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Natural Wonders Of the World 47

Natural Wonders Of the World 47

Studio: Avalon
Category:  Busty
Directed by:

Released on: 
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Dogzcatcher's ratings for Natural Wonders Of the World 47:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Natural Wonders Of the World 47 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Natural Wonders Of the World 47 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Natural Wonders Of the World 47 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Natural Wonders Of the World 47 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Natural Wonders Of the World 47 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Natural Wonders Of the World 47 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Natural Wonders Of the World 47 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Dogzcatcher  on  6/2/2012
Natural Wonders of the World 47
Studio: Blue Coyote Pictures
Distributed by: Avalon
Director: Roy Alexandre
Production date: 20 July 2006
Length: 2:02:46

I purchased this title from because I am fond of Christina Jolie.

Each scene is divided by a pause that lasts between four and five seconds.

Scene 1
Length: 27:11

This scene opens with a view of an outdoor swimming pool. Christina Jolie is swimming topless with George Uhl. She swims well. They pause swimming. George holds her up, while she floats on her belly. George playfully spanks her bottom a few times. They swim to the edge of the pool. She has her back to the side of the pool. George sucks on her nipples and fondles her breasts. They kiss. She sits up on the edge of the pool. George sucks her nipples. He pulls her thong aside to apply a few licks between her thighs. He sucks her nipple then climbs up on the edge of the pool, next to her. He fondles her breast. She give his package a squeeze. She leans back on her elbows. He sucks on her nipples. They kiss. He stands up. She sits up, uses both hands to rub the front of his swim trunks. She loosens the string of his swim trunks, then pulls them down. She takes him in her mouth.

Christina uses a nice, slow oral technique on George, using her right hand to stroke him.

The scene cuts to the couple floating together on an inflatable chair in the pool. Christina is kneeling between George's legs. She is stroking his erection with her hand. She leans over and takes him in her mouth. Her breasts looks really nice here, like low-hanging fruit. She leans back to allow him to strum her clit with his fingers. She strokes his erection with her feet.

The scene cuts. They are along side the pool. She is on her knees. George spreads her ass to expose her intimate parts. Using his thumb, he probes her inside and rubs her clit. He fucks her from behind causing her breasts to sway. The scene cuts. George is on his back. Christina has mounted him in the reverse cowgirl position. Her breasts bounce as she rides him. She has a nice tan. She slides off and takes him in her mouth. The scene cuts to a shot taken from below her. Her breasts sway back and forth, close to the camera lens. The camera pans up to a shot of her nursing on George's erection. The scene cuts. The couple is in the spoon position. A close-up view here reveals her tiny pearl. George rubs her button. Christina lays on her back. They make love in the missionary position. He pulls out. She strokes him, using her right hand. He tit fucks her while he reaches back to rub her pussy. She strokes him with her hand. The scene cuts. They are in the missionary position. He gets up to tit fuck her again. She strokes him using her left hand. He grabs himself and strokes a good-sized ejaculate on her breasts. She takes him in her mouth for a clean-up. They end the scene with Christina rubbing her breasts. While the bright sunlight can be somewhat harsh at times in this scene, I prefer this type of natural lighting to a low light or yellow tint lighting some studios employ.

Scene 2
Length: 25:35

The next scene opens outdoors in the shade with the youngest actress in this title, redhead Suzan Wenera. She is teamed up with Mark Zebo and Milan long, two Czech boys, who seem more interested in each other than Suzan.

Suzan is laying on her stomach, reading a magazine. Nearby, Mark & Milan are romping together in the pool, splashing each other. They climb out of the pool to shake themselves off like dogs, getting Suzan wet. They wrestle and tickle her. She smiles sweetly and rubs their packages. One lowers his swim trunks, exposing his erection. As seen in this scene and the fourth scene, both fellows have difficulty maintaining erections. This often causes the dredded bent-in-half-dick syndrome, which can be hilarious at times. Suzan does give it the old college try and takes him in her mouth. The other guy rubs her pussy. She has a nice pair of C-sized breasts. Her nipples are hard. She alternates between the two guys, sucking them, while they make lame attempts to arouse her. Her swollen clit does make an appearance about this time. Both guys make weak, feeble attempts to lick her cookie. I'm beginning to suspect these two guys are repelled by just the thought of putting their mouth on a woman's vulva.

