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My Sister's Hot Friend 8

My Sister's Hot Friend 8

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  Straight
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astroknight's ratings for My Sister's Hot Friend 8:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
My Sister's Hot Friend 8 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks My Sister's Hot Friend 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks My Sister's Hot Friend 8 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex My Sister's Hot Friend 8 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting My Sister's Hot Friend 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Sister's Hot Friend 8 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Sister's Hot Friend 8 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/16/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 124 min.

Production Date: 5 / 10 / 2007

Director: Brett Brando

Cast: Alexis Texas, Bianca Dagger, Jenni Lee, Naomi Cruise, Nikki Grind, Alex Sanders, Cheyne Collins, Christian XXX, Derrick Pierce, and Kurt Lockwood

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Naughty America has been a bit hit or miss for me due to fun scenes on low quality DVDs. That's supposed to be changing soon (the low quality part), which has given me a bit more hope for their releases as I look forward to the change.

Initial Reaction: It's hot and a lot of fun with the only thing holding the DVD back being the lack of effort put into the overall DVD.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting passionate and fun sex that's easy to relate to

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier sex or scenes where the girls see how young they can appear to be

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and although I didn't notice any background noises, the level did seem to change a little during the movie. The video is presented in the full frame format, and also looks pretty good. The camera work is steady, but there is a little uneven lighting and just a touch of pixelation.

Music: None

Disc Complaints: The authoring is a bit funky, which doesn't seem to be anything too unusual with Naughty America. Rather than having the entire movie on a title that makes it easy for viewers to skip to where ever they choose in the movie, which is extremely nice if you get tired of a scene and just want to jump ahead randomly or if you're viewing the movie later and want to go to a specific point in the movie, each scene has its own title, similar to how some studios run their TV shows on DVD. Needless to say, this makes the DVD extremely hard to navigate. In the year and a half or so I've been checking Naughty America's movies out they've made no changes to address the poor authoring on their DVDs, but after talking with them at the Erotica LA show it looks like that may change in the future. Hopefully soon this area will point out how these limitations are no longer there rather than how they hold back the overall DVD.

Menus: The main menu is very unremarkable and just gives a still with each of the girls and the choices along with the typical annoying music that's in every Naughty America release. The chapter menu is pretty good, and lets you choose a scene based on a still of each scene with the name of the girl in the scene.

The Feature

Anybody with a sister has thought about it. She has at least one hot friend, and there's no denying that you've thought about fucking her. You also know that your sister won't leave enough pieces of you left to fit in your piece of crap car's ashtray if she finds out. Sometimes it's just worth it if you think her friend won't tell...

Scene 1 – Jenni Lee and Chenye Collins

Extremely cute auburn haired Jenni, who's looking darn hot in a pair of red heels, jeans, and an olive and black flowery shirt, is supposed to go get a manicure with Cheyne's sister, and chats with him a little out the window while Cheyne throws around a Frisbee. He lets her know the place is hers while waiting, and when he goes back to playing around she calls his sister to find out how long she's going to be. When she's going to be a while Jenni also asks why she can't fuck her brother and then lets her know that she's going to. She quickly touches herself up while calling him inside and lets him know how long she's wanted to fuck him with his sister holding her back. He thinks she's joking, but is also quite happy when he finds out that sister finally gave the green light. Jenni comes over to kiss him and strokes his cock a little while kissing him on the mouth and nipples as well as teasing him a little with her hair as she works her way down to it. She mixes in a little more hair tease and nipples on his stomach as she sucks him, and makes sure to mix in some nice throat action and smiles before laying back and letting him pull off her jeans so he can tongue her pussy. Cheyne lets her continue to lie back as he fucks her, and Jenni slowly rolls from her back to her stomach as they fuck. She gets up to ride him reverse cowgirl style next, and also turns around for a little traditional cowgirl before getting on all fours for Cheyne to take her from behind. Finally, Jenni sucks and strokes Cheyne to a fairly small pop in her mouth before he strokes himself to a touch more on her face.

