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Mom's Cream Pie 3

Mom's Cream Pie 3

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Cream Pies , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Ghost K's ratings for Mom's Cream Pie 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Mom's Cream Pie 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Mom's Cream Pie 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Mom's Cream Pie 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Mom's Cream Pie 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Mom's Cream Pie 3 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Mom's Cream Pie 3 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mom's Cream Pie 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Ghost K  on  12/1/2008
Starring: Abby Rode, Kendra Secrets, Payton Leigh, Regan Anthony, Victoria Valentino

This one was a random pickup of mine as I saw it on a site and was intrigued with the idea of Victoria Valentino taking a creampie, so I figured what the hell. As you can guess from the title Mom's Cream Pie is all about MILFs taking internal cumshots. As usual I'm writing my thoughts as I watch the DVD, so lets dive in.

The menu has wacky non-descript techno music that loops awkwardly, but no one getting this dvd is doing so because they're looking for some electronica to shake their ass to, so lets move on.

Opening summary video has some generic metal playing as you see the girls getting fucked.

Scene 1: Kendra Secrets and Mark Wood
Uh oh, acting. I've been spoiled by straight up sex scenes lately without the stories in the background. Oftentimes these can be pretty damn funny though. Mark Wood is admiring some cars when Kendra Secrets comes in and chastises him for not getting to work washing them. She's apparently quite impressed by his ass as she walks back into the scene as he's cleaning to admire it. She tells him to come inside once he's done. He must be playing a younger guy cuz he calls her maam. I hope not, cuz he looks like 40. For some reason he's brought his bucket of water inside. Kendra is concerned with the lack of effort he's displaying recently with his car washing. Kendra works about seducing him and does a good job of it, turning the acting up a notch. She's conservatively dressed in tight pants and a white blouse. Unzipping his pants she tells her guy that she'll stop if he wants but in a shocker, he's totally fine with what's going down. Dude sitting in front of a million dollar sexual harrassment claim here too. I guess I understand his logic, this is a hot needy Kendra Secrets we're talking about. Kendra gives him a blowjob, licking his shaft while looking up at him and doing a great job coming across like a seductive momma. She strips down to her bra and thong panties and suddenly all thoughts of a lawsuit are forgotten cuz lord she looks amazing. They keep playing up the story with Kendra promising him more next time if he does a good job like she asked. Scene also includes some reverse cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, spanking, and Kendra getting fucked from above while laying on her stomach. Kendra suggests early on that Mark cum in her if he wants to keep his job and in the end she gets a messy creampie with sperm spilling from between her lips as she rubs her fingers over it and admires the aftermath. Seriously incredible scene. Story actually tied into it and made it even hotter with Kendra coming off as a seductive MILF giving her surprised car washer the time of his life. The sex actually overshadowed the creampie which seemed like an afterthought, but that's not a bad thing.

Scene 2: Abby Rode and James Deen
Abby is wearing a cleavage exposing dress, answering the door for her son's friend who came over to visit. James Deen doesn't look 40, so what they're going for here works in that sense. Son isn't home, so Abby takes time to ask him questions about his tutoring her son. Turns out James is quite distracted by Abby's cleavage, and that's causing his tutoring to not be as effective. I love porn stories. Abby decides to have sex with him while her husband is out. She's quickly disrobed and James goes right for her huge tits with plenty of nipple sucking and fondling. Abby doesn't want him focusing just on her boobs, so she directs him for her pussy for some licking and clit sucking. James really gets in there on her. Basic blowjob follows, followed by Abby telling him to smack her in the face with his dick which he obliges before holding the back of Abby's head and fucking her mouth. They do cowgirl, missionary, sideways fucking, and a bit with Abby on her back with her knees raised and legs over to the side as James fucks her, Abby's ass facing towards the camera. Great angle, and they pull this out on a few other scenes upcoming. Abby also is directed to massage her pussy and asshole from this position at one point. Abby is stunningly hot here, though she seriously sounds like she's on the brink of orgasm from the start of the intercourse to the finish. Abby starts telling him he wants her to cum in her and sure enough he does, orgasming deeply inside of her. After pulling out a small drop of cum spills out of the pussy. James slips his fingers in to retrieve some sperm, and lets Abby lick it off of them. All in all kinda average, especially compared to the scene before, though the licking of cum freshly shot up the pussy was a nice little bit of nastiness.

Scene 3: Payton Leigh and John Strong
Payton is leading what I'm guessing is some kind of lighting repair man into her room because something isn't working. She hikes up her dress to show her thong before squatting down to look at the lights in a very strange move. I realize it's porn but that looked kinda weird. The lighting guy ignores it entirely so maybe he's used to this kinda thing than I am. Apparently, and I'm not shitting you, these are candles, which would explain why Payton can't turn them on. She is completely surprised by the very idea of candles. John has something else he tells Payton she can probably light, so he directs her to her knees and pops out his penis, which she happy sucks. Payton is apparently playing a dumbass. But she looks good, so we'll let it slide. Plus she does a lot of ball sucking here which is always nice to see. John puts his cock against the inside of her cheek and pops it out. I'm sure there's a cute abbreviation for that particular sex act but I have no idea what it is. Payton gives a fun blowjob, at points taking about half of John's shaft in her mouth and sucks as hard as she can before popping her mouth off. Scene includes cowgirl, sideways fucking, reverse cowgirl with Payton sitting up with her feet on John's knees, doggystyle with spanking, and that great angle we had with Abby before with Payton's ass facing the camera as she's screwed at an angle. There's even some standing fucking with John holding Payton in the air as her arms are wrapped around him holding on. Payton's a little talkative, asking John about fixing her pussy like he did the lights. Most of the time, instead of sounding like she's having a scene long orgasm, she sounds like she's having a scene long orgasm plus she sounds like she's hyperventilating. Some gagging in here too with Payton spitting all over John's dick as it's in her mouth. Almost looked like she spit up a bit but I'm not so sure that's what happened. Payton ends up on her back again and seems to orgasm from some more fucking before telling John to cum in her. He does, his cock popping out right after and his sperm spilling from Payton's pussy as she looks in ecstacy from the whole thing. Hot ending. We find out at the end the Payton apparently knew about candles all along, as she hides her lighter and decides to wait for the UPS guy. Good, cuz I was worried there. Good scene, though I kinda actually wished Payton calmed down a bit during it vocally. At times she sounded like she was in a horror movie and not a porno, with the quick breathing and such.

