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More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech)

More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech)

Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Category:  Classic , Feature film , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Black Coffee's ratings for More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality More Than a Handful 1 (NuTech) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Black Coffee  on  6/27/2001
Runtime: 86min.
Original Format: Video

Cast: Candy Samples, Herschel Savage, Brett Neilson (aka Gabriella), Colleen Brennan, Honey Wilder, Ron Jeremy, Cyndee Summers, Eric Edwards, Billy Dee, Laura Lee, Shone Tee, Greg 'Rocky' Rome

It isn't often that I find myself enjoying a compilation video because I enjoy plot with my sex, but More Than a Handful #1 is a rare exception. The tagline promises that "BIGGER is definitely BETTER" and they must be right because I had a great time watching it. The sex was hot and every scene that they chose showed people really enjoying themselves. There is not one moment in the whole DVD where someone looks bored or appears to be faking it. These scenes are the good stuff - porno gold!

All the women have nice, big breasts and, best of all, they're real. No silicone or saline here folks, only good old-fashioned boobs like mom used to have. Only these girls are prettier and nastier than mom - they are hot sex fiends.

The video has 10 separate scenes, featuring 5 busty vixens:

1. Blonde haired Candy Samples shows her giant, famous breasts to Herschel Savage. He's amazed and proceeds to eat her. She gives him a handjob while he gets lost in her cleavage and before long she's sucking him. He titty fucks her until he comes. Very nice. (8 min.)

2. Candy Samples then has a lesbian scene with a small breasted auburn beauty in a nurse's uniform. It's quick and feels rushed but still kind of fun. Probably the weakest. (4 min.)

3. Candy Samples' final scene on the disc has her in a dark, shadowy setting with blue lighting - very classy and erotic. It starts with a long blowjob, followed by some carpet munching, and into a 69. This scene also ends with a nice titty fucking. I've never really been into titty fucking but Candy makes it look so appealing that I can only wish that I was there in person getting a front row seat. Oh well, owning the DVD is the next best thing. (9 1/2 min.)

4. Blonde Brett Neilson (also billed as Gabrielle) is pussy is shaved bald. A dark haired guy with a nice muscular body fucks her. He works so hard on her that he looks like he's going to drop dead from a heart attack. Before he does though, he comes all over her beautiful breasts. This scene made me tired just watching it because of the overdose of raw energy there. It may be short but it is intense. (3 3/4 min.)

5. Brett Neilson and the same guy are at it again, but this time Brett has some hair on her pussy. The guy eats her and then fucks her with the same energy as the previous scene. And again it's intense. (10 min.)

6. Strawberry blonde Colleen Brennan starts having sex and never stops. She fucks with an enthusiasm that is not only rare in porn but also in real life. If everyone fucked like this, no work would ever get done. Nice breasts and beautiful pubic hair more than make up for her otherwise average looks. (4 1/2 min.)

7. Colleen Brennan is at it again, this time with Herschel Savage. We get the beginning of the scene here as Herschel enters. Colleen undresses for him and gives him some head. And then straight to the bed for some more unbridled passion. Here is a girl who really enjoys what she does - if she liked the fucking anymore it would be illegal! The scene ends with Herschel depositing his load on her breasts. How romantic Herschel. (4 3/4 min.)

8. Brunette buxom Honey Wilder takes on two guys from the "Struggling Student Labor Force" in a warehouse. She sucks and fucks them with great enthusiasm but I couldn't help but feel that this scene was out of place on the DVD. This is supposed to be a big breast compilation and, while Honey does have some nice ones, we never really get a good look at them in this scene. They are always out of view or from a bad angle in the background. At least the sex makes up for it. (14 min.)

9. Red headed Cyndee Summers is dressed up like Madonna from the early eighties when Ron Jeremy enters. After a few corny lines, she sucks Ron before he fucks her. Ron drops a nice load on her ass because, according to the dialogue, that's where she wants him to. A good scene and man is Cyndee hot! (11 1/2 min.)

10. The last scene is also with Cyndee Summers. She looks a lot older than in the previous scene and is not as good looking either. She is eaten; she sucks; she fucks; she enjoys it. Above average. (14 min.)

All these scenes appear to have originally been shot on video, but I could be wrong about a couple. Unfortunately I don't know where any of these scenes are from and haven't been able to find out, so I can't know for sure. I would tend to guess that they are all from the mid-eighties though. All the girls have some bush (except for the one Brett Neilson scene) and they are well taken care of. Anyways this is a great compilation and I recommend it to big, natural breast lovers and those who like hot sex.

DVD Specifics:
The video and audio are up to NuTech's standards except that the video does have some fallout at spots; I'm assuming from the masters. Not enough to really bother me any.

Lotta Topp's name is on the cover but she is not in the video. Cyndee Summers is the girl on the front of the cover, and on the back are two pics of Honey Wilder and a third of some lady who does not appear in the movie (maybe Lotta Topp?). These pics also find there way in the slide show feature with some Cyndee Summers pics but none of the pictures are from the More Than a Handful. The ones of Honey Wilder are from the same movie her scene was taken from but not from that particular scene. Who picks the slide show pictures or how they make it on the disc is still a mystery to me.

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