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Mommy Fixation 2, A

Mommy Fixation 2, A

Studio: Forbidden Fruits Films
Category:  All Sex , Fetish , MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Mommy Fixation 2, A:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Mommy Fixation 2, A overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Mommy Fixation 2, A Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Mommy Fixation 2, A Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Mommy Fixation 2, A Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Mommy Fixation 2, A Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Mommy Fixation 2, A DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Mommy Fixation 2, A A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/4/2013

Running Time: 99 min.

Production Date: 9 / 26 / 2010, 1 / 27 / 2012, 3 / 16 / 2012, 7 / 26 / 2012, 12 / 6 / 2012, 8 / 6 / 2013

Director: Jay West

Cast: Jodi West, Frankie Vegas, Levi Cash, Peter Delmar, Sergio, and Tyler Page

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio isn't crystal clear, but it is decently clear and well balanced and I didn't notice any background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks good. It has a few lighting imbalances, but is normally well lit and clear with a nice hand on the camera.

The Movie: A Mommy Fixation 2 continues the theme of Jodi West as a twisted “mommy” who can't help but take matters into her own hands with her stepsons and other younger men who need the attention of a more experienced woman.

Scene 1 – Jodi West and Tyler Page

As Jodi complains about work and family stuff over the phone to a friend, Tyler watches her without her noticing. After hanging up she notices and they talk about his mommy fixation and the problems it's going to cause. They move to the couch where Jodi talks about how it's not right for him to have sexual feelings for her while Tyler lets her know that he likes older women and that she turns him on way more than any eighteen year old girl. Tyler continues moving in on her and Jodi can't resist and moves in to suck and stroke his good sized cock. She moves up to ride him cowgirl style before laying back to let Tyler fuck her missionary style. They also fuck doggie style before Tyler pops a nice load on Jodi's ass.

Scene 2 – Jodi West and Frankie Vegas

As Jodi gets dinner ready and calls to let Frankie know, she's none too happy when he gropes her from behind. She reaches into her pantyhose to start playing with her pussy after he leaves, and has a little talk with him later about how she can't take care of him forever and it's going to be their little secret. Jodi drops down to mouth his manhood with some nice stroking mixed in and slides a condom on before he takes her from behind as she bends over the counter. She gets back down to suck and stroke him a bit more, and finally takes a nice load on her face.

Scene 3 – Jodi West and Sergio

Jodi undresses in the bedroom and lays in bed with her tablet before dozing off. Sergio moves in and runs his hands around her and lifts up her nightie to admire her ass, and when Jodi rolls to her back he continues to run his hands around her and strips off her panties. Sergio moves in to eat Jodi's pussy, and then fucks her from behind as she rolls to her stomach. Jodi rolls to her back for Sergio to fuck her missionary style, and he finally strokes a slightly below average load on her stomach before covering her back up and leaving.

Scene 4 – Jodi West and Peter DelMar

Jodi's a bit surprised that Peter's around the house after she and his father gets home after going out to dinner. She lets him know there's some of their usual leftovers for him before questioning him on what's going on with his girlfriend since she thought they'd be out enjoying themselves elsewhere. He tells her how they were getting intimate, and Jodi insists that he touch her like he was his girlfriend to make sure he was doing it right. As they kiss and she runs her hands around him, Jodi lets Peter know that she thinks the main problem appears to be that he has a large penis and she's afraid he might hurt her accidentally. Jodi has Peter stand up so she can help him out of his pants. She strokes him while talking about how he has to be gentle, and has him run his cock along her ass paying attention to how big it is against her. Naturally Jodi needs it inside her as well, and has Peter fuck her doggie style before he finally pops on her tits.

Scene 5 – Jodi West and Levi Cash

Jodi calls to have Levi deliver some documents to her hotel room, and when he arrives she talks to him about her divorce from his father as well as her husband being her new boss. She lets him know that the documents don't mean anything and she was just trying to find a way to get back together with him. She lets him know that his father didn't share her appetites but her current husband doesn't ask any questions before moving in on him. Levi isn't sure, but when Jodi starts showing him her ass he can't help but grope it and to return her kisses as she turns around. She lays back so he can eat and finger her pussy, and Levi continues to devour her as she gets on all fours for him. He fucks her doggie style and lets her suck him clean before she gets on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. Levi lays Jodi back to pound her missionary style, and finally takes his cock cream over her smoothly shaved slit.

