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New Trix

New Trix

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for New Trix:
Overall Rating 3 stars
New Trix overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks New Trix Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks New Trix Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex New Trix Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting New Trix Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras New Trix DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Trix A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/25/2005
Well silly porn fans it's time to see if this group of porn girls can learn new trix, hence the dvd's title. Zero has impressed me with most of their releases so I'm looking forward to checking this one out, it has Tiana Lynn in it and that is reason enough for me to put this disc into my player!

Deja Daire:

We lead off with a goth looking girl. She has jet black hair parted in the middle, she smokes, and we got some black mesh on top of her and a skirt covering her lower extremities. Deja isn't shy about showing off her pussy and we watch her checking out her male talent waiting inside and pretty soon she goes in and starts in on Chris Charming and Mr. Pete's cocks. Good side view for the bj along with a great shot between the two guys looking down on her. The fellas then take matters into their own hands lifting her up and placing her on the couch. We see some hard anal in mish along with some serious skull fucking for Deja. There is some slight choking which doesn't do a thing for me and thankfully we don't see it much. A very good piston humming reverse cowgirl is next and it quickly becomes a dp. This is followed by another dp in cowgirl and the camera shot is pretty close as this action takes place. Deja then does some cleaning to both cocks and Mr. Pete does a bang up job fingering her pussy. A good ass slapping doggie anal is next and Deja gives some good direction telling them to fuck her ass. Miss Daire ends up taking two pretty good jizz blasts to her face to end this first scene.

Tiana Lynn:

Ok we have a real hottie on our hands here. Tiana is wearing a pink bikini with her hair in two ponytails and she has on glasses which give her a really hot look. Tiana's hands are already busy stroking over her pussy and we see Tiana get up close to the camera fogging it up with her breath, then she shakes those wonderful tits for us, then she pulls them out and they look awesome. Tiana does more boob shaking before she turns around to show us her hot ass and damn it is squeezably soft! Tiana then loses the glasses just as a cock is presented but she doesn't need those to zero in on her target as the cock slides easily into her mouth. Mr. Pete puts some pressure on Tiana's head as she sucks but she doesn't fight him and the blowjob looks real good. There is also a great underneath shot showing her bending over to suck him off and those boobs are prominently displayed as she engulfs his tool. Sexwise you see a good insertion into mish and Mr. Pete gets a fine rhythm going and you can guess with Tiana that she squirts and will continue to do so throughout the scene as has become her trademark and I don't mind it a bit! The underneath shot for doggie shows off her tits some more along with a good shot of her smiling face looking down on us, such perves we are! Spoon then follows and there are more good boob shots and more squirting with the lense even getting hit. Very nice shots in cowgirl as her ass doesn't move to much but I like what I'm seeing here! Ok reverse cowgirl really really kicks ass here with the great boob rotation and there is a good ground shot included as well. Mr. Pete then paints her face with his jizz and Tiana does some cleanup ending another good scene for her.


Oh baby we start here with a great shot of this girls ass and we just dwell on this bootie for a nice while getting up close. Nika then turns slightly giving us a smile, the pink color of her outfit and heels looks good on her. Our camera guy can't resist squeezing that ass and it's so soft looking on film. The bottoms are then pulled aside so we see her pussy lips and asshole. We then hear some playful banter as Nika turns over to let us see her tits and we also see a guy is watching her from afar. Our guy then moves closer so that Nika can lean up and engulf his cock. Mick Blue gets a nice pace going into her mouth and Nika is still having a good laugh as she sucks his cock. Mick then gets a little fun for himself fingering her pussy and it seems everyone is having a good laugh while filming this scene, that's cool. Sexwise you see spoon with P2M, cowgirl- very nice ass here, reverse cowgirl with some great shots of Nika's legs wide open. Mick then wants a taste of that pussy he has been fucking so there is some oral for Nika before Mick starts pounding her again in mish, then it's an easy turnover to doggie and this leads to a good pop which Nika plays with and there is some cleanup.