Scene 4: Victoria Valentino and Steven French
The one I was most curious about. Victoria is talking to the camera about how much she likes her poolboy, getting topless as she talks about having fun with him. They're playing music during this bit for some reason so it's kinda hard to hear what she's saying. Her poolboy is apparently used to her stripping naked in front of a window as he watches, as he stops every once in while to go back to cleaning the pool. Victoria continues doing a striptease, going down to a thong as Steven finally walks over and presses his hands against the other side of the glass seperating them. He's licking the glass as Victoria continues moving half naked in front of it, finally waving him in. Victoria gets her bountiful boobs played with as she tells Steven her husband isn't coming how. She lays down on a couch after taking off her panties, masturbating in a pair of heels. She tells him it's been her fantasy to have him here with her, before he moves in for some pussy licking and finger inserting. We jump to Steven sitting down and Victoria going in for a blowjob. Scene has the usual cowgirl, missionary and doggystyle, as well as some spanking. Victoria sounds more normal during this scene I'm noticing as opposed to the past two, though when she does talk she basically says one of two things - "Oh Yeah" or "Fuck Yeah". Steven likes watching Victoria finger herself and tasting it afterward, having her do this a couple times. Steven is telling her to tell him what she wants. She finally gets out a "cum inside me" after seemingly ignoring his question for a few seconds. He does from reverse cowgirl position, sliding herself off his cock afterward to show the aftermath, licking some of the cum spilling out of her. Alright scene I guess. Felt kind of just there, and Victoria didn't seem particularly enthused.

Scene 5: Regan Anthony and Mr. Pete
Regan isn't happy with Pete's cleaning of her house, so she decides they both need laid while her husband is out on an African safari with zebras or something. Regan is wearing a red cleavage exposing top, short black skirt and black boots. A killer outfit really. Regan's talkative so I'm expecting some fun in here. Pete gives Regan a rimming, literally kissing her ass and getting right down in there with his mouth. He spanks her and finger fucks her too with three digits, following by some pussy licking. Regan has a short juicy orgasm from some finger fucking here, getting nice and wet. She moves down to her knees to give a nice blowjob as Pete lets spit drop from above, hitting his dick with it. Good aim. Some throat fucking as Regan deepthroats and gags slightly. More spanking as Regan gets her skirt pulled down. Regan straddles him and rides on top. She looks like she's about ready to cum again from this before Pete slows her down a little, building hup to him thrusting up hard into her. This is followed by some more dick sucking, then sideways sex. Regan sounds good, getting loud at the right times and varying up what she says while playing to the story once in awhile. Pete pulls away for a bit while Regan slips a finger inside, telling him where she wants him right before going to some doggystyle and spanking. Regan lays down on her stomach with Pete fucking her from behind. Pete directs her into that great sideways position with Regan's ass facing the camera. Some more pussy licking and finger fucking follows before he slips inside of her with Regan on her back spread legged on a couch. Regan tells him to cum in her, which he does as she tells him to fill her pussy up. Regan takes it deep inside with a little bit flowing out afterward. Pete spreads her open afterward with Regan trying to push some out and only managing to get a little bit. I liked this one, both performers worked well and Regan was hot in those boots.

Behind the scenes has some fun conversations with everyone except Victoria and Steven, including Regan and Kendra having conversations while having sex. There's a web trailer, video trailers for What An Ass #5 and Fucking Beautiful #8, a photo gallery, and a bonus sex scene from Fillin' Both Holes with Samantha Sin doing double penetration.

The Kendra and Regan scenes are very good, particularly the Kendra one where everything seemed to click. Made me want to see more of the two. The others were alright as well, with the Abby and Payton scenes only losing points primarily cuz of the vocals coming from the two. Maybe I'm just feeling picky. Victoria's scene was the worst probably, and even it wasn't horrible or anything, she just seemed to not be too into it. Woman wise, the MILFs all looked great, especially Abby who I might have to give top honors for sexiest babe on the DVD, but that's all subjective in the end anyway I suppose. The men all gave good direction and handled everything well. Excellent camera work with all the right shots. Plus, you're getting one hell of an extra with an incredible Samantha Sin DP scene - one of the best I've ever seen her in for that matter. All in all I'd say this is a good pickup, especially for MILF creampie fans. I'm not sure how often the other four do creampies but I'm almost certain that was Victoria's first, so in that "historic" sense it's an interesting grab.

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