One guy struggles to enter her from behind, while she takes the other guy in her mouth. The guy fucking her is going faster than a speeding bullet, then he sticks his finger in her ass. Then, he pulls out and sticks his index finger in her ass and his middle finger in her pussy. The guy using his fingers on Suzan goes back to fucking her doggie-style. The guy getting his dick Hoovered by Suzane leans over and sticks his finger in her ass.

The scene cuts to a view of Suzan in a reverse cowgirl position with one guy's dick in her ass. The scene cuts again with the same view except Suzan has a liberal amount of lube to make things a little more easy. Her ass is impaled on one guy's dick while she suckles on the other's. She does a nice, slow sexy ride here. The other guy makes a lame attempt to rub her clit and lick her pussy. She stands up. The two guys remove the rest of her clothing. She mounts one guy (vag) in the cowgirl position. The second guy joins in to enter her ass. Several times, both guys would slip out, in all the excitement, and a short cock fight ensues, as they struggle to resume their respective positions. Hilarious!

The scene cuts. Suzan is on her back. One guy is kneeling with her head between his knees. She has him in her mouth, like a baby bird takes an earthworm from its mother. The other guy is sitting on her thighs. She is stroking him, then, leans forward to take him in her mouth. She switches back and forth between both guys. One trys to tit fuck her. Both guys end the scene by stroking themselves off with large amounts of ejaculate on her face and chest.

Scene 3 Length: 26;45

The next scene opens outdoors in the shade. Klara G., dressed in a plaid skirt, red-colored mesh top and red and white-colored high heel boots, is running down a path. Klara has a huge pair of 34 DD sized breasts, bouncing in her white-colored bra. She waves hello to George Uhl, who greets her with a cocktail. They cuddle. George fondles her breasts. He rubs her pussy. He pulls her breasts out of the top of her bra and sucks her nipples. He pinches her nipples. She rubs his crotch, un-zips the fly on his shorts, reaches in and strokes him. She rubs her pussy with her free hand. Nice close-up view of her breasts and pretty face. Down goes George's shorts to allow Klara to take him in her mouth. Unfortunately, Klara has one of those "oh-I-guess-I'll-suck-your-dick-if-I-have-to" techniques. Her lips don't go past the head, unless George pulls her down on himself (twice). Then, it's back to just polishing the head.

Klara stands up. George turns her around, facing him. He pulls her skirt and panties down her legs and off her feet. He gives her pussy a lick. He enters her from behind while they are both standing up. He does a reach around on her clit. Her breasts begin to sway. He turns her around and helps her sit on a bar stool. He enters her from the front while holding her legs apart. Nice overhead views here of Klara's body and swollen pearl. She gets moist, soon after George gives her a few strokes with his cock. As George withdraws himself from her, one can see her moisture clinging to him. Nice. After a few minutes of stroking Klara's secret places, George helps her off the bar stool. Her legs are wobbly and trembling. George holds her close to himself, both standing together. He lifts one of her legs and enters her. She gets on her knees to take him in her mouth. George bends her over for a standing, doggie-style hump.

The scene cuts, George is standing behind Klara, helping her take off her mesh top and bra. She is completely nude now. She has a very nice, voluptuous body, with curves in all the right places. Klara is laying across two bar stools, on her back, holding on the bar countertop, as George pounds her. Good view, from above, of her nude body here. She rubs her pussy. Her breasts wobble. George fondles her breasts and sucks her nipples. The scene cuts. Shot from below, is a nice view of Klara nursing on George's Johnson, as her big bazoooms sway back and forth. While her technique isn't that great, it is nice to watch her big breasts bounce close-up, inches from the camera. The scene cuts. She has him in her mouth. He pulls out and strokes a good-sized load in her mouth that she lets dribble down on her chest. She smiles and rubs his cum on her chest. She lifts both of her breasts up to her mouth. For fifteen seconds, she licks and sucks her own nipples. She smiles to the camera to end the scene.

