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My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke

My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
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Drewcifer's ratings for My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke:
Overall Rating 4 stars
My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Drewcifer  on  11/21/2008
It has been a long time since I watched a My Plaything release, and they have evolved quite a bit. My Plaything has always been my favorite, as I felt they offered me the most interaction and quality between the two. This release does deliver and is worth your time and purchase. Ashlynn is a real cutie, and does a terrific job playing the roles of both naughty and nice. This release is spread out over 3 (!) discs, including a bonus disc packed with valuable extras including bonus scenes, and clips of Ashlynn playing in other movies. The video and audio are pretty good, with no complaints in that department. I do wish there was full-on Anal in here, and there are no alternate camera angles (boo!) but Im glad to say all the cumshots in this release are real remember those older releases where there was only one real shot and the rest where digital-LAME! Enjoy this release it does everything its supposed to, well worth a purchase.

Scene Breakdown:

Disc 1
Ok, this is my first review of a interactive title, so I’m not going into such detail as my usual reviews do with each “scene”. A quick note about a mistake the studio has made with the disc artwork; Naughty and Nice Asylnns have been mixed up on the disc artwork. The wrong picture is on each disc-just so you know. After putting in Disc 1 (“Nice” Ashlynn), you are greeted with a menu that you can choose “Tease, Masturbate, Foreplay, or Sex”.

If you start with Tease, and you get a Ashlynn dressed in a schoolgirl outfit sitting on a desk looking at you mischievously. You can now choose “Tits, Ass or Pussy” and she will tease you with that body part by showing you it and touching it, while talking about having sex with you. There is no actual insertion, just lots of spreading and sexy talk

If you choose this heading you are brought to a scene with Ashlynn standing ass to the camera with 1 leg up on a bench spreading it wide in a football locker room. She’s wearing a cheerleader miniskirt, and now you have the option of “Fingers, Dildo, or Vibrator”. She rubs her pussy and clit while moaning gently while you decide. And she does exactly what she advertises when you hot the corresponding choice. It should be noted that in the far right corner there is now a “Cum on Cue” button where you can make her “cum” in any of these positions. Essentially she just moans intensely, and writhes in ecstasy, and she’s pretty convincing.

With the foreplay choice she’s laying on a kid’s comforter looking up at you on the bed. She has a bra pulled down below her breasts, and some faceless hands explore her body while you choose from a new set of options: “Full Body, Fingers, Tongue, and Blowjob”. Again the “Cum on Cue” button is on your far right and you have the option of making her cum during any of the “foreplay” (with the exception of the blowjob because she actually makes “our” cock ejaculate in her mouth). The “Tongue” option is probably the weakest, with the camera just rocking back and forth over her crotch, as though you’re eating her out-but you can’t even see her pussy or clit form that camera angle-only her face. Also the “Fingers” choice gives you a great face down ass up view of Ashlyn’s ass-worth a view!

Choosing the Sex option brings you to a scene where Ashlynn is in the scissor position and “your” cock is sliding in and out of her pussy while she looks up at you. You can now choose “Scissor, Doggie or Cowgirl” in the menu options. You have the option of cumming a real cum shot in any of these positions, and then like all the scenes on this release it loops back into the 2-3 minute sex scene. Doggie position is my favorite here, and she combines lots of sexy talk with her moaning-pretty cool!

Disc 2

Disc 2 of this release is the “Naughty” Ashlynn is identical to disc 1’s technical layout, with all the same choices in the same order. However Ashlynn truly is a different girl here with a much rougher, darker tone than the first disc. Even the opening location looks like a dark alley or parking garage, and she is wearing black. She talks much dirtier than the first which I think I personally like more.

Same options here, only she’s standing in an alley or garage. The camera seems a little farter away and I think I like the physical camera work on Disc 1’s tease section better-you’re too far away from the action.

Ashlynn’s laying in a jail cell bed on her side, with one leg up while she fucks herself in the positions of your choice. With this menu there is 1 additional choice the “Anal + vibrator” option which is really nice to see her little ass getting stretched. Great stuff!

This choice has a great view of Ashlynn spread open wide and sort of standing over the camera-HOT! And dome new choices as well: “Fingers, Vibrator, Titty Fuck, and blowjob”. I love this point of view, it really makes this section one of my favorites on this release. Vibrator give you the face down ass up position, and titty fuck is a little disappointing as her tits aren’t quite big enough to wrap around “our” cock to do the job right.

Same three position choices are available, all pretty good with the cowgirl being probably my least favorite. Again you can cum at any time, making this a great masturbation video, and it’s all pretty realistic and convincing.

Bottom Line: A great buy or definite rental if you’re into the interactive releases even in the slightest. Great sex, hot performer, combined with an excellent technical offering of camera work and options. Highly recommended.

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