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Mr. Beaver Checks In 8

Mr. Beaver Checks In 8

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Mr. Beaver Checks In 8:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Mr. Beaver Checks In 8 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by BIGmike  on  5/30/2003
Larry Flynt Presents

Starring, according to the ending credits, Bambie Dolce, Agnes Apocalypse, C.G. Summer, Honney, Monika Mounds, and Payne Giovanni with Choky Ice, Clark, Denriko, Leslie Taylor, and Frank Thring as Dick Beaver.

Directed by Frank Thring

Frank Thring plays an international traveling salesman that gets into quite a bit of trouble on his journeys...

SCENE ONE : [Kofu, Greece] Mr. Beaver has to go shopping for a gift to give to the little woman at home. He stops in an empty clothing shop and looks at some bathing suits when he swears he heard someone getting fucked in the back, so he goes to take a look, and sure enough he finds a guy and a girl. The two aren’t fucking, but they look like they are getting ready to and Frank starts jerking his cock while looking on. The girl, a pretty hot, natural, and slender bodied brunette, doesn’t waste much time in putting her bright red lips to work on the guy’s cock. After she gives him a good bj, the guy returns the oral favor, and then takes her from behind, fucking her pussy. They move on through a few more positions, and to end a pretty hot scene, she receives a nice facial. The girl finally gets to Frank, who ends up buying something after quickly covering up his dick with it.

SCENE TWO : [Somewhere in Hungary] Mr. Beaver gets out of a passenger side door of a car, and follows his interpreter into a building, looking for the boss, but only finds a scummy looking, Leslie Taylor, who says the boss isn’t there. The interpreter tells Frank that the boss will be back in about hour, and tells him about a café around the corner. As he leaves, the interpreter, a fairly good-looking brunette, opens the brown overcoat she had on, revealing a pretty nice, naked body, except for stockings, and hairy pussy underneath, with Leslie showing her his cock. She drops down and goes down, giving him a good amount of oral, with him returning the favor, before the fucking starts as she bends over a desk to get fucked from behind, vaginally, moving onto anal. The anal starts in the same position, moving onto her back, with quite a bit of gaping going on, as well as some A2M, then he cums across her face to a end a pretty hot scene.

SCENE THREE : [Beverly Hills, California] Mr. Beaver stumbles around a dark hotel room before the lights go on, and he spots two vibes on a bed, picking them up and placing them on a bedside table, when he hears someone coming. He climbs into a shower to hide, and in walks a pretty hot, white lingerie clad blonde, and a pretty good looking black lingerie clad brunette. The two girls lie on the bed and help each other out of their tops, continuing on to feel each other up, with the oral not far off, starting with the blonde getting helped out of her panties and receiving first. The blonde then returns the favor, crawling onto her back, with the brunette kneeling over her flickering tongue. The blonde goes to take a shower, but decides to let it warm up a bit, coming back out to fuck the brunette with a vibe. The brunette returns some of the fucking on the blonde, then to end a pretty hot scene, the girls find a soaked Mr. Beaver in the shower.

SCENE FOUR : [Budapest] Mr. Beaver is on a rooftop, overlooking another apartment, and dog sitting for one of his girlfriends. The other apartment is where his girlfriend’s girlfriend lives and he says she likes to tease, so he waits for her to show up. The girl, a pretty hot blonde, wearing a one piece, strapless topped, long legged, sheer white bodysuit, shows up and does a very nice tease on the bed. She finally frees her tits and reaches into the suit to finger herself, and as Frank looks on, the dog attacks him. She now is joined by a guy, who lies back on the bed with his cock in her mouth, and getting quite a bit of oral, which he returns onto her after pulling the bodysuit off her ass. The guy goes down on, and fingers, her bald pussy before the fucking starts with some vaginal and moves onto anal, with a bit of gaping. She gets treated to a load of cum on her face and in her mouth to end a relatively hot scene.

SCENE FIVE : [Back to Kofu] Mr. Beaver waits at his hotel for a pretty receptionist to come along and pass him, when along comes a good looking and stacked brunette, who asks him how things are going and walks on. He has a daydream about running on a beach and into her arms, but she runs past him and into another guy’s arms. He then goes to her room to look into the keyhole, but the door opens and he falls in, seeing the girl, looking a bit hotter now, decked out in a black leather top, matching bottoms, with black and clear vinyl thigh high boots on, straddling a leather masked guy. She stops him from leaving, and sits on the bed, signaling for him to lick her boots, which he does, as she starts to suck the masked guy’s dick. He works his way up to her pussy and starts to give her oral, and then she removes the guy’s mask, followed by some fucking, doggy style, by the guy, while giving Frank a bj. Both guys get a crack at her holes as she continues to give oral, but no dps, then both guys cum on her face and mouth, to end a pretty good scene.

EXTRAS : A very small step-through photo gallery, 5 trailers, and website info.

OVERALL : Decent to pretty hot looking girls fucking in various parts of the world, with Mr. Beaver there to watch, and his camera to capture, though the sex was pretty routine, not bad, not great, but decent throughout. The audio and video quality was good throughout, and the chapters were set up conveniently. The extra's, or lack there of, weren’t that good, plus the commercial that plays without being able to skip over it, wasn’t good either.

[NOTE: This DVD got a half point deduction for making me endure those stupid “advertisements” at the beginning of the DVD, every time I watched this. Since I haven’t watched, and probably won’t watch, this more than a couple of times, it’s only a half point deduction. The ads last for 2 minutes, and there’s no possible way to skip over them. There’s also a trailer, lasting just over 2 minutes for Asian Fever 4, which plays before the opening segment rolls. (I say segment, because the credits aren’t listed until the end of the DVD.)]

FINAL THOUGHTS : I can’t say that this an all around bad flick, nor can I say it’s an overall great flick, there were definitely some moments of heat and greatness, but not as many as I would’ve liked to have seen. The hottest scene, no doubt, is the girl/girl scene, and even that scene was marred slightly by the toy usage. Scene four’s intro tease was hot, and I could’ve done with some more of that, but from there, the rest of the scene was still pretty hot. The main thing that lacked was a little variety, which can go a long way, as can good performer ID’s, both of which this DVD lacked. Average to great action, average to great girls, and average to good acting, funny at times, make this a watchable, but also forgettable title. One time through should be sufficiently good, though the girl/girl scene could possibly use a second viewing.

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