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My Sister's Hot Friend 5

My Sister's Hot Friend 5

Studio: Naughty America
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for My Sister's Hot Friend 5:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
My Sister's Hot Friend 5 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks My Sister's Hot Friend 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks My Sister's Hot Friend 5 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex My Sister's Hot Friend 5 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting My Sister's Hot Friend 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Sister's Hot Friend 5 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Sister's Hot Friend 5 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/16/2006

The Little Details

Running Time: approx. 120 min.

Production Date: 9 / 14 / 2006

Director: Brett Brando

Cast: Aubrey Addams, Brandy Talore, Brooke Haven, Cindy Crawford, Rita Faltoyano, Samantha Ryan, Chris, Derrick Pierce, Jack Venice, Kurt Lockwood, and an uncredited guy

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Naughty America's movies have really been growing on me lately. I can't help but have a bit of hope for this one.

Initial Reaction: It's fun, but not quite as hot as some of Naughty America's other releases.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a sex with a fun and playful forbidden theme

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balance,d but there is a little background noise from the cameras that comes in now and then. The video is nicely done, and presented in the full frame format. It's nicely lit for the most part, but does bleach things out slightly for a little bit. There's also a hint of grain through most of the movie, but very little camera motion.

Music: None

Disc Complaints: The authoring is a bit funky, which doesn't seem to be anything too unusual with Naughty America. Rather than having the entire movie on a title that makes it easy for viewers to skip to where ever they choose in the movie, which is extremely nice if you get tired of a scene and just want to jump ahead randomly or if you're viewing the movie later and want to go to a specific point in the movie, each scene has its own title, similar to how some studios run their TV shows on DVD. I guess I can understand this being as Naughty America seems to work their internet content a little like TV series, but for a DVD it makes it extremely klunky to navigate. Hopefully they'll work on releasing their movies in a more standard format in the future.

Menus: The main menu is extremely basic and generic, and just gives the title, selections, and a photo of the cast. The chapter menu is much nicer, and actually lets you choose a scene based on a still of the girl(s) in each scene and their name(s). Once you choose a girl, you're given a secondary menu that lets you choose where you'd like to go sexually.

The Feature

Anybody with a sister has thought about it. She has at least one hot friend, and there's no denying that you've thought about fucking her. You also know that your sister won't leave enough pieces of you left to fit in one of those little white boxes they use for Chinese takeout if she catches you. Sometimes it's just worth it if you think her friend won't tell...

Scene 1 – Samantha Ryan and Kurt Lockwood

Cute dirty blonde Samantha starts things out sitting on a couch doing her nails while complaining about her date being forty five minutes late after taking years to get that far. Kurt arrives moments later complaining about the traffic, but Samantha refuses to let him off the hook and refuses to go out to dinner with him. When he begs for forgiveness asking what he can do, she lets him know that she's a bit sexually frustrated after hearing his sister and her boyfriend going at it like rabbits all weekend and wants to have an orgasm. Kurt drops down and pulls her panties aside to start tonguing her twat as she gives him a little more attitude and continues to do her nails. Samantha lets him know that although she won't let him buy her dinner, she will let him lick her ass after complimenting how well he's licking her pussy. She has him get up so she can suck his dick, and nicely works him into her throat as well as giving him a bit of stroking and some nice eyes. Samantha lets Kurt have her pussy reverse cowgirl style to start things out, and then gets on all fours for him to take her from behind. Kurt even takes her from behind standing up and spoons her before giving her a pretty good facial.

This is an okay scene. Samantha is darn cute, and she and Kurt both put in some decent energy. The thing that held the scene back for me is something that I can see also making it for others. That thing is Samantha's attitude. She plays the prima donna bitch very well, and maintains it throughout the entire scene. It's enough that while half of me was getting into the scene, the other half wondered why Kurt didn't quickly excuse himself to the bathroom at the start of the scene, stroke himself until he only had one left, and then come back and do the final stroke all over Samantha's face. I just couldn't get into this scene too much.

Scene 2 – Rita Faltoyano and Derrick Pierce

When Rita has problems with her house once again, she calls her best friend's bald brother Derrick and interrupts his barbecue to beg him to come over and help. He's none to happy about getting another call from her about her house problems, but finally gives in and heads over. Rita happily waits in some pink lingerie in the bedroom, and after dealing with an unhappy Derrick for a bit lets him know that her problem is that she's horny. He quickly warms up to her and her problem before she sits on his lap, gives him a kiss, and lets him know that she's sorry. Derrick kisses her tits a little before Rita drops down to show off her great oral skills. She strips down for him before sitting on his face so he can work on her with his pierced tongue, and even plays with her ass a little as he works on her. She rides him reverse cowgirl style before hopping off to suck him clean, and then bends over for him to fuck her doggie style. Rita lies back for Derrick to bone her missionary style as her magnificent titties bounce around and finishes things up letting him pop on her tongue and chin.

This is an above average scene. For some reason I couldn't get into it too much, but there was a lot to like about it. Derrick and Rita had some nice chemistry, and I love the opening with her breaking him away from hanging out with his friends only to finally come on to him in her sexy pink lingerie. They move through the positions good and Derrick gives her a good pop. There isn't anything bad about this scene, but there also isn't anything overly special.

