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Mom's Cuckold
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Mom's Cuckold

Studio: Reality Junkies
Category:  Reality Porn
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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LoveCuckPorn's ratings for Mom's Cuckold:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Mom's Cuckold overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Mom's Cuckold Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Mom's Cuckold Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Mom's Cuckold Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mom's Cuckold Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Mom's Cuckold DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mom's Cuckold A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by LoveCuckPorn  on  2/19/2011
Mom’s Cuckold
Reality Junkies / Mile High 2009
Directed by : Bobby Manila

Starring, in order of appreance :
Scene 1 = Crista Moore & Billy Banks
Scene 2 = Ami Emerson & Tyler Knight
Scene 3 = Claudia Valentine & Nathan Threat
Scene 4 = Persia Pele & Justin Long
Scene 5 = Tori Black & Julius Ceazher

Scene 1 :
Crista Moore & Billy Banks

The scene opens in a kitchen with Crista pouring her hubby a cup of coffee. She serves her husband his coffee as he sits at the kitchen table working away on his laptop. She asks how it’s going & he begins to tell her how swamped he is. She then asks him what time he will be leaving for work & she is not very happy with his reply. She complains that they never have time to fuck anymore & that she needs more than just a nice house & material things. Hubby then asks her what he is supposed to do about there lack of a sex life since he has to work all of the time. Crista grins & uses his laptop to show him something she’s been checking out recently. She logs on to a website & when the page pops up, hubby is shocked at what he see’s. He tells her it’s a bunch of black guys fucking little white girls. Crista tells her husband that this is what her fantasy is. Cut scene to Billy Banks sitting on his bed with his laptop. He’s checking out Crista as the image of her & her husband appear on his screen. He pretends to type as he chats with the couple. He tells Crista that if she’s serious that she should show him her boobs & she quickly obliges. She pulls down her top & reveals her perfect rack. Billy is convinced that she is serious & asks how & when they can meet up. Cut scene to Crista & hubby sitting there living room on the couch. Crista asks her husband if he’s ok with the arrangements she has made with Billy. His mind is still focused on work & tells her that he needs to be leaving. Crista informs her husband that he will not be going into work today & if he does he will be going in late. Cut scene to Crista opening the front door to greet Billy. Crista walks Billy into the living room & introduces Billy to her husband. Billy begins to tell him what a hot wife he has & Crista chimes in and tells Billy that her husband never fucks her. Billy is quite surprised & can’t believe that he wouldn’t fuck his hot white wife. Crista is standing in between the two as hubby tells Billy why he doesn’t pay any attention to her. Crista has turned her full attention to Billy now and begins to rub his cock through his pants. Crista then informs her husband that he is going to watch as she gets plowed by Billy’s BIG BLACK COCK. Hubby obeys & has a seat nearby. Billy takes a seat on the couch & Crista kneels on the couch next to him. She helps him off with his pants & frees his cock, she grabs it and glances back at her husband before she takes it in her mouth. Crista is still fully dressed as she begins to work Billy’s cock in & out of her mouth. She has her nice ass up in the air as she moans & groans with Billy’s cock in her mouth. She glances back at her hubby a couple of times throughout the blowjob. Billy wants to see her tits & Crista removes her top. She leans into Billy so he can lick & suck on her nipples for a second. She then removes her shorts & her panties. She kneels onto the couch again and proceeds to suck Billy’s cock. Cut scene to hubby shaking his head & we now see Crista sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide & Billy licking her pussy as he sits on the floor in front the couch. He eats her out for a minute & then she mounts him in cowgirl position. Billy does most of the fucking from underneath as Crista’s fake screams are already enough to give me a headache. After a few minutes in this position, cut scene to Billy talking some shit to hubby as he starts in on Crista’s pussy side saddle, again with the fake screams & “Oh yeahs” from Crista. After a few dull minutes in this position, cut scene to Billy inching his cock into Crista’s pussy from behind. She glares at her husband as Billy begins to pound away at her little white pussy. A few minutes later & Billy is ready to cum. Crista dismounts the couch & drops to her knees to catch his load, a few weak spurts that mostly end up on her tits. Still on her knees & playing with cum, Crista thanks her husband for letting her fulfill her sexual fantasies. End scene

Not a horrible scene but the fake screaming from Crista was enough to make my head pound. Crista does have a smoking little body with amazing tits.
2 out of 5 stars

