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Flash New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) 4.5 starsNew Neighbors, The (SLLAB) 4.5 starsNew Neighbors, The (SLLAB) 4.5 stars
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New Neighbors, The (SLLAB)

New Neighbors, The (SLLAB)

Studio: SLLAB
Category:  Feature film
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Tryvek's ratings for New Neighbors, The (SLLAB):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Neighbors, The (SLLAB) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Tryvek  on  7/21/2009
An excellent film. It's the story of the small town American Brodie family being sexually awakened by their new neighbors, demon cult members Az (Randy Spears) and Lily (Nikki Hunter) Infernato.

Well scripted, filmed and well casted except for Jack Vincent, cast as Brad, Martin Brodie's son, played by Mike Horner. Linda Roberts is Laura, the mother and Haley Paige plays the daughter, Tiffany.

The box art alone will sell this DVD. Barbara Summers, the bare breasted Nun dominates both front and back cover.

Soon after moving in, Lily seduces Brad in the living room of her new home. What follows is seduction after seduction of the all the family members, apparently as a result of the demonic influence of their new neighbors.

The film is quite long (155 minutes), but it flows very well. The story line and the sex action scenes go well together. Any viewers that don't like well developed story lines or straight sex scenes will be disappointed with this film. No condoms. No anal.

Sex Scenes -

Scene 1 - Brad (Jack Vincent) goes over to the new neighbors house to help arrange pool furniture and is seduced by Lily (Nikki Hunter). Casting Jack Vincent as the innocent teenager (19) was a poor choice. In spite of that Nikki Hunter does a good job of playing the seductress.

Scene 2 - Martin (Mike Horner) joins Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix and Tommy Gunn in a poker game that ends with entertainment in the form of a gangbang with Cindy (Tiffany's girlfriend played by Tyla Wynn) getting banged. Martin (Mike Horner) tries to remain out of the action but is finally seduced by the heat of the action and Cindy's deep throat skills. Excellent acting by Tyla Wynn, who apparently as been 'demonized' by the new neighbors the night before.

Scene 3 - While the poker game was turning into a gangbang, Lily went over to the Brodie house and introduced herself to Laura, who had planned to take a bath and go to bed early. Lily seduces her. It's one of the best scripted/acted lesbian scenes I've seen.

Scene 4 - Tiffany looks for her step brother Brad and finds him sleeping poolside at Lily's house. Lily persuades Tiffany to give Brad a blow job ("It's OK, he's not your real brother) and it soon ends up in a three-way.

Scene 5 - Az (Randy Spears) and his friend (Steven St. Croix) show up at the Brodie house the next afternoon to fix the outdoor pool system. Laura serves drinks and is seduced by the two demons. The scene ends with a three-way.

Scene 6 - Martin (Mike Horner) goes to his office and his secretary (Brooke), who apparently has been 'demonized' the night before at the demons nightclub, seduces him on the office desk. Excellent office sex action.

Scene 7 - This is the 'Nun' scene. This scene seems to be included to deliver what is promised in the cover art. The nun (Barbara Summers) does a good job of delivering a typical gang bang but it's revealed that she too has been 'demonized' and volunteered to confront Az and his buddies, not because she would try to neutralize them, but because she enjoys having sex with them. Ironically, this is the least erotic scene in the entire movie.

Scene 8 - The orgy scene. Everyone does everyone else (including performers not seen since the opening minutes of the film). Lily, who has taken on a more demonic appearance moves around the room encouraging everyone to enjoy themselves and circulate. Notable in all the action is Brad (Jack Vincent) and his step-mother (Linda Roberts). Once again, technically, it's not incest because of the step-mother and earlier the step-sister relationships of the females in the Brodie family. The only one not participating is Martin (Mike Horner) who realizes that his whole neighborhood has been 'demonized' and frantically tries to rescue his family from the orgy.

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