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Munch Box

Munch Box

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Munch Box:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Munch Box overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Munch Box Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Munch Box Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Munch Box Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Munch Box Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Munch Box DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Munch Box A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  7/20/2009
Directed by Francesca Le’

Starring: Sativa Rose, Renae Cruz, Reena Sky, Paulina James, Audrey Bitoni, Aubrey Addams, Richelle Ryan, Tory Lane, Lindsey Meadows, Annette Schwarz, Lorelei Lee, and Adrianna Nicole.

Scene 1:
Sativa Rose, Reena Sky, and Renae Cruz

The girls, dressed in panties and ripped white tank tops, are introduced and start the fun with some wrestling on a mat. During the wrestling match, their tops are removed and they slowly get into some pussy playing. The girl’s panties are taken off as they continue wrestling. Renae lays back and gets fucked with an orange vibrator as Sativa and Reena take turns sitting over Renae’s face as they get eaten. PTM on the vibrator. Renae continues getting fucked with the vibrator. Sativa plays with her pussy with a yellow vibrator, Reena plays with a purple vibrator--insertion, and Renae plays with herself. Lots of titty licking and sucking as both girls team on Sativa’s tits and a nice shot of the girls doing a triple kiss. Both girls eat and finger Sativa. Reena gets fucked with a vibrator in doggy as she fingers Renae. The girls tastes the vibrator fresh from Reena’s pussy. Reena puts on a strap-on and fucks Sativa in doggy. Sativa gives a PTM on the strap-on. Sativa lays back for missionary. Renae gives the strap-on a PTM. Renae and Sativa give the strap-on a dual PTM. Reena is the winner of the wrestling match. The girls kiss and a sexy shot of all three saying bye. Scene ends.

All the girls in this scene are prime grade A hot with a Latina theme going on. Lots going as well. Lots of hot action as the girls are into each other and the scene. Lots of interaction as the girls have fun. The sex is pretty good as no pussy is left alone--each pussy is either licked, fingered, or rubbed. Everyone in this wins as they get some hot loving from each other. The strap-one sequence is the icing on the cake. Great camera work catches all the endearing moments. The shots of all the girls kissing at the same time, of just being huddled, sweating, with their faces and bodies high on sex are hot. Finally, this is an all girl film, so please, no guys. Great scene.

Scene 2:
Paulina James and Audrey Bitoni

The girls do some sexy poses and gyrations as they slowly move towards each other. Touching and kissing. Audrey lays back on a couch. Her tits are revealed and played with. Audrey’s panties are taken off; she gets eaten and fingered--nice amount of spit. Paulina’s bra and panties are removed; she lays back and gets eaten--finger insertion. Audrey, in doggy, gets eaten and fucked by a silver vibrator--nice image of Paulina licking the vibrator from Audrey’s ass. Paulina kneels with her legs open and Audrey fucks her with a golden vibrator--Paulina gets eaten as well. PTM. Back to Paulina continues getting fucked with her legs open, then they move to doggy with some finger insertion--nice shots of her asshole being licked. Scissoring. Paulina lays back and gets eaten. Audrey gets in doggy as she gets eaten and her pussy rubbed. Audrey lays back as Paulina breaks out a hot pink vibrator and fucks Audrey’s pussy while eating. The girls lick and taste the vibrator. Paulina lays back and gets fucked the hot pink vibrator. The girls give the vibrator a PTM. Audrey’s corset comes off. 69 with Paulina being fucked with a vibrator. The girls kiss. Paulina gets fingered and fucked with a vibrator. The girls give the vibrator a PTM. Scene ends with the girls kissing and licking each other.

Another fun and hot scene with a brunette theme. Both girls are stunning and just perform nicely. They are very much into each other and the sex. This makes for the strong scene. Great camera work and audio catches the sex which is hot. Paulina stands out as her moans, face, body, and love of using her spit for everything catapults her through the scene. Great scene.

Scene 3:
Richelle Ryan and Aubrey Addams

The girls come home from clubbing and complain about their boyfriend’s not paying attention to them--sexually. They decide to have fun with each other. Aubrey’s bra is lowered and her shorts get taken off as her pussy is already showing due to her cut pink stoking number. Her pussy gets played with. Richelle’s bra is lowered and her skirt removed. A vibrator is brought out and the girls suck on it. Aubrey sits on the work bench and gets fucked with the vibrator with several PTM stops in between. They walk to a seat in the garage; Richelle’s bra is removed. Some spit play between the girls. Aubrey sits back and gets her feet licked and sucked on. Richelle’s panties are slipped off as she sits on the chair and gets eaten. An orange vibrator is broken out; Richelle deep throats on it for a bit and gets fucked with it while being licked. PTM with spit swapping. Richelle continues being fucked. The girls give the vibrator a PTM. Aubrey sits beside Richelle and gets fucked with the vibrator. Aubrey gives the vibrator a PTM and spit swapping between the ladies. A glass dildo is brought out and Aubrey is fucked doggy--nice shot of her asshole covered in spit. Aubrey gives the dildo a PTM with spit used nicely. Aubrey crawls to a corner for being naughty because she cheated on her boyfriend, but she’s cool with this punishment. Scene ends with a quickie interview and Aubrey looking cute as hell in the corner.

