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Naked Hollywood 8

Naked Hollywood 8

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Comedy , Couples
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Naked Hollywood 8:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Naked Hollywood 8 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Naked Hollywood 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Naked Hollywood 8 Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Naked Hollywood 8 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Naked Hollywood 8 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Naked Hollywood 8 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naked Hollywood 8 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/15/2003

Running Time: 88 min. (includes just over 6 min. of recap of Naked Hollywood 7: Never Say Goodbye and 4 min. preview for Naked Hollywood 9)

Production Date: 5 / 17 / 2002

Director: Toni English

Cast: Nina Hartley, Dee, Keri Windsor, Asia Carrera, Kelsey, Shelbee Myne, Randy Spears, Dale DaBone, and Steven St. Croix

Initial Expectations: Iíve been very impressed with most of this series, and have high expectations here as well.

Initial Reaction: Itís the best episode in the series in quite a while.

Who Should Watch It : Couples looking for something light and with a bit of plot

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a strong plot or sex a little on the racier side

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects of Naked Hollywood 8 are some of the best Iíve seen and heard in this series for several episodes. The audio is clear and very nicely balanced. The video has some very slight grain, but is also very well lit with few shadows

Music: The music varies throughout the movie, but normally rests very quietly in the background.

Menus: The menus have the same style as the rest of the series. The main menu has some decent animation and the chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a scene number.

The Feature: Nina, Keri, Dee, and Asia are back. This time around theyíre hired by Steven St. Croix, Asiaís boyfriend who Keri slept with a few episodes ago, to play hookers in the background of one of his photo shoots. Steven has a dirty trick up his sleeve with it, but the girls arenít going to let it go unanswered.

Nina Hartley starts things off with Evan Stone. Unlike most scenes, this one starts out with the two of them fucking before Evan drops down to give her some oral pleasure. She returns the favor with a little head and rimming for Evan, but for those of you who are worried about this you donít have to be. Itís not showed at all graphically. Nina rides Evan cowgirl style but leans back so they can both see the good stuff and so Evan can get his thumb into her coochie as well. This really seems to get Nina off, and then they finish things up missionary style and Nina taking Evanís seed on her stomach.

I started liking this scene right away. Maybe it was that it felt a bit more original by not going with the standard oral / oral / fuck formula or maybe it was the obvious chemistry between Nina and Evan. Iím not sure how it would have worked, but I even hoped that the scene would end with Evan popping in Ninaís mouth when she went down on him to turn it into a complete reverse scene rather than having them go back to fucking. Even with it going back to fucking, itís a very nice scene with great chemistry and realistic energy.

Keri Windsor gets with Dale DaBone next. Keri teases Dale a little, including giving him a slow strip-tease, before letting him attack her gash with his tongue and fingers, and then returns the favor with one of her normally amazing blowjobs. Dale moves on to fuck her missionary and doggie style before giving her ass a creamy spunk shower.

This is a very nice scene that hits everything right. It isnít either nasty or soft, but has a good intensity that shouldnít scare couples away or leave them bored. Itís a great scene to show why this series is so great for couples.

Asia Carrera gets it on with egotistical movie star Randy Spears in the third scene after letting him know whoís wants are more important. She lets Randy suck her tits before he licks, fingers, and plays with her pierced pussy. Asia reciprocates nicely with some amazing smiling head with great eyes. She lets Randy fuck her from behind on the pool table before finishing it up missionary style and with Randyís cock cream on her pussy.

As usual, Asia and Randy work great together. I think I heard that they both love working with each other, and it sure looks like it here. Thereís plenty of smiles throughout the scene, as well as some nice energy. Itís an enjoyable scene that should please any fan of Asia Carreraís.

Dee and Shelbee Mybe get it on in the penultimate scene after showing Shelbee some of her art. Dee lets Shelbee drops down to tongue her pussy before Shelbee firmly grabs Dee by the hair and pulls her down to let her know itís time to pay the piper. Dee licks and rubs Shelbeeís snatch before Shelbee breaks out a dildo and works on Dee with it from behind while rimming her. They bring things to a close with some passionate kissing.

