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Mr. Butt Fetish
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Mr. Butt Fetish

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Fetish , Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Long Noel's ratings for Mr. Butt Fetish:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Mr. Butt Fetish overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Mr. Butt Fetish Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Mr. Butt Fetish Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Mr. Butt Fetish Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mr. Butt Fetish Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Mr. Butt Fetish DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mr. Butt Fetish A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  5/20/2009
Mr. Butt Fetish (2009)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Big Butts, Anal, Interracial, Masturbation
Starring: Charlotte Vale, Aurora Jolie, Alexis Texas, Leenuh Rae, Nikki Vixon, Riley Shy, Jules Sterling, Tricia Oaks & Brian Pumper
Produced & Directed by: B. Pumper (Brian Pumper)

Brian Pumper has done it again! A black porn entrepreneur. A nasty-ass motherfucker who takes ass obsession to a whole new and unsettling level that may leave some butt-men addicted. This is also the fourth flick I’ve seen from him. I have yet to see a flick from him that I dislike (I plan on seeing Gapeman 2 and one of the Juicy Latin Coochie flicks in the future). Trust me when I say that where Justin Slayer left off at Evil Angel, B. Pumper picked up. At first, I didn’t like him. This was back in 2006, when I saw him. I thought B. Pumper was weak. But this man has stepped his game up a notch, sexually and also as a director. This is one of the two movies I own by him and without watching it, I bought it first. I knew this was going to be a hit.

What I’m doing these days… I’m reading this book, called Money Shot, about the black porn industry. A great read, by the way. I just bought it! It took me three days to watch this movie. Mr. butt Fetish is a movie that’s 5 hours and 16 minutes long. Plus, the extra footage is 1 hour and 35 minutes. I barely fast-forwarded through this flick at all (only during the fellatio and cumshot sequences). I watched the entire flick and it took me awhile to finish it and write this review.


Charlotte Vale (as The Burger Lady)
Charlotte Vale is a star and I’m so glad we all are seeing more of her in today’s skin flicks. I’ve enjoyed her very much in Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3, Fetish Fuck Dolls, and Manuel Ferrara’s Raw. I just knew her scene was gonna be 5-star. She stars as a burger lady on a one-hour lunch break. I always knew Brian Pumper was a nasty ass dude and when I saw Charlotte Vale holding a ketchup bottle, I thought he was gonna do something weird and different and spray ketchup all in her buns or some shit. That didn’t happen at all in this scene! B. Pumper talks with her about her beauty, her booty and an ass-smelling fetish that he and other guys have. She’s wearing a Juicy Burger outfit that doesn’t come off, with no panties on. There’s some very lengthy, raunchy and delightful ass obsession, which includes ass spreading, ass play, walking, switching, bend-over shots, booty talk and a few mild gapes. The tease sequence lasts for 24 minutes until Brian goes straight in her asshole in doggystyle. Throughout the tease sequence, there’s some hip-hop music playing but it fades when Brian starts to fuck her. Believe it or not, he’s going deep, wallowing all in her anal cavity in various positions without being all energetic. There’s some A2M and a whole lot more butt-fucking. B. Pumper makes this girl get vocal at times and they even talk while they’re fucking. So, it’s an intimate and very nasty sex scene, with a little trash talk included (B. Pumper saying she has a burger booty) and some feet-smelling added. There’s also some graphic gaping, which includes Charlotte making bubbles in her asshole! Brian comes in her mouth, she gargles it and swallows. This scene lasted for 57 minutes!

Alexis Texas
I was shocked to see Alexis Texas in a B. Pumper flick, considering that she doesn’t do interracial (yet). So, I thought B. was gonna fuck, but he doesn’t. This scene is full of nothing but juicy, hot ass obsession with Alexis Texas’ big-ass butt and solo masturbation. So, while there is no actual fucking, there is incredible, pioneer-like ass-obsession with this bootylicious white girl, who is a star and one of the most celebrated girls in porn today. She’s outdoors, pulling her jeans down to the bottom of her ass cheeks, throbbing and talking with B. Playing with her ass like crazy, the ass-obsession includes ass spreading, exposing her slightly-opened butt hole, pulling her thong down all slow, jiggling butt cheeks, nasty booty talk… Damn, oh damn! What is it with him and smelling “musty” booties? He makes sniffing noises. He takes it to a new level every time! Alexis changes into some pink fishnets, bent over some stairs. She never stops being bouncy. This is my first time seeing Alexis Texas. She damn-near reminds me of Krysti Lynn; an old-school porn starlet with a juicy-ass butt who made the way for women like Alexis Texas and more. See, these big-butt white women like Krysti Lynn, Alexis Texas, Krysti Lynn, Flower Tucci, Ricki White, Hollie Stevens, Naomi (pre-2007), Phoenix Marie, Katja Kassin, Lorelei Lee, Gia Paloma, Delilah Strong, Brianna Love… They all have a lot in common. They all drive me crazy! These are the kind of white girls who have the kind of asses that they can squeeze an apple between their cheeks and they can juice that apple if they try hard enough, making apple juice with their asses, spitting the seeds out of their cheeks and you can love every second of that shit and drink from those big asses! Those are the kind of big, shapely asses that you are starting to see more white women carry today! B. gets all nervous when he shoots Alexis. He starts shaking and shit. She puts a few toys in her pussy, making some nasty queefing noises with them. No anal play whatsoever! So far, the shortest scene in the flick, lasting only 23 minutes.

