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Naughty Little Nymphs

Naughty Little Nymphs

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Barely Legal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Kelly's ratings for Naughty Little Nymphs:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Naughty Little Nymphs overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Naughty Little Nymphs Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Naughty Little Nymphs Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Naughty Little Nymphs Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Naughty Little Nymphs Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Naughty Little Nymphs DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naughty Little Nymphs A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Kelly  on  5/19/2004
Title: Naughty Little Nymphs
Company: Adam & Eve
Length: 1 hour and 49 minutes (109 minutes)
Production Date(s): January 30, 2004
Release Date: April 2, 2004
Condoms: One noted, used during Scene 4

Director: Nick Orleans

The Abridged Version: What has always bothered me about feature versus gonzo is the disparity in the way the women look in each. By and large, girls in feature tapes just look better. Understand, I am not saying that I prefer the girls that are routinely cast in feature tapes. I am just saying that they always seem to look better in feature tapes than they would in, say, an Anabolic scene. And this is understandable. One realm is valuing the sensual and the attraction of the performer while the other cares little more for anything above pure sex. Here in Naughty Little Nymphs, we have something that falls in-between. It is not a feature, having no storyline, nor is it a gonzo tape. Essentially, what it amounts to is a slightly harder vignette offering for the couples out there whose sexual tastes likewise fall in-between soft and hard. Did I like it? Yes and no. Nick Orleans does a wonderful job with the vignettes, each one after the initial scene introduced by a title card labeling the theme, and is a far better director than he was when I first saw his work back in 1998. And with the presence of anal queens like Teoni and Arianna Jollee as well as an unexpected anal performance from Stephanie Tripp, the nasty meter is a bit up there for a tape coming from Adam & Eve. The attention to setting and costumes pays off in huge dividends here, each girl quite possibly looking the best they ever have, especially Arianna and Delilah. However, I was bored to tears by the girl/girl scene and felt that perhaps one of the seven scenes could have been removed to lengthen the others. But there again I am thinking like a gonzo fan. And that’s what I am. If I were to curtail that and view something with a girlfriend slightly timid about real hardcore porn but bored by Vivid, this would be a perfect choice.

Scene 1: Teoni (dead ringer for Michelle Williams) and Cynthia Pendragon (slightly older, fashioned, curly blonde, implants, gorgeous face) w/Steven St. Croix (16 minutes)

Here we have the basic set-up of models at a photoshoot screwing the photographer. It is nothing new to porn, as Stoney Curtis has used it countless times in his various Celestial Productions gonzo lines. However, there is some definite attempt to make this seem real. The two women are extremely gorgeous with very sexy make-up, hair, and outfits. They are in a real studio and there are all the technical presences of a photoshoot, lighting gear, white background, etc. The scene begins with the girls individually teasing in front of the camera, as the audio cue dictates that we are watching them through Steven’s camera. After this glorified introduction, all of the authenticity is thrown aside as for no obvious reason Steven and the girls move from the stage to a mattress set up on the side and start fucking. They play to the camera quite a bit during the blowjob, with Orleans moving in at one point for a sexy extreme close-up of Cynthia’s mouth moving up and down the head of Steven’s member. Steven slams Teoni in doggy as she muffles her moans by filling her mouth with Cynthia’s pussy. He nails Cynthia in missionary, emitting some loud moans despite the fact that he is not really screwing her all that hard. Cut to both girls lying before us spread eagle. Steven chooses Teoni and slowly enters her hot asshole. After a extreme close-up of the slow initial penetration we cut back to find him rather easily drilling away at her ass. He quickly pulls out and, standing above the two girls lying in front of him, displays the human geyser that sometimes is his penis. In other words, he shoots a massive load that lands on both Cynthia and Teoni’s chests. However, the scene ends there with no close-up for a better look at where the cum landed, which is generally a porno no-no.

Scene 2: Allysin Chaynes (hot blonde, rather unfortunate implants) w/Joey Ray (16 minutes)