This is a good scene, but not great. Thereís some nice chemistry between Dee and Shelbee, but the scene moves very slowly and almost has a soft feel to it. I know that Toni English and Adam & Eve want to keep this series very couples friendly, but a little more energy would have helped it a lot by making it feel like it wasnít being held back.

Finally, Kelsey Heart, whoís been a personal favorite of mine for quite a while, takes on Steven St. Croix. They kiss as they enter Kelseyís place, and after she guides Steven to the couch she blindfolds him, which Steven doesnít resist at all. She gobbles his knob and tit-fucks him before climbing on to ride him as a condom magically appears on Stevenís shaft. After sliding up and down his shaft a few times and talking dirty to him almost constantly, Kelsey finally removes Stevenís blindfold. Finally, Kelsey lets Steven spear her sphincter both doggie and missionary style before taking Stevenís nutty goodness from her stomach all the way up to her face.

As usual, Kelsey really shines here. Sheís been a great butt slut in the past, and takes the anal with ease here while never leaving any doubt as to whether sheís enjoying herself throughout the scene. Kelsey and Stevenís chemistry shines here as well, with Kelseyís trash talking really raises this scene up another notch. In the end, I think this is easily the hottest scene in the feature as well as one of the hottest scenes Iíve seen in the entire Naked Hollywood series.

Naked Hollywood 8: Women on Top is a very nice addition to the series. The storyline is the best Iíve seen out of the last several episodes of the series. Itís fun and moves nicely without making the sex feel forced into it. I think this might have something to do with Lauren Montgomery retiring from the business. She did a great job in the first few episodes, but the last few things felt a little off as she had glorified cameos and very little sex. With Asia in the cast things flow much better, and the feel of Naked Hollywood 8 is going back to like it was in the beginning. The sex is also nicely done. The weakest scene here is between Dee and Shelbee Myne, and I only think that because it was extremely slow and felt held back. Steven St. Croix and Kelsey easily make up for that with what I think is probably the hottest scene Iíve watched so far in this series. Naked Hollywood 8: Women on Top gets the series back on track and is a nicely done couples movie.

Extras: Trailers are included for Carnal Witness, X-Girls, A Witchís Tail, and Taboo of Tarot. Bios are included for Nina Hartley, Dee, Keri Windsor, Asia Carrera, Shelbee Myne, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Dale DaBone, and Steven St. Croix. Each bio includes a photo of the star and a little personal information. Finally, thereís website information and a photo gallery that lasts about a minute and a half with about five seconds per dark and grainy photo.

The bonus scene features Steven St. Croix and Heather Lyn and comes from The Real Thing. In an excellent touch that makes me tip my hat to Adam & Eve, itís even presented in its original anamorphic widescreen format. Heather Lyn starts off straddling cowboy Steven as he sits on a bench so she can kiss him and he can kiss her nipples. She dismounts so she can drop to her chap covered knees and suck his cock right down to the base while rubbing her pussy. Heather moves up to fuck Steven in the very appropriate reverse cowgirl before letting him get behind her and ride her bare back. They finish it off with Steven popping his gun on her ass. Itís a pretty average scene. Several of the segments are very long, and thereís at least two spots which appears to be repeated at least once and possibly twice which really brought the scene down for me. Thereís also a bit of motion to some of the scene that might give some people motion sickness problems if theyíre very prone to it.

Themes: Straight, rimming (female > female and female > male), interracial, lesbian, toys, spanking, tit-fucking, B&D, and anal

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: Every scene except between Asia Carrera and Randy Spears

Overall: Currently, most of the Naked Hollywood series can be found online for between $8 and $22, with a couple stores offering them near the low end. At the low end, this should be a great steal for couples. The story is nicely done and has some hot sex to go with it. The technical aspects are also very nice, and thereís some decent extras to round out the package.

Note to Adam & Eve: A couple other chapters on this DVD would be nice. The recap of the previous episode and the preview for the next episode are great additions, but would be much better as their own chapters. The same can be said about the credits, as both the opening and closing credits are pretty sizable. Also, it would be nice if youíd list more of the cast than just the four ladies on the cover. You might draw in quite a few other people by the guest stars in each episode.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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