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New Girls (Red Light)

New Girls (Red Light)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Coyote22's ratings for New Girls (Red Light):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
New Girls (Red Light) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks New Girls (Red Light) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks New Girls (Red Light) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex New Girls (Red Light) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting New Girls (Red Light) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras New Girls (Red Light) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Girls (Red Light) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Coyote22  on  6/4/2004


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A new film from Toni Ribas called New Girls has caught my eye and now I sit in front of it. The menu is decent showing our cover girl on the right with clips from the film behind the menu buttons. Most of the cast I have never heard of before except for Tamira and Dark Angel and I hope she performs better than that TV show..hehe. I was impressed with Toni Ribas Enjoy 1 so hopefully this is as good.


The video was in full frame and was nicely done. The audio was in stereo and was just as any other Red Light film.


2 Hours 19 Minutes 43 Seconds


Oral, Anal, ATM, PTM, ATOGM, PTOGM, Rimming (f/f, m/f), Girl on Girl, Toys, DP, 3 way


Photo Gallery, Boner Footage, Behind the Scenes (17:41)

I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enjoy the performances (you get the picture); I rate descending upon that. I like: anal, atm’s, atm’s, atogm, ptogm, rimming (f/f,m/f), spitting, kissing, choking, gapes, titty fucking, low amount of toy usage, dp’s, girl on girl, eye contact, ass worship, female ejaculation, 2 on 1 (f/f/g), anal cream pies, and intensity. What I don’t like: excessive toy use, strap-ons, dap’s, feet worship, rough bondage, orgies, more than 3 guys per 1 girl, excessive slapping, golden showers, and anything that causes pain. Of course that is just the broad stroke of things, and I adjust accordingly.



Themes: oral, anal, atm, facial

(Henriette, Toni Ribas)

This hot redhead does a little interview for the camera while inside and has her tits felt up a little. Her and Toni kiss then he licks her tits while rubbing her pussy. She stands up and he plays with her cheeks then pulls down her thong and pulls off her shirt getting her naked. He lifts her up and puts her on a counter where he licks her pussy. She sucks his cock on a couch then gets on top of him for some cowgirl. The sex that follows: missionary, anal doggie, ATM, anal doggie, ATM, anal RC, followed by her stroking his cock and taking a squirt in her face. She cleans his cock with her mouth as the scene ends.


Nice scene offering some long cowgirl sequences and some great anal. Though there was no gaping it was still very arousing! Their wasn’t much intensity but eh eye candy was certainly there!



Themes: oral, rimming (m/f), cum on tits

(Tamira, Kevin King)

This blonde hottie shows up on a couch where she says a few things then is joined by Kevin who takes a look at her tits and ass. He licks her pussy and briefly rims her then she sucks his cock. Her tits get some fucking then she takes cock in her pussy for some spooning. Followed by: doggie, RC, standing RC, piledriver, and a squirt on her tits then she sucks his cock clean.


This was a good scene. A little tamer than the one previous but still good.



Themes: oral, anal, 3 way, girl on girl, rimming (m/f), atogm, ptogm, dp, pop on pussy

(Noemi, Claudia, David Perry)

These girls smile at the camera while sitting together in a chair then get up where strip one another out of their clothes. They then walk over to a bed where David is lying. Noemi bends over and he works on her pussy while giving it a couple of licks as does Claudia. The girls work on his cock and he fingers Claudia’s asshole. Noemi gets on top of him for some cowgirl while Claudia rubs her ass and watches. She sucks his cock cleaning up Noemi’s pussy juices off his cock several times while also spreading her ass and licking her cheeks. David spoons Noemi while she licks Claudia’s pussy then David gets up and rims her while she bends over. He fucks her doggie while having Claudia clean his cock. Claudia bends over and has lube poured on her ass then has it fucked by a toy. David has Noemi lick it then pour on some more lube over Claudia’s asshole. David fucks it some more stretching it then has Noemi handle the toy. They leave the toy up her ass and Claudia gets up for some cowgirl but it soon shoots out of her ass while she is being fucked cowgirl. Noemi pushes it back up Claudia’s ass and it is held in place then is pulled out and licked clean by Noemi then pushed back up her ass. It is pulled out and she then is anally fucked in RC while Noemi licks her tits and her mouth. David gapes her while Noemi licks his cock clean then fucks Claudia’s pooper some more. They pull out another toy and she is DP’s with it then Noemi pulls it out of her pussy to clean with her mouth. David pulls his cock out of her ass and Noemi sucks that then once again. She uses the toy on Claudia’s pussy again for another DP then we see Noemi getting fucked doggie while Claudia is under her receiving cock to clean. He pops over Noemi’s ass and pussy for Claudia to lick up. She doesn’t lick her ass unfortunately but the girls to kiss ending the scene.


