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My Baby Got Back 39

My Baby Got Back 39

Studio: Metro
Category:  Anal , Black
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for My Baby Got Back 39:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
My Baby Got Back 39 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks My Baby Got Back 39 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks My Baby Got Back 39 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex My Baby Got Back 39 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting My Baby Got Back 39 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras My Baby Got Back 39 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality My Baby Got Back 39 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  8/9/2006

My Baby Got Back 39

Prologue Video Team's (now Metro) venerable series, My Baby Got Back, has now reached Jack Benny's age, 39. There promises to be some special fireworks here with two first anals. One of them by the very sexy Monet Divine. Also, Marie Luv takes another stab at lesbian sex with her good friend Jada Fire. Nat Turner gets to clean up in this scene and I'm putting my money on the meat. Jazmine Cashmere and Kandi Kream throw their booties around, and another Candy, whom I'm not familiar with, is the other first anal. I've never heard of the director Jax before this, either. Should be interesting.
Jada Fire and Marie Luv are trying to work their way into this g/g thing they're supposed to do. There's some small talk and light stroking. They're laughing, but it still seems awkward and unnatural. Marie starts out by taking the lead and fondling Jada's tits, then nibbling at her pussy. She has Jada turn her ass to the camera and licks the lovely globes. Marie digs a couple of fingers into the cooch and tongues the slit. Jada attacks Marie's body, sucking her lovely tits and spanking her firm ass before sticking her hand into some supermodel grade pussy. They strip off their remaining clothing and work towards opposite ends of each other. Marie pumps a couple of fingers into Jada and Nat Turnher walks in. The focus changes immediately. He lays down already naked and hard as the girls scramble to surround and engulf him. Marie looks much more at home with a big slab of meat getting juiced up in her mouth. Jada laps at his balls while Marie slurps away. No slouch at sword swallowing, Jada takes the shaft and Marie works her way up from his nuts till they're kissing at the summit. Jada takes the first ride in RC, Marie planting the fuckstick. It doesn't take long before Jada's threatening to cum (squirt?) and Marie's slapping her clit. She takes her friend's place on the cock, riding CG. Marie puts the squeeze on Nat, taking him balls deep with Jada sucking the tight nuts. P2M for Marie and Jada takes the next round in doggy. P2OGM for Marie. Jada comes off Nat's cock to squirt and Marie lays back for some mish loving. Jada squeezes and licks her phat pussy lips, then P2OGM. The deep drilling has Marie's leg shaking. P2OGM again, then Nat spoons Marie, who gets affectionate with Jada, then strokes some squirt out of her. Nat sticks with Marie and raises up for a side entry anal insertion. Jada fingers the wet slit and keeps her head close to the action. A2OGM for Jada and more rectal reaming for Marie. Another A2OGM, a lick at Marie's nether region, and Jada lays back for mish anal. Marie dips her tongue into Jada's exposed slit and sucks the cock out of her ass. Marie's licking anything that moves and Nat spoons Jada's ass. They get a little "me time" as Marie goes out for recess. Jada gets to put a few of her patented moves on Nat's cock until Marie reappears wearing a big strap-on. From its pink flesh color, I'd say we entered the interracial arena here. Jada gets ready to mount Nat in CG but Marie needs to grease up his cock with throat lube. She gets the dick seated and mounts Jada's ass for the DP. Marie gives her a nice ride, shafting smooth and deep. Jada turns to RCA on Nat and Marie gets to stroke some pussy. She even scissors her for extra deep penetration. The girls jump off and surround Nat's cock again for his bloated balls to release. He pops between them and manages to get both their faces. They share the PCH and whatever splooge they're wearing.
Since I'm not one of the people clamoring to see Marie Luv go veggie, I have to say that they basically wasted ten minutes on another ho hum attempt at lipstick lesbianism that would have been put to better use in some extended oral sex. Two great cocksuckers and just some token head. Once the meat delivery arrived, things flowed much better, and the dildo play was pretty good.
