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Muscle and Cum 3

Muscle and Cum 3

Studio: U.S. Male
Category:  Gay
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Muscle and Cum 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Muscle and Cum 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Muscle and Cum 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Muscle and Cum 3 Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Muscle and Cum 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Muscle and Cum 3 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Muscle and Cum 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Muscle and Cum 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  7/29/2006
Muscle and Cum Volume 3 is the third video of the Muscle and Cum series featuring 12 of Europe’s hottest porn muscle studs in a solo scene lasting about 10-15 minutes each. Most of these guys are no strangers to the hard-core stuff so it is interesting to see how they do when left alone to get off. It appears they used a large house to film this video and so the scenes take place in various rooms of the house. I am not normally one to pick up a solo video but having seen these guys in hardcore stuff, I decided to give it a try and was glad I did.

Cavin Cage is our first model and he starts out standing shirtless with his pants undone and stroking his already hard cock with his right hand while he uses his left hand to rub all over his hairy muscled chest and stomach. He jacks his dick with a fast rhythm. His occasional pinching of the nipples along with dropping his head to let loose a drop of saliva to fall to his dick adds to the hot factor here. When he shoots his load, the cum just oozes out of his cock hole.

Second up is Lucio Maverick on a flat bench press in the gym. He lifts his shirtless body up from the bench and within seconds his pants disappear and he is stroking his hardon. Lucio is a smooth hot muscle stud that is not ripped or hard bodied but has that sexiness that appeals to the masses. He licks his hand occasionally and rubs his dick for added lubrication. He gives it the two-handed stroke showing just how big his dick is. I keep waiting to see him give those luscious pecs and nipples a squeeze and rub but he only does it for a couple of seconds the few times he does it. His attention is on his cock. He gets up from the bench standing while he continues jacking his meat stick using both the single and double handed approach. He sits back down and shoots a small albeit thick load on his stomach when he finishes.

Rick Bauer is our third model. He is lying in bed in only a pair of briefs and slides his hand in them rubbing his dick. He pulls out a stiff one and commences stroking. Rick has a lightly hairy chest with a muscular build and ripped abs. He strokes his with both the single and double handed jacking motion. He occasionally reaches up to rub his pecs. He slides farther up to the headboard to give us a better view of his physique. When he shoots, the cum spurts up in the air going everywhere. He gives new meaning to shooting a geyser of a cum shot.

The next model is Zsolt Kokumbiai (although he is called Solten Talton on the cover art). He starts out at a chair at the computer rubbing his pecs and wearing only a pair of pants. He pulls out a soft dick to start rubbing. I always enjoy seeing the guy’s dick go from a flaccid state to erection. Zsolt is pure perfection with his muscled physique and handsome face. He rubs his chest as he strokes in a quick like fashion. He uses no lube or saliva. He just jacks it dry, although it looks like some porn or other stimulation would have helped since it takes a while for his dick to harden. He has that muscular jock ever so hot look, so I am willing to wait for the erection. His pants disappear and he is standing and stroking an erect dick. He sits back in the chair for the finale and lets loose a nice cum shot landing on his stomach.

The fifth guy is Joshua Rodgers who is seated in a living room chair wearing only a pair of jeans. He starts by rubbing his arms and pecs and teases us by licking his thumb and flickering both of his nipples with it. His right hand works its way down into his jeans to rub his dick. He pulls it out and his left hand works his thick muscular pecs. His cock is hard by the time it comes out of the jeans. His left hand continues to play with his pecs and nipples. All these guys have big dicks, but so far his is the biggest. He gives us plenty of nipple play while he jacks his cock. He sits up in the chair and is naked. We get a shot of his ass, which is rare in this video. His face is not all that appealing to me but his body is flawless. He lays back in the chair and sprays his stomach with his cumshot. Of all the scenes in the video, this one was my favorite.

Shaved headed bodybuilder hunk Randy Jones is already naked and jacking his erect dick when his scene begins. Aside from his eyebrows, his body is essentially hairless. Randy is an incredibly hot guy who normally gives great performances in his hardcore movies, but he is not doing much more here than just jacking his dick. He alternates hands with his jacking and the other one just lays there. He is the most muscular of all in this DVD and I enjoy looking at his body, but it gets monotonous with the lack of doing anything else other than stroke his dick. He does, however, end his performance with a huge cum shot.