We start here with a shot panning up her legs and Harmony is nicely bent over giving us a great shot of her bootie when the camera arrives there. Some caressing is done to that ass before we swing over to check out her cute face and we see she is also wearing a blue mesh top so her tits would be seen had she not been wearing a black bra,lol. Harmony then fondles and squeezes those melons together and you can tell they are a nice size so I can't wait for her to free them. Harmony must have felt my thoughts as she lifts the mesh off and the bra soon follows and damn those are some awesome titties she has. Whew they are damn fine breasts and Harmony does more squeezing before she lowers herself to shake them for us, and then it's jump and down time! This gets a good laugh from Harmony and we really zoom in on those boobs and I'm just wishing she would bend over and lick a nipple but alas she doesn't. Instead we do get more bootie footage and that's a nice tradeoff as bending over we still get to check out her tits dangling. I also think Harmony has very expressive eyes kinda like Bo Derek. We then follow Harmony for a walk and of course her ass cheeks get to moving nicely before she stops and our cameraguy gets some more good squeezes in. Harmony then walks on a bit more until she sees a hard cock in need of attention and she bends over and starts sucking on it. We then zoom in close on her pussy for a time then widen out as Harmony is hard at it sucking dick. Harmony sucks so hard we see a couple of tears falling down her face, talk about dedication! Harmony is then helped out of her heels before she climbs on in reverse cowgirl and this flat out rocks as those boobs were at maximum bouncing effeciency here. After some P2M we see Harmony get back on this time in cowgirl and from floor level we see her ass move nicely in time with the thrusts into her. More P2M leads to another positional change and this time it's doggiestyle with a playful ass slap or two done to Harmony. Then we see this girl get real compact as the action turns to mish and damn I still wanted to see her suck on a boob, they were so close to her. You do see a fine pop fired right into her mouth and Harmony shows off the jizz before letting it slide down her throat, I'd say the best scene so far along with Tiana's.


This pint sized cutie comes on next and she is already bouncing up and down like she is on a trampoline. This girl is a ball of energy and this bouncing up and down leads me to think she is ready to explode. Kat does pause long enough to show off her pussy briefly then it's her ass which gets a few playful slaps to it. Kat then sits down and gives us a great wide open shot between her legs and we do get a pussy sighting here. Kat then shows off her perky tits and it's a short wait until she is sucking hard on a cock. I think with those cute wide eyes looking up at me I might bust my nut real quick, especially when she gives you that shy smile, very cute. Kat is very messy with her bj, almost Inari level at times and some good no hands head is shot. Chris Charming then leads her to a chair and has her lie backwards with her head off the chair and he forces his cock deep into her mouth, I think he actually went down her windpipe,lol. As for sex you see this tiny girl nailed in mish with P2M, cowgirl- a very nice ass on Kat and some fingers are probing her ass too. This leads to anal in spoon with A2M, a standing and sitting version of cowgirl anal, then it's RCA and finally Chris coats her braces with his spunk and Kat drinks it in showing it off before swallowing.


Our last scene stars a very cute girl and she too is sporting twin ponytails and there is some serious eye flirting to begin the scene by her. Lifting herself up we see Paloma is stacked with incredible tits and there is much shaking back and forth of those puppies which are pulled out too for our viewing pleasure. Again when a girl has tits like this shaking and caressing is good but you need to have the girl sucking on her own tits, damn that is so hot and clearly not done enough in porn today. Paloma does have a nice pussy which we see and some fingering is done to it and she teases at licking her nipples but just rubs her hands over them. Our guy soon moves in and goes right after her sweet snatch and the front on shot of him eating pussy looked good as it also gives us a shot of Paloma's face reacting. Moving on we see her get in doggie and he slides right into her kittie and those boobs were undulating in no time as a good rhythm was set. After some P2M we see more doggie, then mish with more pussy licking, then it is on to cowgirl with a good floor view and we finally arrive at reverse cowgirl and this was easily the best position as it offers the best boob movement. They close with spoon and some titty fucking before the jizz is shot across her mouth and she does some sexy cleanup. I liked the scene, her body is great with the cute face and eyes along with the huge tits, Paloma is a girl I'd love to see again.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Not a bad dvd, no real great scenes but several really good ones led by Tiana, Harmony, and then Paloma and Kat had the best time I think of all the girls, love her spunkiness. Extra wise you are offered a photo gallery, the pops are repeated, and finally check out the behind the scenes. Just a small suggestion to the folks at Zero and actually to any of the companies, more self nipple licking when the girl has great natural tits, it's a huge turn on and I hope it becomes more prevalent in future dvds. This one I'd recommend for rental first but a purchase might not be out of the question as Tiana, Harmony, Kat, and Paloma offer good reasons to watch.

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