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New Devil In Miss Jones, The

New Devil In Miss Jones, The

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for New Devil In Miss Jones, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
New Devil In Miss Jones, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks New Devil In Miss Jones, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks New Devil In Miss Jones, The Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex New Devil In Miss Jones, The Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting New Devil In Miss Jones, The Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras New Devil In Miss Jones, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality New Devil In Miss Jones, The A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  5/15/2006


Kept deep in the shadows of the lost fervor, tortured by the daily misery of the city, wondered in the wilderness of apathy, the untamed soul of the chosen one finally managed to survive. Behold, he rises gloriously from the ashes and comes forth to master the fires of carnal mayhem. People of the ADT community “Reversible” is back. He is once more ready to reverse the odds, he is once more ready to fight for … porn. Entrust him, Embrace him and f.. him. I meant follow him to his journey, to the incredible adventure pursuing the source of delight and visual satisfaction.

Long live the King! Hurray! Hurray!

Gee, I am really impressed about the sense of modesty that I have.

Reverse the scenes and play them again… enjoy every single pleasureful second!


Distribute Company: Vivid

Director: Paul Thomas

Genre: Feature

Performers in the order that they appear (f/m): Savannah Samson, Vicky Vette, Brooke Alexander, Jenna Jameson, Rachel Rotten, Roxanne Hall, Angelica Sin, Dick Smothers Jr, Nick Manning, Mario Rossi, Anthony Hardwood and many others.


Vivid. What are you thinking by listening this name?

I honestly don’t have a clue.... but I will tell you what I am thinking about. I am thinking about gorgeous women with impresive sexual skills and great experience. Women who can run remarkable performances and have acting skills too. Good looking muscular men with respectable sized genitals and fancy style. Men who respect their beautiful partners, dont engage in raping atrocities and are even eager to proceed to extensive muff diving. There are also elaborated scenery-sets, sensational atmosphere, cinematographical visual technology, sophisticated clothing, plot based scenes and generally most of them are far more expensive productions than the majority of their gonzo cousins …

On the other hand, as long as I remember watching Vivid-like titles I also noticed two, three the most, position intercourse sessions, condom covered cocks, fake female orgasms, repeatable sex scenes, limited anal penetrations (even more DPs) or other nastiful activities, no creampies, ATMs, squirtings or cum swallowing shots and considerable elements of sexual boredom, at least on my side. I used to watch some Vivid-like films through cable channel and I admit there were times I cought my self falling asleep. Of course the couple friendly "Feature" line has its own audience that I respect very much and although this genre is not my first choice, again there were a few cases where I have enjoyed titles of that kind full of eroticism and heat.

Devil in Miss Jones was a legendary adult movie produced back in the old 70’s. It was considered of shocking hardcore nature for that time. Hey folks to watch Georgina Spelvin committing a DP and have a big snake rolled over her naked body was not a small thing, especially in that era. There were a few titles more following this and making it a series, which come up to number 6 if I remember correctly. Then one bright day Paul Thomas an acclaimed Vivid director decided to shoot it again this time he would directed it with the modern pornographic standards. There was a lot of talking about Paul's attempt in the adult community and being curious about Paul's effort I decided to give this flick a chance. After all I was a bit tired of the same gonzo pattern and needed a little change. By picking this label up I was aware in general terms of what I was gonna see, or at least I thought so.

Anyway, I rent this title from a robotic self service like video club which gives you the main DVD disc without any other complementary ones. This was good and bad. The good point was that surprisingly I didn’t had to watch the very annoying phone sex commercials in the beginning of the film and the bad was that I have lost any other documentaries, conversation, BTS feature and many other extras which were many for this case, not mentioning the entire original title. Ok, that was not just bad, that was very bad! I strongly suggest you to get the whole disc set if you want to see the movie.


Justine Jones is lying on a bed. Savanna Sammson the starlet who plays her role is a sweet busty blonde woman with rather impressive acting skills. Savanna is certainly not a teenager, she hasn’t got the fresh slim body of one either. Nevertheless, she is natural, she is juicy, she is skillful, she is lusty, she is beautiful, she is sexy. Very sexy. I don’t know… she has that wife next door irresistible sex appeal that I personally love to see in adult flicks. She wakes up and walks through the living room of her apartment, heading to the wardrobe. She is getting undressed in front of the mirror. Soon her large breasts come out for us to see. She wears her big white knickers like those most of women usually wear. She puts her glasses on and goes to the kitchen. She eats her cereals and gets ready to leave. She walks down the stairs, gets out the building, locks the door and drives to her work. I guess Paul Thomas is trying to give us the impression of a lonely middle age woman who battles to survive through the misery of her everyday routine. There is a cut and suddenly we watch her alone and filthy in a dark deserted place sitting upon a toilet caressing herself. She looks desperate and she is begging us to touch her and fuck her. She even uses a dildo which she shoves it in her holes showing us what she wants us to do. Check out her eyes, the eyes of a pathetic nymphomaniac lunatic. Cut. She is wearing a long white shirt, like those hospital inmates use to wear and walks through a hallway. She is crossing Georgina Spelvin, who is dressed as a housekeeper. Georgina smiles at her. (Georgina Spelvin was the initial Miss Jones over 30 years ago. Gee the years have passed…). The music is atmospheric so as the characteristic instances that Paul Thomas manages to capture. “Not yet”, Georgina spells as she is closing the door of the bathroom, which is placed in the end of the hallway. We can distiguish a hand as it falls down freely from the bath tub before the door is closed. Spooky!