Scene 6 – Jodi West and Frankie Vegas

Jodi's more than surprised when she and Frankie hook up on an internet dating site, and questions him about what would happen if one of her friends answered his ad or if one of his friends answered hers. After a drink or two she takes him back to the bedroom and has him strip down before dropping her top and guiding his hand to her nice round tits while she strokes his cock. Jodi moves in to suck his cock as well before laying back to let him fuck her missionary style. She gets on all fours for Frankie to fuck her doggie style, and finally lets him pop on her back.

Scene 7 – Jodi West and Jay W.

When Jay comes up demanding his morning vitamins, Jodi lets him know they're out of his and gives him some of his dad's instead. She questions him about when he's going to be moving out, and they fight a bit about it before he leaves and she laughs after taking another look at the bottle. When Jay comes into the bedroom later complaining about being hard down below, Jodi laughs at him telling him how she gave him his dad's boner pills so he'll get pissed off and kick him out. When he doesn't know what to do about it Jodi tells him to take care of it just like her dad does and to get behind her and mount her doggie style. She continues to read her magazine as Jay fucks her from behind, and then has him lay back to ride him in the cowgirls. Jodi has him take her from behind a bit more, and finally gets down to take a nice creamy load over her pretty face before letting Jay know how his dad's going to kick his ass.

A Mommy Fixation 2 is another hot and twisted release from Jay and Jodi West. As always Jodi does a fantastic job as the mommy who just can't control her cravings, whether she initiates them or whether she gives in when found in a compromising position. There's a nice variety to the setups to the scenes, from Jodi being eye candy for one of her stepsons to trying to get rid of them by giving them his dad's erectile dysfunction pills and having him fuck her so he'll get kicked out of the house. The sex is also very nicely done, with Jodi playing a very nice range of moods while eagerly sucking and fucking. She takes a nice pair of facials here, which is all too rare, and not surprisingly looks fantastic with a face full of guy goo. If there's a complaint here the only one I can see some people having is that there's a lot of setup for what can sometimes be very little sex. Personally I didn't mind this as the setups were nicely done and the varying amount of sex gave the movie a bit more variety. A Mommy Fixation 2 is another solidly twisted MILF release that shows why Forbidden Fruits Films is very quietly turning into a very successful studio that's well worth keeping an eye on.

The Extras: You get a photo gallery and a pair of bonus scenes.

Bonus Scene 1 – Jodi West and Ralph Long

The first bonus scene comes from Mother – Son Secrets 2. Jodi is none too happy with Ralph interrupting her bubble bath to ask for the sports car because his friends are going to make fun of him if he shows up in a minvan. They argue a bit as Jodi tries to enjoy her bath with Ralph around the corner before he appears to give in. When Jodi gets out of the bath she notices her ring is missing, and gets her hand stuck in the drain as she tries to find it. She's more than embarrassed when Ralph finds her, and things seem to go from bad to worse when he returns with a little lube and starts stroking himself to her stuck in the bathtub wearing only a towel. He gropes her ass while stroking his cock and then moves in to fuck Jodi from behind as she tries to tell him how wrong it is and bad she is. It doesn't take long for Jodi to get into it and fuck him back as much as she can. Her indignation comes back a bit when she finds Ralph taking videos of them fucking with is phone to blackmail her, but can't resist sucking his cock when he gets in the jacuzzi in front of her. Jodi comes loose after Ralph fucks her a little more, and as soon as she's free they move to the floor to spoon. Finally Ralph lets Jodi have a nice pop over her stomach and pussy.

Bonus Scene 2 – Jodi West and Levi Cash

The second bonus scene also comes from Mother – Son Secrets 2. Jodi, looking very motherly in a button down shirt, a tight black skirt, and glasses, calls Levi into the bedroom to talk with him about his grades. She's worried since he went from a 97 to a 95 on his last test, and thinks the problem is that Levi's distracted because he's getting physical with his girlfriend and is frustrated. Jodi lets Levi know that she won't tolerate masturbation in the house, and lets him know he's to use her as a sexual surrogate to relieve his tensions. She pulls down her pantyhose and panties and lays back for Levi to eat her pussy before he pumps it missionary style. Levi pumps away on her, and finally pulls out to pop on Jodi's pussy and thighs.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: It's well worth picking up if you like your MILF porn on the twisted side, but those new to Jay and Jodi West's twisted yet fun and sexy movies might want to give it a rental first.

Note to Forbidden Fruits Films: It's great to see how far you've come over the last year or so.

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