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My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2

My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2

Studio: Fallen Angel
Category:  Classic , Compilation

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YogaGrrl's ratings for My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  4/13/2002

Cast: uncredited

Compiler: Luc Wylder

Production date: 10/23/01 (from archival material, ca. 1960s-1970s)

Length: 148 min.

Extras: Trailers for Sex Across America 1-3, Amateur Angels 1 and Forbidden Lust.

Audio/visual quality: The print quality varies from mediocre to worse. Speckles and scratches are frequently visible. Three of the 13 scenes are black and white; the color segments have obviously faded with age. Soft focus problems and inexpert camera angles abound. A couple of chapters are jumpy, possibly due to wear and tear on the original film perforations. Oddly enough, the poor video quality actually contributes to the fun. It really does give the viewer a sense that the loops were unexpectedly discovered moldering away in the back of Dad's closet.

The audio track consists of jazz and a "running movie projector" sound effect. The sensuous, flirty music evokes the ambiance of an intimate club, perhaps from the early 1960s. Many of the tunes are so catchy that they've pleasantly lingered in my head long after viewing the DVD. Note: Because I believe it's unfair to judge the technical quality of archival material against recent productions, I would have preferred not to assign an audio/video rating for this particular DVD. Since that wasn't an option, I split the difference.

First impression: If these are My Dad's Dirty Movies, then I'm glad I've inherited his porno genes.

Scene highlights: Five of the DVD's 13 scenes feature solo women. These are mainly teases--the women wriggle around invitingly, and if they're wearing clothing, they slowly remove it piece by piece. They never once touch their genitals, although they do typically stroke their torsos, tummies and thighs. They are realistically pretty in a very natural and accessible way: the basic girl-next-door type.

Volume one, scene four is the wildest of the teases. A young woman with straight long hair starts by massaging herself vigorously with a feather boa. She's not interested in holding still for the camera--all she wants to do is get off. She grinds energetically on the edge of a couch cushion and on a pillow, occasionally chewing on the fabric. We get to see quite a few close-ups of her cleanly shaven pussy as she waves her hips around in the air. Although she's not touching her clit, she's very obviously contracting her muscles externally (especially the abs) and probably internally as well. At one point, she suddenly bites hard into the heel of her hand and then relaxes very deeply into the couch. If that's not an authentic hands-free orgasm, it's the best fake I've ever seen. I've watched it several times just to study her technique.

In contrast, the third scene is the tamest tease. It's a black and white segment in which the woman never gives us a direct view of her genitals. Instead, she nicely strips out of her plaid woolen dress, scrunches her panties up like a thong and slowly gyrates her cute little cheeks for the viewer's pleasure. She does eventually remove her bra and panties, but the action remains a tease in the best sense of the word. The eroticism lies in her sultry gaze and in the unhurried way she rubs her legs together and touches her thighs.

Of the remaining material, four scenes are group sex, two are three-ways, one is serial sex (in which one woman takes two men consecutively) and one is a straight couple. Direct views of penetration and cumshots are relatively infrequent and don't seem to be the main point here. My favorite group action is the brief yet fun daisy chain in the sixth scene. The eight participants have lined up for mutual oral sex in alternating male-to-female, head-to-tail fashion. The big circle travels along the sofa and down to the floor and back up to the sofa again.

Two scenes on this DVD are initially nonconsensual; however, the female "victims" rather quickly succumb to the forceful seduction and become willing participants. Both of these scenes also contain humorous elements which make them more palatable.

Thumbs up: The performers in this movie look genuinely excited to be in front of the camera. Most of the women smile and sometimes even laugh. One holds a sign which says "The End" and blows a kiss at the conclusion of her scene. Other performers take a bow at the end of their group scene. Yet the action feels very real, as if the participants are truly aroused and not just going through the motions for the audience.

This has been my first experience watching antique porn, and I really enjoyed the naughtiness factor. I respectfully disagree with another reviewer who remarked that the "rewatchablility" of these scenes is low. My husband loves My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2, and he's normally far pickier than I am.

Thumbs down: A "behind-the-scenes" featurette would have greatly enhanced this DVD. I realize, of course, that individual performer names and other specific details may no longer exist (although that does raise questions about how the performers' ages were verified). I'm just extremely curious to know some of the history here. Generally speaking, what types of people made these films, and what were their motivations? Were these loops created for private use, or were they shown publicly? If the latter, where did they play? In arcades? In art theaters? Were they popular and widely distributed? Or do some/all of these scenes come from one-of-a-kind home movies? Was the material considered unlawful at the time, and were the producers/performers putting themselves at legal risk? All these questions could have been easily addressed in a 15-minute documentary chapter, which probably would have boosted my overall rating to 4.5 stars instead of only four.

I also feel obligated to mention that the female pubes are only rarely shaved in these scenes. Some women are so hairy that the glorious anatomical details are partially obscured even during the close-ups. The men are almost uniformly unattractive. I would describe their appearance as generally unkempt. One young man is so slender and effeminate that I initially thought he was a woman. Also, their erections are occasionally softer than we've come to expect nowadays. None of this destroys the heat for me, but I'm sure some viewers won't like it.

Themes: Archival erotica (primary theme), teases (major theme), straight, group, three-way, masturbation, oral, deepthroating, tit-fuck, daisy chain, facials, toy (one vibrator, used by male), multiple male orgasm (one only), nonconsensual sex, interracial.

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: Medium high. I identify well with the ladies who roll around sensuously on their beds during the tease segments. There are days when I genuinely feel like that, too.

Final analysis: Although I wouldn't want to watch a steady diet of antique porn and nothing else, I have found this DVD to be a uniquely erotic experience. If you're interested in the history of adult entertainment, or if you're simply looking for something a little bit different, consider giving My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 a try.

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