-- not so much incestuous as just them putting on a good show caressing their bodies and Ivan using good camera shots flipping the girls from one side of the window to the other, doubling them -- basically you just need to watch it to really enjoy it, a well done opening. Tony T then comes up from behind after the girls have a seat and starts to caress both sets of funbags, doing a great job actually of going from one set to the next! Tony spends a good 5 minutes or so playing and caressing those tits using some baby oil too make them nice'n'shiny. Our guy then decides it's time to get some loving for his cock and both sisters are more than happy to accomodate him beginning with Whitney. You get some nice back'n'forth sucking by the girls doing some great deep throating too. Time for a little sex, only for Britney this scene but you have Whitney right there playing with herself plus you get some titty fucking for Whitney as well. Moving on you get some strong anal too in doggie for Britney who is kind enough to do A2M with Tony then going right over to sis for a fresh round of titty fucking. At one point you get Britney riding Tony in cowgirl while Whitney rides his face so pussy eating and bouncing titties to go along with the hot pussy fucking-- a very nice shot. They stay with the shot but have Britney turn around to reverse and also he pounds her ass here. Tony then presses Britney up against the pink partition that Ivan used so well in the tease to fuck her hard from behind while Whitney gets on the other side and masturbates while watching this hot action. This fast moving scene ends with Whitney taking the load and being the good sister that she is shares the spoils with Britney who reswaps almost touching tongues before taking the load back and swallowing. Very good scene I'd say.

Riley Evans:

The scene actually starts out with some guy time as Tony and Ivan discuss editing Tony's 100% Black Thing movie which just came out and then the fact that Ivan's had precious little sleep over the last three days as he's been editing and fishing! Enough testosterone! We finally get the girl out for a smoke and Tony of course takes the opportunity to immerse himself all over those fablous D sized tits. Tony does the Janet Jackson Rolling Stone pose too getting behind her to caress those funbags, she's from the Sunshine State as we learn but born in Texas where of course everything is bigger!! The whole atmosphere is loose and easy going which is the way I like to see a scene go but I'm sure the action will also get fairly intense with Tony laying the pipe. I want to say that Riley reminds me here of the blond woman from the second Indiana Jones movie-- Kate Capshaw is her name and I think she's still married to Spielberg too! Anyway back to Riley who is now teasing us with her sexy busty bod. Ivan alternates the outfit with a pink bikini top then it's a white Got Milk inspired top but the bottoms stay the same matching the original pink bikini top. You won't suffer for the boobage here fans tons and tons of awesome boob shots and we're only on the second scene!! Of course she has to wet down the white top at one point, that's a given and looks hot. We stat outside too for the start of the scene with Riley taking her top off, it's a nice breezy day with Riley joining Tony in the water where there's more good breast play and Tony is actually pretty passionate here with the caressing/ fondling with a nice mix of licking too. The scene doesn't rush along either, the breast play is extensive but hey this is a boob movie and all to often they rush through a perfunctory round of breast sucking, well not Ivan & Tony who are showing these titties the time and attention they deserve. Riley does a lot of soft moaning too which I liked and I preferred Tony using the hot tub water to get those tits wet as opposed to baby lotion/ oil. They slowly make their way towards the house pausing to let Tony fingerbang Riley and I see just inside James Deen waiting too so perhaps a little two man action for Riley is forthcoming. Sure enough once inside both men descend on either side of Riley with our girl dropping down soon enough to take on both cocks giving some spirited head. The sex stays pretty aggressive with each guy laying the pipe to our girl with mish and reverse being real good with the boob shots. Popwise you get James titty fucking her until he explodes between those melons and Tony follows to her face. Not bad at all fans.

Ryaan Reynolds:

We start off with another loose intro, some chatter with Ryaan who is looking cute as ever. Standing up she starts with the good boobage letting them pop out, 34D's! Plus when she flips around we get a good shot of her ass which isn't half bad either. Enough chatting let's see some action, lol. Jumping ahead just a bit as the banter was just not as interesting with Ivan or Tony not leading it and then it's time for tease and Ryaan's got a sexy look no doubts with lots more boob shots, if you didn't know this was a boob themed movie you do by now. Tony is back one more time in this scene and like before takes his time with Ryaan's boobs unleashing them from the top and doing a fine job caressing, fondling, and sucking on them with a bit of nipple tweeking too. I must say too that Ivan's been real generous too with the breast closeups too and the only thing I'm wanting more of is the girl licking her own nipples, Tony doing it is good but them doing it is twice as nice. Tony also works in some furious fingerbanging too towards the end of the tease. This moves nicely to Ryaan dropping down and giving a good aggressive blowjob, more good close ups too from Ivan's camera. Tony then titty fucks Ryaan until he unloads a pop on those juggs but rest assured we're not done and the action goes downstairs where we have a second cock added in. She starts off with just Tony's cock but the second schlong soon arrives with Miss Reynolds working them both in nicely. Both reverse and cowgirl looked good with this girl and you know with Tony and Sasha laying pipe she won't be fucked lightly. The fellas do a good job switching it up but don't lose any of the intensity fucking her with Sasha's load eventually coating her face and tits while Tony unloads into her mouth. Good scene but not quite up to the first two which were really good.

