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Naked Hollywood 15 & 16

Naked Hollywood 15 & 16

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Comedy , Couples
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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RobHammer's ratings for Naked Hollywood 15 & 16:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Naked Hollywood 15 & 16 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by RobHammer  on  6/22/2003

Date of Production: 12/26/02

Produced by: Adam and Eve Productions

Edited by: J.J. Magan

Executive Producer: Emily Adams

Written and Directed by: Toni English

Naked Hollywood 15 The Body Beautiful

Running Time: 93 minutes

Female Cast: Dee, Nina Hartley, Asia Carrera, Keri Windsor, Christi Lake, Kim Chambers, Mia Smiles

Male Cast: Chris Cannon, Stephen St. Croix, John West, Anthony Hardwood, Ron Jeremy

General Comments: I can't keep track of the character names too, so I use screen names in the review. There is background music but it's low volume and unobtrusive.

Disc Problem: This has trouble in my player and the main menu freezes after about 1 minute.

Trailer: Last time on # 14

Scene 1: Keri Windsor and Anthony Hardwood
This opens with Nina as a radio talk show host, talking about relationships.

We are in the gym - everyone needs to keep in shape. Nina, Asia, Keri and Dee are talking. Nina says, "I just don't want to get caught in the Perfect Body syndrome."

Keri is alone with her trainer at the gym. Keri licks his belly and takes his pants off for a blow job. Muscle Man with his necklace and ear ring is in a groove, "Oh yes, oh yes." Keri takes him all the way in and licks his balls. Good foreplay, good sounds and energy here. This sure has me at attention. Off with the panties and it's doggy time - with condom. Hard thrusting and ass slapping. "Oh my God...hard," she says, "Pull my hair." He's breathing up a sweat. Full body shots and close-ups, we get both of them. He drops back on the couch for reverse cowgirl and she grinds and bounces her belly ring. They move to mish thrusting and Keri is intense. He is all muscles and sweat. Nice ass tattoo Keri. "Deeper, yes, yes," Keri says, "Oh my God." He pumps and cums on her belly. He rubs her hands on his and they kiss - a hot scene.

Scene 2: Mia Smiles and Stephen St. Croix
Back to the gym and Nina narrates. Ron and Chris talk as they pedal. Ron is a comedian, thinking he is in shape. Ron tries to pick up Asia. Asia tells Dee that she has a 'date' for a photo shoot.

Stephen has the camera on Asia and Mia as they pose. Asia and Stephen get into an argument because he wasn't supposed to shoot her face. Asia storms off. She's his ex. He's got to do the shoot with two girls for his client. Mia wants to know if she still gets paid, then wants to make him feel better. She gives him a sloppy blow job with make-up running from her eyes as she takes him all the way in. There are good sounds and hard sex, oh yeah, a condom too. She can grind and bounce RCG. He thumbs her ass doing doggy. They work through mish and some pile driving "fuck me harder." She does her clit and he's grunting and groaning. He rips off the condom and cums on her belly - more high energy here.

Scene 3: Keri Windsor and Kim Chambers
We are in the gym again. Ron gives Dee his number to have Tory (Asia) call him. She calls him old and he says she's no spring chicken. She throws out the number.

The scene cuts to the kitchen with Nina, Asia, Keri and Dee. Dee is worried about her 'crows feet' around her eyes. Asia and Dee are so concerned about their appearance. Nina tries to dispel the Beauty Myth. Keri hands Dee some cream for her crows feet. Asia asks Keri about her girlfriend. Girl/girl alert!

At the boxing ring, Kim comes over and picks a fight with Keri, "Stay away from my boyfriend." They get put in the ring for a cat fight. Keri's shirt comes off. Keri's pants get ripped off. The ref gets knocked down with Keri on top. Blonde's pants are coming down and the crowd is trying to pull them apart. The ref says, "Take them to the showers."

Kim gets out of the shower. Keri comes in and says, "Men suck." They make up and kiss. 3..2..1..Fast forward. There is the usual kissing, licking, titty sucking foreplay. What's with the 'footing' in the mouth? At 16x female bodies are flipping and flailing so fast I think they will fly off the screen. Where's the boy/boy scene? That must have been an oversight on the 'straight couples' menu. They finger and tongue each other's pussy. Kim cums hard and they tongue and kiss after.

Scene 4: Nina Hartley and John West
Closing the gym, the night manager walks in on Nina. She doesn't want to be body obsessed. They kneel on the mat for some of Nina's oral expertise. Nina's got on a red thong and he's wearing a gold chain. He holds her hair back and fucks into her mouth. He does a slow oral tease on her while she squeezes her breasts and turns her nipples. They do mish with a condom and good eye contact. Nina is the vocal one. He's a sweaty fuck machine. Switch to doggy. Nina's rippling buttocks get a good pounding from her mechanical stud fucker. He jerks on her back. He's actually alive and makes noise.

Scene 5: Chisti Lake and Chris Cannon
Jazz sax is playing and she puts the moves on him. It's sweet, soft foreplay as he works his way down to eat her pussy. Chris pulls off her panties and digs in. Smiling with delight, she leans back on the bed and breaths her approval. He does it all to rock her world and she cums on his mouth. There is a drum beat going and she can't wait to get hold of Chris. She licks it and blows on it - this is hot. These two really play well together. They work it through cowgirl and mish (with a condom). Chris is the silent type. We hear a lot more from her, but he is really getting into it. He does get vocal, "I'm gonna cum, right, now," then pulls out and blows a load from her belly to her neck. This is one of those scenes I can really place myself into. My original notes read like the cheer leading squad.

We are back at the gym with Chris and Jeremy. Jeremy is talking, "blah, blah, blah." Nina is on her radio show talking about health and working out.