Virtual Doll-We open on a close-up of a panty clad pussy. Two hands, seemingly those of a male, are caressing and fingering it through the see-thru panties. Is this a straight to the point scene? No. A second later we pull back to find out that we are merely watching Joey Ray playing with a lifelike sex doll. Unfortunately, this goes on for too long. By the time Allysin walks in, Joey is all ready banging away at the doll. In a leopard skin bra and tight black panties and sexy black choker, this platinum blonde is a vision of beauty. For some reason, she takes pity on Joey and pushes the doll aside. She forces him down to the table and starts sucking his cock, frequently looking over at the doll in disgust throughout. Inexplicably, he takes her black panties off and puts identical white ones back on. Then, he slips his dick in-between her skin and the panties and stats thrusting. Well, that’s now two things I’ve never seen before taking place right here in this scene. He pushes her down to the table and eats and fingers her pussy, very clearly enjoying this pussy more than the fake one he feasted on in the beginning. He pushes her panties to the side and hits it missionary. They finally get rid of the undergarment and proceed to reverse cowgirl, which sees some unfortunate yet forgivable editing errors. The scene ends with Allysin and the doll kneeling side by side before Joey. He uses the doll’s mouth to bring him to climax, which he shoots off all over Allysin’s chest. It’s a rather big load by the way.

Scene 3: Alex Devine (cute, extremely petite, nice natural B cups), Delilah Stone (tall, gorgeous blonde California girl, think Ashley Long at her absolute hottest), and Simone (cute, black, nice chest0 w/Eric Masterson (17 minutes)

Flesh on Flesh-These are our cover girls and they deserve that distinction. They are gorgeous, especially in matching skin colored lingerie. Delilah looks absolutely stunning, the hottest I have ever seen her. The same can be said for Alex. Interestingly, the room they are in has what look to be gold colored walls, which complements their outfits beautifully. They all sit next to each other on a blue couch, with Delilah and Simone surrounding Alex. They rub pussy and it usually isn’t their own that they’re rubbing. Simone eats out Delilah for an extended period of time before we cut to the three of them lying side by side before us again. This time they are engaging in a group masturbation session, each one furiously rubbing their own clit. Eventually, Eric comes in and the girls take turns blowing him, with an initial cycle of Simone-Delilah-Alex-Simone-Delilah-Alex. We cut to a shot of them sucking him in the exact position depicted on the front cover. How in the hell Eric managed through this without shooting off prematurely is beyond me, especially considering that during this second portion Alex Devine is the girl primarily sucking his cock. She gives one of the best blowjobs you will ever see a porn star give, though that fact is not necessarily represented here. Eventually, it ends with Eric spreading a load unevenly between Delilah and Simone. Alex gets nothing, which doesn’t seem fair.

Scene 4: Taylor Lynn (hot blonde, natural C-cups) and Stephanie Tripp (slightly older, brunette, implants, resembles Sydnee Steele) w/Joey Ray (14 minutes)

Motel Room-Whoever picked the lingerie for these two girls is a genius. I am not talented enough at descriptive writing to properly explain what the outfits consist of but rest assured the girls look breathtaking in them, with the cut out bra and red fishnet stockings for Taylor and black garters for Stephanie. They engage in some girl/girl play as Joey watches from a corner of the room, his hand rested on his crotch the whole time. After they 69, he senses his opportunity and jumps him quickly, receiving a quick blowjob from Taylor. He then tries to penetrate Stephanie but is not hard enough yet. We then cut to both girls, now out of the 69, kneeling in front of him and devouring his cock. Taking advantage of the crotchless panty aspect of her outfit, Taylor mounts him in cowgirl. After a while, we cut to him entering Stephanie’s ass, which for some reason caught me completely off guard, in reverse cowgirl. He is now wearing a skin-covered condom, virtually undetectable except in close-ups. She seems to really love it, her juices glistening on his condom. We cut to them both kneeling doggy style in front of him as he jerks off on Stephanie’s back, meaning most or all of it just lands on the back of the corset portion of her outfit.

Scene 5: Felicia, Alexandra Silk, and Red Heaven aka Pason (cute redhead, unfortunate implants) (15minutes)

Girlie Show-Felicia and Alexandra, the two veterans, are sitting and admiring the relative new girl to the business, Red Heaven, as she slowly strip teases for them. Interestingly, once she is naked she takes the place of one of the girls on the couch who then gets up and does her striptease. And as the veteran strips, Pason rubs the pussy of the veteran sitting next to her on the couch. Eventually, Alexandra and Pason are naked so it is Felicia, Ms. Career girl/girl only, who strips. Finally, they are all naked and huddle together to form one big writing chain of flesh, mouth connected to pussy, pussy connected to mouth. What can I say? It is a girl/girl scene. I hate girl/girl. Dildos comes out of nowhere and we end with two of the girls sharing a double ended one.

