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Naughty College School Girls 39

Naughty College School Girls 39

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Amateur , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Naughty College School Girls 39:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Naughty College School Girls 39 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Naughty College School Girls 39 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Naughty College School Girls 39 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Naughty College School Girls 39 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Naughty College School Girls 39 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Naughty College School Girls 39 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naughty College School Girls 39 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  7/12/2005
Naughty College Schoolgirls 39

Directed by:Tyrone Shuz and Axel Braun


Initial Thoughts: New Sensations/Digital Sin, have come out with a variety of releases featuring multiple directors, that number seems to have increased quite a bit of late, it's an incredibly common practice in adult films, and sometimes it results in some interesting discs. Occasionally with NS/DS though, thier joint efforts seem a little rough around the edges, and this is a bit of an issue in this one, but without knowing who did what, where, or if the things that made it feel that way are all on one guy or both, I can't fault them or the system, so we will just move on. My first impression of this one, is "WHERE THE HELL ARE THE SCHOOLGIRLS ?" Don't get me wrong, this is a hot group of girls, and the disc is pretty well done, but there is only one outfit that would even remotely pass for a schoolgirl outfit, and there is virtually no mention by anyone about any of these girls being in college. Guys, give us something to go on here. I do have to say I am coming in late in the game, with this being my first NCS episode, and with a frigging 38 volumes before this one to go through, I am unaware if this is the way of the game for this series, but to me, if your gonna theme your series around College girls, you should atleast have an outfit or two, and have some dialogue to lead us to believe the girls may actually be college students. In this era of super specialized porn, just having girls that look young enough to be in college and fucking thier way through it, means nothing, most of the girls out there in the biz could claim that look. This, atleast to me, is a pretty major stumbling block, promise me college girls, I want college girls damnit. So now that you know how I feel, I do need to comment on the actual thing here. The cast is great, all relatively new or unknown girls, pretty, energetic and sexy, the sex is along those same lines, pretty fast paced, a reasonable level of chemistry in most of the scenes, and pretty hot stuff, some of it is a little repetitive, and unadventurous, but it looks good. Although some of the extra content is a little long in the tooth, there is a lot there, and some nice bonus stuff. Despite most of this opening rant being bitching, I do think this disc is a pretty solid one, but I just really am dissappointed to not have any realy schoolgirl fantasy played into the disc.

Technical Considerations: Things were pretty well bolted together in this department, lighting was occasionally uneven, and there were a few shadow issues, but not too bad. Camera work was generally good but some shot choices did not agree with me. Picture quality and sound were both more than acceptable, and the menus where nicely done and well layed out. The font on the opening segment was a bit poor choice and sizing, and may give some people with smaller TV some issues reading, but it's not a big issue.

Condom Usage: None

Disc Duration: 181 minutes

Feature: 102 minutes

Extras: 79 minutes


Scene Breakdown


Scene 1: Brooklyn and Scott Nails

Duration: 18:15 mins

Position Chronology: She blows him, face fucking, ball licking, plastic fruit play on his balls, she rubs the fruit on her muff, doggy vag, PTM with the fruit, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, cowgirl vag, she rubs the fruit on her ass and licks it, spoon vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, missionary vag, PTM, sideways vag, he strokes off on her face and on the fruit, she licks the thing clean, BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 3 stars

Scene Thoughts: I really like Brooklyn, she has this very sexy cute look to her and her expressions are very innocent looking. She is a highlight, but the scene is not. We start out with her looking at this plastic orange. She stares at it and says "What the fuck am I doing with a fake orange on a porn site" turns her head and gets face fucked on the spot by a magically appearing dick. I really have no clue what this has to do with anything, but the opening doesn't do much, no tease, no mention or look of schoolgirls, and bam, into the scene we go. The sex isn't bad, Brooklyn has a great body and is very sexy, she is reasonably enthusiastic, but there is not a huge amount of chemistry, and they move through positions rather mechanically, the execution is alright, but she keeps that damned orange around for the whole scene, rubs it on her, and keeps it in her hand, it's alright and has some value, but more times than not, it just get's in the damn way of the camera shot and she isn't thrilled with the thing. The popshot is also sort of damaged by the plastic, but it's alright. If you have a plastic fruit fetish or something, then this is hands down your scene, but I just found it odd, and it had no meaning at all for the scene.


