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My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart
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My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
Released on: 
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edsa's ratings for My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by edsa  on  9/25/2002
My Plaything: Monica Sweetheart (2002)

Digital Sin

S. Taylor

The Woman
Monica Sweetheart

DVD Format
Single Layer

Special Features
Striptease, Photo Gallery, Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot Montage and Blooper Reel, Multi-angle, Naughty & Nice Mood Control, Cum on Q, Pleasure Center, Random Response Generator

Everything except the four issues mentioned below

Not a 2-disc set!, photo gallery, computer generated cum shots, weak cum shot

Raincoat Factor

"You are holding in your hands the most advanced interactive sex simulator in the world! Highly advanced technology allows for the most realistic sexual encounter ever. Direct her to strip, masturbate or tease you in a variety of ways. Take her in any one of a multitude of sexual positions that will leave you both spent yet yearning for more. She is ready for you at the push of a button. Realize your most intimate fantasies with My Plaything Monica Sweetheart but be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"

The Reality is that: Digital Sin has a huge hit with the latest My Plaything release! Unlike previous My Playthings, Monica Sweetheart has both the looks and the sexual skills to go along with her sexy Czech accent! More, I want more! If you have ever had naughty dreams during or after watching Monica in her numerous scenes, then this will bring you to the next level! But for the lack of real and voluminous cum shots, this is an ultimate raincoater's DVD!

Organization: Interactive Sex!


The tease section warms things up in an extremely sensual way. Before deciding how Monica will tease you, there is a full-motion introduction that should make you in the mood if you aren't in it already! Underneath the black silk teddy are her supple breasts, which are ready to be touched. Her sensual gaze is a treat in itself, but she finally has an opportunity to showcase her filthy mouth by the following phrases: "I want you to bite my tits while you fuck me! Come here and put that dick to my mouth." The Naughty & Nice technology, which allows Monica to toggle between angelic vixen to fiery sexbomb, is well-implemented throughout the interactive DVD portion.

If you have complained about Eastern European pornstars not having meaty asses, you will not complain about Monica's! During the ass tease, she fingers her ass while she urges you to fuck her. Angle two provides good close-ups of her fingering her ass. The pussy tease is more of the same. You will notice that Monica lapses into unconvincing phrases throughout the scenes, but in pussy tease she is in top form. After wetting her finger with her mouth, she rubs her pie-shaved pussy. Mmmm, pie!

Masturbation SCREENSHOTS!

Although there was some action in the tease sequence, she is more hands-on in this section, so to speak! You will notice that Monica has pulled her hair back, which makes her look classier. At first, she starts with one finger, but she manages to squeeze in four in her pussy in naughty mode. This is the first section that allows to use the Cum on Q technology and she does a fine job with her orgasm, especially during naughty mode.

In the vibrator scenes, it is well worth the time just to hear her moans and see her expression as she mechanically pleasures herself. In naughty mode, it seems like she has actually climaxed. Just when you thought it could not get any better, she whips out a larger vibrator and sticks it up her ass. The last part involves the use of a very large dildo that stretches her still-tight pussy to the brink.


The camera angle continues the first-hand point-of-view experience with the fingering of Monica's juicy pussy. Just like the finger masturbation sequence, this scene follows the same pattern with the four finger maximum during Naughty mode. As in the actual sex scenes, Monica is wearing very sexy white lingerie, which further brings glamour to the atmosphere. The large vibrator makes its return, but it is controlled vicariously by the viewer. The sounds and her verbal expressions are a treat in itself! In fact, you could probably get turned on just by listening to her! The best part of this menu is the tongue-foreplay sequence where the camera provides a first-hand view as if you were munching on her pussy. As always the case in this DVD, naughtier is better!


If you lasted this long without succumbing to Monica's sexuality, then this will be your ultimate test! Here, you have the option to "have" sex with her in the missionary, doggy, and in the ubiquitous cowgirl position. For people who are familiar with Monica's work, YES she does do anal! Every position has its advantages! For instance, in missionary, you get to see her on her back getting slammed while she massages her breasts! In doggy, you have a great view of her wonderful ass! This will definitely appeal to all the ass fans out there! For those who want to match the ass with a face, then angle two is best. In this case, angle two provides the best angle because you see her reaction and her perfect breasts while she gets slammed doggy style! However, I have to give my preference to the cowgirl position because Monica displays her real talent when she has the opportunity to control the rhythm. At times, she gyrates in a circular pattern, which makes for some extremely pleasurable sensations. The bad news is that the Cum on Q results in computer generated cum shots! I guess that's more of a logistics problem.

Last, but not least is the blowjob sequence, which is done extremely well in both Naughty and Nice modes. You will surely submit to Monica's wishes of cumming in her mouth! While angle one gives you the first-person perspective, angle two shows a better view of her body including her sweet ass and long legs! Unfortunately, the only real cum shot is a dud! It cannot be too difficult to deliver a huge load after having your cock sucked by one of the best-looking pornstars of the modern generation!

A/V Quality: Since this is made exclusively for DVD, you can expect high quality audio and visual. It delivers the goods! At first, I thought there were visual problems since I encountered block pattern problems. But, that could be attributed to hardware issues involving DVD player. Again, I am not sure what caused the problem, but I haven't been able to reproduce the problem again.

DVD Extras: It is one of the most comprehensive My Plaything extras, but it is a bit tarnished by the above-average photo gallery. For the sake of consistency, they should have only included full-screen photos. The other extras more than compensate for this misguided effort. There are three strip tease segments that are done in a Playboy video manner, but with more explicit images of her briefly rubbing her pussy. Furthermore, there is a photo shoot montage that shows more gratuitous shots of the lovely Monica. On the lighter side, there are bloopers where you get to see her pretty smile when she goofs up. Lastly, there is the Pleasure Center where Monica rests her clit on top of Sybian, a device that emits vibrations at fast intervals. You get to control the intensity from low, medium, to high until you press the Cum on Q button.

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