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Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures)

Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures)

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naughty Nanny (Smash Pictures) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/20/2007
Ok fans, ever had a crush on one of those hot baby sitters you had as a kid. Well these nanny's are all about making sure you feel well taken care of!! The outfits were cute and we've got a fine cast of girls here, this will be my first look at Bobbi Starr in action, met her once and saw her in Vegas this year. The tag line at the bottom which says Anal at your Service seems a bit misleading to me as not all the girls do anal in this. I watched Holly Morgan's scene already and she didn't open her backdoor and I'm pretty sure Adriana won't either but still you'll get plenty of ass to appreciate in this title so hopefully not having anal in all the scenes won't keep you from checking this one out. Let's hit the scenes. You can watch them with a small bit of story-- the guy calling up the Naughty Nanny service and requesting a "nanny" for the day is what you get with the girl soon walking into the room and they get busy in short order or you can choose to just watch the sex which sounds good to me!!

Kayla Synz:

Alright this is my first look at this sexy blond and it's Evan Stone calling up for a girl. He does a good job describing the type of girl he wants, such a good job I think Bobbi Starr was getting wet as she listened- Bobbi is the telephone answerer. Well the scene begins with Kayla walking in as Evan's in the tub and she help him get those dirty spots clean that he can't reach and the two seem to have a good energy level going and it's quickly on to a little kissing followed by Kayla delivering a very nice bj with Evan just slightly elevated out of the tub. Very good camera shots especially some nice up close shots as she gives head. The action then moves out of the tub and Evan gets pretty randy almost ripping off her outfit and pinning Kayla's arms behind her as he thrusts his cock between her thighs. Very cool shot occurs with them opening up the shower door and pressing her tits up against it we watch from the other side as they face us with Evan pounding into her pussy. Getting to the bedroom finally we have a nice open shot as he slides in for some doggie love which progresses through reverse with P2M and then it's time to get that cock dirty again with some anal sex which is shot in mish leading to a pull out and pop to her lower belly. Kayla has a nice look and gives a very good blowjob so keep a look out for her.

Holly Morgan:

In this scene we have the really tall Mark Wood calling in for a nanny and besides the sexy outfits you see the girls wearing a pacifier around their necks and in addition to that Holly shows up with a bottle of milk which Mark sucks on. Well this just didn't cut it, he needed the milk from the source so off comes her top and some really nice titty sucking ensues. Holly has a modest rack but it totally looks great on her body. Now they don't feature a bj before Mark slides in for some mish fucking and I prefer a little bj before the boinking so I was glad when there was some P2M and Holly does a good job with the bj and I must say in cowgirl his cock looked great sliding in and out of her tight pussy. Holly takes a pop to her tits with some reaching up to her face, not a bad scene.

Adriana Faust:

This scene has Rick Masters calling in to the service and Bobbi listens attentively as he describes the girl he wants for the day. Adriana then comes walking into his dining room and wow she's probably got the best natural rack of all the girls in this one and thankfully it's not to long until Rick's pulled those puppies out and is suckling like a newborn!! This girl it just hit me reminds me a bit of Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order fame. Adriana is turned around so her ass is facing out towards us and Rick does a fine job fingering that kittie before flipping Miss Faust over to mish and he dives in like I imagine all of us would be wanting to do at this moment. The open camera shot to her pussy is great. The oral over for Adriana frees her to sit up and engulf Rick's stiff prick and she has the must gusto of any girl so far in giving head, more aggressive with the gagging and other fun things such a slapping the cock against her tongue. Sexwise there are really two good positions to capture Adriana in and we get one right away with cowgirl and just look how those ass cheeks spread out as her pussy is plugged, sexy as hell I'd say. The doggie which followed also gives a solid ass view and turning to spoon those titties get some love on camera and it's to bad we don't get reverse cowgirl as that's the other position I would've wanted to see her in but the extended mish to wrap the scene did a fine job showcasing those boobs which receive the load at scenes end.

Bobbi Starr:

Well it's the phone's turn to get fucked!! Mick Blue and James Deen are sitting around and it takes some daring before James finally calls in. Well I guess Bobbi is more than the phone girl, she's the pimp daddy!! Well she soon arrives to the pad and the guys are playing with their hot wheels and Bobbi reads them the riot act about how they're not supposed to be playing with them. They've been naughty boys so she's going to have to show them what happens when such bad behaviour is done, ok if I knew I'd be fucking such a hot chick by being bad I would have done my whole Teenage years differently!!!! Well she does punish the guys a little spanking them over their jeans but then it's their turn to spank her ass and this was a much better shot as she's got a nice butt peaking out from the white lace panties. Those get pulled off and we get a more in depth exploration of that tushy before we get a little sex in this same doggie position and Bobbi gets busy sucking cock to above. Skull fucking also gets incorporated into the scene which sees other positions such as mish, cowgirl-- oh man you really get a great ass shot here as Bobbi helps Mick slide that tubesteak into her posterior. Anal occurs with Bobbi in a few positions before the guys nut one to her tits and the other does a facial blast to Bobbi's pretty face.

Ricki White:

Well there's only one naughty nanny left and it's Tommy Gunn, just recently crowned as AVN's Male Performer of the Year who's calling in for some service. Ricki shows up and it's bedtime for Tommy as Ricki reads a bedtime story and again no story read to me in my life led to sex in bed, damn it! Tommy gets to sample her modest but nice looking tits before his face is buried dep in her ass crack. A little fingerbanging and it's time for Ricki to suck dick and she's also pretty aggressive with her knob polishing with the views again being captured nicely. I love it when sex in a scene starts with a flat out awesome shot and this one was among the best of this dvd with cowgirl kicking some serious ass as those cheeks spread out neatly. Ricki hops off after an extended fuck session for P2M, then Tommy slides behind to pound her pussy harder in doggie. A little more P2M, then Mr. Gunn primes that ass with a finger before his cock says hello and we get anal in doggie and there's a fine ride in revere anal too. A quick spoon finish yields the load to her chin/ mouth with Ricki doing some cleanup also.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I watched the scenes a little out of order as I reviewed them but I used the scene selection menu to pick my scenes as I watched them in how they were listed there. Good flick overall with the sexy outfits and some real pretty girls in this one too. Adriana might have the best look overall but I was impressed with them all, Bobbi Starr made a great first impression on me with her 2 on 1 romp with James and Mick. Extras for this include a positions menu and you get a photo gallery and some BTS for this title which I'd check out. A solid purchase for fans of solid sex with anal not being a big requirement as you get it in 3 of 5 scenes in this title.

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