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Studio: Anarchy
Category:  All Sex
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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JAGnLA's ratings for Narcassist:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Narcassist overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Narcassist Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Narcassist Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Narcassist Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Narcassist Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Narcassist DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Narcassist A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by JAGnLA  on  3/9/2005

My initial reaction to Ariana Jollee as a performer was lukewarm. Hell, physically she is sexy as all hell - exactly my type. However, I wasn't lit afire by the sexual pyrotechnics of her early work. This reviewer viewed her as another pretender to the extreme throne...someone trying hard to get noticed quickly via shock value who would probably end up on Kinda the Howard Stern of porn. I was wrong.

Later works showed Ariana not to be a poser but the real-deal. As her library grew, it became apparent that Jollee was not just a flash in the pan. I won't say she's not in the business for the money (thats just silly!), but she is genuinely enjoying her work. There appears to be much more involved here than just fucking. A philosphy? a creed? Who knows, but there is definitely an intellect and a will to explore the erotic at play here. in this, her first foray into directing, she takes the audience along on a wild and imaginative ride.

Scene 1
Scene one begins with Ariana being photographed while in turn capturing Katrina Kraven playing with herself. Katrina is definitely a wise choice in casting - a hottie who seems to share Jollee's imagination and dark side. This masturbation scene is one of the most intense I have viewed in quite awhile, as we actually are treated to two separate teases. While we watch the luscious Katrina's efforts via Ariana's camera, we also get to see the desired effect this has on Ariana herself. All in all, the set-up alone could've served as an entire scene alone. But it doesn't. Jackie Moore appears and joins Katrina. The two carnalists are beside each other, doggy style with butt-plugs inserted into their willing anuses. (anai?) Enter Benjamin Bratt and the scene truly begins. There is plenty of adoring caresses, rimming, digital foreplay and anal play (of course), as well as some truly great 3rd party Ass to Mouth by both women. Various interesting positions ensue, basic anal, anal with simultaneous female oral and piledriver all keep the pace going well until Bratt uncorks a facial on Moore that the girls swap. Ariana ends the scene by joining in on the cum-swap! WOW!

Scene 2
Scene two makes clear what the significance of the title is. As any true Narcassist would, Ariana cannot keep herself separatae and apart from the action in this disc. She insist on insinuating herself into the action and demands her own pleasure. Normally, I would find this hubris distracting, but hell -thats the point of this movie and it works well here.

Ariana joins Sophia in this next scenario. We see shots of both ascending a staircase and begin to manipulate themselves, Arina bringing the act to fruition. Sophia, however, does not. She is not satisfied and moves onto furiously blowing a male costar. For those who enjoy a good messy BJ, this is a great one. Sophia, covered in the guy's spit, proceeds to salivate and spit all over the illustrated man's cock. I'm all for messy head, but the constant use of gagging is becoming a little old for me by now. Sophia herself is pretty. Not a stunner by any means, but she does have a cute smile and pretty eyes to go with a decent figure. While she does not compare, energy-wise to Kraven or Jollee, but the sex is well-shot, with the stairwell adding nice angles and depth of perception to the action. I found the shot-from-below action of the reverse cowgirl anal especially exciting, but the angles worked extremely well for the regular cowgirl, anal and very deep doggie also. The scene ends narcassisitically enough with Ariana sharing in the fruits of an anal creampie with Sophia.

Scene 3
It appears that Ariana favors orange and black, as we see her wearing in this scene. Good enough, but both the first scene and this one seem to suffer from that coloring. There is a reddish-orange haze that permeates both scenes. It was easy enough to dismiss in the inital scene - but here it becomes distracting. Add to that Audrey Hollander's total lack of color and the entire thing just doesn't look right. The action is hot enough, with Ariana again bringing herself off before we join Audrey mid-fellatio. I must admit that while her looks aren't my cup of tea, Hollander does look fetching in her lingerie and accepts a totally violent gagging face-fuck. She seems exceptionally into the action, staring the camera down as she goes from one cock to another (there are two in the scene). Excellent casting again, Ariana, as Audrey is another extreme-girl who can filth-talk with the best of them while gaging on a throatful of dick. The scene includes some ferocious and deep anal with a couple gaping shots (for those of you into that useless gimmick). She even does double anal in the reverse cowgirl position that just about had this reviewer done for the day. Performance-wise, their is no denying the heat this pale skinned redhead brings to this scene. As hardcore as the guys get, she's with them every step of the way - urging them on and vocalizing her pleasure.

It ends with Ariana stepping in to taste another anal creampie...this time a double! By now I am actually looking forward to Jollee jumping into the action!

