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Nice Neighbors

Nice Neighbors

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Couples , Feature film , Straight
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Nice Neighbors:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Nice Neighbors overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Nice Neighbors Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Nice Neighbors Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Nice Neighbors Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Nice Neighbors Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Nice Neighbors DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nice Neighbors A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  7/28/2002

Cast: Gina Ryder, Devon, Sydnee Steele, Cassidey, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur and Erik Price.

Director: David Stanley

Production date: 4/18/00 (box); 2/28/02 (opening statement)

Length: 76 min.

Extras: Fetish menu, multiple angles, nine bonus scenes, four trailers and a slide show with 18 photos (of Devon only).

Audio/visual quality: The video quality is adequate. The sets and lighting are fairly decent, but the edits between soft and hard-core footage feel disjointed. There are minor problems with mushy focus, too many extreme close-ups, weird framing and medium-length shots that chop off the performers' heads. There's also a flickering line across the bottom of the screen. The audio is better, with a soundtrack of reasonably listenable hard rock and jazz. The music is well balanced with the sex sounds, and the overall volume and clarity are also good.

False advertising: Devon is the cover model and receives top billing in the credits. However, Gina Ryder is unquestionably the star of the movie. Gina appears in three scenes (as opposed to two for Devon) and delivers the vast majority of the dialog. As I explained in my review of Adam & Eve's Reflections, it is deceptive to spotlight an actress who is not the star. This practice is likely to confuse and irritate the consumers who purchase the DVD on the basis of its cover only; hence, I have deducted a half star from the overall rating.

First impression: This DVD is above average, and I like it much better than the last David Stanley flick that I reviewed.

Scene highlights: Gina Ryder ("Melissa") is in the midst of moving to another apartment. She develops a kinky attraction toward her strange new neighbor, Mark Davis ("Bill"). He's the quiet type—you know, the kind who carries a kitchen knife in his back pocket and puts full garbage bags into the trunk of his car in the middle of the night.

Mark enjoys watching a home sex video that he has recorded with Devon ("Chelsey"). She delivers a competent blowjob, accompanied by gazes into the camera and lots of handwork. Devon briefly teases Mark by stroking herself. They have vaginal sex on the sofa in two positions—cowgirl and doggie—during which Devon smiles and gets nicely vocal. Mark frantically jerks his load onto her augmented tits. Part of the footage is shot from Mark's point of view; other times, the camera is on a tripod, and he uses a "remote" to zoom in and out. The tape also includes a confrontation between Mark and Devon, which cuts off rather suspiciously.

Next, Gina gives her friend Vince Voyeur an advance payment for helping her move into her new place. The sofa sex includes a blowjob, oral warmup, vaginal intercourse in three positions (reverse cowgirl, spooning and missionary) and a respectable serving of cum for Gina's mouth. Both performers exhibit good focus and energy. Gina moves so hard and fast that her pussy is a bit of a blur. She also rotates herself skillfully on Vince's cock during the well-coordinated transition from spooning to missionary.

After a hard day of unpacking, Gina settles in for some heavy duty reading on her couch. But she's soon disturbed by the noises coming from her wacky neighbors' bedroom. Sydnee Steele ("Kitty") and Eric Price ("Frank") have a heck of a lot of enthusiasm for each other, which they express through oral sex, a blowjob, vaginal intercourse (in missionary and cowgirl) and anal intercourse (in doggie). Several of Eric's spurts go wild, but he still hits Sydnee's face and breasts. Meanwhile, Gina forgoes the book and instead pleasures herself intensely with her fingers and a silver vibrator. Everyone seems to be having a great time; Sydnee flashes big grins at Eric, and Gina gets loud and quivery. The footage from the adjoining apartments is intercut in a pleasing way. My only nitpicky complaint is that the wall transmits sound in just one direction. Gina can hear Sydnee and Eric, but they can't hear Gina, which partially destroys the illusion for me.

