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New Wave Hookers 6

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New Wave Hookers 6

Studio: VCA
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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Saki's ratings for New Wave Hookers 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
New Wave Hookers 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks New Wave Hookers 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks New Wave Hookers 6 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex New Wave Hookers 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting New Wave Hookers 6 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras New Wave Hookers 6 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Wave Hookers 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  2/16/2001
New Wave Hookers 6 (2000)

Antonio Passolini

Ginger Lynn, Tina Tyler, Barrett Moore, Kylie Ireland, Kiki D'Aire, Monique Demoan, Ryan Conner, Tyce Bune, Kyle Stone, Mickey G., Sean Michaels, Michael J. Cox, Cheyne Collins, Voodoo, Steve Hatcher, and Pat Myne

Running Time
1:57 (feature only)

DVD Format
Single Sided, Dual Layer (RSDL)

Special Features
Animated menus; full motion video scene menu; audio commentary track with director and stars; 20-picture photo gallery; cast biographies with jump to scene feature; "virtual tour" of VCA DVDs; 11-minute behind-the-scenes featurette; 9-minute interview with Ginger Lynn; "Phat Cut" (longer versions) of two scenes; one multiple-angles scene; and a trailer for DMJ6

Double vaginal penetration, double penetration, facials, blowjobs, dirty talk, dominance/submission, lesbian anal play, interracial, doctor-patient fantasy, mini- gangbang, toe sucking, footjob, post-facial kissing

Video Captures
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The First Word:  Antonio Passolini takes the director's chair for the sixth installment of the New Wave Hookers franchise, and he shows he can more than hold his own against Greg Dark and Michael Ninn. NWH6 is Ginger Lynn's best comeback movie and the DVD is one of the best VCA discs to boot.

What's It About?:  Ginger Lynn stars as Audrey, the owner of an all-girl auto repair shop.  Audrey is a shy woman, who's in search of a good man.  She thinks she's found the right one in Chip (Voodoo), the delivery man who visits her shop every day to drop off parts.  Unfortunately, Chip doesn't even know Audrey exists.  One of her employees, June (Tina Tyler), getting tired of Audrey's unwillingness to make a move, convinces Audrey to tell Chip her feelings.  Audrey goes back into the garage to find Chip, but instead finds him getting a blowjob from another of her employees, Margie (Kylie Ireland).  After a hot scene between Chip & Margie, the story resumes with a dejected Audrey at closing time.  After losing Chip before she even had a chance to win him, she decides that life isn't worth living, and sucks on a tailpipe.

Audrey wakes up in a Beetlejuice-like waiting room, dressed like a hooker, sitting next to a bunch of hookers.  When she tries to talk to them, a woman who looks like June (but isn't) informs her that she's in some sort of limbo--not Heaven or Hell--and that she's a hooker, and that in order to save her own life, she needs to be one.  Still confused, she's transported to her first client, a Dr. Stinky-Pinky (Sean Michaels), who tests her sexual reflexes and takes her temperature (hint:  think of his name).   Back in the waiting room, she discovers that fulfilling her doctor-patent fantasy was her first test.  Others, her guide tells her, involve reenactment of past events or simply observation.

So Audrey continues her journey back to the living by watching three women (Bubbles, Blossom, & Buttercup, played by Kiki D'Aire, Ryan Conner, & Monique DeMoan) lick each other in an inflatable pool, then receiving a double vaginal from two supposedly Kuwaiti sheiks (played crappily by Pat Myne and Cheyne Collins), and seeing her trade school chums (Tyce Bune, Michael J. Cox, Steve Hatcher, and Kyle Stone) bang her slutty classmate, Dee Dee (Barrett Moore).  After a submissive encounter with a delightfully dominant Tina Tyler and her slave (Mickey G.), she's brought before the Mechanical Elves Who Run The Universe (Bridget Powers and Napoleon in non-sex roles).  They give her a second chance to take control of her life, and unlike the first time, she takes charge when she finds Chip & June in the garage.  In the end, Audrey has the last laugh, since her experience as a New Wave Hooker taught her what to do.

What I Liked: New Wave Hooker-esque sex:  That is, incredibly hot, nasty, and intense sex with a comical or bizarre twist.  Every scene is a winner, from Kylie getting fucked on a garage lift, to the three-girl dildofest in a kiddie pool, to the sheik scene (an homage to Peter North's scene in the original New Wave Hookers). And the scene with Tina as the dominatrix is great--I don't know if it's Tina's commanding voice, Ginger's horny & desperate writhing in a sex swing, or the fact that it's shot in a garage set...with funhouse mirrors as props.  It's not as weird as Cafe Flesh or some of the earlier New Wave Hookers movies, but it definitely is unexpected and pretty damn hot. 

