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Studio: Anarchy
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Narcassist:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Narcassist overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Narcassist Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Narcassist Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Narcassist Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Narcassist Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Narcassist DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Narcassist A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/29/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 133 min.

Production Date: 6 / 16 / 2004

Director: Ariana Jollee - US Version. Although I havenít seen it, Iíve heard that Otto Bauer is credited as director on the European version. Although Iíd love to believe that it was all Ariana, I have no doubt that with the lack of ethics Anarchy has continually shown that theyíd be more than happy to just slap a popular starís name on somebody elseís work to increase their sales.

Cast: Ariana Jollee, Sophia, Jackie Moore, Katrina Kraven, Jada Fire, Audrey Hollander, Brian Surewood, Benjamin Bratt, Tony T., Seth Dickens, Bad Bob, Buster Good, and Otto Bauer

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Iím always nervous when stars move behind the camera, yet Ariana has such a wonderful nasty side that I have a bit of hope here. Unfortunately, I canít have too high of expectations because Anarchy has shown themselves to be a piece of crap that doesnít give a ratís ass about their customers due to their continual string of lies on the covers of almost every one of their titles Iíve seen. I think itís a pretty even split with half of me watching this one to see what Ariana can do and the other half wondering if she has enough pull that Anarchy can release a DVD without lying to their customers. Sadly, I wouldnít bet on it since the last DVD I watched of theirs without false advertising was released over two years ago and was one of the first five DVDs they released.

Initial Reaction: Ariana shows some potential, but it never fully developed.

Who Should Watch It : Extreme sex fans

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a movie with good technically qualities or consistency

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty good. Itís clear and nicely balanced, and I didnít notice any background noises. The video is okay. It has a softer feel that just doesnít seem right for it and thereís quite a bit of overlighting. You also get to see the crew a little when it doesnít seem like you should and a lot of flashes from cameras. Thereís also an odd breakdown that occurs shortly before one hour forty three minutes for a couple seconds.

Music: Thereís some electronic music during the masturbation / tease portion of each scene. Itís dominates the audio for that portion of the scene, and is the only time thereís music in the movie. It has an electric style thatís nothing outstanding, but is decent and doesnít feel like the typical porno music.

False Advertising: Anarchy continues to act like a $2 Bangkok whore. You may get the big thing youíre supposed too, but youíre also going to get fucked if you believe everything youíre told. Here they advertise Direct Scene & Action Access, which to me means that thereís more than just a chapter menu. A chapter menu is direct scene access. Direct scene and action access means something more, that you can choose which part of the scene to go to or that you have the ability to go directly to specific sex acts. That ability isnít included in here, so Anarchy continues its string of penalties due to false advertising with another half point penalty against the overall score.

Menus: The menus are okay. The main menu has a little animation combined with a still that gives an okay first impression. The chapter menu shows some nice care, and lets you choose a scene based on a still of the girl or girls in each scene along with their names.

The Feature

Everyone has deep and dark desires, whether they want to admit it or not. Ariana is the NarcASSist, and has a deep and dark desire for ass, especially her own. Here she steps behind the camera, and captures four other women who share that love before finishing things up herself. She normally starts with herself and the girl in the scene diddling themselves, and then moves on to the main event.

Scene 1 - Katrina Kraven, Jackie Moore, and Benjamin Brat

Heavily tattooed brunette Katrina starts things out diddling herself wearing only fluorescent colored bracelets, stockings, and a belt while Ariana watches her doing a big of the same. Things magically cut to Katrina and Jackie bent over with glass dildos taped into their ass as Ben and Ariana (with her camera) examines them. He works the toy in and out of Jackieís ass, and has Katrina come back to help him work on her. He has Katrina suck his cock a little before he fucks Jackieís ass from behind, and she doesnít shy away from sucking it more after itís been in Jackieís ass. The girls trade places so Katrina can have her ass warmed up as Jackie takes plenty of ass to mouth action. Jackie appears to move up so Katrina can eat her while Ben fucks her holes before moving below to lick Katrinaís pussy and suck Benís cock while they fuck. Jackie lays back for a little anal missionary with Katrina riding her tongue and both of them sucking her toes before the girls team up to give Ben a full oral going over. He rewards them with some anal pile driving and more ass to mouth. Finally, Ben pops his load into Jackieís mouth so she can swap it over to Katrina before they kiss.

This is a hot scene. The girls both look like they love the anal and the intense feel of the scene. They put in plenty of energy and never look to shy away from anything. The camera work is occasionally a bit weak, and there were a few times I would have liked a slightly different angle. The editing also seemed a little off at times, but not worse than most movies. This is a hot first scene and definitely sets the mood for Arianaís first movie right.

