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My Plaything: Gianna

My Plaything: Gianna

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Busty , Interactive
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bono-ONE's ratings for My Plaything: Gianna:
Overall Rating 5 stars
My Plaything: Gianna overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Gianna Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Gianna Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex My Plaything: Gianna Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Gianna Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras My Plaything: Gianna DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Gianna A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/1/2010
Good day porn fans time for an easy review, My Plaything Gianna! Miss Michaels has been one of the best and most fun performers over the last several years so it's awesome she's getting the first star treatment when she choose to do an Interactive title. The My Plaything series has long been one of the best in the genre so if you're at all a fan of Gianna's and of the My Plaything series this one is probably already on it's way to you. They changed the format a little with the last one I think, maybe a title before but you have two discs here. One is called Good Girl and the other Bad Girl! There is also a bonus disc which has a few more goodies for you to enjoy in regards to Gianna Michaels. So let's hit the basics for what you'll see on each disc.

Good Girl:

So we start off with Gianna being a nice sensual lady. Putting in the first disc for good girl you see a main menu come up, it's got a cool live action shot of Gianna so as you decide what area to hit first we see plenty to choose from! As for the areas in question you have Tease, Masturbate, Foreplay & Sex. I'll go down the line.


Ok upon clicking this we get a nice shot of Gianna in the tub, wet titties anyone! You also see a bevy of choices to the left side of the screen but the lettering isn't so big to disctract you from this sexy woman. Now YOU can tease her meaning your hands are the ones caressing her tits or she can tease meaning her hands do all the walking. The areas we are allowed to touch are good of course, Tits, Ass, and Pussy. A nice option too you can play with is the multiple angle. Not sure if it's there for everything but you can check for yourself and decide which angle suits you best. Gianna does some dirty talk here too but it's not nasty or vulgar more sensual and I'd say hit the boobs first as she lathers them up with soap, shakes, squeezes, she has fun. Good shots for all three areas, Gianna stroking her pussy as she's soaped it up then clears, does it again. The segment recycles too after a minute or so. Masturbate:

Now we move to Gianna masturbating for us and you have three options here too, fingers, dildo, and vibrator. I'd definitely check the second angle when she's using her fingers on that pussy, it's so close. For the dildo it's a glass one and we have Gianna with a trademark smile on her face as she's diddling herself, even a laugh or two which I really like with a Gianna scene. Now for vibrator it's a small pink pocket rocket but it's not the size of the deal it's the bang for the buck and watching Gianna here I'd say her little friend was doing the job! There is also the option you can click to make her cum on que so anytime you want to see Gianna experience an orgasm just click it.


Now here we get to a few more juicy areas. One YOU can eat her pussy which we all know is really the camera moving up and down, side to side making you think it's you there and Gianna does her best to sell this fantasy too.The cum on que is available here too. Fans of a bush will enjoy seeing the pretty mound of hair adorning her pussy region. You can also use fingers and here the shot's more pulled back as the hand moves in to get a feel for the situation!! The dildo option is back again but this time it's a pink dick shaped one and not glass, it slides right into that pussy. The final area is blowjob and yeah I think we all want to see a POV shot of Gianna working our stick. This area offers the cumshot but in two ways. One is the normal cum on que and that's to her tits. There is also a swallow option but I don't think they had an actual pop here as she does an internal mouth suck and tries to make you think he blasted off inside but no visual evidence is offered so I'd axe that option in the future unless you can have the girl show off the jizz before swallowing.


This leaves us with the final area which is sex. The most obvious positions are used, mish, cowgirl, reverse and doggie-- now remember for RC and CG those are reversed from what you normally see since it's POV style. So that leaves cowgirl and mish as the two best I think to capture Gianna-- boobs and that pretty face-- those she's got a good ass so definitely hit reverse and doggie at your leisure. Now for the sex pop shots we get real ones from all I can tell for each so different guys were used which is fine, we want authentic jizz fans!!Mish had the jizz on her busy, doggie on the ass while reverse and cowgirl glaze her face some. Ok that pretty much covers what you get on the Good Girl disc now let's hit the Bad Girl choice and while the choices will most likely be the same the outfits and attitude I'm sure will be much different. No extras on the first disc as I mentioned there's a whole separate disc for those.