Scene 2: Jackie Diaz and Ben English

Duration: 25:52 mins

Position Chronology: She masturbates against a glass windown, and on the couch, Ben comes to her, he fingers her snatch, she blows him, cowgirl vag, side missionary vag, PTM, ball sucking, doggy vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, he strokes off on her face, BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 4.5 stars

Scene Thoughts: Jackie has just an incredible body, she has all the looks of the next big thing, just a smokin little babe, and she treats us to the first real tease of the disc, with a nice but not very visible masturbation sequence in a couple of positions. Ben shows up soon enough though and the sparks start to fly pretty quickly. This scene is by far the longest on the disc, and it comes off as probably the hottest too, things take thier time a little better, and Jackie and Ben have some great chemistry together, it's fast paced, Jackie is very vocal with him, and gets into it pretty well, things do progress in a pretty porn predictable fashion, but it's still a hot scene. Jackie has on some sexy little panties and plays the innocent card pretty well in the tease, then cranks it up nicely when she get's some meat in her. Ben splatters her face with a very solid facial, right in the eye and a good gooping. Jackie is pretty awesome, and she should be one of the new girls making the rise up the jizz coated rungs of the porn ladder.


Scene 3: Carly Parker and Scott Nails

Duration: 18:01 mins

Position Chronology: BJ, face fucking, she rubs his balls, cowgirl vag, PTM, reverse cowgirl vag, standing doggy vag, doggy vag, PTM, face fucking, missionary vag, sideways vag, he strokes off in her mouth and on her chin. BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 3.5 stars

Scene Thoughts: Another very sexy blonde, Carly sits on the couch with a black dress on and her lovely right breast hanging out, and looks ahead and says "I'm Carly Parker, and you must be my cock", the camera pulls out so that Carly is visible in the background and the foreground is filled with only Scott's rod, he shakes it to nod yes, and Carly says "Come over here so I can suck you" and the rest is history. Another scene where the girl is hot and very sexy, but the scene just doesn't quite click. They seem hell bent to go through the same basic positions and not do too much else to splash things up, Carly does some nice sucking and the PTM stuff was pretty hot, and the sideways screw on the floor was pretty good, but much of the rest was not all that passionate and they just kind of clicked through the motions, pretty decent energy though from both performers. Again no tease to speak of. The popshot was decent, he splashed on her tongue.


Scene 4: Jackie Ashe and Scott Nails

Duration: 18:32 mins

Position Chronology: She dry rides him on the couch, BJ on her knees, she licks his balls, light face fucking, cowgirl vag, reverse cowgirl vag, doggy vag, raised leg doggy vag, PTM, missionary vag, spoon vag, PTM, he strokes off on her chin and cheek, BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 4 stars

Scene Thoughts: The other Jackie in this disc, is far from short on the looks department either, she is one cute little babe, and oh my friggin god, she has a grey skirt, that almost and I mean almost looks sort of kind of, maybe a little like a schoolgirlesque oufit, but not really. Anyway she keeps it on for a little while, and we get our second brief but atleast something segment with some tease footage before jumping into things. Parts of this scene are really good, some are a little bit off. Jackie and Scott occasionally give each other some scorching looks and there are times when things look to be clicking quite well, but there are a few too many times when things go into the hum drum mode and just go through the motions a bit. Again pretty decent energy for much of the scene but again the same basic manor and arrangment of positions. Facial was a little down but decent, and it was the guy's 3rd scene of the movie, so cut him some slack.


Scene 5: Paris Waters and Mr Pete

Duration: 18:06 mins

Position Chronology: Teasing on the stairs, he fingers her and they kiss, she blows him, doggy vag against the stairs, cowgirl vag, standing cowgirl vag, kissing, reverse cowigirgl vag, raised leg doggy vag, he smacks her tits a little missionary vag, doggy vag, side missionary vag, reverse cowgirl vag, PTM, doggy vag, he strokes off on her tits, BJ cleanup.