Scene 2 - Sophia and Buster Good

After Ariana and Sophia diddle themselves in a tight staircase, things cut to Sophia taking Buster into her throat. Buster, who has so many tattoos that I canít help but wonder how long he spent as somebodyís prison bitch, mouths off constantly and spits down on her as Sophia sucks him. Sophia magically moves up to ride him cowgirl style before letting him fuck her from behind in each of her holes. Sophia also gets in a little reverse cowgirl anal before they go back to doggie. Finally, Buster pops his load in Sophiaís ass. He has her push it out onto his hand so he can feed it to her. Ariana comes in for the big finale so Sophia can swap it to her and then swallows it down.

This scene didnít do a lot for me. Sophia does an okay job and shows some potential, but thanks to Busterís involvement I actually lost wood for this scene. I think Wesley Pipes could give him tips on how to shut his mouth, and the start of a beer belly and tattoos doesnít do anything for me. Sophia seemed to be pretty into it, but with Busterís mouthing off I couldnít help but feel like he didnít really care too much about her. The scene also seemed a little off to me because the camera felt like it was deliberately trying to avoid showing any of Buster. If heís that fugly, he really shouldnít be in front of the camera at all. The best part of the scene was definitely the anal creampie to cumswapping to swallow finish. This scene edged past the average mark thanks to Sophia, but not by much.

Scene 3 - Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer, and Bad Bob

Redheaded cutie Audrey diddles herself with Ariana for the third scene before Otto magically appears to face fuck her while Bad Bob spanks her ass. They quickly take her from cowgirl anal to a double anal to a double penetration, and repeatedly move back and forth between her holes. They work her through cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie, with Otto constantly dominating Audrey and talking down to her about what a dirty whore she is. Audrey encourages it all, and seems like she encourages them to see how far they can push her. She has each of the guys cum in her ass when theyíre ready, and before she can squeeze it out Ariana comes in to check it out. She shoves four fingers into Audreyís ass and then eats the cum she pulls out off her fingers. She even licks up what fell out from the sheet they were fucking on before concentrating on Audreyís ass as she tries to see if she can squeeze out the last little bit. Finally, they finish things up with a kiss.

Scenes like this are very hit and miss for me. It takes a special girl, the right guys, and the right camera work to make it work for me. This one didnít work that well for me. Audrey looks to get into it very well, but she seems to be trying to be extreme for extremeís sake rather than being a natural progression of the sex. I know that Audreyís a nasty, nasty girl so maybe this is natural for her but it just doesnít feel quite that way here to me. That said, after seeing Audrey in a few other scenes I wouldnít doubt that this would be fairly natural for her, and thereís a few comments that Audrey makes in the behind the scenes that also makes me feel better about her job here. I also donít like guys who have to constantly run off at the mouth, which Otto did throughout the entire scene. It works better than a lot of other scenes because Audrey encourages it in a way that itís almost like banter between the two of them. Finally, thereís the camera work. Here, the camera work seemed primitive and almost amateurish. The set looks like itís an old warehouse, and as the camera moves around you get to see people clear enough that you can tell itís Jimmie D. on one of the cameras as well as seeing other guys that appear to be in the crew just sitting around and watching it. This is a scene that I can see a lot of extreme porn fans really liking, but although Audrey has really impressed me in the past this one just didnít work for me.

Scene 4 - Jada Fire and Seth Dickens

After Ariana diddles herself a little, Seth shows up to go down on black the bald beaver of Jada, who looks great in her knee high black platform boots and black bra with her big fat owl titties hanging out. Jada rewards him by giving his cock a free, all expense paid trip into her throat before letting him energetically fuck her missionary style while she talks down to him. She sucks Sethís cock clean of her pussy juices before turning around so he can give it to her doggie style. They go back for a little more missionary work before Seth gives it to Jadaís ass from behind. She sucks his cock clean again before letting him bone her butt as she lies on her side and her back. They even get in a little anal pile driver before Seth stuccos Jadaís face so Ariana can lick it clean.

This is a pretty average scene. Jada seems to be really into Sethís cock, and looks completely exhausted at the end of the scene, but Seth just seemed to be there. He had some fairly obvious wood problems, and had trouble pile driving Jadaís ass because of it. Finally, the camera work and set didnít do much for me. The camera work seemed overly focused on the penetration and had some fast zooms and edits. Combined with the set, it also gave this scene a feeling that I can only describe as looking cheap. Jada had the potential to make this a great scene, but there just seemed to be too much against her.