Scene 6: Vicky Vette (cute blonde, surprisingly hot implants, sexy) w/Eric Masterson (13 minutes)

Naughty Lingerie Nympho-In a room with red walls, Eric is sitting on a red couch and awaiting the arrival of Vicky. She comes in, wearing a ridiculously tight and short black dress. She strips out of it and masturbates in front of him. He is disinterested. So, she exits and re-enters, this time wearing a new lingerie outfit, equipped with a hat. She does more teasing and is met with only slightly more interest. The third time is a charm though as she comes back wearing a black see-thru 80s style swimming suit (imagine a see-thru version of the swimsuits all the women on “Baywatch” wore). Eric really likes this. It is an interesting sequence really, as the guy is not turned on by her when she is nude and in front of him but when she is still wearing some sort of clothing and standing in front of him. It must play into the concept of leaving something to the imagination. Well, he doesn’t imagine too long, diving right into her pussy with open mouth and outstretched fingers. She blows him and titty fucks him. She then sits down on his dick in reverse cowgirl, her hips convulsing repeatedly as if in the midst of sudden orgasm. As she starts bouncing up and down so do her breasts and I’ve got to say that they look marvelous. These are one of the best pairs of implants I have ever seen in porn. They are given final recognition when Eric shoots off all over them at scene’s end. Incidentally, Eric wears a blue shirt, red tie, black pants outfit the whole time. He unzips his pants to free his dick but remains otherwise fully clothed throughout.

Scene 7: Arianna Jollee (gorgeous brunette, great natural c-cups, anal queen) w/Joey Ray (16 minutes)

Panty Show-In a room with light blue walls, Arianna enters and sits on a white couch. She is wearing a dark green corset and panty combo, black choker, and lace opera gloves and stockings. This might be the sexiest she has ever looked. Joey comes in and immediately frees her from her corset. He pushes her down and proceeds to thrust his dick in-between her right stocking and right leg. Didn’t he do this with Allysin earlier? Rather abruptly, he transitions from this to nailing Arianna in missionary. Seemingly reminding him of the importance of lubrication, she gives him a very wet blowjob afterward. They 69 as a prelude to cowgirl humping. She turns around and lowers her magnificently inviting asshole onto his cock, impaling her ass. Orleans films this whole sequence in extreme close-up, jumping from shots of her face to shots of her ass getting pretty well pounded by Joey. The look on her face is priceless. She seems to be absolutely in heaven with that cock in her ass, a remarkably more vocal presence here than she was during the vaginal portion of the scene. We cut and return to find her giving him a hand job climax. After he has climaxed mostly back onto his own dick and stomach she attempts to lick some of it up. The scene closes with her delivering post-cum head.

Rent it or Buy It: I could go either way, but I would lean more toward the rental side. It’s a strong rental but a weak purchase.

The DVD:Simple, effective menu. Flawless visual and audio qualities.
Bonus Scene 1: Nicolette (cute blonde, primarily worked as a B-move actress under the name Holly Sampson, this scene predates her implants) w/Ian Daniels from Touch (1999)-scene lasts 11 minutes
Bonus Scene 2: Katie Morgan (cute blonde, Betty Boop voice) w/Billy Glyde from Extreme Behavior 3-scene lasts 13 minutes
Behind the Scenes (14 minutes)
Trailers (18 minutes)-“Hot Rods”, “Intimate Strangers”, “Invisible”, “The Merger”, “Jewel De’Nyles Wild Ride”, “Lover’s Choice”, and “Mail Order Bride”
Photo Gallery

About the Author: A current college student, Kelly began his infatuation with pornography with the likes of late night Skinimax before graduating to hardcore. As such, sometimes storylines go a long way toward his enjoyment but sometimes he just wants to see some hard sex. In either avenue though, girl/girl bored him to tears. He used to operate a fan site dedicated to Taylor St. Claire, who is still to this day his favorite porn star. Other favorite girls include Renee LaRue, Zora Banks, Cherry Mirage, Avy Scott, Alyssa Love, and Devinn Lane. Though he does generally prefer voluptuous, big-breasted women, he also enjoys the work of Stephanie Swift, Jennifer Luv, August Night, Luci Thai, and Selena Silver. He avoids Max Hardcore, Ed Powers, Vivid, and compilations as much as possible, and eagerly looks forward to releases from Evil Angel, Devils Film, Red Light District, and Platinum X. He generally favors anal scenes and DP scenes with big facials, but is too timid for gangbangs and any such other extremities. His favorite directors are Vince Vouyer, Mike John, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, and Jules Jordan. His favorite porn films of all time include The Fashionistas (2003), Whack Attack 9 (2001), Nice Rack 6, and Service Animals 7 (2002).

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