Mone Divine crawls into bed with Nat, and again we start with an awkward moment. She's giving up her booty for the first time and is clearly nervous about it. She has a flower in her hair ala Billie Holiday, and her heavy hooters are spilling out of her skimpy bra. Mone may have some trepidation about her ass, but she knows she likes dick, and is digging for Nat's hardon right away. She wraps her lips around that bad boy and slurps away at the big chocolate bar. She rolls his balls in her mouth and slobbers on the shaft. Face fucking initiated by Mone, her tits hanging down sexily. Nat removes her bra altogether and makes sure we get a good view of thos nice mams. Mone, now completely naked, rides him in CG. She really works the big stiffy, too. I guess she figures she might as well get hers before Nat pops that anal cherry. From the look of the cooze cream coating Nat's dick, I'd say that was a good strategy. Mone turns for RC, her pace still torrid, pounding the dick inside her. She gets off for doggy and backs that jelly ass on Nat, banging away at his abdomen. He takes charge for the first time and goes up and over her prone body. With her pussy fucked good, Nat enters her rectum in doggy. They don't really show the penetration very well but he's pounding her deeply in no time. Then Nat puts a scissor move on her so his balls are almost disappearing up her ass. Cut to a mish anal insertion with Mone's hand pulling him in to her. Side entry with a little pussy play for Mone. A move to spoon and Mone is bouncing into his strokes. She really seems into it and her enthusiasm level is good. Nat pulls out and lays his cock on her tongue. First blast goes awry, streaking across Mone's left eye. The rest apparently makes it into her mouth and she flows it down her chin. She's all smiles and throws a kiss to the camera.
I think Mone's been practicing. There were a couple of cuts that makes me think the anal wasn't quite as easy as it seemed, but she was taking a really good reaming of smooth, deep strokes. The beginning was beautiful as Mone took charge of her own pleasure in preparation for the anal deflowering.
Jazmine Cashmere is sitting on a couch with Ace. She's naked and he's fully dressed. They're shooting the shit while she strokes his exposed dick. They point out her new titties and Ace hefts and tastes them. Jazmine tells him she wants two dicks today. Lee Bang joins them and the guys get naked for her. Jazmine gets down to suck dick and concentrates on Lee's soft one, putting in yoeman work with slobbering deep throat to harden the fat, crooked plug. She enjoys the fruits of her labor by sitting in his lap and riding RC. Ace, left out till now, gets his taste of her lovely mouth. Jazmine gives Lee a short ride, but works her ass around, making her soft belly wobble. Ace gets some pussy in CG and Jazmine's ass is flapping away. Lee gets more head. Jazmine backs off Ace to suck his dick and Lee taps her in doggy. He slams her in an up and over and Jazmine sucks the pussy juice off his cock while Ace replaces him. She employs her tits in pleasuring Lee and has a wanton look on her face as she climbs him for a very short CG. Jazmine spreads on the couch and Ace reams her hungry pussy deeply. He can't go deep enough, Jazmine grabbing him by the ass and pulling in hard. Lee takes his turn at this position, then gets P2M. Ace spoons her while she continues to suck Lee. Raising up for some modified doggy, Ace puts a nice charge into Jazmine. She turns her rump toward Lee for doggy from him, keeping her mouth full of cock all the while. Ace takes her in mish again while Lee leaves the picture. He comes back in to drop a load on her big, fat titties and Jazmine cleans out the hose, then licks the jizz off her hooters. That leaves it to Ace to open her ass, which he does in mish. As with the pussy fucking, too deep or hard is never an issue with hot Jazmine. She gets Lee back in the game by sucking him during her rectal reaming. She sits on Ace in RCA, and after banging his balls off her pussy for awhile, takes Lee in her pussy for the RCDP. Jazmine is spread wide and totally open, trying to achieve a zen state of oneness with her paramours. Even after popping once already, Lee has to pull out several times to keep from cumming again in that hot cauldron of lust. Jazmine sits on him in CG and Ace joins in for the DP. This really gets to her as she moans lustfully. She's ready for more nut and takes the kneeling position between the guys. Lee manages to squeeze out a decent second load right into her mouth. Again, Jazmine grabs the tool and tries to suck more out. She deep throats him and laps at his balls, slobbering over her tits. Jazmine turns her attention to Ace, who jerks his jizz onto her tongue, cascading into her cleavage. More PCH and tit play. Jazmine gets a good natured spanking by the guys just to watch her hot ass wobble.
Jazmine is showing all the signs of recent motherhood with her soft belly, and probably is the reason for her boob job. That said, she still looks hot, and if anything, is more horny than ever. She supplied most of the energy here, making it a good scene. It would have been even better if she was matched up with more physical men who could match and test her lust.
