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Goldmember New Wave Hookers 5 4.5 starsNew Wave Hookers 5 4.5 starsNew Wave Hookers 5 4.5 stars
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New Wave Hookers 5

New Wave Hookers 5

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Overall Rating 4.5 stars
New Wave Hookers 5 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks New Wave Hookers 5 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks New Wave Hookers 5 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex New Wave Hookers 5 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting New Wave Hookers 5 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras New Wave Hookers 5 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Wave Hookers 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by The Pocketcomb Pimp  on  2/2/2006

New Wave Hookers #5

A Tribute To Anna Malle

Director: Michael Ninn
Studio: VCA
Running: 140 min est.
Genre: Feature Classic
Release: Feb 1997
My love for Selena Steele made me recently review Curse of the Kit Cat. In that review I called it the greatest title of all time. For me that statement couldn’t be truer. In that review I also talked about my favorite performer and my favorite scene of all time. That performer was Jeanna Fine and that scene came from this title.

Something about that scene always bothered me and it wasn’t until Anna’s early departure that I realized what it was. For me Anna was the only women to match the heat, passion and beauty of my favorite star. By my estimate the only difference between these two was time. Jeanna’s time in the biz was about twice that of Anna. That said at the end of the day when you compare their works I have no reservation that these two will go down in debate like Magic and Bird. It’s not about whose better, who won more awards or even who played longer, It’s about what they brought to the game and how they raised the bar for those who followed.

I believe they got up to 7 in this series, but 6 was low budget, and 7 drew little fanfare. Features like this are long gone. Tell me when you’ve seen a title with the likes of Sean Michaels, Peter North, Stacy Valentine, Juli Ashton, Marc Davis. Sharon Kane, Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Mr. Marcus, Asia Carrera, Anna Malle, Vicca & Roxanne Hall? Most of those people are in the Hall of Fame. Those who aren’t are on the way! Contracts and new studios starting daily will most likely keep this from occurring again.

Scene Breakdowns:

Asia Carerra, Felicia & Juli Ashton

The movie starts with all girl all-star scene. I can do without the all girl stuff, but I have to admit that Juli looked so good I think I’m gonna have to find some BG stuff with her in it.

Kim Katiane, Ashley Renee, Sidnee Coxx & Roxanne Hall

The all girl bonanza continued with a masturbation scene with these women. I keep forgetting that classic porn was 50/50 when it came to G/G B/G scenes.

Anna Malle & Jeanna Fine

This is hands down the hottest piece of porn that I have ever seen. No pairing has produced more heat, passion or desire than these three did this day. Sean was a legend, Jeanna was legendary and Anna snatched the crown from Jeanna as the official potty mouth of the 90’s. With a simple sentence Anna made sure anyone that say this title would remember her name.

Jeanna repeatedly deep throats Sean with Anna looking on. Growing tired of spectating Anna grabbed Sean like it was a toy that she lent out but wanted back. She worked his man met every way possible and with some guidance from Jeanne she perfected that trademark deep throat that made Jeanna, Fine.

Watching this deep throat championship would have been enough for any fan. Even the hardest of racist would have had to stand up and cheer for this one.

This was straight to the ass and Anna was ready. This scene had redemption value for true fans of IR and Anna. Earlier Anna had done a scene for Sean Michaels Macin’.

In this scene the sex was so raw that these two were fucking in a puddle of sweat. Anna turned over and asked for it in the ass. Sean got about half way up her dirt road and Anna was howling and shivering. There were several cuts that showed time elapsing, but Anna just couldn’t take what Sean was serving. In the end Anna looked like she was in a vegetated state, the kind you see on TV after people claimed to have been abducted and probed. If I remember correctly she was stuttering and talking too herself and Sean smiled and looked at her and said, It’s okay baby, they know. He stood up, still erect and shook his man meat at the lens and the movie ended. That was one big dick classic!

Today it was a different story. Anna rolled her eyes back in her head and took the whole thing with Jeanna coaching her on how to get her anal nut.

Anna got her nut and Jeanna was up. Sean obviously was in an anal state of mind cause he went straight to Jeanna’s ass as well. Mind you, many women in the industry talk dirty, but no two did it with the conviction that Jeanna did. While Sean is getting his stroke right, Jeanna demands that Sean masturbate in her asshole. No sooner than he goes deep Jeanna says, “Black Cock in my hot tight white asshole motherfucker. For a 20 year old black guy, that was some shit to spank to.

It’s been a while, but I told you a simple sentence assured that brothas and fans alike would never forget Anna Malle’s work in this film. With all that going on Jeanna ask Anna to play with her. Anna’s reply was. “I’m playing with your cunt, I’m playing with my cunt, he’s FUCKING YOUR ASS”.

OH SHIT! After I saw that, I busted another nut, watched that scene about 5 more times, called in sick for the next day in lieu of an all day spanker and paid the late fees for not bring that rental back on time.

Seeing is believing, but this shit was so wild that you still might not believe what you saw. I don’t see that scene ever being topped, but challengers are welcome.

Anna Malle, Jeanna Fine & Sunset Thomas

More of the girls getting it on.

Lea Martini & Nikkita

I can’t say that I was ever a fan of the Euro invasion, but these women made it famous, with the addition of Vicca you Euro fans need to thanks these women for paving the way for the A Long’s, Katja K’s, M. Lauren’s and various foreign women that now call the states home. There weren’t the 1st to jump the puddle, but by my accounts they were the 1st to dominate.

This scene had the elements that make up good porn and the added bonus of a clown made some sick freaks day, believe that!


This leggy stunner is a true treat. Between her and Nikkita they had to account for 2/3’s on the Euro based domestic releases. This scene was short but sweet and speaking of sweet she served up a healthy serving of that sweet bootay.

Sharon Kane

I always liked Sharon. She was a nasty girl in he biz if you ask me. As time went up she went through radical changes and is most likely second only to Holly body for total transformation over the years.

That said this was a solo masturbation scene.

Stacey Valentine

Stacy had to be the Teagan of the late 90’s, young, attractive and in demand. Stacy did share of titles and was known for being a bombshell that was not afraid of anal and DP.

Ms. Valentine always gave a good show, but a good show didn’t always equate to believable. This was a solid scene and example of why she was in high demand. A buxom blond with an appetite for DP. That’s what great porn stories are all about.

Juli Ashton

1st off I have to say that a year ago someone was mad that I said 2005 AVN Convention photo of Juli made her look haggard. They proceeded to tell me that they saw her and she looked great. I told them based on the photo, I’m sticking to my claims that she wasn’t aging well.

I saw a 2006 picture of Juli and I have to say that it’s obvious to me that Juli fell victim to poor photography cause a year later she had my mouth waterin. She looked amazing back in the day and apparently is still long on looks.

This was a DILF scene. My guess is each guy in this scene was twice Juli’s age, but the good news is she looked so good that you didn’t even need to pay attention to those ARP candidates lined up to tap that ass.

The title ended with an all oral scene between Vicca & P. North.

The Pocketcomb Prognosis

The title has a lot of all girl scenes, but each B/G scene was a heater and I’m going to tell you flat out every fan should have this title for the Sean, Jeanna, Anna scene.

This is hands down the longest review I have written and I’m proud of it, this is a title that should not be forgotten and my only regret is the fact that I never an opportunity to let Anna know I was a fan and that her return or involvement in the industry was always welcome by me.

I sent a mail to Anna husband asking him if he had a picture that he wanted fans to remember Anna by and that picture follows.

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