The morning alarm is ringing and Miss Jones wakes up. She must have seeing a nightmare. She goes in the bathroom and stays across the mirror observing herself. She sits on the kitchen chair and prepares her breakfast. She is picking her mail when an envelope with birthday wishes catches her attention. Her birthday has passed and she forgot it. “Happy birthday to me…”, she keeps singing trying to bring some joy to her exhausting soul breaking melancholy. She is in her wardrobe trying to pick up a decent cloth to wear. Suddenly she spots a dress that she hasn’t seen before. “Did I buy that?” she wonders. A box falls down from the closet, containing a pair of classy high heel shoes. Justine looks troubled. “I am not crazy, I must have bought them and I ‘ve forgot!”, she murmurs, trying to put herself together. Sudden glimpses of her, wearing them are shown between her thoughts, elevating the mystery. She puts on a long maxi skirt and a nice sweeter. All casual everyday accessories, nothing sexually provocative. She enters her bedroom again and she notices that her bed was made. “Did I make the bed? I must made the bed…”, she is whispering again. She is walking in the living room where she observes an empty bowl and some glasses on the table.
“We had a date last night. You didn’t show up!” a man spells out behind her, breaking the weird mood. It’s Dick Smothers Jr.
“We did? I must have forgotten” she replies.
“I call and I call… I even cook some dinner, I made your favorite.”, he says again.
A few moments later he disappears and Justine states with anger “Always about what they want!”
She doesn’t pay further attention to the incident and continues with her schedule. She walks down the stairs, she locks the door behind her and she is heading for her car. She notices a man who is busy trying to fix his car motor… “Car is broke. Do you have cell phone? I will call for help.” The man says with a foreign accent. (It’s Dick Smother Jr. again playing another role). She totally ignores him and goes on. Then a little further she hears a sound coming from a wooden case near by. She goes to investigate and suddenly another Dick Smothers Jr. comes out from the box in homeless attire, dirty and naked reaching his hand to her for help. She runs away frightened as quickly as she can. She tries to open the door of her car nervously, when she spots some shadows of men gathering around in a big empty storehouse. She decides to go and have a look. …


She is hearing a woman moaning and screaming. She is heading closer and closer to the source of the sounds and voila: A beautiful blonde woman is lying naked upon a big metallic trash can and three guys are all around her quenching her sexual thirst. The woman is Vicky Vette. Vicky is a very attractive Scandinavian starlet who possesses a nice curvy body and quite impressive big nippled cans. Although she too has passed thirtys, she looks always amazing and ready for sex. (Vicky’s face reminds me a bit of Kirsty Alley, the actress in “Look who’s talking”). One of the guys is eating her pink juicy pussy while another one is kissing her nipples. The awkward element of the session is that there is a big crowd of men who are watching them standing. Justine being curious takes a place between them. Another Dick Smothers Jr. comes again besides her. “Aren’t they ashamed?” She whispers to him. “Arent you?” he says back and immediately she appears totally naked in front of him. “God, please no”, she says and walks away trying to cover her nakedness. She closes her eyes. When she opens it back, she finds herself wondering around the now naked man crowd. Meanwhile Vicki’s mini gang bang carries on. She gives blow job to two men while another one is wanking just above her. Quick cut and she is witnessed getting fucked in missionary while she is giving a blowjob. Justine is mixed with the jerking crowd. Many different male hands are laid upon her, while she walks through. Vicki has switched to spoon style and of course never stops giving head. Check those fantastic tits of hers shaking with every stroke. Miss Jones is still petting the male crowd while Vicki’s holes are getting salivated properly. A few moments later Vicki is seen having her ass pronged in standing doggy. (Condoms on always). Paul provides us a neat shot while she is giving head. The guy pounds her tight hole hard. She flips sides getting anally slammed in all fours. She sucks a second cock while a third guy is licking her feet. The best part of the scene comes when Vicki lowers her ass down on a thick dick bouncing up and down with gusto as her dirty ass is nailed from beneath. I don’t think is necessary to tell you how great this site is. Considering Vicky’s frontal attire, you get the picture. Another man munches her ample tits and she is rubbing her pussy while the hot reverse cowgirl anal action (plus blowjob) continues. Cut. Four dicks are wanking off around her. They are ready to explode. The first one is aiming her incredible breasts of hers and all the other her pretty face. Lots of thick white cum covers her pale visage. Then all the crowd gather around Justine prompting to fuck her. As the men get closer and closer she suspends her hand above in despair and the scene ends.

Sex wise the scene was decent but it was way too short. Every sexual pose lasted just a few seconds and the shooting angles were not all that good. Additionally the picture detail was not very sharp and sometimes you get tired trying to distinguish the genitals of the participants during the penetrations.


