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My Virtual Misty

My Virtual Misty

Studio: Anarchy
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
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astroknight's ratings for My Virtual Misty:
Overall Rating 1 star
My Virtual Misty overall rating 1 star
Female Looks My Virtual Misty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks My Virtual Misty Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex My Virtual Misty Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Virtual Misty Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Virtual Misty DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Virtual Misty A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  5/27/2004

The Little Details

Running Time: 67 min.

Production Date: 11 / 12 / 2003

Director: Jon Yuma

Cast: Misty Rain and “you” (played by Chad Thomas)

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I’ve enjoyed Misty plenty in the past, but for some reason this one scares me.

Initial Reaction: The sex is good, but that’s about it.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Misty Rain

Who Should Avoid It: Fans of virtual sex and anybody who wants what the cover advertises

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and pretty well balanced, and I don’t think I noticed any other background noises. The video is okay. Jon Yuma normally has a bit of an artistic feel, and it shows here. The video has some slight grain and the colors are bleached out slightly due to what I’m guessing is a fair amount of natural light being used. Yuma’s artistic style often works well for me, but it’s out of place here and actually interferes with the action.

Music: None

Disc Complaints & False Advertising: Let’s start with the quick and easy stuff, the disc complaints. During the toy portion of the scene, you get a large Phallix watermark in the bottom corner of the screen. It stays there consistently, but is also extremely obtrusive and feels like a huge commercial in the middle of a porno.

Almost all of the cover claims are deceptive. The cover claims features such as Multi-angle, Point of View (POV), Extreme Interactive, Personal Lap Dance, Strip Tease, Masturbation, Letterbox & Theater Formats, and Cum Shots at the push of a button. Almost all of these are pushing it, some are completely false, and some are downright laughable. The strip tease and masturbation are part of the feature, just like they are in every other virtual title I’ve experienced. At this rate I wonder why they didn’t include blowjobs and fucking on the list as well. The Letterbox & Theater formats is also fairly laughable, as well as fairly deceptive. First, by making it sound like the formats are two different things, it puts forward the idea that one of the formats in anamorphic widescreen, which is isn’t. Second, the format really isn’t a bit deal as all of the choices are put in the black bar area of the non-anamorphic widescreen picture. As for the multi-angle and POV, I was never able to change angles and the camera angles changed a fair amount through the feature rather than just allowing the one POV shot. Finally, if there’s a personal lap dance on the DVD, I wasn’t able to find it.

Then there’s the bonus feature claims such as an extra POV scene and multiple layer menus. There’s an extra scene, but I wouldn’t call it a POV scene. Yes, it has some POV shots, but I didn’t see much difference between it and most other scenes. The multiple layer menus seems laughable to me, as I only saw five menu screens, the main menu, a menu screen to let you jump directly to a specific point in the sex or foreplay, the extras menu, and the menu to let you choose a trailer to view.

Yes, technically much of what they say on the cover is true, but it’s also done in a way that suggests it might be something more, and that left me feeling ripped off. I can’t help but wonder if the guys who put together the cover claims here were selling computer keyboards if they’d point out special features such as a space bar that’s wider than the other keys or that it has a cord so that you can move it to where you want it. Things like the commercial watermark in the middle of the feature didn’t help my feelings about the disc. It all works together here to the point that I’m penalizing the overall score a full point and a half.

Menus: The menus are extremely simple. The main menu has a little clip of the movie, but you can barely see it and it doesn’t really help things out that much. There’s also four unanimated submenus which aren’t overly impressive although they do serve a nice purpose.

The Feature

My Virtual Misty lets you have a little say in some action featuring the lovely Misty Rain. For those not familiar with Misty, you should be. She’s a cute and extremely spunky brunette with a pierced navel and nipples and an incredible natural body. Misty always comes across as very outgoing and is well known for putting on one of the best live shows a person could dream of. These things work together to make her an excellent choice for a virtual title.

The virtual action gives you many of the standard choices. For foreplay, Misty will give you a tease, strip for you, masturbate with her fingers or a dildo, and even titty fucks you. Misty lets you fuck her with the dildo and sucks your cock, as well as letting you fuck her in a variety of positions. You can take Misty missionary style, spooning her, from behind, and in both cowgirls. Finally, Misty takes a very nice facial.

Throughout it all, Misty does a very good job. She’s very energetic, very vocal, and has nice chemistry with Chad / you. She overdoes it a bit, but is enjoyable enough to watch the whole time that I really didn’t care. I was close to laughing a couple times, but Misty makes it fun. The sex isn’t perfect, but it is a lot of fun and very enjoyable.