Scene 2 :
Ami Emerson & Tyler Knight

The scene opens in barber shop with Vick the barber & Tyler the customer / friend. Tyler has a seat & the two chit chat a bit. Tyler begins to tell his friend about a sexual threesome fantasy that his girl helped make come true for him. Tyler finishes his story & now wants to hear Vicks fantasy. Vick tells Tyler that he has always wanted to see his wife with a black man. Tyler is a bit shocked by this but more than willing to help his friend out. Vick then picks up the phone to call his wife & invite her down to the barber shop. Cut scene to Ami walking in the barber shop & hubby explains to her that Tyler is going to make their fantasy a reality. Ami giggles & introduces herself to Tyler. Hubby has a seat nearby to enjoy the show. Ami removes her top to reveal her very white pale skin. She removes the rest of clothes & Tyler takes a moment to admire her nice little ass by kissing & sucking her ass cheek. She tells him to bite her ass. Ami then turns her attention to Tyler’s crotch & asks him if he’s packin’. She pulls his cock out of his pants & seems satisfied with what she finds. Tyler is still sitting in the barber chair as Ami begins to blow him. She kneels between his spread legs & delivers a decent blowjob. It’s now Ami’s turn & she now has a seat. Tyler returns the favor & licks her pussy for a couple of minutes. Cut scene to Ami bent over sideways in the chair with her cute little white bubble butt up in the air & her back arched. Tyler slips his cock in & she makes a comment about how big it is. Pretty good fucking in this position & Ami seems to be enjoying herself. After a few minutes, cut scene to Ami mounting the now seated Tyler in reverse cowgirl. She bounces on his cock & her feet are planted on top of his thighs. She then lets her legs dangle & the action slows here as she seems a bit uncomfortable. This part goes on a little too long but Ami tries to be a trooper & make it work. Finally she turns around & rides Tyler in cowgirl position with her legs mounted on the chairs arm rests. Her ass looks nice here & she starts riding him hard. After a few minutes the pace slows for a second & Tyler is ready to cum. Ami dismounts & drops to her knees to catch Tyler’s cum in her mouth. A few drops of cum end up in her mouth & chin, not much of a cum shot here. Ami plays with his cum as hubby walks up & thanks Tyler. Ami then thanks her husband. End scene

Not a bad scene considering it didn’t have the whole “Cuckold” feel to it. Ami is a cute blonde with a natural body. She seemed to be into the action but didn’t over do it with the fake screaming like Crista in the first scene.

2-1/2 out of 5 stars

Scene 3 :
Claudia Valentine & Nathan Threat

The scene opens with Claudia & her husband sitting at a table outside of a restaurant. Apparently hubby decided to fuck Claudia’s best friend and now it’s time for some payback. She informs him that she is going to fuck the first guy she sees. Nathan Threat is the lucky guy that happens to be walking into the restaurant. Claudia stops him before he enters & asks him to come over to their table. Claudia is very blunt about asking Nathan if he would like to have sex with her. He tells her that he has a meeting to go to but she convinces him to go with her instead. Cut scene to the trio entering the couple’s home. Claudia guides the two over to the couch & directs hubby to sit on the end table and watch. She & Nathan begin to kiss & fondle each other. Claudia drops to her knees as Nathan removes his pants. As soon as she gets a glimpse at his big black cock, she grabs it and says “wow this must be my lucky day”. She starts sucking his cock moaning & groaning throughout. Not a bad blowjob scene. Cut scene to Claudia sitting back on the couch, legs spread wide so Nathan can eat her pussy for a couple of minutes. Cut scene to Claudia bent over in hubby’s direction awaiting Nathan to slip his big cock into her pussy. She really seems to be enjoying herself & manages to shoot a few sexy glares towards hubby. After a few minutes in doggy style Nathan takes a seat on the couch & Claudia then mounts him in reverse cowgirl. She places her feet up on the couch & begins to bounce up & down on Nathans cock. She asks her husband if he’s sorry for what he did now, she laughs & says that she’s not. Cut scene to Claudia getting fucked side saddle & after a few minutes Nathan is ready to cum. Claudia drops to her knees & Nathan jerks his self off into her mouth. A little post cum head & Claudia then turns around & tells her husband that “Payback is a bitch”. End scene

Pretty good scene, Claudia has a really sexy body, great tits & a very nice ass. The scene went along with the whole cuckold theme but also had the revenge fuck thing going on.

