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My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke

My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Interactive
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bono-ONE's ratings for My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke:
Overall Rating 5 stars
My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/1/2008
Alright fans to say I'm happy to be reviewing this dvd is a pretty accurate statement. Ashlynn Brooke's one of the prettiest girls working now I think and to have her do an Interactive dvd was something I was pleased to learn was in the works, well seems she's gone and done it and we have the finished product available! These dvds are all about one girl so it woudl help if you're a fan of the girl if you plan on buying it and for those curious about the genre she's a sexy young woman who will definitely keep your interest high as she teases and gets played with-- she's your Plaything now choose what you want her to do!! This dvd comes in three parts, one is with Ashlynn portraying the 'good' girl, so innocent but she wants to be pleasured and wants to show off all her goodies. The second is her as a 'bad' girl so I'd expect stronger dirty talk, maybe a fetishy type outfit, more aggressive fucking perhaps. The final disc contains the extras which include five scenes culled from other Ashlynn titles, there's an interview, pics so I'll cover that at the end. Needless to say going in if you're an Ashlynn Brooke fan this is already a Must Have!! So let's tackle the first disc where she's a nice pretty girl who wants to get naked and show off for you the home viewer.

Ashlynn Brooke: Good Girl

Alright we get a nice intro from Ashlynn as you put the dvd in, nice tease shots and then it's on to the main menu. Across the top you see Tease, Masturbate, Foreplay, & Sex while across the bottom of the screen you see listed Full Body, Fingers, Tongue, & Blowjob!! In the middle you have a sexy Ashlynn just waiting for you to have your way.

Tease-- Now upon clicking this we're taking to a schoolroom where Ashlynn's sitting atop a desk in her schoolgirl finest and she wants us to teach her new things!! You see more choices which are listed on the bottom of the screen-- tits, ass, & pussy. As a boob fan I naturally click there first and I should mention this dvd has multiple angles and depending on if you're using a computer or a dvd player attached to your tv you will push a different button to access the different shot-- here I'd go with the closer in view as she shows off those puppies, the white lace bra was perfect and nicely it disappears so Miss Brooke can caress those beauties. You also see a time listed-- on my computer anyway and this segment goes for about 4 minutes so that's a good time to warm you up. Also if you go to say ass tease it stays in the shot you were using when your switched but it's easy enough to go back and forth to see which shot you enjoy best.

Ass-- In this area you have Ashlynn propped up on her knees in a nice leather chair, ass arched up in the sky and her asshole looking so inviting and she's doing real good with the dirty talk too, not nasty but you should like what you hear as she uses a few fingers to show off. I liked the view looking squarely at this work of art, she asks what we want to do to her-- you probably have an idea babe!!

Pussy-- Now for this one you have Ash back atop the desk, the schoolgirl outfit still on so you get the skirt, white shirt and she's even got white knee high socks on-- but NO panties as you see when the skirt's pulled aside so yippee it's pussy stroking time. The time listed for this area was 5 minutes so that's a lot of time to watch Ashlynn show off her coochie!!

New Area: Masturbate:

Ok time to watch her really get involved with that pussy and for this we're taken to a lockerroom where you see football jerseys hung about and Ash's in a cheerleader uniform-- the colors remind me of Oklahoma and no surprise since she hails from this state!! The first thing you see is Ashlynn turned facing us with her ass again arched up, pussy lips just begging to be played with and nicely her fingers fill in for our tongue! I might go with the second viewing option here, gets you in a little closer and you see her boobs too and she tastes those fingers!!

Our second choice is to use a dildo, she chooses a purple one. Our pretty lady is using a bench to rest on as she gets in a spoon pose and slides that baby in, some purring from Ashlynn and the sound's clear too as you hear her turn the device on. Oh yeah there's the cum on cue option to the far right if you want to listen to Ashlynn experience orgasm, you can decide how authentic she sounds-- pretty good from what I'm hearing!

Our final choice in the masturbation area is vibrator and here you get Ashlynn using a small pocket rocket, she's still int the same location on the bench, cheerleader top lifted up so those boobs are teasing us at the same time as we're watching her pleasure her pussy. Good views here from either angle available.

New Area: Foreplay:

Now we get to put our hands on Ashlynn as you see on the bottom several choices the first of which is Full Body meaning we touch all over. The hand you see here is going down to her pussy and the other is caressing over her tits. The overhead view was great as it offers some good eye contact from Ashlynn while the second angle is a close up of her pussy so you see that fingering quite good and there is also some of her tits and face in the shot, not a bad angle either.

On we go where it's time for more fingering but this segment has Ashlynn in a doggie pose and that was one terrific shot as you see that gorgeous ass just staring out at you, about three minutes here to diddle that coochie, enjoy them!! I'll group the next area here and that's tongue which is a bit silly to me as it's only the camera in close going up and down or side to side. It's a great view of her pussy but I don't believe it's me licking it, lol.

The final area here to check out is one I'm sure you'll want to check out maybe first and that's Ashlynn sucking your schlong. Oh yeah for this past few segments we're now in a bedroom so you're getting different locations for these various scenes, very nice. Well I'd go with the first angle for sure in the bj as it's a POV shot with 'you' lying on your back and Ash below hovering over your hard dick. You have the cum on cue option here too and you might want to wait the full two minutes given before clicking it and when you do eventually choose it you have Ashlynn jerking the load out as she is still over your dick and she gives a little cleanup too-- A Real POP too! So that covers the foreplay area now it's time to check out the final area, SEX!!

