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My Boss' Daughter

My Boss' Daughter

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for My Boss' Daughter:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
My Boss' Daughter overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks My Boss' Daughter Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks My Boss' Daughter Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex My Boss' Daughter Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting My Boss' Daughter Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras My Boss' Daughter DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Boss' Daughter A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/29/2010
Good day porn fans, World Cup Soccer if over now so time to get in a porn flick. This one features new Digital Playground girl Kayden Kross along with some pretty hot girls- Nika Noir, Bridgette B, McKenzie Lee and Kristina Rose. So with that fine list of ladies let's get to a few highlights.

Movie opens and it's time to end work. Scott Nails wants to head out for drinks but Mick Blue's in a hurry to get somewhere. Mick heads home and finds Bridgette getting dressed and there's a quick flash of boobs. Back at the workplace you still see people milling about, Scott still can't find anyone for drinks, lol. Oh wait the cycle keeps repeating with Mick rushing out from work, Scott not finding anyone for drinks and Mick arriving home just missing Bridgette as she gets dressed- thankfully for us we still get a little boobage. Ok the cycle is broken when Evan Stone comes in with Kayden and hello this is his daughter, lol!!!!Seems she's going to start work there and I bet Mick would love to show her around! Scott then comes in and is very much impressed too with Kayden but is more demonstrative in saying it. Mick goes for a little water break but there's Kayden coming in for a drink as well-- this leads to a perve bend over shot and the grey dress she's wearing is a bit to short just over the ass so we see some cheekage. Poor Mick stands there and of course is wanting her but it's the boss's daughter! Kayden gives him a knowing look and leaves. Another day at work and Kayden comes into Mick's office to give him some figures to check but the top she's wearing has Mick checking out a totally different figure, hers! Another day at work, Kayden again wearing clothes that are too revealing and the flirting is getting more intense-- she asks what Mick's doing for lunch and then does a Sharon Stone by crossing her legs showing us and Mick-- No Panties!!

Kayden Kross:

Finally after some flirting and days going by at this office there's some action. Mick goes into Kayden's office and she's sitting back in a chair legs propped on the desk and points down telling Mick to eat!! Don't need to tell him twice and Mr. Blue's face is buried deep in that pussy which he just saw moments before. Kayden then gets to work a little on her dicktation and I say she's quite good at it. Close shots too as her lips firmly grip Mick's dick. Cowgirl and reverse lead the way here ending with a very good open mouth pop for Kayden.

Bridgette B. :

Well after a little wait for the first sex scene we pretty much go right into the next as we see Brigette going into a room wearing some revealing attire and who is her audience-- it's Evan Stone who's daughter was just ravaged by Bridgette's hubby Mick-- you saw him head home and take a quick shower after boinking Kayden-- will everyone find out about everyone sleeping around, I think so, lol. A little teasing here as Brigette rides Evan's pants but no blue balls here as she doesn't make him wait to long before freeing that bad boy. Some strong cock sucking here but sadly it lasts only seconds. We move instead to Evan tonguing her ass but that too is brief before they change again back to the bj. Some close in shots here for the fucking but the better shots come when they pull back allowing her tits to shine in a bouncing reverse. From this we get a brief P2M and then suckin balls leading to Evan jerking off on those tits.

Back we go to the office, more people walking around and Kayden bumps into Mick. Scott still wants to get Mick out for drinks and inviting the new girl is something he wants to do as well. So we head to someone's apt. not sure whos place but you have Manuel there along with Scott and Mick plus the girls- Kayden, Nika and Kristina. The boys are giving him a rough time saying he should be tapping Kayden while his wife's out of town- they don't know he already did. Kayden notices he's left and goes to find Mick. The two chat but nothing happens. They are playing cards and having some sexually charged conversation plus we see Kayden lean across and kiss Kristina-- then ripping her shirt off and kissing her tits. Manuel wants them to stop but Scott's all for it!! Scott gets rewarded with a huge makeout kiss from Kayden but Manuel passes. Kristina and Nika go with Manuel who leaves letting Scott and Kayden continue. But you also see Kristina and Manuel starting to make out in another room and Nika's there too so perhaps we'll go back and forth?