3 out of 5 stars

Scene 4 :
Persia Pele & Justin Long

The scene open with Persia & her husband house hunting. The couple knock on the door of a home that Persia has her heart set on & she’s brought hubby along to see the house. Justin Long is the realtor & he greets the two as he answers the door. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me but I think Persia is fucking sexy, she looks great in her little dress with no bra in this scene. She is super skinny which I normally am not attracted to but there is just something about her that I find very, very sexy. She is really cute & she has a really nice smile which she uses in this scene to come off kind of slutty but not overboard. Well back to the scene & the three have made their way inside to the living room & take a seat on the couch. Persia is sitting in the middle of the two as they begin to haggle over the cost of the house. They don’t seem to be making any head way so Persia asks Justin if there is anything they can do to change his mind. Justin suggests to hubby that if he lets him spend a little time with his wife, he’ll accept his offer. Hubby isn’t having any of this but Persia jumps in & explains to him that she really wants the house & that she’s never been with a black man before. Hubby reluctantly agrees & Persia is now ready to pounce. Justin starts sucking her tits & Persia wants to see what Justin has for her in his pants. She frees his cock & is pleasantly surprised at the size of his huge member. Hubby is also shocked and lets out a “What?”. Persia bends over on the couch next to Justin & takes his huge cock into her mouth. She sucks him for a few seconds & then says “Wow it’s so fucking BIG” as she
Smiles at glances back at her husband. She continues to suck his cock feverishly & I have to say that Justin Long has a big dick & it looks enormous in Persia’s dainty hands & looks as big as her arm. The two are now ready to fuck & Justin wants to fuck Persia from behind. He slides his cock into her & she can’t believe how big he is & how good it feels. Towards the end of doggystyle Justin tells her to fuck his cock back & she looks great doing so. Cut scene to Persia mounting him reverse cowgirl, this lasts for a few minutes then it’s onto side saddle. Justin pounds away at her pussy in this position for a few minutes & Persia begs him to cum on her tits. When Justin is ready to cum Persia jumps off of the couch & onto her knees, she leans back & Justin jerks himself off onto her tits. No post cum head here, Persia simply stands up & walks over to hubby, kisses him & thanks him for buying the house & for the black cock. End scene

I’ve “watched” this scene a few times & Persia is really sexy. Like I said she is a bit skinny for my taste & she doesn’t have much ass but she makes up for it with her enthusiasm & that sexy fucking smile. The heat was decent between the two performers & Justin Long delivers as he usually does in his scenes.

3-1/2 out of 5 stars

Scene 5 :
Tori Black & Julius Ceazher

The scene opens with the sexy & talented Tori Black playing a piano in her home when hubby & Julius walk in the front door. Tori greets her husband & he introduces her to Julius. Hubby has a fantasy of watching his beautiful wife being fucked by another man & explains to her that Julius is there to make it come true. Tori seems happy to oblige & she & Julius walk hand & hand into the living room with hubby in tow. The two have a seat on the couch & hubby sits near by. They kiss & grope each other for a minute & Tori works his cock free from his pants. She bends over on the couch, still fully dressed & begins to suck his cock. After a minute of passionately sucking his cock in this position, Julius stands up & Tori continues the blowjob. Now it’s Tori’s turn. She stands & removes her shorts. Julius slaps her ass a few times & she really seems to love it. He licks her ass & pussy from behind for a minute until she turns back around. She removes her top & bra & Julius slaps her tits lightly a couple of times which seems to really rev Tori up. She then lays back, spreads her legs & lets Julius lick her pussy. Cut scene to Tori mounting Julius in reverse cowgirl. Once she removes her shoes she really starts bouncing hard on his cock & really seems excited. After a few minutes in this position, it’s cut scene to Julius fucking her side-saddle & unlike the previous scenes, these two really bring it in this position. Julius pounds away at her pussy & Tori can’t seem to get enough. Cut scene to Julius sliding his cock into Tori’s pussy from behind. She looks fucking amazing here with her beautiful ass sticking up. Julius pounds away & again Tori can’t get enough. When Julius is ready to cum Tori begs him to cum in her mouth. She drops to her knees & Julius jerks himself off onto her face & mouth. A little post cum head & hubby stands up tells Tori that it’s his turn. The couple walk away & hubby thanks Julius for his services. End scene

Wow what can I say about Tori Black ?? When I first watched this flick, this was the first time I had ever seen one of Tori’s scenes. She is amazing, not only beautiful with a great body but so fucking into her scenes & passionate. Easily the best scene of the movie, although it didn’t much feel like a cuckold scene.

4 out of 5 stars

Summary :
Overall not a bad movie even if some of the scenes didn’t have that cuckold feel. The first scene was ok but Crista’s fake screams kind of ruined it for me. The second scene had more of a “screw my wife” feel to it than a cuckold feel. Claudia’s scene was pretty good & she is really sexy. Persia & Julius did a great job & seemed to have heat. Of course the best scene in the movie was easily Tori Black & Julius, I would recommend checking out some of Tori’s other movies if you haven’t already. She is just one of those stars that seems to love what she does & that really seems to make her movies & scenes special.

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