Gina nearly gets caught while snooping in Mark's apartment. She hides in the closet as he plays another home video, this one of Devon and Cassidey. Cassidey sucks on both of Devon's feet before moving upward to her pussy (there may be some rimming, but camera doesn't show a direct view). Devon returns the oral favor, and they break out the toys for vaginal play. Devon receives a red strap-on dildo, Cassidey accepts a large pearlescent vibrator and the two women share a blue translucent double dong. There's no very obvious climax for either, and the scene ends with Mark walking in on them. Devon doesn't do a bad job, but Cassidey definitely seems more gung ho about the girl/girl sex. Cassidey supplies the majority of the verbal encouragement, and she looks really comfortable wearing and working her strap-on.

Convinced that her hidden camcorder has caught Mark's latest serial killing, Gina finally confronts him. This being a porno, of course that leads immediately to hot sex in Mark's bed. He starts her off with tonguework and two-finger penetration, and she reciprocates with a hands-free blowjob. They have vaginal sex in cowgirl, doggie and missionary, and Mark deposits his thick ejaculate on Gina's tongue and chin. For a very brief time during doggie, Mark grasps Gina's wrists and pulls her arms straight back in an interesting semi-suspended pose. Mark also giggles when Gina tickles his foreskin with her tongue, which I really like. Afterwards, Gina finds pineapple cake in the freezer and learns the truth about what happened (or rather, didn't happen) to Devon.

The bonus scenes average 12 minutes in length. The first three scenes highlight Devon and come from Country Comfort (Devon, Bobby Vitale), Devil's Blackjack (Devon, Tony Tedeschi) and Picture This (Devon, Evan Stone). The next three scenes feature girl/girl sex and come from Big Bust (Dasha, Jade), The Secretary (Janine, Inari Vachs) and Jumping Track (Cheyenne Silver, T.J. Hart). The final three scenes include anal sex and come from Watcher 10 (Molina, Dillon Day, Shelbee Myne), Lunachick (Tyffany Million, Steven St. Croix, Sean Michaels) and The Show (Kitty Monroe, Steven St. Croix).

Thumbs up: Gina plays her role with the perfect naughty glint in her eye. She seems to possess a natural feistiness which suits her character well. For example, when Sydnee and Eric stop by with a bizarre welcome gift of pineapple bundt cake, Sydnee passes the cake to Gina with her bare hands. The moment they leave, our spunky heroine tosses it into her wastebasket and mutters with disgust, "Lousy pineapple eatin' motherfuckers!" Later, when Sydnee and Eric are whooping it up next door, Gina spits out a similar epithet, but this time with a wicked smirk. (And since there's a commonly held belief that pineapple sweetens the taste of semen, it's a genuinely amusing line.)

Also, the special features are somewhat nicer than the ones I've seen so far on Vivid DVDs. All of the bonus scenes are correctly identified and appear to be uncut. The photo gallery looks more professional than most—the gentle pans and zooms lend a dynamic feel. And believe it or not, there's even an option to turn off the multiple angles icon.

Thumbs down: There's no one thing that's really "wrong" with this movie (other than the false advertising). I just feel that the running time is not incredibly generous, the characters are not particularly deep, the visual quality is not especially noteworthy and the sex is not terribly daring. In addition, the ending is contrived and ambiguous, which some viewers may find slightly annoying. But I don't think this movie is intended to be anything but light entertainment, and it succeeds pretty well at that.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, masturbation, oral, anal, foot worship, voyeurism (major theme), toys (vibrators, strap-on, double dong), facials.

Condom use: Yes, in all scenes except the lesbian one.

Juice-o-meter: Medium. I mostly like the voyeuristic element and Gina's bad-ass attitude. Mr. Yoga watched part of the lesbian scene and found it boring.

Final analysis: Fans of Gina Ryder (and I like her myself) will appreciate this one. I suspect it won't have too much replay value for anyone else, but it might still be fun to watch once, and I can recommend it as a rental.

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