Claudio Antonelli is a smooth muscular guy with tattoos on both arms and has his hard dick out of his jeans jacking it. He gets naked about a minute later sucking his thumb in a weird like fashion at various times. He will sometimes reach up to his pecs with his free hand to give them a rub. He has the same tattoo on his right hand as Zsolt from the earlier scene. He gets up from the couch he is seated at in a squatting position while still stroking. He squirts out a thick load.

The eighth model is this cast of a dozen is Glen Santoro. He is sitting in a chair playing with the remote and puts it down. He is wearing a pair of briefs and shoves his hand down in them to rub his dick. He pulls out a hardon and the hairy chested muscle man slowly strokes his meat. He soon picks up the pace and is jacking it faster. He is now naked laying on the floor. His free hand grazes up to his furry mountainous pecs, but only briefly. He dribbles out a small cumshot when he finishes.

Nico Blade is dressed in a pair of sexy black briefs and stroking a hard dick as the scene starts. Nico, like Glen is a hairy chested stud with mounds of muscle. He uses both hands to pleasure his dick. Off come the briefs (we don’t always get tot see the guys take off the article of clothing they are wearing) and he sometimes gives a nipple a quick pinch. He grips his balls and the base of his dick as he jacks it. He licks his hand to spread on his cock for added lubrication. We sort of get a sideways shot of his ass. Why they do not want to show these guys from the rear amazes me. He sprays a nice cum load onto his stomach when he blows.

It is Julian Vincenzo next. Julian is one of my favorite porn models and he is laying on the couch in a pair of briefs with his hands inside of them rubbing. Julian is normally shaved smooth, but his chest and stomach are a little hairy here. He pulls his dick out and it is already hard and the briefs come off. He uses both hands on his dick and balls. He is generally a very aggressive person in his hardcore stuff, but he is more passive here. His hands pretty much stay on his dick rarely moving up to touch his meaty pecs. He shoots out a cum shot landing on his stomach.

David Bathory is a tall muscular dude with his trademark ponytail. He is showering and his huge dick is soft and hanging down looking sexy as hell. He stops the water and his dick grows hard quickly. His large stature standing in the tub looks very hot. David rubs his pecs and thick nipples as he strokes. He sits on the edge of the tub jacking his dick shooting a small cum shot.

For the last scene, Giorgio comes out in a pair of briefs sitting down on a stool in the kitchen. He starts out rubbing his hairy muscular body. He pulls out a stiff dick and commences to stroking it. He uses one arm to prop himself up on the bar while he uses the other to pleasure his cock. The briefs disappear and he doesn’t miss a beat stroking the hardon. His pubes are closely trimmed which is a strange contrast to this furry upper torso. He finishes his performance shooting a big cum load over the top of the barstool.

The extras in this DVD are trailers from numerous videos in the US Male library, including volumes one and two of this series, photo gallery, and website information.

It is rare for a solo video to get my attention and keep it, but this one does. The cast is hot on every level and it offers somewhat of a variety in that it has the guys that are smooth bodied as well as the ones with hairy chests. They range from the bodybuilder muscularity to the jock muscularity. Sometimes the music in the background got on my nerves, especially during the first three scenes, but by the fourth scene it got better. I am not one that enjoys looking up into the crack of guy’s asses, which happens so often in solo videos. This video, however, took it too far in hardly showing us any part of these models’ backsides. I may not want to see the crack, but I do want to see a rear view as I do enjoy seeing a muscle butt. I was also disappointed in that these guys are muscular and it would have been nice to see them explore their muscular physiques more while they jacked their dick, but still I enjoyed the video. I would watch most of these scenes again. I have to give props to the cameraman in that the shots were great. They were hitting it at all angles from the front letting us see these guys in some of the hottest positions. If you enjoy watching hot muscle men stroking their cocks, buy this one. If you require more body exploration, then at least give it a shot for a rental because there are some guys in here that will not disappoint you.

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