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My Play Toy 2

My Play Toy 2

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  Interactive
Directed by:
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bono-ONE's ratings for My Play Toy 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
My Play Toy 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks My Play Toy 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks My Play Toy 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex My Play Toy 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Play Toy 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Play Toy 2 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Play Toy 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/27/2004
Well I've liked the Virtual genre of porn for awhile ever since I made My Plaything Tera Patrick my first dvd purchase almost 4 years ago. This is the virtual entry from Smash Pictures and like any virtual title it helps if you like the starlet or starlets in this case. Both Kaylynn and Nicole Sheridan are top notch pieces of eye candy and having watched the dvd they are presented beautifully so sit back and enjoy as I describe the various ways you get to play with them and watch as they play with each other!! The main menu offers you several choices and they are Tease, Girl/ Girl, 3-Way, Sex, and finally Extras. So let's hit some highlights on each section!


This first section opens with Nicole slipping out of her bra and she nicely licks her nipples. I must say you get two options of viewing this up close and you start with a straight ahead view from about five feet perhaps. At the bottom of the screen is the options for everything available on the dvd and they aren't to big as to obstruct or disrupt rather your enjoyement of each girl. Now on the far left are two options, on the bottom is a cum on cue type of option where the girl will orgasm while on top of that is the option which enables you to go from girl to girl. Now unlike the My Playthings the girls done have a naughty or nice side rather they are a combination of both I'd say leaning more towards the naughty side but not real nasty, a good mixture I'd say! Both girls are hot in the striptease option so I'd start there!

bono-Meter: 9.0


You start this option with Nicole lying in a great position and she pulls down her bra showing off her tits and then she gets started masturbating. Again try out both viewing options and the second really gets you close as she slips several fingers in her kittie. Don't forget to click over and watch Kaylynn as she too looks awesome slipping fingers into her delictable pussy!! The time you get to view each segment may be a minute I'm not sure but it reloads automatically which you might not like, perhaps it could have gone on to another area but I'm not that smart in regards to that!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Vibrator & Dildo:

These two options are just like the previous two so I lumped them in together. Each girl uses a vibrator on her pussy and you can watch from straight on or go with the up close shots and I'd choose both just to get a good sample for both. The same goes for the dildo option and both girls take great pleasure in using the dildo to wet their pussies.

bono-Meter: 8.5

Blowjob & Double Blowjob:

Now here we get two more appealing options. You can watch either Kaylynn or Nicole pleasure the cock and each girl is a great oralist so be sure to watch both suck multiple times!! The sexual vibes both give off are way up there and when you put the two of them together, wow the results are just great and this option wil be watched many times over I suspect!!

bono-Meter: 9.5

Girl/ Girl Menu:

This next menu offers you four areas to check out and they are tongue, fingers, and finally a dildo to either the pussy or ass. For the tongue option you start with Nicole in a spoon position and Kaylynn positively devours her pussy with great eye contact. The view from up close will also be your friend here as Kaylynn is an expert at licking pussy and I'd like to be as close as I can when she's licking snatch!! The button is always highlighted which will change the girls and clicking on it here allows Nicole a chance at tasting Kaylynns sweet nectar and it's most appealing to watch! The heat is maintained nicely when the girls bring the toys in and that's hard for me to say as I'm not a fan of toys being used in g/g scenes, for the most part. Both the up close and pulled back views work for me here as both girls take great joy in penetrating the other.

bono-Meter: 9.0

3-Way Menu:

Moving on this offers four choices, missionary, mish anal, doggie, and doggie anal. So actually it's only two positions but you get both versions. It would have been really hot to see cowgirl included especially with Nicole riding you and those tits bouncing, oh well an opportunity lost there. I did like the POV shot to start and Kaylynn was right there to finger Nicole and taste her tits. When it was Kaylynn's turn Nicole mostly fingers her pussy and the up close shots really zone in on Kaylynn's pussy at it was drilled. So be sure to check out both views as each girl has fun being pounded and the other strokes their pussy. Another opportunity was lost as there was no P2OGM which I know as the guy there I'd have like to see!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Sex Menu:

This menu offers the same four choices as the 3-Way menu does so I won't list them again but wow I missed cowgirl here as the girls are featured just with the guy and damn you really should have had Nicole riding the cock in cowgirl!! However, it was great seeing each girl taking a cock up their ass and using option #2 here may be best as you are right there as their bungholes are violated!!

bono-Meter: 9.0

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This last option offers you two photo galleries which run through on their own and you get some really nice shots of both girls here. Looking under credits you find out the cock used for this dvd belonged to Voodoo and that's no big surprise as his lady, Nicole was in this dvd! The last option offers trailers for 6 other Smash releases including the first My Playtoy. So fans of the virtual genre should be pleased with this disc as both girls are hot and each does a fabulous job of selling their enjoyment of what's being done to them!! The visual quality is pretty good and the action is clear for all to see. One area I did miss or perhaps I should say two areas would be a behind the scenes or a blooper reel as I've liked both on several of the My Playthings, so hopefully we can have either option on the next My Playtoy. I'm recommending this one strongly as fans of either girl should welcum the opportunity to fantasize about putting their schlong into one or both of these hotties!!

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