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Naughty Favors

Naughty Favors

Studio: Plum
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for Naughty Favors:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Naughty Favors overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Naughty Favors Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Naughty Favors Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Naughty Favors Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Naughty Favors Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Naughty Favors DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naughty Favors A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/23/2001

Running Time: 81 min.

Production Date: 06 / 2000 (cover) 07 / 2000 (feature)

Director: Stefan Rossini

Cast: Adajja, Angelina DiCarlo, Allysin Embers, Jeanie Rivers, Summer Breeze, Jason McCain, Lee Stone, Chuck Martino, and Tyler Wood

Initial Expectations: Thereís some nice underrated talent here that should make this worth watching.

Initial Reaction: Itís pretty average.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes long continuous shots of the same position

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for plot or high production values

Audio /Video Quality: Itís obvious there isnít much of a budget here, although the production values arenít too bad. Thereís a little background noise in the scenes, such as planes flying over when the action is outdoors, and the audio is a little unbalanced in places. The only really bad thing about the audio is that you occasionally get to hear the stars being given directions, which always brings down scenes for me. The video has a little grain, but other than that is pretty good. There are a couple places, however, where the second camera lens gets caught in the picture.

Music: None.

Menus: The menus have a little animation that adds to it somewhat. The chapter menu lets you choose the scene based on a small clip and the scene number.

The Feature: Naughty Favors is the latest addition to the recent string of all sex features from Plum Productions and Stefan Rossini. Nobody wastes time with a short setup, with most of the scenes appearing to start right with the action.

Tyler Wood starts things off sucking on Adajjaís tits before going down to much on her pierced clam. He gives her asshole a little tongue and finger attention as well before she strips him down to give his unit a deep oral inspection. She chokes on it a little, but laughs at it and goes right back for more, which gives this scene a pretty strong start. She stays nicely enthusiastic as Tyler stretches out both her pussy and asshole in a few of the standard positions. Adajja finishes it out by enthusiastically taking Tylerís spooge spray on her face and in her mouth. Thereís some nice chemistry here, and Adajja does a nice job. Unfortunately, the editing hold the scene back by concentrating on each position way too long.

Jeanie Rivers starts the next scene in the normal blonde position of legs in the air while probably suitcase pimp Chuck Martino eats and fingers her pussy and ass without bothering to take off her bra and panties. Jeanie returns the favor by giving Chuck a sloppy blowjob and then sitting down on his cock to do us the favor of letting us see almost all of her and almost none of Chuck. They work through a couple more positions before Chuck lets go with a decent load in Jeanieís mouth and across her face. This scene really kind of bored me. Thereís okay chemistry between them, but thatís about it.

Summer Breeze walks in on Allysin Embers sucking Lee Stoneís crooked cock and eagerly joins in. Both girls have kind of a slutty bleached blonde look to them that really works for the scene. Not wanting Summer to feel unwelcome, Allysin breaks away from Leeís cock for a few minutes to eat Summerís pussy while she continues to suck Leeís cock. She returns to team up with Summer for some cocksucking, and gives Lee a little tit-fucking as well. When Allysin hops on Leeís cock, Summer hops on his face for him to eat her pussy. Allysin bends forward to help Lee out by eating Summerís ass, and Summer helps out by spanking Allysinís ass and playing with her tits. The girls move around to the mandatory position where one fucks while eating the other so Summer can get poked, and then move into a 69 so Lee can fuck Allysinís pussy again. Itís kind of a lame ending position since they were talking about fucking Allysin in the ass and it was just more vag sex. I always feel insulted when this happens since itís like somebody thinks most people canít tell one hole from another. The girls finish it off by sharing a decent pop between them. This is a surprisingly hot scene. Allysin really drives it, the chemistry is very good, and most importantly, the editing is much improved where you can see more than just close-ups.

Finally, Angelina DiCarlo, a slightly below average looking brunette with a very nice natural body, gets busy with Jason McCain after waking him up from a nap. Jason would rather sleep, but she convinces him by sucking his cock and balls which works him up enough to play with her pussy as she sucks. She spreads her legs wide on the couch for him to get her juices flowing before he strips off a shirt and lets her sit on his cock. They move through a few more standard positions, building heat as well as chemistry with some nice dirty talk back and forth as they fuck. They finish it off with Jason popping his load on Angelinaís face. Itís an above average scene that benefits a lot from the great chemistry between Angelina and Jason. I wasnít expecting too much from this scene, so it made for a nice surprise.

Naughty Favors seems to completely summarize this feature, both on the screen and off the screen. The girls are giving the guys favors of naughty acts, while it appears the director gave the editor a lot of time off, which ended up being naughty to us. The scenes in Naughty Favors are much longer than the normal sex scene, but are held back by the editing and camera angles in almost every scene. The camera appears to set up for each scene, and then rarely lets you see other than that. Most of the time, this is a closeup shot, so if you want to see how the girl is reaction to being fucked, youíre just as screwed as she is. Itís kind of like the Ed ďEwwwwwwwĒ Powers method of editing and camera operation only thereís a guy behind the camera most of the time. Itís really too bad, since thereís a decent cast with some nice chemistry here. Unfortunately, somebody gave them a naughty favor as well.

Extras: The photo gallery nicely mixes together about twenty three snapshots and full screen photos. There are a few behind the scenes photos in there, but most appear to be from the production. In what appears to be a continuing trend, and not a good one, thereís some stuff added, such as a menu bar, that often interferes with the photo. Bios are included for Summer Breeze, Adajja, Allysin Embers, and Jeanie Rivers, none of which includes much beyond a photo. Finally, thereís the usual selection of trailers from the Pleasure family, internet information, and phone sex commercials.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female and female > female), anal, group, lesbian, tit-fucking, and spanking

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, Naughty Favors can be found online for between $20 and $24 with several stores offering it at the bottom price. This seems too high for what you get. Itís a pretty average feature, with two above average scenes and two scenes which are a little lacking. The transfer also lacks, as do the extras.

Note to Plum: A little more editing would really help out your features like this. I have yet to meet anybody who likes to hear background noises, and the camera views drag on so long here that it brings down the scenes.

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