New Area: Sex:

You get three areas here to check out, Scissor-- which looks like mish but you just don't see the guy and she's got one leg lifted up slightly. I'd use both angles, the second one gives you a side view which shows her off well, the regular view is overhead. The second position listed is doggie and again the overhead shot was great, the second angle is the open shot you get a lot in regular sex scenes so both show off her ass. Now for the final shot it's listed as cowgirl but with her riding you it looks more like reverse as you see her tits-- I'd like this one if it was me seeing those boobies dancing. Now for each position here you have real pops for each one so enjoy! So that covers the first disc where Ashlynn is a nice girl wanting to play with you, now let's check out the second disc and see if she can be a bad girl too!!

Ashlynn Brooke: Bad Girl:

Ok the mood is definitely more aggressive as you put this next disc in, I see a couple new locations, seems like she's int a prison cell in one and an alley in another. The choices are the same here as I laid out for disc one so no need to go through them again just touch on what jumped out to me in this second disc.

For the tease we catch up with Ash in an alley and she's got panties and bra on but also a fur coat! So we watch her strip out of everything until she's butt nekkid-- Ash you're in an alley you never know who might come at you-- like a pervert or something!! As she plays with her tits here you see them nice'n'shiny so maybe some lotion or oil was spread over them, again try the closer in shots as she plays with the funbags! Going on to her ass I'd stay with the closer in view and just listen to Ashlynn talk dirty as she rubs over that cute tushy, the times here so far have been around 5 minutes so again that's a long time to enjoy oogling her butt!! The final shot you can go back and forth in close as she touches her cooter or take the broader shot where we see that pretty face that's been talking so dirty these segments, it's all good or bad, lol.

New Area: Masturbate:

As we get more time to enjoy this sexy Oklahoman we're taken to the big house where Ash's on a cot in the cell, top pulled up showing those boobies and she's still talking dirty as she starts diddling her coochie-- a spoon pose here as well to begin. The alternate angle takes you right up to Ash using a ground/side view so definitely check this angle out. You have two vibrator choices, the second of which includes Ashlynn doing a bit of anal toy play-- ahh it's a toy dp too, talking dirty and both holes filled!! Very nice.

New Area: Foreplay:

Now for this new area we're taking to some kind of room, lol, that has what appear to be sheets flowing down from the ceiling and along the walls, a chandelier looking light is hanging over as well. This is where 'you' come back in using fingers to diddle her coochie, a good floor shot used here. I had some issues trying to click on the vibrator option as it wouldn't work in either my computer or my regular dvd player but that's not something I was keen on anyway. You can move ahead as I did to tittyfuck where you get a big long cock slipped in between those twins and I see the cum on cue option here, you might guess where the load ends up, nope not her face, lol, but on her boobies or more accurately in between them. So after blowing your load you might need to recharge your dick because there's one more area to enjoy, the blowjob!! You can use both angles but I'm sticking with the first which has Ash worshipping your rod in POV!!After some stellar head she takes the load inside her mouth and lets it spill out a bit as she looks up at you-- very nice baby!!

New Area: Sex:

Ok we have just one more area to take in and that's laying pipe one more time to this lovely young lady, the positions I believe are the same, mish, doggie and cowgirl-- aka reverse in appearance since we're in a pov shot for this one. Check out all the angles, Ashlynn looks so comfortable there as you or I, lol, fuck her, she's still going strong with the dirty talk too as we plunder that juicy coochie. So that about covers it I think, you see every bit of Ashlynn Brooke that you could possibly want and even some anal play with a toy-- that is progress!!

Ashlynn Brooke: Extras:

So we've covered the title and now we get a bit more and this is certainly not leftovers or at least not in a bad way!! You have a deleted sections option which are poses from the dvd for each disc that didn't make it into the final cut but they wanted you to see some of it anyway. These aren't short versions either so again it's more time to admire this pretty lady's sexy body, I'm in!! You also have trailers and a photo slideshow-- still pics of Ashlynn!! There are five bonus scenes here too which you enjoy in their entirety, all featuring the girl of the hour, plus you get the movies these are lifted from too. You also get the male talent in each scene so you have Tommy Gunn, Kurt Lockwood, Jordan Ash, Billy Glide and Manuel Ferrara-- this scene from Bound to Please I hadn't seen before and quite enjoyed it but Manuel's one of the best and makes every girl better!! The final extra to enjoy is a nice 1-1 interview with Ashlynn that lasts around 11 minutes, you don't hear the question but she responds usually incorporating it into her answer and this I also enjoyed immensely so please give that a listen when you first get this. So there you have it, My Plaything Ashlynn Brooke is awesome, any Ashlynn fan will certainly want this one in their collection and if you're curious about her and haven't checked her out before this is a wonderful introduction to her plus the bonus disc offers up five sex scenes so you see her interact with a man that you actually see more than just his cock. Well done and I hope after a year or two we get a second one when she might be inclined to add anal to the mix!!

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