This scene worked extremely well for me. I was completely taken by Jenni's looks and her attitude, and she got into the sex very well with Cheyne. The scene moves along nicely for the time rather than dragging like some of Naughty America's scenes, and with all of Jenni's little smiles throughout the action I couldn't help but smile as well. This is a great scene that definitely started the movie off right for me.

Scene 2 – Naomi Cruise and Alex Sanders

Dirty blonde Naomi lies back on a bed with a smile wearing a little blue, white, and tan striped sleeveless dress, and when Alex walks in he tells her right away that the answer's no because the only time she and his sister calls her is when they need something. She asks him to walk his sister down the aisle with their dad dead, but he tells her off due to how his sister turned her back on her dad and emptied out the house before he was even out of the house. Naomi keeps trying to talk him into it, and eventually wonders if there's something she could do for him offering herself up with a playful smile. He mentions that he might want to see her pussy, which she immediately shows him, and lets her know that he might reconsider if she does everything he says starting with crawling over to him on her back showing off her pussy. He makes Naomi ask him to lick her before working his tongue between her holes and fingering her pussy. Alex doesn't make her wait to get fucked by sucking his cock, and instead goes right to slowly fucking her missionary style while he licks one of her feet. Naomi sucks his cock a couple times and gives him a bit of throat before getting up to ride it reverse cowgirl style. She sits on his lap riding him before laying back on the bed, and finally lets him nut on her face.

This is another hot scene. Alex does a good job playing the pissed off brother as Naomi tries working her magic on him. They keep things moving nicely and with great chemistry when the sex starts, and I'm surprised how well the scene worked with how long it lasted and how little time is spent with the blowjob. This is another scene that worked very well for me.

Scene 3 – Nikki Grind and Christian XXX

Christian starts out chatting on the phone with a girlfriend before quickly changing the subject as highlighted brunette covergirl Nikki arrives looking mighty nice in a pair of white wedges, straight legged jeans, and a skimpy flowery top. She asks him who he was talking to and he tells her it was a friend from London. He keeps covering with Nikki not believing until she breaks out her phone bill, points out all the 900 numbers, and she tries calling his friend back. She tells him he's out, but he begs forgiveness and gets her to stay as they work it into a bit of makeup sex with Christian kissing his way around her neck and mouth. She notices how worked up the phone call was getting him and starts working him over with her hand and mouth as he reaches around to finger her holes. Nikki rolls around and starts riding Christian sidesaddle with her jeans still around her thighs, and encourages him to play with her ass as she fucks him. She spins it into a reverse cowgirl before getting on all fours for Christian to tongue her bung as well as fingering it a little more. Nikki has him fuck her doggie style before they spoon, and even has him lick and spit on her pussy as he thumbs his ass. Christian gets up to fuck her pussy missionary style before he finishes it off letting Nikki bounce on him cowgirl style. Finally, Nikki gets down to take a small load from Christian on her face.

This is a pretty hot scene. The setup is kinda fun and Nikki looks darn hot. I love how she has Christian play with and eat her ass throughout the scene, and although some of her vocals fall a little flat it was never enough to throw me out of the scene. This scene was a small step down from the first two, but still plenty enjoyable.

Scene 4 – Alexis Texas and Derrick Pierce

Derrick starts out talking with one of his friends on the phone about how long it's been since he last saw Alexis, back before she went to Mexico as an exchange student, before she knocks at his door. He's more than impressed at how good she looks, and not just due to the short jean skirt, tasteful white and brown platform heels, and multicolored shirt that she looks great in, since he last saw her, and after getting her a glass of wine they quickly catch up and start kissing passionately with Derrick's hands wandering around her great body. He can't resist tonguing Alexis's ass while she bends over for him to play with her pussy, and she talks about how much she wants to be fucked before guiding Derrick in missionary style. They stop so Derrick can lick her ass a bit more before fucking her doggie style and letting her ride him reverse cowgirl style. Alexis gives Derrick plenty of head before getting back up and showing her ample ass jiggle cowgirl style. Finally she gets a nice load from Derrick all over her face, neck, shoulder, and arms as Derrick sprays it all over her from the side.