Kayden w/ Scott & Kristina/ Nika w/ Manuel:

So we return to Scott's face buried in Kayden's pussy, Mick walks in for a few seconds gives you that wide eyed look and leaves with the two not knowing he'd returned. Scott's going to town too and Kayden's moans seem to indicate he's doing it right! We do indeed go back and forth as the scene then shifts to another room where Manuel's munching on Kristina's hot ass and she in turn is eating out Nika from behind!! The girls kiss and grope then while Manuel gets a little taste of Nika. Another shift back to Kayden who is now engulfing Scott's cock. Good clear pic and a nice side shot given for this bj. Well we keep going back and forth to much, lol. It's back to the trio where we get Kristina working on one of her fave dicks in the biz and Nika's there too getting a face dive in or two before we switch back. We get good fucking in both scenes but you don't get to really get into it before you're switched over to the other scene. Not that the action isn't good in both but don't like going back and forth so much. Kristina Rose in cowgirl is always good even if you're taken away, lol. Nika and Kayden also shine when they respective ride in cowgirl on Manuel and Scott's cocks. Popwise we get Manuel firing off a few ropes to Nika and Kristina's mouths, cleanup from the girls with swapping and for Kayden she gets a load from Scott fired to her tongue with some great cleanup from Kayden- nice big smile too as she licks those drops up.

We head back to the office where Kayden comes in for another visit with Mick who mentions seeing her with Scott. Well Kayden isn't impressed and gets up, leaving. Back home Mick finds Brigette back home but oops she finds a bra on the floor. This leads to a heated argument and Mick really didn't do anything but Brigette doesn't want to hear it-- but wait wasn't she just fucking Evan, talk about a double standard! But it was fun seeing Bridgette upset as her tits fall out, lol. But our girl then comes clean saying that she went to Palm Springs to fuck his boss and not where she originally said she was going. Mick calls her a whore but wait wasn't he fucking Kayden so he's a slut!

McKenzie Lee:

So while this marriage is falling apart we're taken back to Evan who has a fresh lady friend in McKenzie and he's already working it sucking on her tits. Evan and Mac then make good use of his desk for a little pussy eating. You hear McKenzie a little here, yep sexy British accent alert!!Cool Evan spends more than just a few seconds down there which can only bode well when McKenzie gets a hold of his cock. Some fine stroking when it comes time as she gets a firm grip on his manhood. Reverse was an early highlight and towards the end McKenzie opens up her ass for a little action. It was just in mish but she talks a little more and we end up with Evan blasting a good load to her waiting tongue, cleanup too from Miss Lee.

One last trip back to the office where Evan actually comes into Mick's place to tell him he's fired but Mick gets the last word yelling out as Evan leaves well I fucked your daughter!! Evan grips Kayden by the arm and leads her away and we get a quick shot of Scott too but he ducks back into his room when he hears Mick yell out and seeing the reaction from Evan. Will we get a sequel and see Kayden seduce other office workers, stay tuned!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was the second chance we got to see Kayden in action for Digital and she showed a bit of a naughty side here, not bigtime nasty but a little attitude and I liked it. Didn't much care for the two scene in one deal which took away from both sets of groups. Kristina/ Nika were real good together and we got one real good with Kayden to start plus the mixed scene in the middle. Brigette B and her big titties looked good with Evan who gets another big boobed babe in McKenzie Lee to finish this up. As for extras there isn't a lot besides a 10 minute BTS clip so check it out. Worth a rental for the cast and I'll look forward to seeing more with Kayden as she gets more titles with Digital released. I just hope we don't get any more mixed scenes in the future ones.

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