Scene 4 Length: 22:35

The scene opens outdoors with Chantel Ferrera wearing animal print panties and a matching top. Milan Long is standing behind her, feeling her up. He pulls her top down, revealing her C-sized breasts. Her erect nipples are about an inch in length. He rubs her pussy. She pulls her panties down and bends over. Her labia is puffy. Nice. He licks her ass. He fingers her ass and her pussy. She squats down, pulls his shorts down to his knees and takes his limp dick in her mouth. She has a nice oral technique, slow and able to handle about half of his length with ease. While she has him in her mouth, the camera pans down to her puffy labia, that she spreads apart with two fingers. She rubs her clit. She has accomplished her mission in getting Milan erect, yet, it remains a struggle for him, as it did in the second scene. She squeezes her breasts. Nice cloe-up view of her swollen labia. They both stand up. He steps out of his shorts while she bends over a chair. He gives her cookie some licks before he enters her from behind. She rubs her clit.

The scene cuts to Chantal in the reverse cowgirl position on a sitting Milan. Soon, she gets going in a nice, slow rhythm. Her breasts bounce. He rubs her clit. The scene cuts. She is bent over a chair. He is pounding her in her ass, while behind her. The scene cuts. She is slowly sliding her asshole down around his erection, in a reverse cowgirl position. She only manages to takes about half of his length, giving him short strokes. Milan takes control, plunges almost his entire length into her and begins pounding her fast. The scene cuts. She is on her knees with him in her mouth. Nice close-up of her breasts. He strokes himself off with a large amount of ejaculate on her tongue. She plays with her breasts to end the scene.

Scene 5 Length: 21:27

This scene is shot indoors with three girls and their toys. Rachesl Evans shares a lolly pop, a strap-on and two other toys with Carol (Caroline Cream?) and a brunette named Monique. While girl/girl scenes don't turn me or my wife on, I'll describe this scene for those who do enjoy watching girls fuck each other.

The three ladies begin, sitting on a couch, sharing a lolly pop. They rubs each other. Monique seems a bit shy as the other two on either side of her undress her and fondle her. Two tops are pulled up and down exposing perky breasts. Monique's panties are pulled aside. Hands and fingers explore her body. The lolly pop is inserted into Monique's pussy and swirled around the edges of her labia. Rachel licks Monique's pussy. Carol's top comes off. Monique sucks Carol's left nipple. Rachel pulls the panties off Monique. The scene cuts. Rachel is wearing a strap-on. Monique is bent over. Carol is holding Moniquoe's ass cheeck apart. Rachel leans over to give Monique a quick lick on her asshole. Rachel then glides her strap-on into Monique's moist pussy. Monique is rubbing her own clit. Rachel is short-stroking Monique. Carol is licking Rachel's nipples. The scene cuts. Carol is bent over. Monique is in a 69 position under Carol, licking Carol's clit. Rachel is short-stroking Carol with the strap-on from behind. Carol is licking Monique's pussy. Carol and Monique use theri fingers on each other's pussies. Rachel pulls out from Carol. Monique takes the strap-on in her mouth. Lovely view of Carol's puffy labia here. The index fingers of Monique and Rachel expolre Carol's pussy. Rachel inserts her strap-on into Carol again. Monique diddles Carol's button while she is under her. Carol rubs Monique's clit. Carol's tits sway. Monique suck the strap-on.

The scene cuts and a clear glass dildo is in Rachel's hand. Carol is bent over. Rachel slowly parts Carol's labia with the clear toy and plunges it and out of Carol with short strokes.

The scene cuts and a pink-colored dildo is in Rachel's hand. Carol is bent over. Rachels rubs the toys on Carol's pussy and ass, then, slolwly inserts the toy in Carol's ass. The camera pans out to reveal Monique using the clear toy in Rachel's pussy, while Rachel is using the pink-colored toy in Carol's ass. Three nice, perky sets of breasts sway in unison as two lucky ladies enjoy the feeling of the toys probing them.

The scene cuts. Rachel is fondling Monique's breasts while Monique, facing the camera, is sitting on Carol's face, enjoying the feeling of a woman's tongue on her pussy. Rachel rubs Monique's clit and breasts to end the scene.

Summary: The lighting was good, if you don't mind the bright sunlight in the first scene. It was difficult to identify the Czech women who used just a first name in this title.

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