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Mrs. Right

Mrs. Right

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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DenverDon's ratings for Mrs. Right:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Mrs. Right overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Mrs. Right Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Mrs. Right Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Mrs. Right Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Mrs. Right Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Mrs. Right DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mrs. Right A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by DenverDon  on  7/5/2002
Review of: Mrs. Right

By: DenverDon

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5.0

Picture Quality: Except for the long distance shot in part of scene three, the camera work was excellent, with clear sharp images pretty well throughout the film. Also, the editing, mixing up longer distance shots with good close-up images but not losing anything in the process (except scene 3) was good. The important part in each scene was well lit, assuring that shadowing (artistic or not) didn’t interfere.

DVD Extras: The menu system was well done and easy to navigate, and the chapter selection broke each scene in half so you could jump easily to the part you wanted. The special effects area of the DVD is very well done and comprehensive. It includes the making of the movie, which took three days, and a video of the box cover shoot with Sydnee Steele. There were only two interview video clips, one of Sydnee Steel and one with Randy Spears. However each interview was very well done. Two points I would like to make on the interviews: First they came across very professional and didn’t bog down into the “how old were you the first time you had sex?” and “does your mother know what you do?” type of questions; Second they were slotted off in the special effects area and were not a lead in to a scene. The special effects area also has audio bios of the performers, which are very well done, and star galleries (photos of each of the girls taken on the set). Well done Wicked, and some kudos for the job.

Run Time: 1:21

Director: Brad Armstrong

Studio: Wicked Pictures

Compilation: No

Condoms: Yes

Date of Production: 22-Sep-01

Themes: Couples, Anal, Straight

Stars: Sydnee Steele, Kristal Summers, Miko Lee, Nikita Denise, T.J. Hart, Brad Armstrong (non-sex), Mark Webb (non-sex), Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Randy Spears

The movie opens in a bar with Brad Armstrong talking to the bartender (Mark Webb). Sydnee Steele walks in, sits at the bar, and orders a drink. Brad continues talking to the bartender about women, and finding a ‘Mrs. Right’ woman, the special one for your life. Sydnee agrees with Brad that everyone is looking for that right person, the one that makes the world stop turning, where nothing else matters but to be with them, where sleeping, ... eating, ... working, ... none of it matters. The bartender is skeptical and Sydnee agrees that sometimes what we think is so perfect, really isn’t, but we want it so bad. Sydnee then launches into telling a story about three men to illustrate her point. Of course the story she tells is the thread that ties the sexual vignettes together for the movie.

Scene 1 – T.J. Hart, Randy Spears
Randy is a lawyer at a company. He tells the secretary he will be working late and would like a cup of coffee before she leaves. T.J. returns and asks if it’s hot enough and when Randy looks up T.J. is standing in the doorway, looking very tasty in nothing but bra and panties. She goes to the desk, crawls across the top and begins working on Randy. She performs a sensuous blowjob before lying on top of the desk to allow Randy to bury his meatpole in her pussy. They change to a reverse cowgirl on the desk and the camera work assures that you have a good view. They change again and T.J. bends over the desk so Randy can stuff her colon. T.J. takes every inch of Randy before he pulls out and cums on her shoe. T.J. is apparently fussy about cum in her mouth and instead takes her shoe off and drags her tongue through the puddles of jiz on it, but doesn’t take any in her mouth.

Scene 2 – Sydnee Steele, Randy Spears
Sydnee portrays a consultant hired to help a company out of its corporate troubles, the same company that Randy is a lawyer for. The scene opens on a management level meeting, and for a moment Randy daydreams. In the daydream Sydnee partially strips and climbs onto the table to entice Randy. This was somewhat different because it is Randy’s daydream, but all the other management team members are still sitting around the table and are not supposed to see Sydnee sexily posing on the table for Randy. They actually pull it off pretty well. The daydream ends (Sydnee is dressed and sitting again) and shortly the meeting ends. As members file out, Sydnee asks Randy to stick around and quickly determines that he has no home commitments. They agree to work late, then and there, and Randy says he would like a cup of coffee. Sydnee thinks that sounds great and she takes hers black. Randy had been requesting a cup of coffee and suddenly realizes that Sydnee has requested one and he was expected to get it. It is a cute little femme twist. Randy gamely smiles and goes for the coffee. As Randy is pouring coffee, Sydnee comes up behind him and speaks, startling him and he dumps a cupful of coffee down her front. He begins trying to clean Sydnee’s front and soon Sydnee is sitting on the counter as her clothes are opened and Randy moves his mouth down her front and between her legs. In a well filmed sequence Randy’s tongue and mouth do a nice job on Sydnee’s labia and clit. Randy then stands and buries his cock in Sydnee’s pussy as she still sits on the counter. Shortly they change and Sydnee kneels to give Randy a blowjob, and again it is well captured and we can view a goodly portion of Randy’s length disappearing between her lips. Sydnee bends over the counter and Randy fucks her from behind. The scene ends with Sydnee kneeling and taking a nice facial in her mouth and on her face. She maintains excellent eye contact with Randy as he shoots, which definitely adds to the scene.

