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Nasty Nasty

Nasty Nasty

Studio: Red Devil Entertainment
Category:  Gay
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Nasty Nasty:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Nasty Nasty overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Nasty Nasty Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Nasty Nasty Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Nasty Nasty Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Nasty Nasty Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Nasty Nasty DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nasty Nasty A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  7/29/2003
With homage to Hitchcock and a bow to Brian di Palma, Jett Blakk has devised a clever and well-acted film with lots of red-hot sexual encounters. The star of the film is Jason Ridge, a Ben Affleck look-alike, who will have you wishing he were in every scene. And he almost is, as he plays twin brothers who were separated at birth. The good twin, Will, becomes a successful hairdresser; while the evil twin, Jason, is a thoroughly bad lot who at the start of the film owes a gangster $20,000. You can tell them apart because good guys wear white and bad guys wear black, and also because Jason has a remarkable ring given to him by his father, the doctor who delivered these illegitimate brothers.

A black and white prologue shows their birth. Then with music reminiscent of Psycho we see a title sequence designed by Adam Rom that reminds us both of Psycho and North by Northwest. A double screen image then shows us the boys at their morning stroke session. Jason does his in bed; Will in the bathtub. (In the director’s commentary, director Blakk tells us that he got this idea from a film called WICKED WICKED, but Hitchcock was also fond of doppelgangers and double images—both in Psycho and Strangers on a Train.) The editing—which is absolutely super in the film—has both cum at the same instant. At the end of Jason’s, Rob Romoni as the collector barges in a gives Jason little time to come up with the $20,000. (Personally, I’d ask Jason to take it out in trade.) Meanwhile, good twin Will is washing the hair of a client, Andrew Addams and asking about where he can find some action. Stupid Andrew doesn’t say, “Right here with me,” but tells him about a men’s room at a highway rest area. Will wants to leave right away before he looses his nerve so he calls in Doug Jeffries to take over for him. Doug asks Andrew if he would like the “full treatment”. Andrews says, yes; and a bare-chested Alex Leon comes in, kneels before Andrew, unzips his trousers and starts sucking his dick. Soon Andrew is sucking on Doug’s; then both go to work on Alex with Andrew going down all the way. When Andrew fucks Doug, Alex gets behind Andrew and slips it to him. Later, with Doug fucking Andrew, Alex will make Doug the man-in-the-middle. These guys really appear to be into one another (no pun intended), and the scene sizzles.

By coincidence, Jason arrives at the same rest stop toilet as Will. (Andrew must be right about this being a popular place.) Will is in the toilet by a glory hole and so doesn’t see that the guy who has just entered and who is pushing his dick through the glory hole towards him is his double. Before Will can get up his courage to suck it, Paul Johnson opens the stall door and Will escapes like a scared rabbit. Paul is momentarily taken aback by the fact the two guys looked alike but his desire for the sexy Jason blots all other thoughts from his mind. He goes for Jason’s cock. The gorgeous Jason sucks dick, too; nor is he averse to getting fucked when Paul bends him over the sink and shoves it to him. Then as Jason sits on the sink, Paul sits on Jason. I really lost it with the next position—Jason lying back on the sink and Paul giving it to him missionary. (My favorite position!) Another flip-flop, with Paul and Jason trading places, ends the scene.

When Rob who had been tailing Jason sees Will flee from the restroom and get into a different car, he begins to suspect something so he goes to check out the birth records. The night janitor Sal Corelli will not take a bribe for fear of losing his job, and as he is married with two children it would appear that Rob cannot use sex as a means of coercion, but he is not one to give up without trying and Sal is soon on his knees. It’s yet another good sex scene where we get the feeling that these guys are really turned on by one another and so we get involved, too. At its conclusion, Sal is left a contented cat on the sofa as Rob finds the birth certificates and discovers Jason has a twin.

It is time now for Jason to set his plan in order: to get his brother to take the fall for him. Will is startled to see a replication of himself standing in his apartment, but Jason puts him at ease. The ensuing dialogue between the two using the split screen is not properly aligned, but that is a minor quibble with the incredible photography and editing that is to follow when Jason asks his virgin brother to let him “be the first”. This is so well-done that we find it easy to believe that Jason does indeed have a twin. They appear to suck one another’s cocks and fuck one another. (In the Behind the Scenes, I recognized Danny Rhymes who was so sensational in THE APPRETNTICE 2 as the double. What a beautiful combo they make!)

Jason has given his brother the ring in order to switch identities with him. Rob arrives on the scene to kill Jason and……

It’s a thriller, so I really should reveal the ending. Besides, this is one you will definitely want to watch.

The Extras are excellent. Not only can we watch the film with a commentary by Jett Blakk and Rob Romoni, but there’s also a super solo by Nick Piston, a sexy dude with close-cropped hair on his head, and a nice bit on his chest. His balls have two safety pin type piercings.

I highly recommend this one. The sex is scorching and Jason Ridge is a real star. Jason also appears in this studio’s THE BOMBARDIER that I hope to get and review later. Everyone on the set had the hots for Jason, we are told in the commentary. You will, too.

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