Jules Sterling & Riley Shy
Never thought I’d see Riley Shy in a flick like this (who starred in Fetish Fuck Dolls). The two ladies talk about why men like buttocks. Jules Sterling says her high-school volleyball coach used to worship her funky booty, burying his face in her dirty booty and she liked it! B. Pumper interferes and has Jules show her buttocks first. Then, Riley shows hers in panties and Brian gives her a wedgie and slaps her ass. The two bend over next to each other and pull their drawers down and Brian never stops talking with them. Jules has more meat on her than Riley, causing her to be more jiggly and Riley’s ass is tighter than Jules’. Riley even admits Jules has more booty meat than she does. But it’s a nasty butt-fest, this opening tease sequence! They run outdoors, where they show a whole lotta booty. This time, with no drawers on! They go indoors, where they stuff their coochies with some huge and cruelly-oversized dildos (I doubt any human being has a penis as long and thick as these toys). Jules puts hers in her butt hole and can handle it better than Riley can. B. fucks them both from the back, starting with Riley. The ladies’ flesh is really jiggly, although B. isn’t very energetic. They both stop to give him blowjobs and he fucks them some more. Then he really starts to pound Jules’ pussy and then Riley in standing cowgirl. He also does some teasing by going in and out of Riley’s pussy in missionary. He keeps fucking them until he comes in their mouth. No anal for either one of them.

Tricia Oaks
Tricia Oaks has a body full of tattoos. Not like Belladonna or Jandi Lin, though. She’s sitting backwards on a stool, wiggling her ass. Pulling her thong off, B. discovers some come in her panties. They talk about her sexuality and weirdoes in the porn industry. This before she switches her cheeks while she walks, heading towards some anal toys, putting them all in her ass. B. slides straight in her asshole in missionary. After that, she climbs up some stairs, making her ass jiggle and switch a lot more until pumping some more toys in her asshole. B. goes back to reaming her ass out with his BC and while it’s not very energetic, the sex, it’s hot for sure! There’s plenty of nasty A2M. While I dislike RCG, it looks great in B. Pumper’s movies, when the camera is behind the woman. All you see is her ass jiggling up and down the dick. It’s not often you see hot shit like this. While this scene is far from energetic, it’s full of sexual heat and intimacy.

Aurora Jolie
Aurora Jolie’s solo masturbation sequence comes in first on the second disc. Aurora Jolie… At first I didn’t care for her, even when she went by the name Nikara and starred in a few Jules Jordan Video flicks back in 2006 and 2007. I appreciate her a lot more and wanted to see her movie Cum In My Booty, directed by B. Pumper. While she is a star, she isn’t as celebrated as someone like Pinky. She has the kind of booty some people would refer to as a “stankin’ ass”! She wears some tight black spandex workout pants, pulls them down, exposing all of her booty. She jiggles, spreads, showing all of her booty meat and she has a nice bunch of it! Her and Brian talk a lot until she shows her feet, twinkling her toes. She plays pool butt naked and every time she hit’s a ball, her ass jiggles so softly. There’s a load of ass obsession in this scene entirely. She switches when she walks, bends over the pool table… all of that. Some of it is shown in slow motion. It’s just so lovely! He pours a big load of oil all over her and she rubs it all in her ass. Then, water is poured on her booty. She makes it clap, stares at it in a mirror, jiggling it, moving it so hot, making it go round and round. She begins to put a dildo in her asshole with the help of B. Pumper. It goes on in various positions. Her ass gapes. She comes. An excellent solo scene that lasted longer than Alexis Texas’ solo scene.

Nikki Vixon
Nikki is another big butt white beauty from Texas. She jiggles a whole lot, sporting some lace panties that are stuck all in her butt. Very pretty girl! I come across white girls who look like her a lot who love the brothas. Man, her drawers go down and she spreads open her booty. She walks around with a shirt and shoes on with no panties. Her and Brian talk about sex and her athletic body. She admits she likes to run a lot. She keeps spreading her booty and pussy lips. She gets naked and leave her shoes on. Brian talks in a Southern, dirty south accent, explaining that this will be Nikki’s first interracial sex scene. She masturbates with a dildo before she gives some lengthy head skills and Brian fucks her. She queefs at times. While this scene is far from energetic and full of heat and intimacy, this girl can really ride a dick when she rides it cowgirl. No anal sex for her at all. B. comes in her mouth and she even swishes it around her mouth before she swallows.