Bad Girl:


We get right to it with the teasing. Gianna's on a bed, tits already out but she's in black now with long nearly knee high heels on and a black arm length glove. Gianna's dirty talk is a bit stronger here but it's hard to take her seriously when she works in a smile or a laugh. If you wait long enough Gianna will make the choice for you, I'm cool with that as you might be a bit busy, lol. Now you have the two tease options here as well, US teasing and feeling Gianna and she doing the same while we have a front row seat. The ass option here with us jiggling and spreading it was pretty hot. When it's Gianna she's looking at us like you want this fucking titties-- U can't have them, lol. You can use the multiple angle option here too. Do U like what you see-- Ahh Gianna I think we do! Such probing questions from Gianna, I don't want to have to think here, lol.


So we move on to Gianna in a nice sized chair and those fingers do some walking on the wild side going in and out of that juicy coochie. You have two toy options also here, both dildo's with one being a glass model and the other black - but not shaped like a cock. Gianna's doing some nice moaning here and a little dirty talk too.


When you hit this option you're taken to a doctor's office and it's Nurse Gianna on the gurney and we're doing the treatment!! Good camera movements as 'we' eat her pussy, Gianna is nice with a nipple lick or two. Gianna's on a bigger bed/ surface when it comes time to finger that cookie, she assists pulling your hand in deeper. The pink cock colored dildo is back for more duty when it comes toy time, Gianna's like are you gonna put it in or what, lol. I love this girls spunky spirit, easily one of the top such girls in this vein. When we hit the bj it's back to a POV shot and that tongue does some dirty dancing on our shaft, I should mention she's wearing a stethoscope too-- I bet our cock's beating a mile a minute! You have the same two options for the cumshot, swallow or letting Gianna take a facial. Now the swallow option is no better on the bad girl side as you get no evidence the guy actually nutted so definitely lose this option if you can't have the real deal. You're already using multiple guys so no reason they can't each produce a few pops when shooting.


Now for the last bit, the fucking! R WE READY!! Big Dick muthafucker!! Damn Gianna's direct, gotta love this girl. Same positions in reverse, cowgirl, mish and doggie-- as a boob man I certainly favor the boobie shots. Don't forget you can check an alternate angle though I've tended to favor the shot you get as the scene unfolds before you-- but you at least know it's a choice. As I checked the pops all four were real, two facials, one on her pubes and one on her ass. So that covers this side where she wasn't real nasty but still way hot and fun to watch. Now for the extras.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans Gianna's been one of my faves and I'm sure a lot of yours for some time now and to see her get the Royal treatment for an Interactive title was much deserved and worth the porn dollars you'll spend acquiring it. Two discs with multiple angles and multiple choices-- but they're all the right ones!!Now for extras you get five full bonus scenes that Gianna's shot for the Digital Sin family. The titles were, Super Naturals 8, POV Fantasy 5, The Trouble with Girls, Addicted 6 and Craving Big Cocks 9-- so five more chances to enjoy this busty beauty and near as I could tell these were the full scenes as you'd see them on that particular disc. There's a real cool option called You Choose- upon clicking you see five areas to explore- Shirt, Teacher, Pinkup, Latex & Nurse. Now you're not done yet as upon making a choice you get to still make another decision whether she plays with her fingers, or a toy and then if that is done to her tits, pussy or mouth. Lots of fun deciding there so enjoy. You also get to see outtakes from this interactive shoot as another option so be sure and check that at your lesiure. So there you have it fans, Gianna the Interactive experience and I can't recommend this one strongly enough to her fans. Gianna's been porn royalty for a long time now and finally some much deserved love showered on this busty babe as she gets the interactive treatment, well done once again Digital Sin.

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