Back at the storyline, Randy has now found his Mrs. Right, and of course it is Sydnee (Suzette to Randy).

Scene 3 – Nikita Denise, Kristal Summers, Marc Davis
Marc is a baseball star and gets besieged by groupies. He takes two groupies, (Nikita Denise and Kristal Summers) into the locker room. They kiss and fondle each other as clothes start to disappear and Marc works his tongue into Kristal’s crack from behind. Then both girls share the pleasure of giving Marc a blowjob. Kristal takes most of Marc’s cock in her mouth, and Nikita deep throats him, however the camera is at a distance so it is not seen very well. Marc lays on the bench so Kristal can get on him cowgirl, and Nikita can straddle his face. The girls change to a 69 position on the bench with Kristal on top, and Marc fucks Kristal from behind, pulling out every so often so Nikita can savor Kristal’s pussy from his cock. Marc changes ends to fuck Nikita, and allow Kristal to taste Nikita from his cock. Marc reclines on the bench once again to allow Kristal to straddle his face and while he works his tongue into her pussy, Nikita climbs on in a reverse cowgirl and takes it in the ass. When Marc is ready, both girls kneel so he can shoot in their mouths and on their faces.

A pretty good scene except during the first part where the camera was pulled back during the blowjob. Nikita Denise is one of the porn industry masters of the deep throat, but shooting it at a distance like they did, they missed one of life’s opportunities. (Or the editing messed it up) Anyway, it is always a pleasure to watch Nikita work her tongue during a sex scene. It is enough to send shivers up your spine.

Scene 4 – Sydnee Steele, Marc Davis
Sydnee and Marc met at a sports bar and are now back at his place watching a game on TV. A disagreement of what happened on TV quickly settles down to kissing and getting naked. We get a very nice view of Sydnee lying on the couch with her legs widely splayed allowing Marc unhindered access to feast at the Alter of her pussy, and he does. Sydnee then reciprocates with a blowjob, making most of Marc’s cock disappear as she applies sucks his cock. Sydnee has Marc sit so she can climb aboard reverse cowgirl for a ride and then they change so Marc can plow her furrow doggy style. Sydnee then lies on the couch and pulls her knees back to her shoulders so Marc can stretch her sphincter before she kneels to take his cum shot in her mouth and on her face. Again, Sydnee maintains good eye contact with Marc as he feeds her his cream. It makes for a nice finish.

Back at the storyline, Marc has now found his Mrs. Right, and of course it is Sydnee, (Susan to Marc).

Scene 5 – Miko Lee, Evan Stone
Evan is the bad boy of the group of three in Sydnee’s story, a biker and a mechanic. The scene opens with Miko as a barmaid and Evan as a customer at closing time. The bartender goes home and Miko gets a bottle to share a drink with Evan since he is tired of drinking alone. They toast ‘to having fun’ and of course clothes quickly disappear and we find Miko sitting on the top of the booth so Evan can dive into her crotch and work his tongue on her pussy, and into it. His fingers get busy exploring and end up in both holes. We change, and Miko is giving Evan a blowjob. She gives him a good one, and maintains excellent eye contact with him as she blows him. Miko then bends over in the booth so Evan can enter her from behind and fuck doggy style. Then Miko lies in the booth and we get a very close-up view of Evan plugging her colon and making his cock disappear. Before long, Evan needs to blow and Miko kneels to take his cream in her mouth and on her face.

Scene 6 – Sydnee Steele, Evan Stone
Sydnee enters a motorcycle shop where Evan is working on a machine. Not a word is spoken, but they are soon kissing, fondling and shedding clothes. Sydnee is soon squatting to put a lip lock on Evan’s love muscle, all the while keeping nice eye contact with him as he slides into her mouth. She manages to make most of his cock disappear in her mouth and does a nice job on his tool. They change to a reverse cowgirl, on a motorcycle saddle of course, and we get to view a lot of penetration before they change to a missionary position. Of course it is still on the motorbike saddle. Sydnee then bends over next to a bike so Evan can plow into her pussy from behind before she kneels to receive his cream in her mouth and on her face.

Back at the storyline, Evan has now found his Mrs. Right and of course it is Sydnee (Sue to Evan).

Story End:
Brad Armstrong wants to know how the story of the three men ended up. Sydnee says she will tell him in five minutes and gets up to walk to a booth where all three of the men, Randy, Marc, and Evan, are sitting. They are there to meet with their ‘Mrs. Right’ and introduce her to their buddies and are quite surprised to find that the Mrs. Right for all of them is the same person, Sydnee. Sydnee explains to them ... but that would be telling the end of the story, wouldn’t it. Sorry.

Summary: It was fun to see the storyline throughout the film The story was loose enough to allow almost any scene to be inserted to support it, but tight enough that it held all the different scenes together. The storyline and dialogue was carried off very well by Sydnee and Brad. I enjoyed the movie, and the well shot sex.

Raincoat factor – Medium High

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