Justine appears alone naked upon the trash can taking alluring poses just like being in a photo shoot. Cut. She arrives at her job. She is heading at her desk when she spots Dick in his office. (Gee… this guy is everywhere). She again ignores him. She is late. So her colleagues tell her. Then all of them are approaching her aggressively and start accusing her for not finishing a manuscript about a Wellinghton romance or something like that. I guess Miss Jones is working as a writer. Poor Justine patiently listens at their accusations without spelling a single word. “What’s wrong with you!” they keep saying. Oh come on folks, don’t do that, cant you see how sweet she is! They prompt her to see the manager, Miss Devil. At the way to her office, she crosses with Dick again. This Dick is the real Dick. He is wearing a blue uniform and holds a sweeper. He is the cleaner. Justine aka Savanna asks him to help her to find the copy room but the cleaner aka Dick is completely misunderstood her. Anyway Dick leaves. Justine turns around to walk away too but Roxanne Hall magically appears in front of her scaring the hell out of our hero. “Is it something wrong Justine?” Roxanne says as she is petting her face obviously flirting with her. Justine leaves looking discomfort about Roxanne’s lesbian expectations. “I will see you later Justine…” murmurs Roxanne with a meaning as she watches her innocent colleague departing.


Justine walks through a hallway when suddenly stops after noticing a couple talking to each other across the stairway and through the glass. The woman is Brook Alexander a fascinating busty brunette female, that I would gladly wanted to spend the night with. Soon Brook is witnessed unclothed, with her elegant black underwear and stockings covering her smooth bodily curves as the middle aged man is folding her and kissing her nipples. The scene is set up very erotically. Brook lies on the wall while the guy is kneeling down licking her delectable pussy. She looks to be surrendered to the pleasure the man gives her. She is so beautiful with her hair rolled up in her head. The capture is really very sensual. Justine can’t hold any more and her hand slips under her skirt. Meanwhile, one by one Brook’s clothes are getting off and a few seconds later Brook’s big tits are gloriously exposed for our viewing benefit. Then In an instance the guy aggressively rolls her around, pushing her against the wall. His tongue slips down her back stream and ends in her firm buttocks. He cups them with his mouth and licks them with passion. The girl suddenly turns at her left towards Justine. Our hero quickly lowers herself down embarrassed, thinking that she was spotted. She walks away.

Now Miss Jones is in the toilet washing her hands. Dick is standing there close to her. He wants to clean the rest room. Justine asks for some privacy but Dick tells her that it’s the only chance he has to clean the damn place. Georgina also steps in the toilets and confirms to Miss Jones that it’s too late, "Later then you think". Justine then tells them that she needs to deliver a manuscript. Dick reveals her that he used to be a writer once, but he sacked, that’s why he is cleaning toilets now. Anyhow …there is a dialogue between Justine and Georgina about writing, that concludes with Georgina having a very expressive look on her face and saying “You re very privileged Justine, you don’t need to feel sorry about your self.”

Have we forgotten something? No we didn’t. The previous couple with Brook Alexander has emerged further. They have reached an office. Now Brook is completely naked. She is positioned in all fours and commits oral duties to her stimulated partner who has also got rid of his clothes. Paul is switching between Justine and the couple. There is a funny moment when Justine is in the toilet doing her needs when Dicks who tries to clean the floor is passing the mop under her feet. Justine annoyed pushes back the mop with her shoes.

Going back to the loving duo. There is a nice insertion shot as Brook lowers her ass down on guy’s big pole in cowgirl form. The shot is getting better when she starts moving her round firm ass alluringly. After another quick scene switch the loving duo have already changed position to standing doggy. Paul captures nicely the penetration. Suddenly there is a cut and the guy cums in her tits all too soon. Damn, that is one of the shortest fucking scenes I ‘ve ever seen. It started great but ended abruptly. I was really disappointed.


After she finishes Miss Jones has a quick meeting with hunk Nick Manning who gives her some fancy clothes and a script. Justine tells him that those are not hers. Nick insists that she must put a nice dress on in order to meet Miss Devil. She does so and she looks very elegant with her new dress on. She is standing at the door of Miss Devil office. She knocks. The door opens by itself and we distinguish the figure of a blonde woman having her back against us. She‘s dressed in red leather. Justine walks in, leaving the manuscript on her desk and steps away going for the exit. (In case you have confused, the script is the one that Miss Jones was told to finish, but she couldn’t. Nick Manning offered to help her and gave her one in order to meet Miss Devil). The woman turns around. “Stay” she says with a strong voice. Guess who Miss Devil is. She is the legendary Jenna Jameson. No introduction about Jenna. She is one of the most infamous blonde women of the planet. The years have past but Jenna still looks stunning. The two blondes have a little chit chat. Jenna asks her what does she wants her to do. Justine announce her that none had ever asked that before. Miss Devil finally assures our female hero that things are about to change in her life and turns the conversation into more intimate levels. Nothing nastier occurs between these two and finally Justine leaves.


