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My Virtual: Teacher Jayna

My Virtual: Teacher Jayna

Studio: Bouncy Pictures
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
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walter's ratings for My Virtual: Teacher Jayna:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
My Virtual: Teacher Jayna overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks My Virtual: Teacher Jayna Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks My Virtual: Teacher Jayna Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex My Virtual: Teacher Jayna Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting My Virtual: Teacher Jayna Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras My Virtual: Teacher Jayna DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Virtual: Teacher Jayna A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by walter  on  6/14/2005
My Virtual: Teacher Jayna
Studio: Bouncy Pictures
Director: Ty Endicott
Cameraman: Ty Endicott
Run Time: 58 minutes

Starring: Jayna Oso

Note: There is a MPEG4 feature advertised on the box which I did not view.

My Virtual: Teacher Jayna is an Interactive DVD. Jayna is your teacher and you have been a very bad student. She tells you that if you keep up the poor job you are doing in class, she is going to have to fail you. But if you are a very good student, then she will reward you!

Although Jayna is a bit younger than I would expect to be playing the role of teacher, she does a great job.

Here is an outline of the action:

I. Start Adventure
A. Learning Assignment (5 minutes)
B. Study Break (3 minutes)
C. Pop Quiz (5 minutes total)
II. Foreplay Menu
A.Make Her Strip (6 minutes)
B.Grope Her (7 minutes)
C.Eat Her Pussy (4 minutes)
III.Sex A. Get BJ (6 minutes)
B. Missionary (4 minutes)
C. Doggie (3 minutes)
D. Cowgirl (3 minutes)
E. Make Her Swallow (2 minutes)
IV. Special Features
A. Gogo Extreme (3 minutes)
B. Photo Gallery
C. Trailers (7 minutes total)
i.) Smokin BJs 2
ii) Let’s Make A Porno
iii) Smokin’ POV 5
iv) Worship This Bitch 3
v) My Virtual Mistress Melissa
vi) My Virtual Cheerleader Jackie
vii) My Virtual Hooker Naomi

Learning Assignment:
Jayna is dressed in a black blouse with white polka dots and a white mini-skirt with a black garter belt and stockings. Her clothes help you get into the game; it is the type of outfit that a teacher might wear, but a bit more revealing (this is a porno, after all). Your attention is drawn to her legs and the tops of her stockings peeking out of her mini-skirt as she crosses and uncrosses them casually. She scolds you for not paying attention to your lesson.

Study Break:
Here Jayna gives you a tease and offers a glimpse of what is to come if you are a good student.

Pop Quiz:
Jayna gives you a four question pop quiz, one question at a time. You are given four different choices. Each of the incorrect choices has its own unique response from Jayna. You get a little tease for each question which you answer correctly.

This was an entertaining section and I enjoyed it, although it was more fun than erotic.

The Foreplay and Sex sections contain pretty much what you would expect given their titles (as you can read, there is no anal) except for the Eat Pussy section. The Eat Pussy section attempts to provide you with a “Point Of View” perspective of Jayna’s pussy while you are licking it, which is of course impossible. It seems even more preposterous because her pussy remains completely dry while you are supposedly lapping away at it. I think this section could have worked better if you were really eating her pussy and the camera focused on her upper body and face so you could watch her reactions.

Gogo Extreme:
This section splits the screen into several (6 or 8, if I recall correctly) smaller screens and plays highlights (including audio) of all the sex scenes simultaneously. It was kind of cool, but not a huge bonus in my opinion.

Ultimately what brings this DVD down is how the virtual section was created and organized. You can not switch from one position or activity to another without moving back to the Foreplay menu or Sex menu and then selecting whatever you want. This is highly frustrating and disruptive. Also, once a section or activity is finished, you are automatically brought back to the Foreplay menu or Sex menu where you must once again make a choice.

Here are some suggestions to Bouncy Pictures that would have fixed these problems and made this DVD more enjoyable:

1. Give the viewer an option of watching all the sections in succession without interruption. Although this option would basically remove the interactive aspect of the DVD, it would have been an improvement in this case. I don’t imagine that this would be very difficult or expensive to do.

2. Incorporate a “looping” feature where the section would repeat automatically until you choose something else.

3. Put the Sex and Foreplay menu at the top of the screen, above the picture. This would enable the viewer to switch directly to the activity of their choosing without having to disrupt the action by moving to a separate menu screen.

I have seen suggestions 2. and 3. used in Digital Sin’s interactive DVDs and they are effective solutions. Suggestion 1. seems like it would be easy to do, if you don’t have the resources to accomplish suggestions 2 or 3.

I really like the idea of an interactive (or even just point of view) DVD that focuses on a single starlet and incorporates a theme, like Bouncy has done here. If Bouncy corrects the problems I have described they might create some real winners. However, these problems prevent me from recommending this DVD to other viewers.

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