Scene 5 - Ariana Jollee, Otto Bauer, Brian Surewood, and Tony T.

After Ariana plays with her glass dildo a little, sheís joined by the boys. She works her mouth between them before jumping on Ottoís not quite hard cock to give her pussy a little attention. Tony takes his turn next fucking her pussy from behind before trading back and forth with Otto. After Ariana begs for a little butt loving the guys grant her request. They take turns working Arianaís ass over in a few positions, and of course let her have a taste whenever she wants. They also take her to a double penetration for a bit before taking it the next step and double stuffing Arianaís ass. They move her around to double stuff her holes through the cowgirls and even double stuff her in mid-air as they move her around. Through it all, Ariana looks like sheís in complete primal lust and enjoying every moment. Finally, the guys pop all around the garage they fuck in, from on tire rims to on the car parked in the garage.

This is a good scene to end the movie on. Ariana puts out everything oneís come to expect from her. She looks like a complete cock hungry slut, and by the end of the scene youíre amazed that it only took three guys to satisfy her. Both Ariana and the guys urge each other on throughout the entire scene, and thereís a pretty decent feeling of chemistry through it. Thereís a cheap feeling to the scene again due to it appearing like it was shot in the back corner of Anarchyís warehouse, but Ariana does a good enough job that I was able to get past it for much of the time. This is a very hot scene, and Iím pretty sure itíll turn Arianaís legion of fanboys into drooling fools for a little while after they watch it.

The NarcASSist is a nice debut for Ariana behind the camera, but a pretty average movie overall. Ariana has some nice things going for her that should make her very worthwhile behind the camera. Sheís a girl who I believe cares about her fans and what they want, and also knows something about nasty sex. Sheís assembled a group of girls who seem to have the same love of nastiness that she does, and they never seem to back off through the movie. Itís a toss up whether Ariana puts out the best scene here or whether than honor goes to Katrina Kraven and Jackie Moore taking on Ben Bratt, but both scenes are nasty and have a very believable feeling that helps them to end up on the top of the pile. I also found the movie pretty inconsistent. While some scenes I had a hard time tearing my eyes away from, others I was distracted by the slightest sound and had a hard time not reaching for the remote. The problems lie throughout the movie, and I think are due to most everything other than the female cast. Benjamin Brat easily leads the male talent here, with Otto Bauer coming in a close second, but guys like Seth Dickens and Buster Good only hold the action back while looking barely competent. The camera work is highly varied and inconsistent. In one scene it will be nicely balanced between shots and the next it feels almost like itís shot from a tripod or it gives you multiple views of the crew. As the movie goes on, it also feels like it runs out of budget. The locations arenít much different from those used on other sets, but something about the presentation of them here makes it seem like the budget was so low here that there wasnít enough money left to buy an entire box of HoHos for the cast and crew to share. Through all those problems, I canít help but have hope for Ariana behind the camera. The NarcASSist edges its way past the average mark sexually, but not by much.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Anal Life, Blasted, Internal Explosions 2, and Border Hoppers. The photo gallery includes about two dozen full screen photos, a good portion of which are completely messed up. They look like they should have been snapshots, but due to Anarchyís technical ineptitude theyíre stretched out to the full screen ratio. Thereís also website information and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts nearly twenty minutes. It nicely moves between shooting the scenes, the stars before and after the scenes, and other fun around the set for all five of the scenes. You also get a few of the still photos being shot and see some of the help and tips Arianaís given (or has to put up with) on the set. Thereís quite a bit of personality here, and makes this a featurette thatís worth checking out if youíre a fan of Ariana, the cast, or the movie.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, masturbation, toys, anal, group, ass to mouth, lesbian, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), spanking, cumswapping, cream pies (anal), cumfarting, cumeating, swallowing, double anal, and interracial

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Anarchyís DVDs can be found online for between about $10 and $25, with several stores offering them for under $15. Rent this one first or aim low. Thereís some good extreme sex here, but enough of the movie didnít work for me that it doesnít have much replay value for me. The technical aspects also have a few minor problems, but there is a bit of effort put into the extras.

Note to Anarchy: It doesnít take any more effort to be honest with people in your advertisements than it does to be dishonest. You should try it sometime.

Note to Ariana Jollee: For a first time outing behind the camera, you showed some nice potential. I hope that you find a studio who can nurture that talent and donít get dragged down by a company who canít even be honest with the people giving it money to keep it around. The industry can use a few good women behind the camera, and I really hope you make it!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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