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Naughty College School Girls 36

Naughty College School Girls 36

Studio: New Sensations
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Naughty College School Girls 36:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Naughty College School Girls 36 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Naughty College School Girls 36 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Naughty College School Girls 36 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Naughty College School Girls 36 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Naughty College School Girls 36 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Naughty College School Girls 36 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naughty College School Girls 36 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  6/23/2005
Director: Axel Braun
Camera: Axel Braun?
Genre: Gonzo
Release: 12/04
Notes: Scene 1 presented in Widescreen

vs. Chris Charming, Zenza Raggi

Anal, DP, DAP, A2M, face slapping, foot2head, Facials    OVERALL SCORE:  4.75

Scene Highlights: 
No tease at all. The guys whap their cocks on Jessica's face and then plunge right into her holes. She takes an ass reaming in doggy while she sucks cock, taking sporadic breathers and all the while begging for more. "Pull my hair!.... Slap my face!" Jessica screams it out, a rutting slut powerless to her lust. Chris pistons into her ass in cowgirl and then Zenza adds his own meat in there but Jessica can't take it so he pulls out. The guys take her inside for a DP, and the naughty talk spews from her mouth, "Fuck this slut!" A titty fuck wraps it up and the guys shoot their loads onto her face. Covered in goo, she glances at the camera and giggles.      
notes: the double anal is only 10 seconds

Commentary: The energy is incredible in this scene. I have yet to see Jessica Sweet in her new Britney Rears incarnation, but this scene really makes me want to. She demonstrates a penchant for aggressive dirtytalk and totally feeds on being dirty. The guys rough her up with some head stomping and face slapping and this just makes her beg for more. Her lust is a force to be reckoned with. Her moans are deep and every now and then she can't help but literally squeal out in pleasure. I also liked how her boobs bounce in reverse cowgirl- a good sized all natural rack that droops from its own weight perfectly. Excellent vulnerable facial expressions as well.         

act 2: ALLY SIN
vs. Mr. Pete 

Vaginal, facial OVERALL SCORE:  2

Scene Highlights: 
Pete starts us off by munching on Ally's box, and she glares into the camera listlessly. Ally hops on top in reverse cowgirl and then Pete starts to pound her as hard as he can. He turns her onto her side to spoon fuck her and she emanates soft, high pitched purrs. Cowgirl is up next and she rides him quickly, all the while wearing a blank mask on her face. Pete remarks how quiet she is before tonguing her bumhole. Then he uses doggy technique, spearing into her greedily, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. They move on into missionary and Ally lays there passively as Pete ups his speed into a hyper-fuck. He fucks her feet next before exploding his watery seed on her cheek.    

 Ally is a bit of a dead fuck. In an effort to make it through my boredom I found myself often staring at her cartoon tattoos. She has incredible green eyes though- an emerald hue that just seems to burn with its own inner flame. Being a dead fuck isn't necessarily bad, as long as there is some intimacy involved, a good attraction and honest connection between the performers....eye contact, passionate kisses. But I can't say that about this scene. She seemed really uninterested and probably wasn't attracted to Mr. Pete at all. O well, the previous scene was excellent.

vs. Toni T, Zenza Raggi

Vaginal, Facials OVERALL SCORE:  4.25

Scene Highlights: 
Three seconds in Sammie has her throat jammed full of cock. Her face turns glossy from spit and the guys take turns in her pussyhole- she takes a hard pounding on each end of her body...they fuck her mouth...they fuck her pussy. Tony goes into his trademark mach3 fucking and Sammie responds nicely, wailing uncontrollably. Her titties hop to the beat, wildly thrashing about loosely as her body trembles. She eases down onto Zenza for a greedy cowgirl and we have a sweet shot of her jiggling bum and undulating waist. She begs for a good ass-spanking and the guys happily deliver making her moan for more. Tony shoves his meat deep in her mouth, gagging her fiercely before returning it to her sluthole. Tony picks her up for some aerial cowgirl riding before blowing a load on her lips. Zenza follows it up with another facial.             
  This is an excellent scene. I love how Sammie gets fucked in her sparkling white sneakers. She's fully nude save for those tennies, and she makes a lovely sight with her legs up in the air and adorned in shoes. This is something I would like to see more of. The normal, casual wear has become far too uncommon these days. An abundance of enthusiasm here by Sammie. I'm also impressed by the camerawork.....this videographer doesn't trap himself in closeup shots like most camera operators do. Toni draws a lot of emotion out of her- he's a freakin' maniac.    