Scene 4
Ahhhhh...Jada Fire. Has any sperm-catching female virtuoso ever been so apty monikered. Hell "Fire" would have sufficed. This awesomely endowed and comely Ebony seductress has a body that screams SIN! and a demeanor that answers that charge. I have been enjoying her rise to the top of the cum-heap and have thoroughly enjoyed every disc I have seen her in. For those out there who bemoan the seeming lack of truly hardcore Black women in the industry - Jada is your answer. She has easily outshone other performers in much of her Afro-Centric work, but I wondered how she would fare in this casting with each actress being equally extreme as the next. She aquits herself quite nicely, thank you. Jada combines Hollander's energy with her own sultry sexiness and the result may very well be a mahogany-hued Ariana Jollee!

Ariana again opens with a masturbatory tease wearing a great black fishnet top that I would love to see her in in person. There is a moment of strange editing here as we watch her play with herself and see a male counterpart dive into her muff - just as the camera cuts away??? Frustratingly enough, we are not treated to anymore of her, more tease I guess. What we do get, however, is Jada splayed on her back, receiving the same oral favors we just saw Jollee about to experience...fair trade, I guess. Ms. Fire seems to think so as she howls her way through this action. It is her vocal appreciation as much as those killer tits and sexy face that raise Jada above the fray And that energy hardly escapes her in this scene, as she is thoroughly and rather roughly screwed and analed in just about every position conceivable whilst bent over, on top of and leaning over a work-bench. This was one of those scenes this reviewer really enjoys, as it just seemed so plausible to insert oneself into the fantasy. Given the setting, who wouldn't take advantage of that bench and sample Jada every which way possible? She just is not a woman to be enjoyed in a single position! After administering a BJ (I still find this distracting to watch with the braces, though!), they begin a true and total missionary rutting with Jada at bench's end to allow for deeper penetration. She is pounding the table with her fists, long, dark tresses flying as she grunts "Oh My God" over and over in her raspy, throaty voice. SEXY! She then flips over for doggy. Some great shot from both behind and beneath angles here...We go missionary anal, doggy anal and also see some ass to mouth action before the real hardcore piledriving begins and she lets loose with the dirty talk. We end with a glorious;y copious cum-shot all over Jada's face, tits and abdomen. She is glazed to perfection and it is such an erotic sight against her skin that it spurs Ariana into the scene to sahre in her if we weren't expecting that!

This scene doesn't suffer from the same orange haze as some of the others. It is still there, but appears to complement Jada's mahogany skin tones well - although it does wash-out the more fair skinned male performer.

Scene 5
Mistress Director, being the true Narcassist that she has clearly shown herself to be, saves her own star-turn for last. It is a scorcher, with the only downside being the return of the "Orange-Fog-from-hell". As sexy as it is, the orange mesh top she wears may exacerbate this affect. Ariana's tease here is another great pussy-play scene. The thing that seems to set her masurbation scenes apart from most is the intense feeling of desperation she conveys. We never see Jollee just lounging and casusally playing with herself. No, showing the truly decadent jizz-jockey that she is, Ariana grabs, clutches and mauls hers breasts and vaginaf...desperately seeking sweet release. It draws the viewer in, making him/her urge her on - wishing to see her reach that sought culmination, truly needing so much to see her reach orgasm.

After pawing at her pussy for awhile Ariana is joined by not one - not two, but three cocks. Surely, the Queen must be sated. She serves up one hot triple BJ complete with saliva and deep gagging. Again, we are treated to about every conceivable fuck angle and position. Jollee's energy here cannot be matched by any others even in this cast. She hots, howls and grunts her way through missionary, cowgirl, standing doggy and reverse cowgirl before the anal begins. Of course, it wouldn't be an Ariana vid without some truly frenzied anal, double penetration and squirting - we are treated to all this and more. Ariana goes both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl on her way to a hardy double anal and even tosses some standing dp and ends with a flying double cowgirl anal against a sportscar! WHAT?! Amazing! She erotically cleans up not only the guys, but also the car - slurping up all the spent sperm.

This disc is definitely recommended viewing, but only if you like your energy high and your sex a little on the rough side. If the often over the top positioning, multiple insertions and violent spitting, etc. of gonzo porn is to your liking, run out and grab this title. Content-wise, Ariana is off to a great start in what I read is a 6 picture deal with Anarchy. The Narcassism theme is well explored here - and quite erotically. The enthusiasm that has become Jollee's trademark is also transferred well to her co-stars. Katrina and Jackie kicked things off very well and Jada and Audrey both brought the simmer to a boil. Although I am not personally that into Hollander's looks, she performs very well.

Technically, however, the color and lighting are definitely off. That orange affect began as a minor nuisance but grew to become a very noticeable distraction and I hope it is a one time problem. Were it not for this, the disc would probably be a five star catch for sure. With it I'm afraid three is the best I can do. I would say, however, that this is one of the hottest four-star movies I have ever watched.

Pretty much standard fare here: the movie, some behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery.

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