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astroknight My Plaything: Carmen Luvana 4.5 starsMy Plaything: Carmen Luvana 4.5 starsMy Plaything: Carmen Luvana 4.5 stars
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My Plaything: Carmen Luvana

My Plaything: Carmen Luvana

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
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Goldmember's ratings for My Plaything: Carmen Luvana:
Overall Rating 3 stars
My Plaything: Carmen Luvana overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Carmen Luvana Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Carmen Luvana Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex My Plaything: Carmen Luvana Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Carmen Luvana Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras My Plaything: Carmen Luvana DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Carmen Luvana A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Goldmember  on  8/10/2003
My Plaything Carmen Luvana

Directed by Scott Taylor

Overall Impression
I was not sure what to expect from this installment of the "My Plaything" series. I know they were sticking with the new HD format they used in MP: Jenna Jameson 2. There were some serious improvements made in the last one, as well as some serious new problems. The other x factor for me was Carmen Luvana. I had only seen one of her titles, a couples feature for DigitalSin. I liked what I saw of her but would I like an entire DVD devoted to her?

While the navigation is improved, there are some smarter camera decisions, the intro's are great, the outfits are great, the production values are top notch, and Carmen is a hot Latin lady. However this installment doesn't rate all that high on my all time list of "My Playthings". For starters I was a little disappointed by the complete lack of anal. I know, I know not every thing must have anal sex, but that is one of the reasons I love the series. I realize Carmen is DigitalSin's new contract star, so I understand why she was chosen, but she has not reached the level of popularity to warrant her own VR sex title in my opinion. Although there are many moments in the disc when I thought she was great, there were also many that were mediocre. There are just so so many great starlets out there that I would have rather seen. (i.e.: BellaDonna, HELLO! what self respecting porn fan would miss out on that one)

Tease Tits, Ass, Pussy
I've always felt that the series has done a really nice job here. As usual the tease sequences here are pretty good. Carmen shows off her ample bosom and beautiful backside while decked out in some classy white french lingerie. Although she looks great here and does a decent enough job with the talking, I was a little disappointed. Specifically with the ASS segment of the tease.

Masturbate Fingers, Vibrator Purple, Dildo Flesh, & Dildo Pink
Here we see Carmen in pigtails and the classic school girl's uniform. Might I say she looks dead sexy here. However even I feel it is in bad taste to have her dressed up like a little school girl masturbating on a bed filled with giant, oversized stuffed animals. Hey to each his own, but I personally feel this is a little irresponsible on DigitalSin's part. Anyway to get back to the action let me say that Carmen does a fine job here in both naughty & nice settings, but as usual she shines in the naughty setting, because let's face it this girl is obviously naughty. Overall Carmen does a good job in this section of the disc, but no anal toy play to be found.

Foreplay Handjob, Blowjob, Fingers, Tongue, & Vibrator
The Foreplay menu gets a new feature in this edition, the Handjob . I can't say I took any pleasure in watching Carmen furiously stroke cock with her hand, I think it might be a case of "you had to be there". Personally the Blowjob was a little bit disappointing as well. The second angle during the BJ is a side profile of the action, but the POV angle is not enough of a close up in my opinion. Sure it might be a more realistic field of view, but I know that my real life POV while getting a first class hummer me zoned in on the action. It seems that these new HD cameras push the action further away from the viewer even if it provides a sharper picture. The other options in this category are pretty good. Carmen can really move those hips of hers, so watching her writhe around was entertaining enough.

Sex Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, & Reverse Cowgirl
All right this is the all important SEX part of the DVD. We start off in Missionary. OK I really like what they did here! One of my complaints with the last My Plaything was that it looked like I was watching Jenna getting fucked in the missionary position from the ceiling she was so far away. I think they found an excellent solution. Now the camera pans back and forth from a nice realistic POV shot of the penetration to a view of Carmen looking you straight in the eyes. It solves the distance problem and lends itself to a more realistic view of the action. Plus Carmen drove me crazy in the naughty version when she would break into Spanish, HOT!

doggie is good, but not great. The POV angle of just her ass doesn't do much for me, I prefer the 2nd angle here that gives us more of a side profile with Carmen looking into the camera. I don't know, I just wasn't convinced.

Cowgirl is up next. Neither angle is really a POV angle. Angle 1 shows us the action from behind with Carmen looking back into the camera. Angle 2 is a close up of the penetration from essentially the same angle. Carmen demonstrates her pelvic powers here as she shows us she knows what she's doing when she rides on top. Impressive. I'm not sure I would have abandoned the POV angle for this position, its nice to see the ladies with nice breasts from that angle.

Reverse Cowgirl. Good energy here but I think her form could have been better displayed given how well this position lends itself to the good visual. No POV angle here, but nor should there be. Once again we get a close up view and a wide angle view of the action.

Bonus Striptease, Sybian, Interview, Out Takes, Photo Gallery, & Trailers
There are two stripteases that are pretty good, especially the second one, the interview is entertaining enough, the out takes stunk, and the gallery and trailers are exactly what you expect.

Final Thoughts
If you absolutely love Carmen then your bound to enjoy this title. Personally this one felt a little stale to me. I think they need to make some stronger casting choices, not to knock Carmen, but there are just so many bigger and more talented porn stars out there. After noticing the release of "Multiple Point Of View" may be the next edition should be "My Playthings Michelle Wild & Julia Taylor". However when its all said and done this series is still putting out the best VR sex simulator on the market, but there is some serious room for innovation in this genera still.


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