Scene 3 – Cindy Crawford and a white guy

Cute bottle blonde Cindy doesn't care that her best friend might kill them both, she just can't see why she can't fool around with her best friend's brother. He isn't too sure about it, but she keeps teasing him and talking him into it before kissing him and grabbing his cock through his jeans. Cindy breaks his cock out and sucks it a little before stroking him while he sucks her pretty little titties. Cindy bends back over to work on his cock orally as he plays with her pussy, and even lets him finger her ass before he tongues and fingers her holes from behind. He fucks her doggie style before letting her up for a reverse cowgirl ride. They also get in some missionary work before he drops a nice load over Cindy's mouth.

This scene worked for me very well. I love how Cindy works things up to start the scene, and she looks fantastic in her little outfit. She puts out some nice energy and vocals throughout the scene, and they work the dialogue about his sister not finding out much better than the other girls do. This is a fun and hot scene, just as Cindy normally puts out.

Scene 4 – Brandy Taylore, Brooke Haven, and Chris

Brooke and Brandy aren't happy that their friend keeps ditching them for their yearly trip to the music festival be with her boyfriend. They decide to call their friend's brother Chris, and have him come over so they can work him over. They let him know that there will just be the three of them sharing the one tent if he comes along, and that they're willing to bribe him as Brooke pulls down Brandy's shirt to show how her tits are stretching out her bra and kisses her in front of him. Chris decides he needs something like a down payment, so Brandy and Brooke kiss and check out each other's tits before checking in his pants to see if they're having any effect. Brandy gives it a few strokes as he sucks Brooke's tits, and then teams up with her to work him over orally. They let Chris suck their tits and give him a little titty fucking as they work on him before stripping down and letting him fuck Brandy missionary style as Brooke rides her tongue. Brooke takes her turn reverse cowgirl style as Brandy plays with her tits and pussy, and then lets Brandy get a little more cowgirl style as Brandy eats her pussy a little more. Brooke licks Brandy's pussy as well when Chris fucks her from behind, and then helps her team up on Chris's cock as they suck and stroke him until he explodes on their faces. Finally the girls share another small kiss and remind him of how much fun they're going to have.

This is another pretty good scene. The girls play off each other very well, and Chris does a good job looking like he's enjoying himself as much as he should be. There's a very nice balance between the girls, and neither of them overshadow the other in any way. This is another nicely done and fun scene.

Scene 5 – Aubrey Addams and Jack Venice

Cute dirty blonde Aubrey starts out thanking Jack for letting her come over even though his sister isn't around while floating around in a chartreuse bikini as she floats around in his pool. He's more than happy she came over because he's had a hard time getting chicks to come over and skinny dip with him (which I'm sure has nothing to do with his completely fucked up haircut that looks like it was done by a drunk homeless person in a moving car), and Aubrey immediately offers to skinny dip with him. Jack isn't sure since she hasn't forgiven him for fucking one of her friends a few years ago, and Aubrey insists that she won't find out from her. He gives in and takes her inside to strip off her bikini on the bed and show off some nice tan lines before rubbing her pussy and kissing her tits. Jack moves down to tongue her ass and lick her pussy, and even gives each of her holes a little finger action. Aubrey is more than happy to see his cock pop out when Jack takes his pants off, and happily works him over with her mouth and hand. She even gives him a little throat action before getting up to ride him reverse cowgirl style, and then hops off to suck his cock a little more. Aubrey rides him reverse cowgirl a little more before letting Jack take her from behind and spoon her. Finally Aubrey has Jack let go with a decent load across her face as she looks the other way.

This is a very nice scene to finish things with. Aubrey starts things out looking very cute and innocent, and then lets it all loose during the sex. She's vocal and energetic, and neither of them seem forced for the camera. I love how she gets more and more vocal as the fucking goes on, and she seems completely absorbed by the sex as they get close to the pop shot. This is a very likable scene, and helps the movie to finish on a high note.

My Sister's Hot Friend 5 is a fun little porno. Yes, it's pretty much a one trick pony, but the cast helps it to work well and not get bogged down in its similarities. The setups are fun, and frequently put a smile on my face. I really like how it's normally the hot friend putting the moves on the guy, but even that's mixed up a little. The sex is nicely done, and has a playful feeling and some nice chemistry that works very well for it. Unfortunately, the sex also feels a bit limited since four of the five scenes are one on one scenes with exactly three positions in each. A little more variety, such as a bit of anal rather than just a little rimming and anal fingering, would have been a very nice thing. Cindy and Aubrey's scenes were easily my favorite's here, while Samantha's bitchy attitude (which granted, was part of the setup) held her scene at the opposite end. My Sister's Hot Friend 5 is a fun little fuck flick, and another nice release from Naughty America.

The Extra Stuff

Website information. That's it. \With all the internet content Naughty America has, there's just one screen listing all the series Naughty America puts out on the internet rather than giving something that might draw a viewer to something else they put out with something like a bonus scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, anal (finger), rimming (male > female), group, lesbian, and titty fucking

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most of Naughty America’s DVDs can be found online for between about $15 and $27 with most stores offering them under $20. I'd aim a little low here. The sex is fun, but there isn't a whole lot of variety to the action. The technical aspects show some decent care, but there's no care put into any extras. This is a fun movie on a DVD that could use a little more effort.

Note to Naughty America: How much effort does it take to give the guys credit too? How hard is it to show that you really are one of the kings of internet porn by including a scene from another series as a bonus? Come on! You have a lot more potential than you seem to be showing with your DVDs.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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