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My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2

My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2

Studio: Fallen Angel
Category:  Classic , Compilation

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astroknight's ratings for My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Female looks rating 2 stars
Male Looks My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality My Dad's Dirty Movies 1 & 2 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/24/2002

Running Time: approx. 150 min.

Production Date: 10 / 23 / 2001

Director: None given, but the films gathered by Luc Wylder

Cast: Not listed

Initial Expectations: Iím not really sure what to expect here, so Iím going to keep an open mind.

Initial Reaction: Itís everything it claims to be, and done very well.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who loves classic porn or whoís curious about ďblue moviesĒ

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a clear picture, plot, extreme sex, or most anything else that resembles the porn of today

Audio /Video Quality: As one would expect, the technical aspects here are very poor. The audio is horrible, with absolutely no sex sounds, and the picture is grainy and fuzzy. I never thought Iíd say this about a DVD, but Iím not really sure whether this is a good or bad thing here. As is, the features look just like they came out of a box that was left undisturbed in the attic for the last thirty years. This is some of what the aim of this feature is, so Iím not sure that this is such a bad thing. Due to my not really being sure how to rate this with the many factors about it, Iím giving this an average rating.

Music: The music is the only audio, and fits the movies great. It has a kind of sexy 1940s feel to it, and although this is a little before the time most of the feature appears to be shot, it fits the normal mood and feel of the scenes.

Disc Problems / Complains: As usual, Fallen Angel hasnít given us a time stamp. This is that little thing that allows you to jump to any point in the feature if you stop watching it one night and want to restart it there the next night. It also lets you go to places in the feature right away if you like it rather than having to scan through fifteen minutes of movie to get there. From what I understand, putting a time stamp on a DVD is a very easy thing to do and takes almost no effort. For this reason, it always pisses me off and starts a DVD off on the wrong foot when I donít see a time stamp on the feature. This is also something that I feel is important enough that I deducted a half point from the overall rating here due to the lack of a time code.

Menus: The main menu has a kind of fun feel, starting with ďDadĒ sitting down in front of the TV and going to the dirty old movies. The chapter menu is very basic and only shows a small clip of the scene you can jump to.

The Feature: The cover to My Dadís Dirty Movies claims that Luc Wylder found all these films, or at least his Mom did, and that he gathered them onto DVD. Iím not sure if thatís true or not, but if not, he did one heck of a good job to reenact them. Thereís two volumes here, and although they have a slightly different style between them, they both fall nicely into the realm of the old projector blue movies that are often poked fun at in movies like Porkyís.

Although the scenes in the feature all fall into the same category, thereís still several different types of scenes. Thereís solo scenes, which are normally done as teases, couples scenes, and of course, group scenes. They all feel like they were made in the 1960s and 1970s, mostly due to the styles in the clothes (when theyíre worn rather than in a pile on the floor), but the scenes themselves also have a style that feels that way. The scenes range from black and white to sepia and faded color scenes, which also gives the scenes a very aged feel.

The two volumes included on the DVD have a slightly different style. The first volume feels a little more authentic that the second. It has more of a tease feel, with very few penetration shots. Iím not sure, but these may be the earlier blue movies, when people were a little more conservative about their sexuality, even when theyíre putting it on film. Thereís quite a few scenes that look like theyíre going to be masturbation scenes, but the girls just roll around on the bed while stripping. Many of these scenes have kind of an innocent smutty feel about them, but were still very sexual.

The second, which seemed a little more like they me be reenacted blue movies, was much more like the porn of today. It didnít have girls who knew how to shave their pussies or anything like that, but it had several facials and quite a few penetration close-ups. Once again, this is my first experience with anything related to blue movies, so I could be completely off base here, but many of the scenes here felt like they were recently filmed and then given treatments to make them resemble the films of yore.

This is my first experience with anything like blue movies, but I have to say that itís a good experience. The scenes all have a kind of reality to them, and itís normally pretty apparent that the people in the scenes are having fun. There isnít anything even as extreme as anal sex here, so anal fans might want to avoid this one, but there are several group scenes. I found the solo scenes to be some of the most interesting and sexual, as there was an innocence to the women, who were obviously all real, as well as looking like they were really enjoying the freedom they discovered in front of the camera. This feature isnít going to be for everybody, but fans of classic porn and blue movies are definitely going to want to make a place on their shelf for My Dadís Dirty Movies Vol. 1 & 2.

Extras: Trailers are included for Forbidden Lust, Amateur Angels 1, Sex Across America: 1st Stop Las Vegas, Sex Across America Second Stop: New Orleans, and Sex Across America Third Stop: San Francisco. Thereís also web links.

Themes: Straight, blue movies, tease, oral, orgy, lesbian, group, tit-fuck, and inter-racial

Raincoat Factor: Extreme, as long as this is your sort of thing.

Overall: If youíre a fan of blue movies, or are just curious about them, this is a great DVD. It presents them in the classic fashion, complete with the technical glitches that one would expect from an old film and a projector. There isnít much here for extras, but thatís not surprising with a DVD like this.

Note to Fallen Angel: This was a great idea, but I wish youíd put a little more care into your DVDs.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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