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Mr. Beaver Checks In 10

Mr. Beaver Checks In 10

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Straight
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Mr. Beaver Checks In 10:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 Male looks rating 1.5 stars
Sex Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mr. Beaver Checks In 10 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  8/11/2002

Mr Beaver Checks In #10
Directed by Frank Thring
Starring: Brandy, Jasmine, Katherine, Nicky Reed, Sabina, Silvia Lancôme, Frank Gun, George Uhl, Jeff the Hatman, Zbynek and Frank Thring as "Dick Beaver"
Running time: 1hr 37mins

Frank Thring directs and takes the title role as Mr Dick Beaver, a travelling businessman whose bumbling attempts to strike it lucky with young women form the basis for some light-hearted hardcore fun which attempts to blend porn with, as Frank admits himself, as many Benny Hill gags as he can fit in to one movie.

Mr Beaver is in Prague, where he chats up pale, interesting dark-haired Sabina (oft-times accomplice of Rocco and Nacho) at a pavement café. In her bedroom, the lecherous old fellow sets about her, lifting her skirt to lick and finger her pussy, giving her a taste of herself before he whips it out and she wraps red-painted lips round his gristly todger, with far too much ease. I'd rather look at Sabina's fair skinned form than Mr Beaver's slapstick attempts to undress, but anyway, more oral follows and just as he thinks it can't get any better, Sabina's boyfriend turns up at the door, and Beaver has to hide behind the curtains.

The boyfriend turns out to be this odd-looking no-neck guy (I guess he's Zbynek) who appeared with her in a scene for Gabriel Zero. They kiss and he gets naked for some oral, then he eats and fingers Sabina for too long to keep interest. While Beaver hides out, they make out, with Sabina's boobs wobbling nicely during spoons, a long spell of doggy and finally reverse cowgirl anal, with a break for more fellatio. Sabina ends up taking the lad's load in her face, while a rueful Mr Beaver peers out from his hiding place. While I like Sabina, I can't say this scene set the screen alight, even if she does take a rare excursion into anal territory.

Silvia Lancôme
I shall spare you the detail of the preliminaries, which involve Dick Beaver hamming it up while visiting his buddy George (the overworked Czech stud) and his new secretary, Silvia. The net result of some terribly English humour of the "comedy of embarrassment" school sees Beaver and Silvia caught in a compromising position.

Anyway, George makes up for his friend's wacky behaviour by getting it on with Silvia, the super sexy brunette who you may know as Miss Afghanistan in Rocco's movies. She actually doesn't look as good as usual, wearing too much make up and dressed in a halter-top and slacks. She gives George a good blowjob, her big eyes making pleasant contact with the camera, then it's trousers down, panties to the side and I think "taken from behind" is the appropriate phrase. They get into one of those half-spoons/half-missionary positions, and I note that while she's trimmed her bush, she's still a lot hairier down there than the average porn starlet. Next up is some anal in missionary, with an increase in pace rather spoiled by editing that pays scant regard to continuity. To finish, there's a big cut before George shoots a thick load on her face…oh, that smile, those dark eyes. She's positively wicked, but you'll have to look elsewhere to see her in something really hot - this was a strictly routine scene.

Nicky & Katherine
Gormless Dick Beaver is next seen wandering along with tiny little blonde cutie Nicky Reed on his arm. Indoors, she looks very cute indeed, but when she offers him some tea, he'd rather have cake, preferably spread on her twat. She looks bemused as he laps cream from her pussy, but not half as bemused as our "hero" when in wanders Katherine (I guess), who initiates a slapstick moment with that cake and Mr Beaver's face. They're lesbians, you see, and with Beaver out the way the action cuts to the giggling girls - oh yeah, they're real lesbians, kissing like that!

Nicky's perky paps are exposed and Katherine licks them, prior to licking and fingering Nicky's little pink pussy. Katherine then slips off her dress, revealing a very slender frame, and gets on the table doggy style so Nicky can lick her. Nicky then sucks a banana in preparation for Katherine to fuck her with it, but no actual penetration is shown, for whatever reason, and the scene fades on more tentative kissing. What a fraud! What's wrong with the creative use of fruit in a sexual context?