Leenuh Rae
Leenuh Rae is another white sweetheart with a juicy donkey-booty and braces! She’s like an American version of Katja Kassin to me. She’s dressed up as a policewoman (similar to Emma Heart’s role in Gapeman 2). Her skirt is super-short, no panties on and she’s on her knees on a chair with her ass out. Her and Brian talk about her booty. He thinks she’ll punish him for checking out her ass, wanting to smell it, calling her “Officer Butthole”! She spreads her juicy buttocks, opening her legs as she sits on the chair, exposing her sweet coochie with her arms folded, like a boss lady! Although she’s not dominating B. Pumper, fans of versatile female domination kind of shit will love this tease sequence altogether! They go outside, where she switches in those short-ass skin-tight spandex shorts she’s wearing, switching like crazy! Even shot in slow-motion! There’s a whole bunch of ass play and booty-lovin’ in this tease sequence. It’s jiggly. It’s funky. It’s hot! It’s ill! They go indoors and while she gives him a blowjob, the camera focuses on her moving buttocks! B. goes straight up her butt and fuck her so good, only in her anal! He hits it in various positions and comes on her butt cheeks.

This 2DVD set is loaded. The flick is divided into two parts on both discs. There 95 minutes of BTS footage, all of which is painfully slamming! There’s a cast list, cumshot recap, a hype photo gallery and 8 bomb-ass Pumper trailers, including trailers for the hype Black Butthole Stretchers, White Girls Get Busy, Phattys Rhymes & Dymes 9, Gapeman 2, and The Ass Spread. This is a fully-loaded gift to me. B. Pumper’s DVDs are so loaded that it takes a long time for his DVDs to load, because they’re so packed with extras, more than Belladonna’s DVDs. The flick is shot in anamorphic widescreen. His DVDs do not include filmographies at all. But his DVDs are fully-loaded and worth the money!

This is an ass-obsessed flick for the thinking man. The man who spends the best years of his life searching for the perfect ass. But for some people, keep this movie away from them. They will suffer from chronic masturbation and masturbate themselves impotent for life! Just like Buttman’s Rolling Cheeks, this flick drove me crazy. It’s so good! It’s so right! It’s not as graphic and sleazy as something like The Ass Spread. It’s more cheeky than holey, but this flick has more ass obsession than that one. This flick is also a lot longer. I haven’t seen a skin flick this long since Belladonna’s Dark Meat. Maybe Manuel Ferrara’s Raw. The nasty motherfucker Mr. Pumper has created a flick that’s a gift. This 2DVD set is an experience, just like the fully-loaded 3DVD set for Belladonna’s Dark Meat Even for the average or new porn viewer, this is all the booty you will ever need! The only thing missing is face sitting, which doesn’t happen in B. Pumper’s movies. John Stagliano did right recruiting Mr. Pumper as a director for Evil Angel. B. Pumper has my full support!

Mr. Pumper has done great for himself, as a black porn entrepreneur and performer. I saw his Rick Ross diss video/song on YouTube today and it’s so fucking hilarious! It’s bad because Rick Ross cranks out great music. I guess “The Boss” sparked a rumor about Pumper being in a gay porno flick and Pumper destroyed him so bad! B. Pumper should really have a CD out with all of his raps, including raps he made for some of his flicks. I’d definitely play that shit on high volume. Especially the themes for Black Butthole Stretchers, Phattys Rhymes & Dymes volumes 1, 5, 7 & 9! He has cranked out some of the greatest flicks in the ass obsession, interracial, gonzo and black-on-black genres in porno history! While Mr. Butt Fetish is an ass man’s futuristic dream and hypersexual nightmare, the ass obsession is the hottest! Yet, the sex isn’t energetic. Just full of heat and intimacy. So, if you’re looking for powerhouse fucking like you would see in, let’s say a flick from Manuel Ferrara, Jake Malone or Raul Cristian, you’ll be disappointed. But I love this movie so much. The scene I gave the lowest rating to was Nikki Vixon’s scene and even that scene got a 14 out of 15. Only because this was the least energetic sex scene in the entire flick. This is not a movie that I will ever part with, loan out, sell, trade, none of that. I could make this review a lot longer with words to describe how much I love it. But I have to bounce. Just buy this damn DVD. You will never regret it and it’s something you can keep and cherish for a lifetime and pass it on like a book or a legendary album. This is also the only skin flick I have ever given a 100% rating to!


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