Nice scene and was the best so far! The girls seemed to be enjoying one another and put forth some good energy in the scene. I think the credit goes to Claudia who not only took anal but also seemed more into the sex than her friend. Also there was a smudge or dirt on the lens and could be seen throughout the scene in the right mid area.



Themes: oral, pop on tits

(Dark Angel, Toni Ribas)

This knockout graces the screen as well as the cover! She talks to the camera in a living room then she shows off her ass in a black thong. She turns around and shows her perfect tits off to the camera then she is joined by Toni where they both share a very passionate kiss! She sits on his lap where he licks her tits and then fingers her pussy but first has her suck his fingers then he runs them a long her inside thigh. He licks her pussy then she sucks his cock. He fucks her tits and as he does so they kiss. He licks up her throat and her chin where they kiss then she sucks his cock some more. While using her mouth extremely well along with great eye contact and licking his shaft this is one hell of a blowjob! The sex: cowgirl, spooning, pussy licking, foot job, RC, doggie, spoon doggie, missionary, then a nice pop on her tits. Wait, there’s more! He fucks her missionary, cums again, then fucks her missionary some more. The camera stays on her face getting her reactions then to her tits. The action is in the full frame now but he pulls out to spread her lips and jerks off. He re enters her and cums on her pussy. He feeds her his cock to suck off while he rubs her pussy as the scene ends.


Very good scene! There was passion here and that is what really made the scene. It isn’t rough and there is no anal but damn you can tell these people want it. Great scene!!!!



Themes: oral, facial

(Sheryl, David Perry)

She shows up to talk to the camera inside then she walks into another room where she meets up with David. She sits in a chair and they kiss followed by her having her nipples licked. He rubs her pussy through her underwear then she stands up where he pulls down her panties revealing a shaved pussy. He fingers it then licks it bringing in the fingers again. She bends over and he spreads her ass and licks her pussy even her ass. She stands up and he sits down taking her place. As she stands she bends over and sucks his cock while the camera shoots from behind her getting her ass (very nice). The sex: cowgirl, doggie, RC, finishing up with a pop on the face.


Wasn’t that hot of a scene. About average.



Themes: oral, anal, atogm, ptogm, ptm, atm, girl on girl, 3 way, toys, facial

(Sara, Mili Jay, Toni Ribas)

These girls are groping one another around a pole. Sara is in black lingerie while Mili is in white. Mili sucks on Sara’s tits as she pulls up he top then licks her pussy. Toni come over and rubs Sara’s pussy on the floor then licks Mili’s pussy as she stands. The girls suck on his cock as he stands up working on his balls and shaft. The sex: spoon, cowgirl, PTOGM, DP (with toy), ATOGM, PTOGM, anal cowgirl, ATOGM, anal RC, DP (toy), ATOGM, RC, RC DP, ATOGM, ATM, then a facial for the both of them


Not bad! The girls seemed to enjoy the sex but Sara did pretty much all the sex and all the anal. The toy was a nice addition to the sex and the DP was great for Sara has a great ass and seeing that DP was just hot as hell.



This was a pretty good dvd however there were some downers. The passionate scene between Toni and Dark Angel is well worth a rent alone because it is simply awesome! The two three ways are pretty good but the other scenes aren’t all that great. The behind the scenes is worth taking a look at and the audio and video were well done but I'm knocking a point off for the smudge or whatever it was on the lens in the third scene (because it should have bee dealt with).. Give this one a rent if you are into some passion and some average sex. It’s hard to say what this fall under because you get both worlds.

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