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My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy

My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
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Goldmember's ratings for My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Jenna Jameson 2 It's a Boy A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Goldmember  on  2/16/2003
My Plaything Jenna Jameson 2 It's A Boy

Directed by S. Taylor

Overall Impression
I have been a huge fan of the "My Plaything" series ever since they released the Stacy Valentine edition and as far as I'm concerned Digital Sin has proven that they are the current interactive sex champions, based on the innovation they have shown in their previous titles like "My Plaything Guage", "My Plaything Kylie Ireland" and even the original "My Plaything Jenna Jameson". So needles to say I have been driving myself crazy for the last few months in anticipation for this disc which showed great promise. (this title was originally scheduled to ship in the fall of 2002 not the beginning of the new year)

After finally getting my hands on a copy of this two disc DVD I am happy to report it was worth the wait. It is not perfect however there are a few issues I have with it that prevent me from giving it a five star rating and membership in the Goldmember Masterpiece Collection. I really wanted to score it a five but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

As many of you may remember a lot of people were very upset about the lack of a male partner in Jenna's first My Plaything appearance. Although I still thought it was a great disc the absence of a male partner is far from ideal when the entire idea behind your product is creating the illusion that the viewer is having sex with the star. Hence number 2 it's a boy!

There are a lot more changes in this second edition besides the addition of a real cock for Jenna to play with. Digita Sin went all out and shot it in shot in High Definition (HD) which makes for some truly impressive picture quality especially if you are watching your porn on a HDTV with a progressive scan DVD player. WOW! They also went all out on the opening sequence and really stepped it up for Jenna's clips on the menu selection screens. Another nice change is the new navigation system. Since the picture is letterboxed (widescreen) the sex menus are on the black bars located on the top and bottom of the screen. The second disc contains all of the bonus material. The bonus stuff is quite impressive and really adds to the package.

What really makes this disc worth owning is Jenna's performance. She looks fantastic, but more importantly she knows how to work it! There is a certain quality or skill set really that some women have. You know the ladies I'm talking about, the ones that are fully aware of their charms and have a full arsenal of seductive techniques at their command. Jenna is one of those women. Generally I go straight to the naughty setting, but Jenna is such a seductress in this one she totally does it for me in both settings.

Disc 1

TEASE tits/ass/pussy
The often underestimated and underrated tease footage. For this section Jenna tempts us in front of a Rolls Royce. She does a nice job and as usual I throughly enjoyed the ass tease. Jenna really enhances the visuals with her ability to talk nice and nasty without sounding ridiculous.

MASTURBATE fingers/vibrator/dildo
We move to what is supposed to be some kind of gym locker room where we see Jenna in a sexy mesh top with white leggings. Jenna does a nice job with all three options, the only thing that left me a little disappointed was the "dildo" segment. Since we never get to see Jenna do anal it was kind of a treat to see her dildo her ass in her original My Plaything and I was hoping for more of the same here.

FOREPLAY finger/dildo/tongue
Another location change, this time we are in some kind of barn or toll shed with a western feel to it. There are some good angles here and Jenna delivers in this segment as well.


I hate to say it but they screwed this position up in my opinion. The first angle which is the POV one feels all wrong. It feels like your watching a couple having sex from the rafters 10 feet above them. Unfortunately it is also the most unflattering position for Jenna, because you can see her implants ripple as they bounce around. Angle 2 does not share these problems but there is no eye contact as we see the action from a side profile that is framed nicely in the widescreen format.

Angle 1 is not the POV angle here, but is still the better view for my money as Jenna looks smoking hot here and plays to the camera wonderfully. She flashes some priceless facial expressions. Angle 2 is closer to being POV but not really.

Jenna is great but they totally butchered the first angle. I mean this it is not even remotely close to a POV shot from the cowgirl position. This is unacceptable as far as I'm concerned. I realize there are new restrictions and set up problems that come along with switching to these cameras, but I expect the angles to improve and evolve with each new My Plaything, not suddenly start stinking. I refuse to believe that a better solution was out of their grasp. The second angle shows us the action from behind and is actually quite nice, but it is not the POV angle hence no eye contact.

rev. cowgirl
This is the highlight of the simulator. Jenna looks stunning here as every supple curve on her body writhes and grinds away. Technically this scene is not true POV but it doesn't bother me at all in this instance. Angle 2 is really just a close up of the penetration.

A POV blowjob from Jenna Jameson is without a doubt stimulating entertainment. Surprisingly the one real cum shot is during the "nice" version instead of the naughty one where it is usually found in other editions of the series. As much as I enjoyed this footage I was a little disappointed with the pop shots here.

Disc 1

full circle
Behind the scenes footage cut together with a fair amount of interview footage with Jenna. There is some good stuff here and it is worth watching if your a huge Jenna fan.

up close with Jenna
This is interview footage with Jenna. After some totally shameless plugs for her website and upcoming book there is a fair amount of interview footage. Once again if you a Jenna fanatic your in luck.

There are two to choose from and both are hot.

Jenna and Carmen Luvana
There are a few setup options for this scene. You can choose a standard version or an extended multi-angle one as well as having the option to turn of the background music.

This is an intense girl/girl scene with sizzling performances from both girls. Jenna really works Carmen over with the strap on towards the end of this scene.

photo shoot montage
photo gallery
Their are trailer for the entire My Plaything series going all the way back to Stacy Valentine's, plus trailers for five regular Digital Sin features.

Final Thoughts
This is one of the best interactive sex titles ever, thanks to excellent picture quality and stunning production values, not to mention a superior performance from Jenna. An entire disc worth of bonus material just adds to the value. The only real shame is they really messed up a few two of the sex positions, and they still need to find a better solution to the cum shot problem this series suffers from.


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