On her way out Miss Jones has a rather unexpected meeting with Nick. It’s obvious the long hair guy is trying to seduce her. And he succeeds. They both go outside at the exterior and take a walk near the swimming pool. Suddenly, while Justine is talking to herself she turns around and spots well formed Nick, totally naked, taking a dive at the pool. I am sure the female population will appreciate this picture. Paul delivers it smoothly. “Take the dress off”, Nick obeys her, after emerging from the water. Justine hesitates. “I won’t ask you twice” he insists. Eventually her dress falls down revealing her plentiful breasts. Justine tries to cover her nudity with her hands. She pretends she is bashful and inexperienced. I believe she is a little exaggerating but the script flows smoothly to the rest of the sex scene. There is a nice erotic kissing footage and enough folding and caressing to light things on. She takes her black knickers out and she hops in the water. The sensual pairing continues inside the water. After a while Nick positions his mate on the verge of the pool, he opens her legs and goes straight for a different kind of dive. A muff dive. Of course Miss Jones responds wonderfully to his treatments. The director manages to offer us great visual access of Nick salivating properly Justine’s meaty labia and licking her sensitive clitoris. Another passionate kiss ensues before Miss Jones returns the favor taking Nick’s solid cock into her mouth.

After a hot blowjob session the sexual festivities are initiated in doggy fashion as Nick slams her pussy with his long prick. He fucks her hard spanking her big pale ass cheeks. Miss Devil watches them from a terrace. The doggy pummeling continues and Nick opens his legs wide as he applies deep vertical strokes like doing puss ups on her pussy. We can hear the slapping sounds of his thighs hitting forcefully her butt flesh. Cut. Close shot of Nick’s dick inserting in Justine’s tight asshole in missionary. For a shy girl this must be a break through. Her legs are spread wide as he pistons her ass crack. She plays with her clit to ease the pain from the anal invasion. Cut. She is now upside down with her legs reaching the ground. Nick is above her with his legs in each of her sides. Their extended legs are forming a cross and he pounds her brown spot in this rather unusual twisted piledrive position. In an instance Savannah lifts both her legs up and their bodies look like two scissors one between the other. This pose doesn’t last long as Nick ends it after plastering her face with a respectable load of white goo.

I would easily qualified it amongst the best of the movie. Both sexes will appreciate it cause it is really reotic. A fine speciment of Paul Thomas sex scene set up capabilities. Too bad it didn't last as long as I would prefer.


“Justine?”. Her name echoes as she distinguishes Jenna’s figure reflected in the water surface. “I am so sorry!” she apologizes. She looks so embarrassed. Jenna and Nick tells her that everything it’s ok and there is no need to be embarrassed. The scene from the beginning to the end was very sensual and hard at the same time. After the fucking session Justine decides to go for a shower. The truth is that Miss Jones literally pushes Justine in the locker rooms.


Three scenes have passed and we still haven’t seen Jenna in action. Well this is about to change as the blonde sexual priestess arranges a lesbian meeting with her pretty brunette friend Rachel Rotten. Rachel lies on a bench and not long after, Miss Devil attacks her. She tears apart her friend’s top with her teeth. She goes further taking out her bra too, exposing Rachel’s nice breasts. Soon her black panties are taken off and now Rachel is totally naked except of a pair of fishnet stockings and her high heel shoes which cover her legs. Jenna quickly moves into position to eat her muffin. Bonne apettite madam. Jenna’s tongue skilfully runs Rachel’s ass cheeks and slides inside her holes. After salivating her thorough Miss Devil’s both glove covered thumbs are inserted into her friend’s delectable pussy. The gloves are off and with her tongue and her fingers she tries to please Rachel’s love tunnel. She manages to fit four of her fingers in Rachel’s vagina and fucks her with them. Meanwhile our blonde hero has a little solo time masturbating in the shower. Wooh! Rachel is upside down with her legs forming an “S” and Jenna is right above her tasting her slit. Well, I don’t know but I feel that Paul must have a special appreciation for acrobatic positions. Now, Rachel is in all fours while Jenna is beneath her giving her the proper oral attention she wants.

There are simultaneous cuts between Savannah masturbating in the shower and Jenna- Rachel’s girl to girl encounter. When we move back to the girls, we find Jenna wearing a huge strap on and spearing with it Rachel’s pink vagina in doggy manner. Rachel fucks back at the same time resulting in deep penetrating action while Jenna’s thumb is shoved in her friend’s rectum at the same time. Jenna mounts Rachel fucking her like a good stallion while Justine has already finished and watching them through the door’s window. Cut. Rachel holds one end of a massive plastic dick with her mouth while the other end is inside Jenna’s soaked pussy. Jenna is also licking another glass dildo. Wow! Soon that dildo is shoved inside Jenna’s ass and folks I am not really sure, but I believe this is the first DP that Jenna Jameson has ever performed in any of forms. Rachel licks JJ’s clit while the two phallic tools are shoved in each of the blonde woman holes. Soon, Jenna’s pleasureful moans are filling the room. Savannah can’t believe it, neither do I.

Nice intensive lesbian scene.


A few meters (or feet) away Dick is watching the whole incident. Angelica Sin and Roxanne Hall are attacking him from behind, taking him by surprise. Angelica Sin is a busty American brunette and Roxanne Hall is another hot juicy British blonde. They catch him half naked wanking off. He must pay the consequences for his “sin” so they tie him from the ceiling pipes. Justine is also present as she observes them “harassing” him. The girls are offering him to her and tell her to do everything she wants. After all, she was thinking about it all day. Miss Jones denies everything and walks away. A little bit later Justine has another meeting with Dick, as a colleague now, who shows her a photo of his dog… (With Dick being everywhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if I spotted his head on the dog torso.)