Passolini's style:  The photography is unmistakably Passolini; it has a dreamy, almost overwashed look that fits perfectly in an offbeat features such as this.  It's a radical, but welcome, departure from the earlier NWH movies, which had a very sterile video look.  Passolini's soundtrack is great, ranging from blues to 70s funk, and it adds a lot to the movie.  Ditto with the editing, which is just top notch--it definitely riveted my attention from the opening credits.  Antonio's well known for his great screenplays, and New Wave Hookers 6 is no exception (even with Ginger Lynn's rewrite).  Finally, add the very credible acting performances turned in by Ginger and Tina, and you've got a winner.

The ensemble cast:  Other than the three big stars in this movie (Ginger, Kylie, and Tina), a look at the cast might lead you to believe that it's nothing more than a star vehicle with a bunch of assorted talent riding in the back.  Fortunately, in New Wave Hookers 6, the sum is better than its parts.  A good example is the mini-gangbang--it's a great scene, even though the actors individually aren't that impressive.  It's all about bringing the right combination of people together, and Passolini did it just right.  I mean, even though it's clearly Ginger Lynn's movie, it's memorable for more than just her performance.

Tina's ADTalk plug:  One surefire way to catch my attention is to put in a good word for Adult DVD Talk, and Tina Tyler did just that in the behind-the-scenes featurette.  Tina, your check's in the mail! (just kidding!!!)

"And thank you to all my friends in DVD Land...If you guys feel like talking about DVDs and perhaps feel like chatting with me every now and again, you should go to It's a great site, and they have chatting pretty much every evening, and I pop in from time to time.  So if you'd like to chat with me, pop by!" (listen to Tina)

What I Didn't Like:  Only one complaint:  I wish the gangbang scene was shot a bit tighter...I hate gangbangs where you can see all of the guys trying desperately to stay hard so they can perform when it's their turn.  How about zooming in a little more on the action at hand, rather than forcing us to watch a scaled down version of The World's Biggest Gangbang?

DVD Extras:  This DVD has a full blown, original extras package, including an audio commentary, behind the scenes footage, extended scene cuts, and an indexed chapter selection menu.  The audio commentary is dominated by Ginger's comments, which is not necessarily a good thing.  But she does have some good pointers (such as how to keep the spark in a long term relationship) and a few one-liners such as, "For just for the record, I don't have sex with children or animals...although I have worked with Tracy Lords and Ron Jeremy." :-)  The behind-the- scenes featurette is good, not just for Tina's promotion, but to see what it looks like on a porn set.  It also has some funny moments from Kylie and Bridget.  The extended scene cuts, or "Phat Cuts," are full-length versions of two scenes that had to be cut down for VHS.  Finally, a great new feature VCA includes is a chapter selection menu that has an action breakdown of each scene.  For example, sex scene three, "Hooker Hell" has "dildo, eat pussy, double dildo, rimming, anal beads, anal dildo" listed next to the video thumbnail of the scene.  Selecting the thumbnail jumps you to the beginning of the scene, while selecting any of the action words jumps you directly to that portion of the scene--great idea!

A/V Quality:  As with all modern VCA productions, the A/V is very good, with overall good image quality and dynamic audio.  The sound design is superb, with the proper blend of production sound and soundtrack (which also fits the NWH mood) unlike the one-or-the-other approach that most editors use.  I only noticed a few flaws on the entire disc:   there's a momentary video glitch in the trailer for DMJ6, occasionally it's clear that some of the dialogue was dubbed, and there's noticeable pixelation here and there, especially in the background or during quick editing cuts.  But nothing so major that it's distracting or that it should be considered poor.

The Last Word:  At first, I really skeptical about Yet Another NWH Movie, but this one really shines, not just for the sex (which caught my jaded attention) but for the great editing, music, acting, and DVD presentation.  This one seems to be a front runner for next year's awards, and I'll be the first to nominate it!  I cracked up when I heard the Sam Elliot-inspired voiceover that began the movie (a la The Big Lebowski) About the only criticism I see comes from people who don't like VCA or Antonio Passolini, or who expect a lot more from Ginger Lynn.  Personally, I like Passolini, and I'm pleasantly surprised with Ginger's comeback after all these years.  I don't hold on to many DVDs, but this one's going into my collection!

- Saki (

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