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Never Quite Enough

Never Quite Enough

Studio: VCA
Category:  Feature film , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Never Quite Enough:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Never Quite Enough overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Never Quite Enough Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Never Quite Enough Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Never Quite Enough Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Never Quite Enough Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Never Quite Enough DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Never Quite Enough A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/29/2002

Running Time: 111 min. (cover states approx. 2 hours which is stretching it a bit)

Production Date: Oct. 2000

Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Cast: Kelsey (formerly Kelsey Heart), T. J. Hart, Envy, Renee LaRue, Amber Michaels, Bobby Vitale, Mickey G., Colt Steele, Lee Stone, and Marty Romano

Initial Expectations: I’ve been really impressed with Kelsey Heart lately, so between her, Envy, and Renee La Rue I already have high expectations, among other things.

Initial Reaction: It’s pretty average.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for something to pass the time

Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters and anybody looking for more extreme sex

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with VCA, the technical aspects are about as good as one can hope for. The audio is very clear and normally well balanced. There are a few hints of background noise and a couple spots where the balance is a bit off between the actors and their surroundings. The video is much the same. It’s very clear right out to the edge, and is evenly lit so shadows don’t interfere with any of the scenes. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too clear, since you can clearly see part of the cameraman’s head and the camera in one shot, and it takes up well over ten percent of the screen. It’s great to see VCA paying attention to making the transfer great, but it’d be nice if they could get some people behind the camera who pay enough attention to know where the other people in the room are.

Music: The musical style is pretty standard for adult films, but the balance is done extremely well. The music is so soft that at times I had to deliberately listen to see if it was there or not. This should be great since it subtly enhances the scenes without really being noticeable. Unfortunately, there’s also some music that you’ve probably heard quite a few times before, which really brought down at least one scene for me.

Menus: The main menu is the typical lousy, unimaginative crap that one would expect from companies like Zane, if they used menus. The chapter menu is nicely done and lists the scene by the leading lady in the scene. The chapter menu is the only thing about VCA’s menu system that shows any care. Other than that, every thing seems recycled from DVD to DVD.

The Feature: Marty Romano and Bobby Vitale are hard working men. Well, they’re hard working when they aren’t whining about how they should have a better life like other people they see and talking about how they should have a better life, like some of the people they stand around and watch. When Marty gets asked by Kelsey, a hooker friend, to wait in the car outside a client’s house in case he gets rough, Marty and Bobby find a new calling in life, as pimps. They’re going to find out, however, that pimping isn’t as easy as it looks.

Amber Michaels, a nice looking dishwater blonde with a fairly decent pair of implants, a pierced navel and hood, and a tattoo, starts things off with Mickey G. alongside an outdoor pool. She shows off her bikini clad body to Mickey a bit before sitting down in front of him and letting him play with her pussy. Not wanting to be too much of a pussy hog, Mickey brings his fingers up so Amber can taste her juices, which she appears to enjoy. She returns the favor, warming Mickey up by taking him all the way into her throat repeatedly before letting him fuck her from behind. Amber puts some nice effort into it, but Mickey looks like he’s feeling a bit old this day, and doesn’t keep up with Amber’s energy too well. Instead he just kind of scowls at the back of her head, which is something I’m sure most guys would love to be looking at. Mickey’s view doesn’t change much as Amber moves on to fuck him reverse cowgirl, but he does give her a nice parting gift of a spooge mustache before she leaves. It’s a pretty average scene that’s really hurt by Mickey not really seeming to be into it.

Next up, Envy, an absolutely fucking stunning brunette, starts things off giving Lee Stone a little strip tease. She comes over to kiss him at his request, and then lays back so he can lick her pussy. Envy reciprocates nicely, slowly sucking Lee’s cock while giving him small smiles and playful eyes, before climbing up to ride his cock. She rolls onto her back for a bit of missionary work, and finishes things up taking Lee’s population pudding across her pretty face. It’s a pretty good scene, but does seem a bit limited due to only using two positions. It also has an obvious editing mixup since it shows Envy finishing sucking Lee’s cock after she climbed onto it. I always enjoy Envy’s enthusiasm so this didn’t interfere with the scene too much for me, but I’m sure others will be bothered by it.

Cover girl Kelsey takes on Colt Steele next. Kelsey has a nicely exotic look to her with her dark hair with a blonde streak in the front, a pierced tongue, a couple small tattoos, a small patch of hair down below and a very nice body. Colt starts out treating the lady with a tongue for her pussy before she works her pierced licker across his cock. In a fairly different start, Colt starts fucking Kelsey as she sits up on the edge of the pool table. She does lay down later, but the opening fucking position on the edge of the table does stand out very nicely. Kelsey rolls over so Colt can fuck her from behind before Kelsey finishes Colt off with her nicely done tits and takes his ball butter on her tongue. It’s a pretty good scene that has slightly above average chemistry, and the tit-fucking added a nice finish tot he scene for me. Kelsey and Colt seemed to be fairly well into each other, and both put some nice energy into getting each other off. I’m not quite sure at this point if Kelsey has what it takes to make it as a one-name girl, but I’ve seen enough hot scenes from her that I hope she can.