One of the biggest problems with many virtual titles is the pop shots. Some companies use a very amusing computerized pop shot and some just have one pop. Anarchy goes with the latter here, and it ends up good but sad. Chad delivers a very nice and very real pop which Misty handles very well. At the same time it’s sad because by having only one pop it appears extremely cheap and fairly shoddy.

The problem with the virtual action comes in with the mechanism. Misty is nicely framed in the center of the screen with the non-anamorphic aspect and the choices put above and below the action in the black bars. This is an okay idea, but it’s not done that well here because they choices are forced into one horizontal line. The choices appear small and cramped, and are so close to the action that they almost intrude on it. The other problem is that basically they’re just a glorified chapter menu. In most virtual sex features, the action is worked around loops. If you want to visualize yourself fucking the featured girl cowgirl style, the loop keeps playing until you tell her to do something else. The girl is supposed to be at your command, so unless you command her to do something else, she doesn’t. That isn’t the case here. Here the action is one long scene. Yes, there are a few breaks, but mostly the action feels like you’re just watching a scene and the choices are just a quick way to jump to another chapter. Yes, I know that this means you have control of the scene, but it’s not extremely interactive as the cover claims.

The feeling of just watching a big scene continues with the camera angles. The only multiple angles that I found here were that more than one camera was used, and the editor sliced the camera angles together. Sometimes there’s the POV view to let you project yourself into the scene, but just as often is a different view. Maybe I’m a little slow, but I’m not sure how the heck I’d be looking at Misty’s face while spooning her or having her ride me revere cowgirl style when she’s looking straight ahead if it’s supposed to be from my POV. There’s also plenty of times where the camera doesn’t seem able to frame Misty quite right in the view you’re given or gets a little of Chad in the shot. Just as this isn’t extremely interactive, it also doesn’t let you place yourself in the scene due to the angles.

All in all, My Virtual Misty is one heck of a disappointing release, and shouldn’t at all reflect on the job done by Misty Rain. Misty does a fantastic job here, and plays to the camera every bit as well as one would hope. She’s energetic, vocal, and appears focused on making her scene one that her fans can use to fantasize about taking her on. The problem is all on Jon Yuma and Anarchy’s end. I’ve often liked what I’ve seen from Jon Yuma, but his focus is completely wrong for this movie. He seems to have approached it just like he would for every other movie rather than focusing on it to have a virtual aspect where the viewer can put themselves in the scene. If this wasn’t a virtual movie, with a minor change or two this would have been extremely impressive. If that’s not enough, rather than matching the job Misty does, it looks like Anarchy decided that they should spend approximately the same amount as what most people spend on a large pizza with all the toppings on the virtual mechanism. It’s just a glorified chapter menu and one of the worst attempts I’ve seen towards virtual sex. My Virtual Misty is definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of Misty Rain due to the job Misty does, just make sure that you do it as cheap as possible and don’t go in expecting much of a virtual movie.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for eighteen other Anarchy features. The photo gallery includes nearly thirty nice looking snapshots and full screen photos which you can go through at your own speed or they advance on their own roughly every five seconds. There’s also a bonus scene, bloopers, weblinks, and a commercial.

The blooper reel lasts about three and a half minutes. You get a little of everything here. You see some of Misty having fun as well as some of what happens when she doesn’t know quite what the cameraman wants. There’s more than a few comments and in the end it ends up a very fun blooper reel.

Bonus Scene - Misty Rain and John Decker

Misty starts out the bonus scene laying out on a deck overlooking the ocean. She oils herself up while waiting, and then goes inside to see John when he doesn’t come out to see her soon enough. She kisses his cock through his underwear before working it aside so that she can give it a little full-on attention. John both sits and stands as Misty works him over orally, and finishes things up giving her a nice creamy facial.

This is a pretty hot scene. Misty looks great here, as usual, and puts some very nice effort into the scene. I love the eye contact she gives John, as well as the little bit of play she puts at the end of the scene. The only problem here is the technical aspects. The video is a bit grainy and the audio is a bit scratchy, out of balance, and the music is a bit loud. There’s also one area where the audio is overtaken by what sounds like static. The sex here is good, but if it would have been better presented it would have been much more enjoyable.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, and toys

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many episodes in Anarchy’s My Virtual series can be found online for between about $10 and $20 with many stores offering them for around $15. If you’re an extreme fan of Misty you’ll probably be happy here, just don’t go in expecting what the cover tells you. Misty’s great but the virtual aspect leaves more than a little to be desired. The technical aspects are decent, and there’s even a little effort towards the extras.

Note to Anarchy: You have a good start in here, and if you were a bit more straightforward with your marketing of it I’m sure people would think better of it. Heck, just dropping most of your cover claims alone would have gotten you a significantly higher score.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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