This is smoking. Richelle looks hot and Aubrey is cute as a button, a sexy button. The theme in this one is two New York girls. The sex is of some hot caliber. Both girls are very much into each other and interact nicely in the scene. Lots of insertion and licking which they make look so good. The girls use lots of spit in this scene which is what sold me to this scene. The scene is so hot and sexy, it’s the best in the film. The only problem I have with this scene is, Why would a living room chair and coffee table be in a garage? Oh well, two great girls engaged in great sex makes this scene great.

Scene 4:
Tory Lane and Lindsey Meadows

Lindsey, an inmate, masturbates in her cell--finger insertion. Tory, the guard with a vibrator as a nightstick, sees Lindsey being naughty and decides to go in and teach her a lesson. Tory goes in and quickly goes after Lindsey’s pussy, as she lays on her back, fucking with it with the vibrator and her fingers--good use of spit throughout this sequence. Tory’s tits bust out of her uniform. Lindsey’s keeps getting fucked in doggy. Lindsey fucks herself as Tory handcuff’s herself to the inmate Tory’s uniform an panties are taken off. She gets in doggy and gets eaten and fucked with a new vibrator. Tory breaks out a glass dildo which she uses on herself as she lays on her back. Lindsey takes control of Tory’s pussy by fucking it again and eating it. Scene cuts to Lindsey, with no panties, fucking Tory in missionary with a strap-on. Lindsey’s tank top is ripped off. Tory gives the strap-on a PTM--slight deep throat with light gag. Reverse cowgirl. PTM while Lindsey gets fingered--deep throat and gagging, good amount of spit used. Lindsey’s pussy looks great covered in spit and pussy juices. During the scene, Lindsey took of the handcuffs and as the scene winds down, she puts them on Tory, cuffing the other end of the cuffs on the bed frame. Scene ends with a close up of sexed up Tory telling the camera she’s been fucked, literally.

Yet another scene with the bar set high in looks and sex. Two sexy girls again with the theme of prison. Lindsey looks hot, but Tory steals the scene as she makes everything nasty and sexy. From licking to sucking, fucking and fingering, even just the way she poses for potions and the sexy and eager faces she makes, Tory is a grade A performer. She is awesome in the scene. The girls have good chemistry and interact well with each other--the sex is enjoyed by both ladies. One thing bothers me, why are there lockers in the jail cell and why does Tory’s uniform say vice squad/undercover cop? Once again, these things can be overlooked due to this great scene.

Scene 5:
Annette Schwarz, Lorelei Lee, and Adrianna Nicole

The girls are shown, individually, doing poses and getting nude and playing with their bodies. Scene cuts to a couch. Annette calls for Lorelei to comb her hair, but she does it wrong, so Annette punishes her with spanking. Kissing and spit swapping--nose sucking. Adrianna barges in and gets mad at the others for having fun without them; she punishes Annette with some spanking. Annette’s asshole gets spat on with some finger insertion. Adrianna and Lorelei bends over and Annette licks their assholes. Lorelei fingers Adrianna asshole while Annette fingers the pussy. The girls gag each other with their hands. A vibrator is brought out, along with a butt plug and dildo and they all enjoy the toys on their pussies. Face spitting. Lorelei with the butt plug in her asshole is cute. The girls get punished again by Adrianna. Annette gets gagged with Adrianna’s hand. Annette bends over and her pussy rubbed and fingers while her asshole fucked. Scene cuts to Adrianna laying back and the girls licking her feet. Adrianna gets gagged with a hand. Lorelei beds over and gets anally fucked with a toe. Adrianna gets eaten in missionary while hand gagged. Annette bends over and gets both holes fingered thoroughly. Lorelei get fucked with a red vibrator in missionary; Adrianna comes in with a strap-on which Lorelei gives oral--deep throat and gagging. Annette comes in with her own strap-on which Lorelei gives oral to--deep throat and gagging. Doggy while sucking the other strap-on. Missionary while giving oral. Annette and Lorelei bend over and get shipped. The girls kiss, Adrianna leaves, and the last two remaining girls play with the strap-on and kiss. Scene over.

The last scene is an intense one. Lots going on with the girls in a blonde themed scene. The girls are hot, but they get amplified by the sex and chemistry. Lots of spitting and rough sex in this one. Lorelei and Annette get quite a lashing, sex and punishment, from Adrianna, the dominant. Lots of anal and oral with deep throat and gagging. Good use of strap-ons. The rough stuff is not too rough which transcends into brutal violence, its balanced nicely as its interpreted quite sexily. The scene is long with lots of fun enjoyable stuff to watch. A nice finale. Great scene.


This film is a great girl-girl film. The ladies are all sexy and top notch. The sex is strong and the girls do not disappoint. Each scene is just awesome. The girls all enjoy each other which makes their scenes all the more fun. Lots of licking, sucking, spitting, fucking, fingering, and so forth. There is never a dull moment in this film. Each scene has so much going on which is can be seen in the length of the scene description in my review. Trust me though, all that goes on is worth the viewing as the camera work and audio enhances the viewing pleasure of this film. Hot girls engaged in great girl-girl sex is all the incentives needed. Even the behind the scenes portion of the DVD is cool. This film is definitely worth buying.


Not much extras in this film. Main Menus selections includes: Play Movie, Scene Selection, and Special Features which include: Behind the Scenes--where the girls are interviewed, have fun interaction with each other, or just act silly; Photo Gallery; and Website Access.

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