Scene Rating: 3.5 stars

Scene Thoughts: Little asian Paris is our last contestant and is the only one that actually has an outfit on and is seen in it for more than three seconds that is passable as a schoolgirl outfit to atleast give the illusion that there may in fact be a College Schoolgirl in this here discatron. A little tiny bit of foreplay and teasing here too, but I am a little torn on the scene itself, the sex is alright, but the chemistry is not supreme. Paris has this pretty hot and intense look on her face for most of the scene, Mr. Pete, hammers her pretty well and she seems into it enough, but they don't share a great deal of passion. I liked the standing cowgirl and a few variations in the positions, it was one of the only scenes that threw in a few differences from the status quo, but they jumped back a few too many times, 2 or three visits to one position in an 18 minute scene is a little to repetitive in my mind. The pop was a real bummer too, he cranked out a very meager load to her tits, but she just stared very business like waiting to suck it off after he finished, so a little of a downer.


Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: Interview and a little teasing from Brooklyn, A nice striptease and sexy dance, Jackie D does a little interview and teasing, and gives a little POV handjob, gets fingered and goes back to give a nice handjob/blowjob with some ball sucking, she strokes him off into her mouth and does a little cum play, about 14 minutes for the hanjob scene. Some more behind the scenes stuff with Jackie D, she poses and rubs her pussy, Jackie A posing and interview in the nude, 27:39

Bonus Scene One: Avy Lee Roth Scene from "Double Teamed 3". She blows the guys as they sit on each side of her, they play with her tits, doggy vag/BJ, ball sucking, reverse cowgirl vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl double pussy penetration, cowgirl double pussy penetration, PTMs, doggy vag/BJ, he fingers her pussy, Bj, reverse cowgirl double pussy penetration, standing doggy vag/BJ, they both tag her with two very solid facials, she tastes the cum with her fingers, and smiles for the camera. 24:30 mins. great bonus scene, Avy looks just incredible, and puts on a solid performance, some nice energy from her, there were a few times she slowed down during the double vag, but she did a fine job.

Bonus Scene Two: Tyla Wynn Scene from "Double Teamed 3" A bit of a suprise to see this scene start and just keep going and going until it's conclusion, a great suprise. Tyla in a bra and panties, on a couch with a teddy bear, teasing, two guys enter, face fucking, she blows both of them, lots of spit, anal and pussy fingering, standing doggy vag/BJ, reverse cowgirl vag/Face fucking,, RC double vag, standing doggy anal/BJ, PTM and ATMs, face fucking, reverse cowgirl double penetration, PTM/ATM, cowgirl double penetration, ATM, both guys stroke off on her face, BJ cleanups, she cleans up the cum, swallow. 21:33. Another fantastic energetic hard pounding bonus, Tyla was her usual super high energy self, working up a sweat, and taking all the guys could give her and fucking back. Hot scene. Both of these scenes have been used a couple other times in other New Sensations discs as extras, and this is the reason I don't like already released content as extras, if you have not seen it, fine and good, but if you have the disc it's from, and then see them in another couple of movies as extras, they really start to lose thier value as extras if thier used all the time. Still good scenes though.

Photo Gallery: 28 pics, full screen hardcore shots.

Other Extras: Trailer reel, web trailer, company info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I have to say, that I was pretty bummed when I first scanned through the scenes, I fully expected to see girls in schoolgirl outfits and some setups or something to give the college schoolgirl moniker some truth, so I'm not all that happy with the complete lack of anything resembling the theme. If you have read any of my reviews in the past though, I think you would agree, that I am a pretty forgiving guy, and I try and always look at the bright spots, and there are some in this disc, especially the really good cast of relatively new girls, every one of these girls are babes I will be checking out again in the future, and that brings a lot to this disc. I think things could be spiced up more, I am not in the crowd that feels every disc needs hard anal sex and ass to mouth, the all vag approach is fine, but throw in some variations of positions, get creative, and don't worry about covering the basic positions. The extras are very lengthy but getting a bit repetitive with the bonus scenes. If your looking for a real schoolgirl theme, stay away from this one, it will be a horrible dissappiontment, but if your looking for a solid disc with some newer and younger babes, and prefer a more softer and anal free approach to your porn, it's worth a look. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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