Closing Credits: This is the real deal, unlike so much of porn. We see everyone that made the movie.

Trailer: Naked Hollywood # 16 - Brains or Beauty.

Photo Gallery
Biographies: Nina Hartley, Stephen St. Croix, Asia Carrera, Kim Chambers, Keri Windsor, Christi Lake, Chris Cannon
Bonus Scene: 23 min. from "Private Moments" with Nikita Denise, Chris Cannon, Ian Daniels

Naked Hollywood 16 Brains or Beauty

Running Time: 87 minutes

Female Cast: Dee, Nina Hartley, Asia Carrera, Keri Windsor, Kim Chambers, Maya Divine, Jade

Male Cast: Randy Spears, Scott Styles, Marty Romano, Nikko Knight

General Comments: Here are more copious, beer buzzed, cheer leading notes to wade through. I'm going to kill the blow-by-blow sports announcer style.

Disc Problem: The main menu freezes. I can't get to anything here, it's really stuck. I start pushing keys at random on the remote and finally the movie plays. I have trouble navigating through the extras and get stuck a lot.

Trailer: Last time on # 15

Scene 1: Dee and Jade
This opens with Nina on her radio talk show. A professional woman calls about her husband flirting with other women, but won't flirt with her - she's too much of a brain.

Nina, Keri, Asia and Dee talk about the sexual revolution and brains vs. beauty. The conversation revolves around men and bimbos. Dee says that's why she deals with women. Girl/girl alert! Jade is talking about an article that she's reading. Dee wants to fuck. Kiss me, caress me, "Oh yeah!" Slow split and lickety. There is lots of moaning and hip rocking. Sensuous background music plays and the clothes slowly disappear. There is more lickety splits with spit and a big dildo. They lick up the dildo and kiss.

I'm at half mast on this scene. I'm still searching for that elusive boy/boy scene in my 'straight couples' porn.

Scene 2: Asia Carrera and Nikko Knight
At the gym Asia and her old boyfriend Randy have a confrontation. His new bimbo girlfriend Maya steps in to get him to help with her workout.

Asia hooks up with Nikko. They make a shake in the kitchen. He makes a ring out of foil and puts it on her finger. There is hot foreplay in the kitchen and they undress piece by piece. They have fun in the kitchen, trading oral favors. This is all quality movie making too. It's a bare dick in pussy with some reinsertions as they work through a few positions. Very good energetic action, and nice sounds from them both. He's worked up a sweat and shoots on her belly. They kiss afterward.

Scene 3: Maya Divine and Randy Spears
Bimbo Pigtails is painting her toenails. There is a fire going in the fireplace as Mister Disinterest walks in. He watches a game on TV and she's trying to throw her body at him. They hilariously play out the male-female drama thing. She wants him and he's not interested but eventually concedes. She uses her teeth a little in this blowjob and likes to play with it. She does a little strip tease. He licks her toes then it's time to tease and please her with his tongue on her pussy. This is slow and sensual as they work it and grind it. Raw dick in pussy to slow jazz. He splooges her face and she takes him into her mouth. I'm waiting for him to kiss her but it doesn't happen. Well, a peck on the cheek and they laugh. He turns on the game and she rolls her eyes with his cum dripping from her chin. They do play their rolls very well.

Scene 4: Kim Chambers and Scott Styles
At the shower in the gym, Kim and Keri talk about Kim's men. All she is looking at is their physiques.

Kim and Clean Cut drool all over each others toned bodies. Wow - what a shot. Open wide baby and wrap those lips around his cock. Tickle his balls with your tongue as your mouth is up to the hilt with his cock (that's the cheer leading squad). This is a teasing eye contact blow job. She's sucking his balls and I'm waiting for her to go lower, but of course she doesn't. There is more good energy as he fingers her and she does her clit for a big "O". She's a talker, giving him direction to his moaning thrusts. No condom here either. Now he's talking and we get good eye contact. He cums on her tits at her request and she licks him after. They both love their own bodies.

Scene 5: Dee and Marty Romano
The four friends are in the kitchen. They decide to go pick up some really nice ugly guys at the gym.

At the gym Mr. Tattoo and Dee talk about looks. He gives her a nice compliment.

Neon signs light his room for slow rock to fuck by. Mr. Tattoo is gentle with the lady. Yep, it's a rocker's paradise. Mr. Tattoo is Mr. Average with his nipple piercing and gets good head and hand. 'Triple Lava Lamps, Fuck Boy' our cheer hero exclaims. Dee gets her crack munched. There is a condom here as we are rocking the world in kneeling mish. Bouncing Doggy and Sweaty Meat Stick slap bodies for good fucking. The bed creaks and she says, "Harder, harder." There is thick cum on her butt, and he strokes her for the finish.

Nina wraps it up on her radio show, "What are you looking for?" Brains, beauty...

Closing Credits

Trailer: Naked Hollywood # 17 - Lights Camera Action

Photo Gallery
Biographies: Dee, Marty Romano, Randy Spears, Maya Divine
Bonus Scene: 10 min. from "Unforgettable" with Jewel De'Nyle and Julian

Themes: Straight, couples, girl/girl

Overall: I've read other reviews on this series and this is the first title I've watched. This is very professionally done. It's humorous good- natured fun. It has all the ingredients in the straight porn recipe including a girl/girl scene. I had trouble identifying the cast because the biographies aren't complete.

Personal Comments: Mrs. Hammer doesn't like girl/girl scenes in her 'straight couples' porn and it probably annoys me more than her. Don't get me wrong here. I genuinely enjoy watching bi-women if they are genuinely enjoying each other to get off. But I'll reserve that for my 'bi couples' porn (that must have been another oversight on the menu).

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at

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