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More Dirty Debutantes 130

More Dirty Debutantes 130

Studio: New Machine
Category:  Amateur , Gonzo
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Diville's ratings for More Dirty Debutantes 130:
Overall Rating 1.5 stars
More Dirty Debutantes 130 overall rating 1.5 stars
Female Looks More Dirty Debutantes 130 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks More Dirty Debutantes 130 Male looks rating 1 star
Sex More Dirty Debutantes 130 Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting More Dirty Debutantes 130 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras More Dirty Debutantes 130 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality More Dirty Debutantes 130 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  10/22/2002
Directed By: Ed Powers

I think Ed Powers is the kind of guy who likes it when people talk about him. He likes it when people say his name, or marvel at his success. And one day, after he's grown just a little older, he will die comfortably in his own arms. But will anyone care very much? True infamy is a long way off when you're a pornographer. When it's all said an done with, Ed Powers will be remembered more for being a lucky man than having been an admirable one.

In no way is any of this meant to disparage his success. Anyone who cares to do a little research will find that this self-proclaimed porn critic wrote once in another review that he kinda liked the little fella. Yes, when compared to "extreme" gonzo home movie makers, I do like the guy. By pornography standards he seems harmless enough. But after 15 years, or so, of Dirty Debutantes videos, do we really need him? Sadly, the answer is no.

More Dirty Debutantes 130 is a paint by numbers affair. Ed does just enough to meet the definition of pornography. After 130 previous volumes, it's pretty much all reflex at this point. Here, he pairs himself with four different women, only one of which is pretty enough to interest a man who isn't already aroused. Her name is Gabby, and Gabby looks like the kind of girl any one of us might have gone to high school with. She has a nice body...great tits, nice tan, tight ass. She seems real in her pre sex interview with Ed, but when the action begins just a little later she puts up the facade. If you want to find any better example of how the Dirty Deb series has worn out it's usefulness, then look nor further than this.

The hallmark of the series, as with any amateur porn, is its honesty. Any one of us could pick up a Wicked or Vivid DVD and find girls many times more beautiful than what Dirty Debs can deliver us, but we stick with this venerable line of porn because it shows us what real girls look like when they really have sex. Despite the poor lighting and home movie production values, Dirty Debs reveals that which a more glossy affair can't. But not anymore. There's nothing real, honest, or engaging about anything that follows the opening interview. As soon as the sex starts, Gabby behaves like what she's experiencing is the best sex she's ever had. We know this to be false. We know it's not the best sex she's ever had because it's with Ed Powers and because she says, "Oh yeah, that's it. Fuck me harder." Logic proves the former argument, and anyone who's seen two bad porn videos will tell you that "fuck me harder" is what a porn starlet on automatic pilot sounds like.

In fact, the only sliver of honesty in the whole DVD comes early when Ed asks Gabby why she doesn't like anal sex, and she answers, "Because it feels like you're taking a giant shit." The bi-curious among us would do well to keep that observation in mind for the day after Thanksgiving dinner.

There are other girls on this DVD, too. To be honest with you, though, I can't remember them. This isn't a cop out. I just watched the damned thing and I can't remember who they were or what they looked like. So nondescript are they that if I were to describe them to a police sketch artist, I'm afraid all I could accomplish is to help generate drawings of oval faces with black hair. There are no extras here, either, to make it worth your while. There are some short previews of other volumes in the series, and an odd little clip of Ed talking directly into the camera about how he really likes women. It's a creepy little piece of video, actually

Needless to say, there's not much more here worth recommending...or even mentioning.

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