Candy is shooting pool behind some light curtains. Deep Threat is in the adjoining room admiring her form, which is showing through the diaphanous material covering her body. He walks over to her and gives her hot body some hands on inspection. Candy gets laid out on the table as Deep becomes orally intimate with her cooch. With things heated up, Candy drags him to a bed, unwraps his package and goes down on it. Her great ass can't be contained by her panties, which aren't all that skimpy. She pleasures her pussy while making Deep wet and hard, then gets naked and lays out for a scissored mish insertion. Deep is his name, and that's where he's going in this hot bodied ebony princess. He's drilling for oil and keeping his balls close to her ass. They roll, first to side entry, then doggy, with Candy backing her ass up on him. Skin glistening from the workout, Candy's butt waves back and forth with the hard thrusts. She mounts Deep in RC and shows some nice athleticism and strong legs, not to mention the pleasure of impending orgasm. Candy's another one who's taking what she can get before giving up the ass. They move to spoon for the anal. No ceremony. Just stick it in and ride. Candy doesn't look completely comfortable, but she's not showing any great pain either. The pace slows down here but she's still taking a deep dicking. They go back to the pussy for mish and a popshot on Candy's enhanced rack.
This wasn't much as an anal scene and nothing was done to commemorate its inauguration. Candy showed she likes a good fucking, though, and her ass is prime for sure.
Ace is kicking back on a settee with a female form illuminated behind a screen to his side. He gets a phone call about a scene for this video and asks for someone with mo' ass. He's instructed to look around and finally he sees the ample form of Kandi Kream in silhouette. She comes out in a pink and blue spandex two piece, her cushioning just what Ace ordered. He plays with her ass like a little kid with a new toy. Then he makes her big titties jiggle. Ace pulls his dick out and Kandi wraps her dsl's around it. They do some stripping and Kandi gets serious with her bj. Some titty fucking with tongue lashing at the head. Kandi's shorts come down and Ace buries his tongue in her slit, followed by a doggy insertion. Screen filling closeup of the penetration and the pussy cream streaking his dick. P2M, then a CG mount. Kandi works the cock and flaps her phat ass. More P2M, Kandi slobbering throat lube on Ace's dick and sitting on it in RC. She works it deep and jerks spastically as it hits her spots. Another P2M leading to up and over doggy. Kandi gets on her back and fingers her bung in preparation for the mish anal that ensues. Long, slow strokes to get her started while Kandi rubs her clit. He picks up some steam and gives Kandi a nice reaming, then slows back down for some lovin' in the oven. They move to doggy anal, hard, choppy strokes and some spanking. Kandi turns to suck Ace to completion and he ends up wanking on her tits. She licks the jizz off her tits to end the video.
Admittedly, Kandi is not a big draw for me, but she always has a good attitude and does her best to please and be pleased. I thought the camerawork here was mediocre, with too many super closeups that left me with a detached feeling.
Epilogue I'll have to start my wrap by complaining about something that plagued the production throughout. The lighting was very poor. It might be due to the fact that this was shot in widescreen HD, and state of the art equipment must have a very wide dynamic range, but this video appeared to be little more than shadow dancing at times. This is especially egregious when you consider that all the participants are black, and need all the light they can get to show well. Beyond that, the director Jax seems to be too enamored with extreme closeups. Too close for me. I crave context and a fuller view. As for the scenes, Marie and Jada need to give up on the faux lesbian shit. If Marie really wants to do a lez scene, she should do it with a dominating dyke that takes charge of her. This democratic, lipstick lesbian stuff isn't cutting it for her. Things got a lot better when the girls were working Nat out, and would have been really memorable if Marie wasn't so tentative with the strapon. A good scene that could have been great. Mone Divine showed great energy and lust. She also pinpointed another flaw in this video. First anals. Two of them. All of the difficult stuff edited out, which kind of takes the vinegar out of it. Mone seemed to take it like a duck to water anyway, which wasn't the case with Candy in scene four. Speaking of energy, how about that Jazmine Cashmere. Probably the best scene of the vid, as she burnt down her two playthings. Candy, as mentioned before, had some difficulty with the anal, and it was a very short one. The sex leading up to it was pretty raucous, and this newbie has a live body. Kandi Kream is as sweet as her name implies and she gives good scene. All in all, an uneven, but sometimes worthwhile video.
The Disk There's a BTS, photo gallery, shoot, and trailers.
Recommendation If you're pining to see Marie Luv lick some pussy or wield a strapon, this is the place. If you want to see her at her very best, go back two volumes to #37 for her one on one with Nat. Mone and Jazmine had strong enough performances to warrant a rental.

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