This scene takes My Sister's Hot Friend 8 right back to the smoking hot level it started out with. The setup is light, easy, and fun and the chemistry between Derrick and Alexis starts flowing from the moment their eyes first meet. I love all the ass licking, and Brando wisely makes sure to show her ass off plenty through the scene. This is another great scene.

Scene 5 – Bianca Dagger and Kurt Lockwood

Brunette Bianca starts out in a green shirt and gray pinstripe shorts muttering to herself about how her life is going to shit. It's bad enough that she's having to sleep at Kurt's house as he shows up with pillows and a blanket. She tells him how she couldn't take living with his sister and her crazy boyfriend, and he reminds her how much of a bitch she's been to him and is now coming to him for help. He quickly lets her know that he doesn't want her to clean when reminding her of the old “gas, grass, or ass” rule, and when she lets him know they can get it over with quick he lets her know that they have to take their time as he admires her ass with her leaning over his lap. They rub each other through their clothes and mix in a little kissing and titty sucking for Bianca before she goes to work sucking Kurt's cock. Of course Kurt likes what he gets enough that he wants more, and he helps her out of her shorts and panties to admire her ass and finger her pussy. He takes Bianca from behind after making her ask for it, and then lets her ride him in each of the cowgirls. Bianca mixes in a little cocksucking for Kurt and lets him play with her ass as she bounces on his cock, and Kurt even gives her a little oral attention for each of her holes in return before fucking her doggie style. Finally Bianca gets down and opens nicely to have Kurt cum on her face. She even wipes some of it into her mouth to swallow down before apologizing for being such a bitch to him in the past.

This is a hot final scene. Bianca has a touch of an exotic look to her with her long jet black hair and tats that worked nicely for me. She and Kurt have nice chemistry together with her putting out some nice energy and good vocals. This scene isn't quite up there with the three smoking hot scenes, but it's still a hot and solid scene that ends the movie on a high note.

My Sister's Hot Friend 8 is a darn hot and fun movie. The setups are normally pretty simple, but they always do a nice job building chemistry between the couples and normally have some nice humor built into them. They're also something that I think everybody can relate to. Whether you wanted to nail one of your brother or sister's friends or if you wanted to nail the brother or sister of one of your friends, I think there are very few people out there who won't be able to relate to the scenes. Naughty America makes it all the easier to relate by having the performers dress in normal clothes rather than seeing how much they can porn them up. Sexually I also think this is one of the best Naughty America releases I've watched so far. While Nikki and Bianca's scenes are very slightly behind the others, neither of them are anywhere close to average and Alexis, Jenni, and Naomi all turn out smoking hot scenes that worked well for me from start to finish. Best of all, the entire movie is nicely captured and has the feeling that everybody involved was having fun. The asslicking is easily the nastiest thing in the movie, and with how much the girls all looked to get into it it's hard to think of it as being nasty. My Sister's Hot Friend 8 is an extremely enjoyable release that I can't help but recommend.

The Extra Stuff

As usual, there's just a fairly poor looking still showing the many series Naughty America offers on their website. It's far from impressive.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female), feet, and swallowing

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Naughty America’s DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $27 with most stores offering them under $20. At the low end this one's a decent buy. The technical aspects are pretty average and there's no effort put into extras, but the scenes are a lot of fun and have a lot of chemistry. This could have been a great DVD if a little more effort were put into it.

Note to Naughty America: You did a great job with the scenes here. I can't wait to see you putting a little effort into your overall DVDs as I hated knocking down the overall rating here due to the rest of the DVD falling short.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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