Meanwhile, downstairs the girls keep “molesting” the real Dick Smother Jr. He is naked hanging from the ceiling, his head is covered with black panties and his dick is already erected. Angelica proceeds to fellate him, verbal abusing him at the same time. Nevertheless, the real torture begins when Roxanne sits on a bench across him opening her legs wide and giving him a very challenging view to her wet pink orifices. The evil women start to fool and laugh with him. Angelica approaches her blonde friend and slips a few fingers in her inviting slit. Dick is helpless, not being able to do anything more than just hoping to be Angelica’s fingers. Angelica and Roxanne swap places and she too spreads her ass cheeks apart. Soon the tight brown crack in the middle will be filled by a glass dildo which her British girlfriend presses deeper inside her sphincter. Then another toy slips in her pussy completing a double dildo penetration. Roxanne is in standing doggy, Angelica is below her fucking her pussy with a big plastic dick while she has two fingers stacked in her own ass at the same time. Angelica appears to cum. She licks her pussy juices out of the toy.

Another intensive kinky flavored lesbian scene. Very short though. Dick received only blowjob. His participation could have been more active.


Justine goes at her office, where she finds all her colleagues. It seems like they trying to hide something and they stop her from moving further. Our hero gets suspicious. Ultimately the whole scene it turns out to be a birthday surprise. She thought they didn’t like her, so she must have felt really nice after that. A brief party was also organized for her in the office, but the participants looked very strange because they didn’t act accordingly. They all looked dreadful serious. After a while Justine departs and she has again one of Miss Devil’s sudden visits. “I am sorry to interrupt you but we have no much time!”, Jenna says and after taking a pc monitor, she points it at Justine’s direction and it miraculously starts playing some instances of Miss Jones last day’s activities. The forgotten rantez vous with Dick and her wild afternoon coupling with Nick are shown on the screen. “Is that what you want Miss Jones?” asks Jenna. Justine’s inner lust starts to uncover. “What do you want Miss Jones?” she adds Jenna as she leans next to her.


Suddenly the director leads us in a wonderful exterior with a nice surrealistic metal sculpture. The Devil, amm …I mean Jenna Jameson can be witnessed petting and caressing her body. Savannah watches her carefully from the windows of a house near by. After a few seconds Justine goes out to join her. They are both still dressed. The photography at this point is more than remarkable. They start their intimate join by kissing each other. Jenna undresses Savannah. First the top then her bra and voila Savannah ample breast are on the fresh air. More sensual kissing ensues. Justine approaches Jenna and after helping her uncovering her own big implanted tits she proceed to lick them. The two blonde women are moving smoothly and the scene is highly erotic. Jenna forces gently Savannah’s head down and the last one lifts her legs and neither region up towards her friend's head. She still has her white panty on, but not for long as Jenna uses her teeth to pull it aside. Nasty! One thing I always love in Jenna's performances is her unsurpassed sexual attitude and genuine creativity. She commences treating orally her friend’s hungry holes giving to our hero the pleasure she was desperately seeking. Savannah returns the favour as her head dives in Jenna’s priceless pussy tasting its essential juices. Jenna’s moans leave no doubts about her feelings. The capture of this event is at lest outstanding!

They kiss and they are heading underneath the sculpture. Savannah is completely naked and has her legs opened wide while Miss Devil is having a private supper between them. Jenna’s tongue works wonderfully on her blonde friend holes as her fingers are rubbing her clit. Justine murmurs from pleasure. Then she is turned around and takes a standing doggy pose while Jenna’s treats become more intense on her. She spanks her ass cheeks and she fucks Savannah’s meaty pussy furiously with her fingers. They switch roles for once more and Justine starts licking JJ’s infamous muffin while she lies upside down on the grass holding both of her legs up. Jenna extends her whole body towards Savannah who stands over her. Hey girls don’t try this at home if you haven’t gotten warmed properly. Next insatiable Jenna literally sits her pussy on Savannah’s head who continues to offer her oral skills.Surely folks this scene was amongst the best of the lesbian genre. Although I would like to have more time granted on this exciting female to female session, the scene comes to an end. Sometimes lesbian scenes like this one can elevate the heat and the sexual atmosphere in great heights. Great lesbian scene. Highly recommended.


Check out the dialogue…
Jenna and Justine are talking. Justine looks troubled.
“Such confusion after the accident” Jenna says…
“What accident?” Justine replies in doubt…
“The suicide” explains Miss Devil.
“Suicide?”....Justine takes a big breath… “What’s going on?”
“I think you know…” Jenna says again with a meaning
Justine runs away frightened but Jenna magically appears in front of her, smoking a pipe.
“You re not the devil are you?” Miss Jones asks in despair and fear…
“Not really. I am just a friend. I came to help you with the transition. You know the big one!” answers Miss Devil.
Justine screams loud. When she finally opens her eyes she is home. She is trying to catch a breath and convince herself that all of these that happened to her were just a bad nightmare that was finally casted away. After resting a bit she walks to the living room and … she witnesses a woman figure sleeping on her couch. A closer look reveals… herself! And guess what…she is not sleeping… she is dead!!! Probably she has committed suicide by taking a pill overdose. Pills are scattered all over the place.
“In a case like this we tried to give you the last day” Jenna’s voice is heard.
“The last day?... My last day?” asks Justine rhetorically …
“We will try to give you the life you always wanted.” continues Miss Devil.
“I made my choices…” she replies Justine and a strong moment follow as Jenna grabs Justine’s hair and addressing her to …her pitiful corps …says “Look deeply miss Jones…Is this the life you always wanted?”
“I would want to live one day engulfed, consumed in lust”, Justine admits as she spots herself in the mirror being fully made up.
“Looks like you’ll get your self what do you wanted…”, concludes Jenna and we are heading for the last scene.
Ok folks maybe this dialogue is not characteristic but through out the entire movie I feel that both Jenna and Savannah play very neatly their roles. I guess their characters they pretend fitted them perfectly. I am not a movie critic but believe me they stand out. In fact all of the cast are.