Kelsey returns for the next scene, and is joined by the gorgeous Renee LaRue, who she teaches a few lessons as Marty Romano watches. The girls start off giving Marty a lap dance, with Kelsey acting as the teacher showing student Renee how to do it right. Kelsey moves on to give Renee a lesson on pussy eating, and starts out by giving her a demonstration while Marty watches and gives himself a hand. Kelsey moves on to fuck Renee’s pussy with a light up dildo before joining in on the action with a double dildo that Renee slides into her twat. Kelsey doesn’t receive for long, however, and moves on to fucking Renee with a hot pink strap-on. In what I normally consider an annoying end for a lesbian scene, Kelsey pulls the dildo out of Renee’s pussy and starts to jack it off. She adds a twist here, however, by reaching for a nearby candle and pouring the wax onto Renee’s ass. It’s a great twist for the end, and turns it from a ho-hum ending into a really great one, since Renee appears to really enjoy it. It’s a hot scene for the most part, since Renee plays the innocence well and appears to really enjoy herself. Kelsey holds the scene back a little, however, and appears to be playing some of the scene by the numbers.

Renee, a gorgeous blonde with a great body and who from what I hear is one of the nicest girls in the industry, sticks around to have a little fun with Marty Romano. After some soft but quick kissing, Renee bends down to suck Marty’s cock. She tries taking it well into her throat, but her gag reflex seems to kick in and deny it. To make up for it, she wraps her big fat titties around Marty’s cock and gives him a very nice tit-fucking. A treatment like that can’t go unrewarded, so Marty works Renee’s pussy over with the dildo from the previous scene and his pierced tongue. It’s really weird to see a guy using a dildo on a woman in a scene, but it is nice to see, as many real life couples do use toys in their play. After Renee’s completely warmed up, she crawls onto Marty’s cock and gives him a nicely energetic fuck. Renee rolls onto her back so Marty can fuck her ass next, and plays with her pussy with both her fingers and the toys. Marty also fucks her in the ass from behind before decorating Renee’s back and side. It’s a hot scene that has some decent chemistry as well. Renee does a great job here, and really seems to enjoy almost every moment of the scene. It makes it a lot of fun to watch and reminds me why I always look forward to seeing her work.

Kelsey returns for the next scene, and reassures Bobby Vitale about becoming a pimp by showing him one of the fringe benefits. She drops down to suck his cock outside of Bobby’s pickup truck before he has her lay across the seat in the truck so he can lick her pussy and finger her ass. Bobby doesn’t bother with Kelsey’s pussy beyond that, and goes straight to fucking her in the ass. Kelsey rolls over to continue taking Bobby in the ass, and takes his cock-tail on her ass as well. It’s a good scene, but not great. Once again, Kelsey doesn’t seem to be completely into the action, which brings it down a bit.

Finally, Bobby and Marty team up on T. J. Hart. Marty eats her while T. J. sucks Bobby’s cock, but the positions the editing seems a bit off since she’s on her back for Marty and stomach for Bobby, and you never really see all three of them in a foreplay shot. They guys trade places, so Bobby gets the first thrust into T. J.’s snatch as she continues to lay on her back. Marty takes his turn fucking T. J. from behind, as she sucks Bobby, and takes one pop on her ass and the other on her tits. It’s a pretty average scene, which is too bad since T. J. has put out some hot scenes in the past. This scene feels incredibly short and very limited, since each guy only fucks her in one position. I always like it when a porno ends on with a strong scene, since it leaves you with a very good last memory. This scene made me glad it was done.

Ironically, Never Quite Enough falls short. The storyline could have been fun, but instead ends up being whiny. Marty and Bobby play the leading guys in a porno, so most guys should want to be in their shoes. Instead I found myself wishing another pimp would come by and beat the hell out of them for stealing his ho’s. The acting also falls short, with Kelsey coming off a bit bitchy and seeming almost like she’s reading her lines off cue cards. The sex has a couple good scenes, with Renee LaRue leading the way sexually. Kelsey does a pretty good job here as well, but her scenes seemed a bit plagued by the numbers she kept playing by. Never Quite Enough is a good rental, but I don’t think I’d go for much more than that unless you’re a fan of some of the stars.

Extras: Audio bios are included for Kelsey, Renee LaRue, T. J. Hart, and Envy. Each bio includes a little personal information, a few stills, and a link to the star’s scene. A trailer is included for The Sopornos. The slide show lasts almost two and a half minutes with about seven seconds per very nice looking photo. Finally, there’s a virtual tour, internet information, and contact information.

Themes: Straight, tit-fucking, lesbian, toys, anal, rimming (male > female), and group

Raincoat Factor: Medium High

Overall: Currently, Never Quite Enough can be found online for between $18 and $25 with only a couple stores offering it for under $20. This seems a tad high, for what you get. The movie is pretty average, but does have a couple hot scenes. The extras are lacking, and the technical aspects are average at best with some annoying problems.

Note to VCA: Please, and I can’t emphasize this strongly enough, change your menus. They’re so boring and repetitive that I actually put off watching VCA’s movies so I don’t have to see their boring style or hear that music that makes he wish I had a case of diarrhea so I’d have even more incentive to run away from the sound of it.

Extra Note: I recently received an e-mail from VCA regarding their menus. They decided to use the standardized main menu format after some market research made them think consumers wanted simpler, easy to follow menus, which I can understand. They realize now that although it’s a good idea, the execution wasn’t the best here and say they are now working to make them much better in their more recent releases. I have to give VCA a lot of credit here. I’ve been very critical of their menus recently, and rather than acting like they can’t make a mistake, ignoring it, and going on with business as usual, they tried to clear things up. I think somebody once said that you can tell the character of a person by how they handle their mistakes, not how they handle success, which has always made a lot of sense to me. It also speaks very well for VCA and shows that they’ve still got a lot of the class they were showing a couple years ago.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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