vs. Mr. Pete

Anal, A2M, facial OVERALL SCORE:  2.5

Scene Highlights: 
We begin with a long makeout session which transitions into a speedy blowjob. Sunshine shows smooth technique with fantastic quick rhythym. Pete starts to pound her in doggy and lands several hard cracks to her ass. He twists her boobs in his hand and then the camera zooms in really tight on her cunt. Her furry garden and cleft of flesh looks deliciously inviting as Pete explores it with his finger, adding another finger up her bum. He finally glides his shaft into her ass and the two go into a slow burn. Sunshine breathes heavily and kneads her ass mound before spanking herself. A watery facial ends the scene.

  The sex is just so darn bland here. Very normal....and nothing struck me as standing out. Sunshine is low in the energy department but there was some good chemistry going on.  The problem was that it was never sustained....only short bursts of it. Sunshine would glance off to the side every now and then. A very average scene.

vs. David Perry, Zenza Raggi

Vaginal, Facials  OVERALL SCORE:  1.5

Scene Highlights: 
The beginning crawls along at a snails pace as Megan services the two cocks in her mouth. Sensual yet slow, she goes to work on manrod and then David starts to piston into her in spoon. She sits on David and does her bunny stuff, elevating her body and plunging down deep before jumping off to lap up her cunny juices. She turns around for reverse cowgirl and ends up raising her legs, knees bent and crossing her ankles- a sexy position- as she rocks back and forth on her boytoy. She starts to ride a bit faster and the energy finally picks up a bit . Next up, she lays down on her back so she can lick David's balls and simultaneously give Zenza a footjob- impressive multitasking! A double facial takes us out.             

  I find that if the pacing is too slow it's just 'dead space' to me. Unless the girl is extremely beautiful and/or the shot is arranged so that it displays her body flawlessly, I simply won't find it arousing. This scene was painfully slow to me. However, I loved the part where Megan crosses her ankles in reverse cowgirl- those simple variations on cookie-cutter positions are always good. Contrary to the popular frame of thought, a girl doesn't always have to have her legs spread. I think we've all seen enough vaginas getting bludgeoned where we don't necessarily need to see the ol' pumping in and out. The novelty is gone, and I would like variation instead. Just use some slight establishing shots and then let us see the motion of the body for the majority of the time.


Photo Gallery, Behind-the-Scenes (18:30), Bonus Scene from Naughty College Schoolgirls 34 w/ Roxy Sweet (3.25), Cumshot Loop, 4 Trailers


To even the most casual observer, the lack of 'The Tease' is apparent. In this case I wouldn't say that it's any better or worse than having one....Axel Braun makes it work when it probably shouldn't.  There's two very powerful scenes here- the rest is just filler. Sorry but two out of five doesn't cut it. 

The camerawork is excellent.....there's a good amount of shots that show a lot of female form. It works well with the beautiful lighting. Scene 1 was in Widescreen format and quite frankly, I was disappointed the other scenes weren't also. This videographer really knows how to take advantage of the longer aspect ratio. The other scenes should have followed suit.    

In summary, this flick comes out slightly better than average, mostly due to Jessica's amazing performance. Sammie proves to be no slouch either, but unless you're a really big Jessica or Sammie fan I'd pass on this one.  



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