Justine Jones opens a door and enters a room where lots of sexual happenings are being evolved. A woman’s ass is spanked with a table tennis racket. Nick Manning enjoys a blowjob. A girl enjoys a muff dive from another girl. One more girl is lying face down on a table and her ass is spanked with a lash by two men in rhythm. Rachel Rotten is giving head to someone…and stuff like these. People are dressed in black latex and leather. They wear masks and other fetish accessories. I am sorry but I can distinguish who is who. Savannah is climbing the stairs…She finds a pair of nymphos playing with each other and decides to take active part. She starts petting one girl’s tits and body. Then she adds her tongue to the game too. She licks her nipples and kisses her. She crawls below and starts eating the blonde one’s pussy. Moans and screams are heard everywhere. Then the blonde and our hero team up to treat another brunette girl’s pussy. There is a cut and a girl is seen tied up from the ceiling and lashed by another girl. Both girls faces are covered with masks. Getting back to our previous female trio, we witness the blonde wearing a strap on and fucking the brunette in standing doggy while Savannah is eating her pussy at the same time. Justine aka Savannah Sammson commits also some Pussy To Mouth on the toy in between.Then it is her turn to receive cunnilingus from Roxanne Hall while Mario Rossi joined the party and started petting her curvy silhouette. Anthony Hardwood comes to the company too making it a foursome. Roxanne has a glass dildo shoved in her ass, Savanna licks her pussy from below while her own pussy is fingered by Anthony. A little further Mrs Rotten gets banged thoroughly by her tattooed husband.

Ultimately our charming blonde hero, Mario Rossi and Anthony Hardwood are isolated from the others. Justine takes oral care of Anthony’s dick and even kisses softly his well built muscular stomach. I find it very erotic when women do this. Girls we are not only dicks…you know! Meanwhile Mario Rossi has managed to pass below her, offering his oral skills to her pink love tunnel. Having two dicks now for serve Savannah alternates between the two poles. Cut. Mario continues to salivate her slit while she is on her back. Suddenly he grabs her hair with controllable force and she commands “Fuck me!” Then he pulls aside the thin line of her panty and dives his thick member in her wet cookie feeding her lust in doggy fashion. Craving for man treatment she extends her hands on Anthony’s arms and shoulders bringing him closer for a passionate kiss. Darn…guys Savannah is a hot very hot mama! Both mouth and pussy are fully occupied as she is nailed in both ends. Cut. She lowers her luscious body down on Mario’s hard cock and starts bouncing in rhythm. Now she is completely naked. Awesome full body sight as she is probed from below. They get back to doggy. This time Anthony and Mario have switched ends. A closer look reveals the deep thrusts Anthony applies to her meaty opening. Cut. There is a solo time with Savannah using a glass dildo on her ass. Hot spots as her tight asshole swallows the toy’s length inch by inch. She plays with her clit before Mario offers his tongue. She is still fucking her own ass while Mario’s tongue climbs up her tits. They exchange a nice kiss.

Holly Molly! Paul Thomas captures an utterly magnificent full body RCDP which made me stand speechless. The angle is absolutely perfect and we can see most of her body and the double drilling action as well. Both members are thrusting in pace. Savannah enjoys it and her hands are pushing Mario’s Rossi back and thighs encouraging him to fuck her harder. He obeys and a little bit later he is pistoning like the Orient Express. Folks you have to see this! Savannah goes wild. In one moment slaps Mario’s face shouting him that she doesn’t want to cum. “Hold still!” she yells and at the same time her hands are pushing his thighs towards her. First she spells “I don’t want to cum…” and then she murmurs… “Cum with me…” and stuff like that. Certainly the girl has lost her mind… Oops! Is that blood on Mario Rossi’s back? Probably not, but it is still hot to see. Finally Mario can hold any more and cums on her mouth. He kisses her gently and she collapses. There is an quick edit and Anthony follows unloading his sperm fuel too. Their bodies are drenched on sweat. Paul finally spends an adequate time in this scene and the result justifies him. Although it suffered from terrible shadow effects I can still admit that this is one of the most erotic DP’s I ‘ve ever witness (from the direction and set up perspective). No way I am gonna show it to my girlfriend. No fucking way…

Well, orgies are not my favorite adult genre. Because of many happenings that evolved simultaneously I usually don’t have enough time to enjoy each one of them and I feel that I am losing much of the hot action. Here Paul has directed the scene differently focusing on two separate groups and showing all the others as supplementary. The outcome is a lot better and Savannah’s awesome DP that follows is more than great, not only for the standards of Vivid. Savannah for once more shows how good performer is completing the whole set of the sexual activities (heterosexual, lesbian, anal and DP). Trust me, if ever Savannah breaks her contract she will easily find a place amongst the modern gonzo's productions.