Natasha Nice:

We arrive to the last scene on disc one and this was actually her second scene shot of this title, the other being a blowjob. Natasha is drop dead gorgeous with probably the best rack in the movie though Whitney gives her a serious run for that crown. You are actually told printwise on the screen that Natasha did so good in her bj scene they brought her back to get the pipe also. Tony is back one more time and the guys have some male bonding time but thankfully it doesn't last to long until we get Natasha brought in and yes those tits come out soon enough. Tony gets down to do some brown nosing aka ass kissing and you see Natasha's wearing an Anabolic inspired Got Milk shirt! They were going to try and shoot the scene outside starting with some play in the pool but some ants got on her shirt prompting a move inside. You see Natasha had slipped into a slinky skin tight sky blue dress but that's pushed aside soon enough giving Tony access to those melons and he goes to town sucking on them. Natasha seems to enjoy this a lot and during the fucking we get her trademark nipple sucking but not here. The action is really intense too, Tony seems very turned on by this woman and fucks her hard but not roughly, just good'n'hard pipe laying. They don't even use a blanket when getting on the floor, they just fuck like wild animals right there on the wooden floor. Of course reverse was my fave shot and they fucked pretty fast too causing maximum boob movement. The missionary position also gave us some very good breast shots with a finish back in reverse until Tony pops inside her mouth. Very good scene to close out this first disc and now it's on to #2. You actually get a couple extras on this first disc, the pops are repeated and you can check out a photo gallery also.

Natasha Nice:

Sweet we follow up her scene from disc one to seeing the reason she was asked back for it, her blowjob scene. Lots of hot tease to open this scene with Natasha showing off that hot young body in a mirror too so she's checking herself out! I must say along with her fabulous tits that Natasha's got a mesmerizing pair of eyes which also draw you in. Tony joins in and we witness more good boob play but we've seen so much of this it really is more boob play than I can recall seeing which is very good. Miss Nice does more good self nipple licking/sucking too, not enough for me but still better than any of the other girls have done so far. Ok we get the ole whipped cream used and I mean used all over Natasha's body wiped in with still more nipple licking by Natasha, nice call there guys. Tony is sure to rub some in on her cooch too, now if they had a second girl there eating her snatch I'd have been real happy. Well we finally get down to Natasha sucking cock and she's got some pent up aggression I see engulfing his cock and Tony is there to assist her lightly holding her head to help her take in as much cock as she can. Tony closes out the scene with some good titty fucking and a blast off into Natasha's mouth. Well if you haven't had your fill of Natasha in these past two scenes I don't know what else we can do for you, awesome shots of this beautifuly young woman.

Evie Delatosso:

Ok we get something pretty different to lead off this scene, no tease but instead topless Ping Pong! Yep the lovely Evie loses her top and bra to play with Ivan whom I can imagine won't be on the top of his game with those melons staring back at him. You want to talk about dedication he holds the camera, hits the ball back and does some commentary too along with capturing the hot shots of Evie. We cut from her winning the game to Evie in hot white lace lingerie and this is more like the tease I enjoy. Good shots as the woman slowly loses the clothes/ plays with herself and we get both up close and pulled back views. There's another good shot of Evie in front of a long tall door mirror doing tease and that's great giving us two hotties for the price of one! The scene then begins with Evie all zipped back up in her lingerie with Mark Ashley doing the cock honors this scene, guess Tony was tired! Well I don't want to sound like a broken record but damn the tit tease/ play was once again very good with a little bit of licking by Evie-- I think in the next installment I'd encourage Ivan to shoot this a lot more. You've already shown a propensity to shoot great boob tease now include this activity within that already good plan you put into action here. Moving on you get solid head by Evie leading to the sex-- her ass is shown off really well here in doggie and then cowgirl before the boobs are brought back into focus with spoon and then reverse with lots of titty flopping as Mark's banging her hard. Evie does good rubbing the jizz in as well as giving some sloppy cleanup!

Jenna Simpson:

We have a video viring here doing the first scene ever!! 36DDD'S!!!! She's got a bubbly personality too and seems pretty at ease, she's also from NY, amish country. She's in porn for the new experience and guess it's different than being up in Amish country, just a guess! Tease wise you get lots of breast caressing from this newbie, the music is almost Chariots of Fire in it's vibe and I guess that fits, these are some majestic breasts that's for sure. The shot then changes to her outside pouring water over one of those cut off Anabolic shirts, then it's another quick change to her in the shower all sudsed up pressing her titties against the glass so Ivan's covering all the bases here and touching them all beautifully if not briefly. Back to her outside she does a great rip of the shirt tearing it open as her boobs flop out. Back inside she's in her original outfit and Tony's back for this final scene doing more good boob play caressing/ fondling. You can tell she's new as she's not as excited outwardly as say Natasha was or even the Steven's sisters but damn if she doesn't have a great rack worth this extended footage. Tony then comes around front to bury his face in those melons and we do get some brief but sexy nipple licking by Jenna herself. Tony then bangs her out hard in mish and doggie before taking a break. The pirate himself, Brian Surewood, steps in and resumes the pounding with his big penis-- her words! Tony is soon back in it and she's riding him hard in reverse while Brian's feeding her his large schlong! They bang out a few more positions before the pops which have Tony blasting off to those twins and Brian doing a quick doggie pound until unloading on Jenna's ass. Well I'm officially boobed out, lol!! Good times indeed.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well if you're a big natural boob lover then this is a must have, absolutely stunning and lengthy breast play in each scene with my only wish is for more self nipple licking by the girls and hopefully Ivan will incorporate this in the next volume, otherwise he has this genre nailed. Great closeups with good blowjobs and the sex is fairly intense too thanks to Tony laying the pipe in most of the scenes with Mark Ashley, Sasha, James Deen, and Brian Surewood helping out in some of the scenes. Now for extras you can watch the opening teases again from the scenes, there are some stills and of course BTS which I'd highly recommend checking out. This was a highly anticipated release for me when I learned of it and it totally lived up to it, well done Ivan and now try and top this one!

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