…or at least, by a process of elimination, I guess that's who it is. When Beaver overdoes the complaints about his noisy hotel neighbour (a singer, played by Hatman), he goes to apologies but finds himself trapped in a wardrobe while the surly American puts the annoying Englishman out of his mind by relaxing with this rather skinny blonde. Initial looks are deceptive, especially those legs in black nylon, because Jasmine's just not my cup of tea.

Whatever, she does give good head, they get into some deep missionary sex and then she rides him reverse cowgirl, those little titties (topped with thick nipples) shaking. Hatman licks her anus and though there's no anal, there is a nice shot of her nylon-clad legs and some explicit footage of doggy penetration. Cut to a come shot blasted, unappreciated, onto her screwed-up face, and as Hatman goes for a shower, she ironically drawls, "I'm so happy!" Looking for a towel, Hatman finds Mr Beaver cowering in the wardrobe. "You're that Limey bastard," growls Hatman, and gratifying sounds of a good beating emanate as the door closes.

It's a grey day in Budapest, but Brandy adds an unexpected dash of colour to Mr Beaver's visit to a doctor. The tanned, leggy brunette (who was in Hardball 16 as a blonde, I think) confides to Beaver that her problem is one often found in porn movie doctor's surgeries - she's a nymphomaniac. The bumbling medic, played woodenly (no pun intended) by Frank Gun, suggests washing the dishes or pottering around the garden, but thankfully she cuts the crap and goes straight for his crotch.

While she sucks off the doctor, Mr Beaver exposes her "enhanced" tits, but unfortunately he's after more tan just a quick feel and offers up his dick for her attention while Frank's busy licking her pussy and ass. Doctor Frank continues the therapy by fucking her in spoons, while she continues blowing Dick. Literally. She briefly rides Mr Beaver reverse cowgirl, then Frank takes over. A big black cut signals the jump to anal, doggy style, and though there's a smoother transition to reverse cowgirl anal, it's still the hardest sex of the movie, as Frank fills her ass and jams three fingers in her open snatch. Two large watery loads drench her face in the finale. Even if this is a better scene sex-wise, it's still nothing out of the ordinary.

I appreciate that the Mr Beaver series is meant to be about saucy fun and slapstick humour rather than serious hardcore. But whether it's worth spending your money on is another matter. Because Frank Thring comes across as a likeable guy - even if I really don't want to see him get naked - and because the humour has a very basic appeal, it would be tempting to go easy on Mr Beaver 10. However, the hardcore scenes are largely a waste of time for me, and indeed, in the case of Silvia and Sabina, a waste of talent. I don't think any of the girls were shown at their best.

I did laugh occasionally and I did like the cheeky, cheerful approach (the kitsch music helps, something akin to the tongue-in-cheek style of the British Channel 4 TV show Eurotrash, which casts an arched eyebrow over smutty continental happenings), but in truth, on its own, the comedy is really not that hot. I wouldn't accept a comedy film of this standard, but without the humour, there would be little else to distinguish the generic hardcore.

One part isn't enough without the other, but somehow, when taken together, they still form an inadequate movie, one that's not especially well shot or edited either. And despite Frank Thring's claims to the contrary, the undercurrent of "dirty old man" is quite pervasive, no more so than when you see the middle-aged, grey haired gent toddling along with the petite, youthful Nicky on his arm. What does that look like?

DVD Comments
Putting aside initial annoyance at the ads and trailers that you can't skip, the animated menus, with Mr Beaver rather laboriously explaining what the options are, show some imagination and the colourful presentation is well in keeping with the movie's cheeky humour. However, the movie itself is not quite so colourful - indeed the picture is somewhat dowdy in places. Picture quality, then, is hardly dazzling, but the sound has no obvious flaws. The selection of extras is limited to some photos and a standard Hustler selection of trailers, but a "Behind the Scenes" short is very entertaining and Frank Thring speaks well about his movies, even if it's too short and seems like another standard feature of this series (the content is not specific to this edition).
Note that the two girls in the main cover picture don't appear in the movie.

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