Cut and now Miss Jones lies with lots of creepy snakes folding her naked body like Georgina Spelvin also did back in her times. Then we see her again in the hallway along with Miss Spelvin. She announces to Justine that her time is up. Poor girl is crying. “I don’t want to go”. She is not ready to die and certainly doesn’t want go to hell. Our pretty hero is desperate and frightened. “What have I done? Tell me one thing!” she is sniveling. Finally Georgina reveals her the reason. She opens the door of the bathroom at the end of the hallway and... a loosened arm is exposed from the bathtub. Justine wanting to know the truth walks in decisively, she pulls away the shower curtains that hide the rest of the body and voila! There is a corpse that belongs to her … …(you have guessed wrong!)…pal Dick. (I bet you thought, she was the corpse.) Anyway, Dick (the real Dick) was the one who got suicide. Jenna appears like the Devil behind her. There is an interesting dialogue between those two about Justine misery and her public isolation. “I didn’t know” Justine cries as she is walking away. “YOU HAD A LIFETIME TO LEARN…” says Miss Devil with high voice and concludes. “We all have the chance to create our own hell. And you Miss Jones you have done a wonderful job!”. Well folks if you didn’t get it by now these last words reflect the whole meaning of the movie. No comments about that.

Justine blenched and decadent sits in a deserted ruined room along with Dick or Ted as we later find out was his name. “Sorry I didn’t know…” she constantly murmurs. I guess this must be their hell. “I can make it up for you…Look what I ve got here…my cunt…it’s all wet…you can put your fingers in here.. ”. Words like that are coming out of her mouth as Ted is sweeping the dirty floor. Suddenly he erupts and approaches her. “Cant you understand it? We are gonna be here for a long long time…” he says. Justine continues to entice him verbally as she is masturbating. Dick takes his mop and ignores her continuing his work.


Let’s sum it up. Here we don’t have an adult movie with a plot, here we have a straight movie with sex. The script as well as the acting performance were one of the most interesting I have ever seen in porn. Watching this one and a few others made by the same philosophy, I have to admit that Gerard Damiano’s (the director of the original Deep Throat back in 70’s) early sayings about the future involvement of hardcore adult material in the mainstream film making industry are now being fulfilled. Although we don’t expect in the recent future to see Angelina Jollie’s celebrity ass getting filled in our screen, nevertheless it is very possible to see Arianna’s Jollie (whose ass is filled quite thoroughly) participating in high budget films with elaborated sceneries and visual effects, performing interesting roles with considerable acting fidelity. I guess this is the philosophy that generally Paul Thomas is trying to pass through his creation. Although original Devil in Miss Jones is still unsurpassed like all the adult films of that era, still I believe that Paul Thomas version was a very interesting modern approach. The cast was superb for on its

The title is definitely not a “Gonzo” movie, however it has strong elements of that line, even if it comes out from a genuine “Feature” adult company. We must not complain for boring or extremely soft sex. The sex is not soft, nowhere in the movie. It is quite hard, holding the levels of roughness and abuse at minimal rates at the same time. It contains many anal penetrations, a mini gang bang and lots of DPs of any form. Even most of the numerous lesbian scenes of the flick turned to be harder than usual. It is obvious that Paul Thomas, despite the previous known softcore policy of the company, decided to invest in more hardcore footage in order to gain important share from the Gonzo line market. There was enough heat and considerable passion in most of the scenes. The photography in many cases was magnificent and some of the angles and sexual positions that committed were very beautiful and extremely sensual.

On the other hand, because of Paul insistence to fit as many sex scenes as he could in the final cut, the vast majority of those scenes were not considered just duration limited but some times were quite unacceptable for the movie’s genre and the main market which it addresses. Paul has sacrificed most of the “clean” sex time, shrinking the scenes in order to complete what he had in mind. Additionally, the image quality was not the one that we used to experience in other Vivid productions. I am not sure if Paul did it on purpose but the video image looked like taken from a 80s cinema camera. Maybe the video quality for a main stream film is adequate but for the modern adult titles is certainly not desirable.

Despite the flaws I did enjoy the movie. There is a clear message though for the other contesters, ladies and gentlemen, Vivid is back. Vivid is harder, is more hard than ever, it comes back vicious to claim her share in the modern adult world. Watch out!


In general terms I liked the film very much. It was very different from what I usually watch. The production spent a considerable amount of money to deliver the mainstream cinema quality to the adult industry and I appreciated this. An impressive high class cast and a remarkable performance by each participant boost this title up and away from the common ones. However, although most of the scenes were set up and committed beautifully, the short amount of time spent on each one was literally destroying the whole appeal.
Really folks, I believe it is very unwise to produce a very promising high budget adult film with impressive cast and lots of stimulating hardcore elements and then tear down everything by limiting the sex scenes and the necessary time, the audience had to spend to adjust and enjoy the visual pleasure which they contain.

Unfortunately this very annoying phenomenon is commonly present in high budget productions. Both great adult European and American companies seems to do the same mistake. They spend a fortune to create quality adult films in where the sex scenes last for a couple of minutes and the sexual positions only a few seconds. Damn... you must push the slow motion button in order to be able to watch these scenes. Why cant combine them both. Both adequate sex time and high production quality. It will be much cheaper, more efficient and certainly more popular, at least that is what I believe. Now if they want to walk the extra mile there is always the bonus section of the DVD feature. The owner of the title will be more than happy to enjoy a few more visual surprises.



by Cursive(ADT member)

There was this boy that lived with his mother.

One night the boy woke up and went to the restroom. On his way back he passed his mother’s room. He saw his mother rubbing her breasts and saying “I need a man, I need a man…" He then went back to bed.

The next night the same thing happened. The boy saw his mother in her room, rubbing her breasts again and saying "I need a man, I need a man…”

On the third night, he took a look inside his mother’s room and noticed that she finally had a man in her bed.

The boy went to his room right away and stood in front of the mirror, rubbing himself and saying “I need a bike, I need a bike…”

PS. Do you want to know what will hapend if I go in front of the mirror rubbing myself shouting "I need Cathrine Zeta Jones, I need Cathrine Zeta Jones...". I will have to clean the damn mirror off my sperm stains.


by Kimi Lixx(ADT member and senior adult performer)

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving.

Suddenly a man knocks on the window.

The driver rolls down his window and asks, "What happened?"

"Terrorists have kidnapped George W. and Laura Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Chaney, and Condoleezza Rice. They are asking for a $10 million ransom, otherwise they are going to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection."

The driver asks, "How much is everyone giving, on average?"

"About a gallon..."


by unknown

Joe is sitting on a train across from a
busty blonde wearing a tiny mini skirt.

Despite his efforts, he is unable to stop staring at the top of her thighs. To his delight, he realises she has gone without underwear.

The blonde realises he is staring and
inquires, "Are you looking at my pussy?"

"Yes, I'm sorry," says Joe and promises to avert his eyes.

"It's quite alright," replies the woman, "It's very talented, watch this, I'll make it blow a kiss to you."

Sure enough the pussy blows him a kiss.

Joe, who is completely absorbed, inquires what else the wonder pussy can do.

"I can also make it wink," says the woman. Joe stares in amazement as the pussy winks at him.

"Come and sit next to me," suggests the woman, patting the seat. Joe moves over
and is asked, "Would you like to stick a couple of fingers in?"

Stunned, Joe replies, "Good grief! Can it whistle, too?"

PS1. There were also some scenes omitted with Dick Smother Jr. playing the role of a policeman who books Justine for extending speed limits, the role of her wrinkled father who came back from Corean War, the role of her mentally challenged brother and the nurse who takes care of him at the same time. Paul asked him to play the role of a famous Senator’s son too but Dick refused for unknown reasons. ;-)

PS2. Dick Smother Jr. will have to print a t-shirt with a big “Oh… come on!” written on, after this movie ends. The poor guy played a dozen different characters, one of which was of a homeless guy living in a wooden box. He was totally ignored by the object of his desires, Justine, who in turn was thoroughly sodomized and dped by other men. He wasn't given a single chance to fuck one at least one of the female adult actresses who participated in the film. He was terrorized, tied and tortured and they even made him clean toilets and shits. He admitted that he was a crap writer and after all these Paul Thomas made him commit suicide and sent him straight to hell. Gee...I told him not to let his dog loose the night before....

PS3. On the other hand, what short of hell is this? Having the girl that you desire beside you begging you to fuck her hard. Can someone give me this hell please? Just for a few weeks…I wonder what I have to do…Oops!

PS4. Did you notice something? All the female protagonists are over 30s, Savannah, Jenna, Roxanne, Brook, Angelica, Vicky and so on. (Yeah I know it is not polite to reveal a woman’s age but…it is damn obvious). Ok the years have passed but all of them look equally fantastic and perform even better. They can prove it easily every time. Well I personally have a thing about women at that age, middle 20’s to middle 30’s is the best age when sex matters. Women are more women, they are slutty, luscious, seductive, experienced but best of all, they truly know what they want and there is no doubt they know the way to get it. I guess Paul must certainly agree about that. Cheers to women between middle 20 and middle 30…

PS5. Did I mention Georgina? Ah Georgina. Gee I forgot Georgina’s scenes. Did you know what this good old lady did? If you want to find out then watch the original version of Miss Jones. I am sure you will be shocked. And don’t forget that was 70’s…

PS6. Paul Thomas is open to any proposition concerning a starlet that wants to have a glorious return back to the industry. Age is of no importance. “No no grand pa that girl you saw in your photograph wont do…Can’t you see it says 1925…”… “I am sorry grand pa but she will be probably dead by now…” …”What? She is not? Ok even if she isn’t, women at that age don’t do these things…” “Oh you are so stubborn pa, how do you know that?….”… “Why you are laughing?…Pa? You .... ”

PS7.Some of the sexual positions of the film can be qualified as photographically mastered. They are so short that you need to take a photo still in order to avoid missing them.

For any comments, questions or a little correspondance between sex addicts send me an e-mail at Yes, I know it should have been soulmessenger but I did it on purpose.

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